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More methods from the cash-strapped

Lynn recommends that I try some other methods, besides the controversial and not terribly lucrative one of selling private blog access, to raise money. Because we are all broke. But sometimes some of us are broker than others. I remember … Continue reading

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Reading at Miami-OH, 28 March 2007

Video courtesy of Meshworks; thanks to Justin Katko and Daniel Ereditario.

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Signing off

My parents are in town for my birthday, and we’re doing the 2nd Annual Trip to the Hummingbird Inn, in Goshen. Goshen is well nigh in the middle of nowhere and I will be faced with internet/phone withdrawal. Just a … Continue reading

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recent and forthcoming

Handwritten visual poetry featured in the Opera Cabal “Delusions” Festival as part of Nicholas Demaison‘s Ursularia (thx AG for the reminder). Interview (with Jeff Davis) and reading from Organic Furniture Cellar to be broadcast on Asheville’s WPVM on Nov. 4 … Continue reading

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OFC update

A review from a fairly mainstream but very engaged reader at Growler. I really like this review. I feel like I can learn from it. Current sales calculations stand around 500. Now I can buy a new microwave. Mine’s possessed, … Continue reading

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OFC’s Bday

In the rush of events, I almost forgot: today is the 1yr anniversary of the arrival of Organic Furniture Cellar. Aug. 7 is also Darren Wershler-Henry’s birthday and the day the ban on Ulysses was overturned.

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Die Liebe Hoeret Nimmer Auf

A recent search for what the above phrase means in English has made it to my blog. To the best of my knowledge, this translates literally to “Love never ceases,” and is a line from I Corinthians 13: “Love never … Continue reading

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Want me to love you forever?

Get your local library to buy OFC. (Libraries are generally happy to purchase things you request.) (Thank you thank you to those who already have!) Also, Northerners– someone know how to get in touch with Catriona Strang?

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Ben’s recent pictures from Buffalo remind me to say that Organic Furniture Cellar is available at Rust Belt Books. And if you see Kristianne remind her to send me poetry for 4SQ. Thanks.

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Hey, if you don’t have my book yet, go buy it at 25% off so I can go to Buffalo.

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Upcoming Performances and Reviews

Links to reviews of OFC and my upcoming reading schedule can be found over here. For someone who doesn’t do poetry readings I am going to be doing a lot of poetry readings and exhibits over the next 4 months. … Continue reading

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new OFC review

“Smith has bravely taken the idea of the page as a canvas for words further than many have previously dared. The poems make us aware of both the placing of the words as the words themselves; since these poems subject … Continue reading

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holiday poetry sales

Sales at Ugly Duckling, including 2006-07 subscription deals ($75-125) (& anyone who wants to buy me a copy of 0 to 9 is more than welcome to) and No Tell Books ($45). For even less expensive poetry gifts, get the … Continue reading

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There is a recording of the reading I gave a few weeks ago, round-robin style, in Toronto. It is here (scroll down). My poems sound nothing like aloud what they sound like in my head, that is strange, since it’s … Continue reading

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Reviews of OFC and bird-book

Geez, guys! Over at Galatea Ressurects, Susana reviews OFC and Steve reviews bird-book. Thank you. Steve’s thorough (and wouldn’t you expect as much from him?) reading of bird-book is the first review ever of this work, which you can read … Continue reading

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Torontorian Aaron Tucker reviews OFC at InkNoire. In the mail: Bill Corbett chapbook De Kooning Kline— beautiful design by Mr. Michael Carr and pressed by Boostrap (but seemingly unavailable from their website). Good job guys, or as my word verification … Continue reading

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Galatea Ressurects, OFC @ Amazon

In the mail: – Books to review for Eileen Tabios’s amazing review website, Galatea Resurrects: Kate Greenstreet’s case sensitive, Yedda Morrison’s Crop (I can finally give Tom’s copy back to him), and Kaia Sand’s heart on a tripod. I’ll also … Continue reading

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