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Available @ AWP

Things that I have work in that will have tables at AWP: A Sing Economy (Flim Forum) Cannibal (I also signed the ones that I sewed) Phoebe (I edited a special feature on women’s visual poetry including work by Brenda … Continue reading

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Protected: I wrote a poem.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Protected: Loose Goose

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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merry xmas!

new apocryphaltext with my work (previously published in 4SQ but now available to everyone with internet access) as well as work from Catherine Daly, matina l. stamatakis, John M. Bennett, etc.

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Protected: Driving thoughts

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Protected: the brightly colors

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Reading for Pleasure

Yesterday I had the day off, which meant that I cleaned and ran errands and tried to push 4SQ forward (now awaiting cover art permissions– October might be available before Aug. or Sept.) Tried to write or find or somehow … Continue reading

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welcoming two new micropresses

The Press Gang is organized by Cristiana Baik (AL) and Sara Wintz (NY) and is focused on publishing avant writers. I met Cristiana when I was living in Birmingham and I thought she was wonderful. With the resources for artists’ … Continue reading

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You were always on my mind

My entry for Attention Span. I made the initial list of books about a month ago, mulled over it, adjusted a few titles, and typed it up (predictably, at the very last minute). I tried to only list things that … Continue reading

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Recent Acquisitions (by publisher, pt 1)

Ranked 1-5 stars, SQ and AR***** Supernova (buy)**** Superstar (buy)*** Sunshine (hold)** Red Giant (hold)* White Dwarf (sell)SQ Not avant-garde enough for my rating systemAR Ain’t Read it yet.dusieA Book of Days, Pt 1: Sorcery. February 1 – May 31, … Continue reading

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poetry sale @ Bootstrap

Echoing Joe’s post about the sale at Bootstrap Productions. New John Wieners and Tom Morgan look awesome. (I already have them. I am that special. I’m liking the Morgan, haven’t started the Wieners.) More book announcements when papers are done.

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"Cup-Like Lilies": Cleromancy Project for Hex Presse

I “curated” a set of dice for Michelle Detorie‘s Cleromancy project through Hex Presse. Michelle has been making dice poems for awhile with her entrancing die*o*rama project, so when I chose words from Christina Rossetti‘s works to make the dice, … Continue reading

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Adeena (Karasick)

I named my cat Adeena. She looks like a Zora, but she won’t answer to it. She answers to Djuna, but you can tell it isn’t “her.” I broke my modernist streak, but for a good cause. I am pretty … Continue reading

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weekend efforts

Finishing the run of Brenda Iijima’s 4SQse, printing and folding 4SQ 2.1, stencilling the covers for derek beaulieu’s Take-Home Project chapbook, printing up some bird-books (if you placed an order with me this winter yours will ship this week), making … Continue reading

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New from House Press

New chapbooks from Eric Unger and Michael Carr, plus recordings from the Just Buffalo Small Press Reading Series

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Michelle Detorie recently asked me to “curate” a set of dice for her new cleromancy project from Hex Presse. The task was to choose a female poet and go through her poetry, picking 6 words for each of 6 dice. … Continue reading

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New Tinysides! And you can still get all the dusie wee chaps that have come out thus far, though the complete set is in limited supply. In case you haven’t noticed, small is in (these are just 5 examples– there … Continue reading

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Why I am so quiet

I’ve been working on a new erasure poem. Erasure seems to be a very popular technique these days, and I wanted to see how far I could take it. So here’s Z:En, a erasure poem based on Friedrich Nietzsche’s Also … Continue reading

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Recent acquisitions

From Coach House Books (they were having a sale):Nicole Brossard, Notebook of Roses and Civilizations (Linda likes her work so I thought I’d try it)Jon Paul Fiorentino, Hello SerotoninNancy Shaw and Catriona Strang, Busted (awesome)Mark Truscott, Said Like Reeds or … Continue reading

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new things

Video poetics: The Continental Review (via Reb, attn. Aaron, Michelle.) Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs has a website.

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Linda Russo interview

Kate Greenstreet interviews Linda Russo regarding her first book, MIRTH. Also, I did read the entire Concher and eat the chocolates. I commented on the pairings in the comments section here. The Concher is a pretty cool magazine as evidenced … Continue reading

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Pre-order Outside Voices’s second full-length book now for a late-summer release. Free shipping on pre-orders! (Thank goodness for Brenda’s stellar artistic skills, featured on the front and back covers.)

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Magi’s Threads

Silliman reviews Jill Magi’s Threads (Futurepoem 2007), to which I greatly look forward to reading myself.

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abbreviated Ron + 2 forthcoming books

Scanning Ron’s headlines today, I got a kick out of this and this seemed important (for visual poets). Ellen Baxt has a new book coming out that looks exciting (interested as I am in travel, language, autobiography, and pretty cover … Continue reading

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Via DIY Publishing blog, the new Press Press Press blog offers a central location from which to buy DIY/Small Press chapbooks and magazines. (Remember, there’s also Chapbook Finder.) And for the other 6 Zukofsky nuts out there: Mark’s lovely galleys!

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poetry marketing genius

Via Reb, this season’s hot new poetry magazine: The Concher. What’s so special about it besides the line-up? It comes with rich, handmade truffles. Poetry and chocolate! Poetry AND chocolate! Brilliant.

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In which I gush a little over Cole Swensen

If you read my blog you probably already read Ron’s, but just to point to his comments today on Cole Swensen’s new book. Cole Swensen’s up there in my favorite poets of her generation. She’s one of very few poets … Continue reading

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I have that restless, dissatisfied feeling. I think I’ve spent enough time recuperating in Birmingham and am ready to face the world again. I’m ready to be back in Charlottesville with people of my own age and occupation. I like … Continue reading

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intelligent design

I’m busy, should be even busier, but I want to mention two recent publications that excite me and that you may want to buy before they’re gone: Tiny Moon Notebook from Big Game Books. Gorgeous little production, a steal at … Continue reading

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FOURSQUARE Special Edition: Jess Rowan

Two site-specific works by Jess Rowan, with cover art by FOURSQUARE veteran Karena Colquhoun. Available for $5 at Etsy and at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair.

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worth the wait

Lorraine’s new chapdisc from Narrow House is a tactile delight. The letterpress liner notes were totally worth the wait. This is Cuneiform-quality (the printer on Moving Walkways is Aaron Cohick’s Newlights Press (he also did Justin Sirois’s Silver Standard)). … … Continue reading

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FOURSQUARE Special Edition: Jessica Smith

One big handwritten poem by yours truly; cover art by Chelsea Groves. Available for $5 at Etsy and the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. The poem is about wakes (the trails boats leave; the space between birds in flight; the … Continue reading

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wide slumber for lepidopterists

a.rawlings has posted a few recordings of wide slumber performances at her blog.

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K. Lorraine Graham’s Moving Walkways

Lorraine’s long-awaited chapdisc is now available from the masters at narrow house recordings

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Detorie or Boyer?

Yesterday I was asked to distinguish between the vispo of Michelle Detorie and that of Anne Boyer. To me, the differences are obvious, but I had not sat down and tried to put them into words. This is what I … Continue reading

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Michelle (who’s doing amazing poetry things these days herself), Tao and Susana heralded o. hunt’s new work at bear parade on their blogs today. Ofelia has work in the recent dusie as well as in February’s FOURSQUARE (if you ever … Continue reading

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Well, alright.

Never finish everythingon your to do list. It will look as if you have nothingbetter to do. – Elaine Equi

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New Hannah Weiner

Speaking of Charles, new Hannah Weiner. I guess I’ll eventually have to break down and buy the Grand Piano series, but it’s on my list after Heretical Texts. I’m going to need more money.

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The Avant-Garde

Dear Andrew Topel and John M. Bennett, Thank you for restoring my faith in poetry. Love, Jessica Andrew’s scores, plus a bookarts blog I didn’t know existed. Thanks, Andrew, for the packet of amazing little books.

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string of small machines

issue 2 is ready

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Recent acquisitions

Oh One Arrow from Flim Forum Press (Adam Golaski/Matthew Klane). This includes work from Brandon Shimoda, Thom Donovan, Jonathan Minton, Adam and Matthew, Lori Anderson Moseman, Katie Kemple, Chris Fritton, Eric Gelsinger, Jaqueline Lyons, John Cotter, Jeff Paris, Michael Ives, … Continue reading

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My day.

Today I started my Renaissance Prose paper. The working title is: “The Power of Place: A reading of Nicholas Breton’s The Miseries of Mavillia in response to Constance Relihan.” It will be a Deleuzean analysis as usual. I have not … Continue reading

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New tinysides!

Tinysides 21-25: Autobiography The latest set of tinysides explores the self: its reactions, perceptions, memories, its end. First off, Joseph S. Cooper brings us a self trying to describe itself: the life story of someone with a different relationship to … Continue reading

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Susana’s lovely new Dusie is up, including work by many of my favorite people, real and virtual.

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a day’s work

Many things are now ready to ship from Etsy including extra 4SQs, rob mclennan’s avalanche (to be officially released next week; there are a few advance copies), and bird-book.

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What is Problemattica?

Problemattica is one of many little books that I wrote in 2001. The first was Relation (not scheduled for reissue), Problemattica was second, and bird-book, which is the best of the three and perhaps still my best work, was third. … Continue reading

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new-old chapbooks

Pre-order a reissue of Problemattica and/or bird-book from Etsy. There are 10 of each available for sale. You can read bird-book for free online, but if you like the feel of various weights and textures of paper in your hands, … Continue reading

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new book-books

Tao has new books. My lovely cousin Logan’s book is coming out sooner than Tao’s. And even sooner, i.e. now, Linda Russo’s MIRTH is out.

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bookmaking in the time of love

My dad’s advice is, “bury yourself in your work.” My mom’s advice is, “channel the energy into bookmaking.” I tend to prioritize people/relationships over work. But in this case I may have to make an exception, since I need to … Continue reading

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Helen White at Rock Heals

Helen White‘s kaleidoscopization of an older poem of mine is up at Rock Heals this week. (This is the larger version from which the piece in FOURSQUARE 1.3 is an excerpt.) The original piece is also becoming part of the … Continue reading

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