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PhillySound reading

Tonight I went to the PhillySound reading at Peace on A, which is Thom Donovan‘s house/space. Thom is a Buffalo grad and the reading was Buffalonian in the following ways: It was at someone’s house There were snacks. It was … Continue reading

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NY Reading, etc.

I’m in NY. Hanging out this morning with Kap, Kap’s darling baby Genevieve (who makes the cutest baby noises and smells like baby!) and Kate was such a nice way to begin the day. I faced a traffic-free drive, mostly … Continue reading

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On the road

I’ll be at Kate and Justin’s tonight, my reading tomorrow evening, and maybe Cathy Park Hong Sunday night, depending on how my own reading goes, etc. Bye for now.

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Reading with superwoman Shelley Jackson at Unnameable Books, this Sunday, 12/9 at 5 p.m., near my new home in Brooklyn, NY.

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Reading at Miami-OH, 28 March 2007

Video courtesy of Meshworks; thanks to Justin Katko and Daniel Ereditario.

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Cole Swensen

I hope to be here tomorrow.

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recent and forthcoming

Handwritten visual poetry featured in the Opera Cabal “Delusions” Festival as part of Nicholas Demaison‘s Ursularia (thx AG for the reminder). Interview (with Jeff Davis) and reading from Organic Furniture Cellar to be broadcast on Asheville’s WPVM on Nov. 4 … Continue reading

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More from Durham

Brian and Ashley Howe’s video from Saturday night. And part of my reading. And a funny video Kate took on Sunday.

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Mark posts about the aesthetics of audience appreciation, so to speak, if that is a larger topic that encompasses Ron’s reflections and the discussion of my reading on Lucipo (and my anti-reading stance and Anti-Readings and the history of thinking … Continue reading

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I drove down to Durham on Saturday after a very long night Friday, and on the way I listened to The Sound and the Fury. I got most of the way through Quentin. I’ve read it before– written papers on … Continue reading

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Read tonight in Durham, at Kate and Maggie’s house; a bigger turnout than my last reading in NYC.

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Raleigh-Durham Reading details

date: Oct. 6hosts: Kate and Maggievenue: 811 wilkersontime: 7PM [reading at 8 SHARP!]readers: Brian Howe, Ashley Howe and me.

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House Press @ ACA Galleries, July 12


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House Press @ ACA Galleries, July 12

House Press at ACA Galleries, July 12 6p Boog City PresentsHouse Press At ACA Galleries529 W 20th StFifth FloorThursday, July 126pm, Free Reading: Tawrin Baker, Eric Gelsinger, Matthew Klane, Adam Golaski, Damian Weber Film: Scott Puccio Music: White Man Much … Continue reading

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Oh No

The Zinc Bar reading is online. Warning: I have a tendency to talk directly to members of the audience. It makes me feel like the audience/author divide is broken, at least a little. And it takes up time so that … Continue reading

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The Voice

Full report on Kundiman reading in its multiplicity later… for now a simple question: who decided that poetry sounded like this? You know what I mean: the NPR Poet Voice that sounds like the eyes are being rolled back in … Continue reading

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Well, I checked into Ron’s blog to get Pierre’s url and noted that he’s reviewed the Zinc reading. The only problem with a positive review from Ron is that it inevitably leads factions of people to hate me or to … Continue reading

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New from House Press

New chapbooks from Eric Unger and Michael Carr, plus recordings from the Just Buffalo Small Press Reading Series

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Cville poetry reading

There’s an interesting poetry reading coming up in Charlottesville! WHEN: Friday, June 22, 2007, 7pmWHERE: Kaleidoscope in Newcomb HallREADERS: Myung Mi Kim, Patrick Rosal, Prageeta Sharma and the 2007 Kundiman Fellows FREE! Dessert reception to follow. [Most of the readings … Continue reading

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Poetry readings really aren't my thing. Why does the audience cower? Who says the author knows anything about how to read?

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in the wings

Last night I had a long dream about my upcoming reading with Ron Silliman in NYC (it’s next Sunday, 6/17, at Zinc). NYC as a city gives me high anxiety anyway. The circumstances of the reading… give me nightmares 10 … Continue reading

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– Thinking about buying shelving (the kind that you put in your closet). It’s pretty cheap at IKEA. It’s easy to put up and take down and, most importantly, transport. I seem to move a lot. I want more streamlined … Continue reading

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After Electric City

Photos from Ohio and Buffalo (also a Flickr group if you want to pool your photos). Thanks to everyone (Kevin Amy Alix Adam Matthew etc.)– but especially to Aaron and Chris— for a fantastic weekend. Hope we can do it … Continue reading

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– You’re in the anthology go to the anthology page and consult with me on funding.– You live near Oxford, OH come hear me read tomorrow night (Miami, Heistand 100, 8p)– You’re in Buffalo I’ll see you Thurs. night, 7p … Continue reading

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I’ll be there

Wednesday Matthew Klane and I will be reading at Miami University (March 28 8pm at Miami, Heistand Rm 100). Friday, Saturday and Sunday I’ll be hanging out in Buffalo for the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair and Electric City. As … Continue reading

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Lorraine & Mark in Portland

Go hear these people I love: Mark Wallace & K. Lorraine Graham Sunday, March 25th7:30 pmNew American Art Union922 SE Ankeny$5 suggested donation Mark Wallace’s books include Nothing Happened and Besides I Wasn’t There; Sonnets of a Penny-A-Liner; and Temporary … Continue reading

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I think it might be possible to take a trip through OH (where I have a reading scheduled @ Miami) to Buffalo for the ECS and return via Charlottesville to check out apartments for next year for under $500. I … Continue reading

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Electric City

This is the important event.

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K. Lorraine Graham’s Moving Walkways

Lorraine’s long-awaited chapdisc is now available from the masters at narrow house recordings

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I’m just a girl who can’t say no

Even with my hermetic practices and no-sending-stuff-out rules I get invited to do all sorts of things and I never can do them, either because of time or money (it’s expensive to travel!) or simply because I haven’t written any … Continue reading

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Upcoming Performances and Reviews

Links to reviews of OFC and my upcoming reading schedule can be found over here. For someone who doesn’t do poetry readings I am going to be doing a lot of poetry readings and exhibits over the next 4 months. … Continue reading

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If you want to know what Flarf is you can go to this. If Flarf isn’t doing it for you, you could get this. (Send me one too while you’re at it.)

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Linda Russo

Reading at Pegasus tonight at 7:30. Go. She is wonderful.

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Poetry in Birmingham (is there?)

I will at least be at this: Lisa Jarnot, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. Does UA have an extensive reading series?

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There is a recording of the reading I gave a few weeks ago, round-robin style, in Toronto. It is here (scroll down). My poems sound nothing like aloud what they sound like in my head, that is strange, since it’s … Continue reading

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Dec. 7 @ ACA Galleries

You are invited to an evening of performances by: – cris cheek – William R. Howe – jUStin!katKO – Mark Mendoza – Keith Tuma – Jason Zeh December 7, 6:30pm ACA Galleries – FREE 529 West 20th Street – 5th … Continue reading

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recent acquisitions, love poems, my life in thirds

– Sharon Harris’s Avatar, an Ono-esque caper through instructional, found, “visual,” list, and prose poetry. – Tao Lin’s you are a little bit happier than i am – Charles Bernstein’s Girly Man, which so far seems dark, rhythmic and witty … Continue reading

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Kap’s pics from last night. (Charles is the best.)

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Aaron reviews Saturday’s reading; you can also view Alixandra’s photos. There’s a recording around somewhere, too, which will be up sometime. I won’t write about how incredible it was to hang out with everyone in DC and to see Charles … Continue reading

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Missed my flight. Mistaken identity. Standby. Remarkably good taxi driver. Arrived. Met Mark. Met Alixandra. Remet Darren. Anecdote of Bill meeting me at the epoetry conference long long long ago. Met Angela. Round-robin reading with darren and bill went well, … Continue reading

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Nov. 18, Toronto, Mercer Union, Test Reading Series I’m a little slow in the publicity department… and every other department these days. But I will be there to read and you should come. Darren Wershler-Henry and Bill Kennedy will also … Continue reading

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and also

I am missing Charles Bernstein’s upcoming readings in Baltimore and D.C. to give my own reading in Toronto. I’m sad to miss Charles’s readings, but it feels like one of those young-poet-growing-up things, to miss the reading of one’s mentor … Continue reading

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