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Protected: That darn cat!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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So there’s this cat…

Georgie Porgie, who’s resided at the CASPCA for at least 7 months now. He lives in the Adult Cat room, which is a comparatively posh place to live at the SPCA. He and 6-12 other cats have a room to … Continue reading

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Against the dying of the light

Work today was hard. Earlier in the day than usual, I began judging and consequently disliking many of the customers. Mostly my mind was on Tommy and my parents. Since last night, I’ve been thinking a lot about FIP and … Continue reading

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Now is the time to get a cat.

Now through 8/18, cats at the CASPCA have only a $10 adoption fee. Get someone soft to sit on your lap and purr while you study for orals! Some I’d recommend are 8-Ball and Shooter, Georgie Porgie, and the cat … Continue reading

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busy for me, boring for you

Nothing is going on here, really. I’m applying for jobs–everything I can find. I’ve started calling the foster cat Birgitte; she is eating, purring, doing ok (not great. improving steadily, if slowly). Planning poems. Glad my friend Ray is back … Continue reading

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Bonding with Foster Cat

Yesterday when I went to the shelter to pick up a foster cat, I expected to get a litter of kittens. They’re completely overrun with kittens, but won’t adopt them out until they’re 2 mos., so in the meantime kittens … Continue reading

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Cats and brats

If today’s trip to the vet is any indication, I’m going to be one of those parents who at the teacher-parent conference says, “My little boy? But he’s so well-behaved at home!” when the teacher and all the other kids … Continue reading

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These adoptable kittens in the Bay Area got an extra dose of cute.

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Adeena (Karasick)

I named my cat Adeena. She looks like a Zora, but she won’t answer to it. She answers to Djuna, but you can tell it isn’t “her.” I broke my modernist streak, but for a good cause. I am pretty … Continue reading

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The new cat’s name: Zora or Djuna? Also a possibility: Ariel.

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Ok. I admit it. I have a problem. Today I went to the SPCA to fill out a foster application to become a foster parent for sick/traumatized cats. When Mark adopted Gray we convinced them to give me a raincheck … Continue reading

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More kittens!

Anyone who meets my cat Basil loves him. People who weren’t “cat people” before admit that maybe cats can be as cool as dogs. People who were allergic to cats before don’t mind taking medication so they can be around … Continue reading

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My friend Mark found some darling kittens running around in the street and brought them to my house. It’s nice to feel like I’m the kitten refuge. We found their owner rather too immediately, even before I could take lots … Continue reading

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mammalian insurgency

Last time I left the cats at home unsupervised, I came back to find Das Kapital open on the floor. This time, Julius Caesar. (What are we doing tonight, Brain?)

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Truman (aka Carl Rakosi) ended up going home with Tommy and my parents. It was difficult to let him go, but Tommy will benefit from having a cat friend. Turns out, it’s not that I have too many books but … Continue reading

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Carl Rakosi

My parents, who are in VA this weekend to help me get settled, adopted a cat at the local SPCA. There’s a 2-for-1 special on kittens right now (it’s kitten season, and with the city population down by half due … Continue reading

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screen test

I found a teeny tiny video of my cat Hilda on the day I adopted her at the shelter.

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another cat post (maybe i should make it a label)

My parents really like my cats, especially Basil, although they’ve never been cat people, and my mom has always thought she was allergic to cats (sound familiar, Rod?). But soon I will be leaving and taking them with me. So … Continue reading

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blogging about my cats (and dog)

Gandalf, our 10-yr-old beardie, has finally lost his patience with the cats. Initially he ignored them. Then, he switched to whining at them and barking. As the cats have taken over more and more of the house, Gand has become … Continue reading

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So what’s the cap on cats before I become a crazy cat lady? 2? 4? 14? I hate that there are so many in the shelter when I could give them a nice cushy life. Then again, I did just … Continue reading

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Things are sweet, soft, and nice in my world. Cats are nice, people are nice, work isn’t too terrible. I see that if I make my profile pic my Flickr icon, it changes when it changes (I didn’t expect this). … Continue reading

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the cats are up so I am up

My parents are passing around a nasty virus. It’s gone around at my dad’s office. It sounds awful; they cough constantly. I don’t want to get what they have. “Song of Myself” is amazing. Transgressive and beautiful. Such a great … Continue reading

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In another life, when we are both cats

rapt Originally uploaded by looktouch. In the “gratuitous pictures of my cats” blogger subgenre. There were many robins in the tree today. I always think of robins as bigger than they are. Lisa Jarnot and I have matching cats. (Harry … Continue reading

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