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delirious hem

This seems good. Advertisements

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Poetry is what happens (a poetics of reading blogs, landscapes, people, textures, or anything else that requires sense-making from signs)

There is some confusion, or ambiguity, about my blog’s subtitle (which I have reinstated). If you click on the subtitle, the meaning should become clearer. To clarify further, I propose that disregarding the examples McQuillian provides of specific acts of … Continue reading

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thoughts on form

I never thought I’d say this, but: I have too many books. So today at work I got boxes (tip for moving: B&N gets tons of boxes every day and they’re, gasp, sized for books!) and I’ve been packing away … Continue reading

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Mark posts about the aesthetics of audience appreciation, so to speak, if that is a larger topic that encompasses Ron’s reflections and the discussion of my reading on Lucipo (and my anti-reading stance and Anti-Readings and the history of thinking … Continue reading

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Now this is a poetics.

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