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Protected: 2008 is going to be different

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Protected: Things I will miss about Charlottesville

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Quoth the raven

“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing…“

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"You’re not supposed to be here."

A few months ago I had one of those uncanny Freudian feelings… like everything suddenly made sense and the sense it made was ominous… when I discovered that the UVA English building was designed by Michael Graves.

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It’s been 7 hours and 1.5 days…

As after a break-up with a person I am purging my house of reminders of school (course materials are being shut-up in my filing cabinet, course-related books re-shelved) and thinking of all the lovely things I can do now that … Continue reading

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The Voice

Full report on Kundiman reading in its multiplicity later… for now a simple question: who decided that poetry sounded like this? You know what I mean: the NPR Poet Voice that sounds like the eyes are being rolled back in … Continue reading

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Cville poetry reading

There’s an interesting poetry reading coming up in Charlottesville! WHEN: Friday, June 22, 2007, 7pmWHERE: Kaleidoscope in Newcomb HallREADERS: Myung Mi Kim, Patrick Rosal, Prageeta Sharma and the 2007 Kundiman Fellows FREE! Dessert reception to follow. [Most of the readings … Continue reading

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1. Nancy Shaw died?! What?! That’s awful. I met her once. She was awesome. I especially like her collaborative work with Catriona Strang. Loss.2. My new profile picture was both taken and treated by Alixandra Bamford.3. Thanks for the first … Continue reading

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Thinking of Joyce last night, which inevitably led to thinking about Zukofsky, made me wonder (again) why I’m not working on either of those authors for my dissertation. Of course, I haven’t started my diss., so I could still work … Continue reading

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Amusingly, while recording my difficult choice of what tea to drink, “For the Price of a Cup of Tea” was playing on my iPod. I began work on my Rossetti and Stevenson papers today– so far, the Rossetti is going … Continue reading

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nostalgia for Charlottesville

Originally uploaded by wwcutie. Maggie is making me miss Charlottesville. I love the winters there– just enough snow to make everything beautiful. Here in Birmingham, the pools are still open. In Buffalo… yeah, I don’t even want to think about … Continue reading

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not a team player

I know it’s bad, but I just found this blog by a fellow Charlottesvillain and it cracks me up.

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(not) minding my own business.

Oh, right. I was going to shut up. Er… um… yeah. I hate everything. I am constantly discovering new vantage points from which to look at things and in retrospect seeing that I have done something mean or immoral or … Continue reading

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All the work I haven’t done since being at UVA

RenPro, Breton: 20 pp* ***The Power of Place: A reading of Nicholas Breton’s The Miseries of Mavillia in response to Constance RelihanRenPro, Rosalind: 10 pp***(something regarding interpolated poetry)Victorian, James: 5 pp* ***Memory and the Aesthetics of Realism in Henry James’s … Continue reading

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I am thinking of taking one of the immersion language courses at UVA this summer. I’m deciding between Chinese and Spanish. This leads to some questions:1. Which one?2. Have you UVA people taken one of the summer language courses before … Continue reading

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Protected: the other meme

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Eng Dept stuff

Ah, I love our DGS. It may very well be her generosity of spirit and and straightforward, intelligent practicality that gets me through this program.

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5 Reasons I’m Happy I’m Not in an MFA Program

1. I would think that shelling out $20 every time I wanted to enter my MS in a contest that, chances are, I wasn’t going to win, was ok. 2. I would think that winners of poetry contests were legitimate … Continue reading

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academia & pathology

I didn’t take the “trauma theory” course this semester, which was probably a mistake. One thing that continually bothers me about academic discourse is how it denies, disseminates, and disavows violence against women. It seems like every week we read … Continue reading

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