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Available @ AWP

Things that I have work in that will have tables at AWP: A Sing Economy (Flim Forum) Cannibal (I also signed the ones that I sewed) Phoebe (I edited a special feature on women’s visual poetry including work by Brenda … Continue reading

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merry xmas!

new apocryphaltext with my work (previously published in 4SQ but now available to everyone with internet access) as well as work from Catherine Daly, matina l. stamatakis, John M. Bennett, etc.

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Do you consider yourself a "visual poet"?

Why or why not? And here’s another: of the following women, do you consider any or all of them to be visual poets? Yoko Ono, Mina Loy, Hannah Hoech, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Cecilia Vicuña There are at least two … Continue reading

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recent and forthcoming

Handwritten visual poetry featured in the Opera Cabal “Delusions” Festival as part of Nicholas Demaison‘s Ursularia (thx AG for the reminder). Interview (with Jeff Davis) and reading from Organic Furniture Cellar to be broadcast on Asheville’s WPVM on Nov. 4 … Continue reading

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Brian Dettmar and Kin-Wah Tsang

I know you all read Silliman’s blog but Brian Dettmar’s work bears repeating. Also, Kin-Wah Tsang’s work is up at the Yvon Lambert Gallery.

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You were always on my mind

My entry for Attention Span. I made the initial list of books about a month ago, mulled over it, adjusted a few titles, and typed it up (predictably, at the very last minute). I tried to only list things that … Continue reading

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Recent Acquisitions (by publisher, pt 2)

dancing girl pressscenes from the body, robyn artAlluvium, Erin M. Bertramat the hotel andromeda, Kristy Bowen + Lauren Levato (*****)How to Study Birds, Sarah GardnerThe Animal Husband, Christine HammOrange Girl, Simone MuenchAlphabet for M, Jesse Nissamno isla encanta, Khadijah Queenwhat … Continue reading

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Recent Acquisitions (by publisher, pt 1)

Ranked 1-5 stars, SQ and AR***** Supernova (buy)**** Superstar (buy)*** Sunshine (hold)** Red Giant (hold)* White Dwarf (sell)SQ Not avant-garde enough for my rating systemAR Ain’t Read it yet.dusieA Book of Days, Pt 1: Sorcery. February 1 – May 31, … Continue reading

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Weekend excursion

This weekend I visited New York, went to a couple of parties, ate sushi with my brother and his girlfriend, and went to the Guggenheim and the Strand for the first time. The host of one of the parties had … Continue reading

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Don’t smoke

Maureen found these tiny cigarette books. Though reprints and mass-produced, I like the gimmick so much that I thought it was worth mentioning. You can give up smoking and still carry something rolled-up in your shirt sleeve. Of course they’re … Continue reading

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Hey! A good book!

Reading for my Medieval Lyric paper a book about literacy in early modern England, and it is inspiring and awesome. The book is Graffiti and the Writing Arts of Early Modern England by Juliet Fleming (used/libraries). Recommended for those interested … Continue reading

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Sometimes I am so, so glad I didn’t go into an MFA program. I would be miserable! At least a Ph.D. is “job training,” and it’s clear (not crystal clear, but ever clearer) to me the separation between my job … Continue reading

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Now this is a poetics.

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I’ve been playing with my Rossetti dice. They are extremely fun.

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"Cup-Like Lilies": Cleromancy Project for Hex Presse

I “curated” a set of dice for Michelle Detorie‘s Cleromancy project through Hex Presse. Michelle has been making dice poems for awhile with her entrancing die*o*rama project, so when I chose words from Christina Rossetti‘s works to make the dice, … Continue reading

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Mary Ellen Solt 1920-2007

Obituary at Tom’s place. Concrete Poetry: A World View at UBU.

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Recent collaborative vispo from Outside Voices authors derek beaulieu and Andrew Topel. Click for a larger image.

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weekend efforts

Finishing the run of Brenda Iijima’s 4SQse, printing and folding 4SQ 2.1, stencilling the covers for derek beaulieu’s Take-Home Project chapbook, printing up some bird-books (if you placed an order with me this winter yours will ship this week), making … Continue reading

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Michelle Detorie recently asked me to “curate” a set of dice for her new cleromancy project from Hex Presse. The task was to choose a female poet and go through her poetry, picking 6 words for each of 6 dice. … Continue reading

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concrete filmo-graphy

Concrete poetry meets the MTV Generation. I’m interested in the font fetishism, the representation of arbor and rhizome, the soundtracks, the use (and non-use) of color. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – … Continue reading

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Want me to love you forever?

Get your local library to buy OFC. (Libraries are generally happy to purchase things you request.) (Thank you thank you to those who already have!) Also, Northerners– someone know how to get in touch with Catriona Strang?

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I was taking pictures of FOURSQUARE for the upcoming sale of subscriptions for Vol. 2 (this sale will likely start tomorrow). Digging through my stash of small DIY productions, I decided to set out all the tinysides, too. So this … Continue reading

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Jen Bervin

Mags points me to Jen Bervin’s Dickinson Fascicles (more here). Now that’s interesting erasure. (While you’re clicking around, be sure to revisit A Non-Breaking Space.) Jen is one of those poets whose work I see and I think “God! I … Continue reading

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It’s all Post-Romanticism

Before ecopoetics, before Finlay, before Deleuze, before Fluxus, before Duchamp, before Cornell, before Audubon, there was Linnaeus (along with Tesla, one of my favorite scientists). (Like my connect-the-dots genealogy?)

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Alixandra Bamford

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Dolan Geiman

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Dos Press

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Xander Booker

Xander Booker Originally uploaded by looktouch. This is one of the pieces I bought at the Magic City Art Connection. Xander Booker made a clutch of eggs in an installation/sculpture about his mother. They had various things on them– sewing … Continue reading

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Hey You

This is a painting (by Lisa Michitti). Because it is a painting and not a poem no one argues with it and says it is not a poem. Also, it costs a lot more than any poetry book. And it’s … Continue reading

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abbreviated Ron + 2 forthcoming books

Scanning Ron’s headlines today, I got a kick out of this and this seemed important (for visual poets). Ellen Baxt has a new book coming out that looks exciting (interested as I am in travel, language, autobiography, and pretty cover … Continue reading

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FOURSQUARE Special Edition: Jessica Smith

One big handwritten poem by yours truly; cover art by Chelsea Groves. Available for $5 at Etsy and the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. The poem is about wakes (the trails boats leave; the space between birds in flight; the … Continue reading

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wide slumber for lepidopterists

a.rawlings has posted a few recordings of wide slumber performances at her blog.

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business card poems

One nice thing about Birmingham is that it’s so close to ATL that it’s possible to procrastinate for a long time and still arrive at AWP with reasonable punctuality. Since I’m not yet sure of my coming address in VA, … Continue reading

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FOURSQUARE 1.9 (Love) Love poems by Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney; Sharon Harris et al.; o. hunt; and kathryn l. pringle & Magdalena Zurawski. Cover valentine by Krista Stout (I’m a sucker for a pink elephant). ***If you aren’t going … Continue reading

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Amusingly, while recording my difficult choice of what tea to drink, “For the Price of a Cup of Tea” was playing on my iPod. I began work on my Rossetti and Stevenson papers today– so far, the Rossetti is going … Continue reading

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Detorie or Boyer?

Yesterday I was asked to distinguish between the vispo of Michelle Detorie and that of Anne Boyer. To me, the differences are obvious, but I had not sat down and tried to put them into words. This is what I … Continue reading

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Helen White at Rock Heals

Helen White‘s kaleidoscopization of an older poem of mine is up at Rock Heals this week. (This is the larger version from which the piece in FOURSQUARE 1.3 is an excerpt.) The original piece is also becoming part of the … Continue reading

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