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I haven’t been on an 11-hour drive this month or even a 6-7 hour one. These trips had become so common for me there for awhile that I feel I experience time differently now– both without the timeless gaps of … Continue reading

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From the Internet Archive

A bird book. Luckily, I didn’t scan this one. It would have taken hours as I oohed and aahed over the illustrations. I love the little marginal drawings. And some of the books we’ve been scanning about Niagara Falls and … Continue reading

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Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

Oh, and I’m supposed to be promoting the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. Does it need promoting? Everyone’s already going to be there. Pictures Alix and I took last year. (Will I have anything ready to sell there? That’s the … Continue reading

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Protected: 2008 is going to be different

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Reading for Pleasure

Yesterday I had the day off, which meant that I cleaned and ran errands and tried to push 4SQ forward (now awaiting cover art permissions– October might be available before Aug. or Sept.) Tried to write or find or somehow … Continue reading

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welcoming two new micropresses

The Press Gang is organized by Cristiana Baik (AL) and Sara Wintz (NY) and is focused on publishing avant writers. I met Cristiana when I was living in Birmingham and I thought she was wonderful. With the resources for artists’ … Continue reading

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Harris Teeter disappoints

Cider. Cide. Er. We have apple juice. Stocker probably thought I was nuts as I held up various bottles of apple juice to the light to find the most opaque one. This one did not end up tasting like cider. … Continue reading

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Autumn in (Western) New York

I miss it very. I needed to get out of Buffalo for awhile, but just as intensely I feel a need to return. In the meantime I’m going to Harris Teeter to find some apple cider and gingersnaps. It’s not … Continue reading

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New from House Press

New chapbooks from Eric Unger and Michael Carr, plus recordings from the Just Buffalo Small Press Reading Series

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Cville poetry reading

There’s an interesting poetry reading coming up in Charlottesville! WHEN: Friday, June 22, 2007, 7pmWHERE: Kaleidoscope in Newcomb HallREADERS: Myung Mi Kim, Patrick Rosal, Prageeta Sharma and the 2007 Kundiman Fellows FREE! Dessert reception to follow. [Most of the readings … Continue reading

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Oh no

Not expecting to wake up to a picture of Creeley’s gravesite.

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Hero Design Studio

Added Hero Designs to the WNY blogroll to the right. Check out their amazing screenprinted posters like this one for Blondie or this one for Stand (I have no idea who Stand is but it’s a lovely print). They’ve also … Continue reading

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Ben’s recent pictures from Buffalo remind me to say that Organic Furniture Cellar is available at Rust Belt Books. And if you see Kristianne remind her to send me poetry for 4SQ. Thanks.

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After Electric City

Photos from Ohio and Buffalo (also a Flickr group if you want to pool your photos). Thanks to everyone (Kevin Amy Alix Adam Matthew etc.)– but especially to Aaron and Chris— for a fantastic weekend. Hope we can do it … Continue reading

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Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

Today was awesome. Alix and I met Matthew (Klane) and Adam (Golaski) for breakfast at Solid Grounds, then bought some table supplies at Rite-Aid before heading to set up the table. Though we’d thought we’d be at the same table, … Continue reading

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In Buffalo. Things change… basically they stay the same. Not everyone is here, and there are lots of new faces in the crowd, but mostly things are the same. It feels weird to not go home– to my old apartment … Continue reading

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– You’re in the anthology go to the anthology page and consult with me on funding.– You live near Oxford, OH come hear me read tomorrow night (Miami, Heistand 100, 8p)– You’re in Buffalo I’ll see you Thurs. night, 7p … Continue reading

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I’ll be there

Wednesday Matthew Klane and I will be reading at Miami University (March 28 8pm at Miami, Heistand Rm 100). Friday, Saturday and Sunday I’ll be hanging out in Buffalo for the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair and Electric City. As … Continue reading

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I think it might be possible to take a trip through OH (where I have a reading scheduled @ Miami) to Buffalo for the ECS and return via Charlottesville to check out apartments for next year for under $500. I … Continue reading

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Electric City

This is the important event.

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Buffalo cuisine

A new list. Buffalo restaurants I miss (specific foods I miss most): 1. Globe Market (gazpacho, meatloaf, gumbo)2. Romeo’s (the Dante)3. Lone Star (beef fajitas)4. Left Bank (fried oysters, calamari)5. Founding Father’s (blackened blue)6. Anderson’s Frozen Custard (plain old vanilla)7. … Continue reading

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addresses since 2002

120 Meyer Rd, Amherst NY, 14226537 West Ferry, Buffalo, NY 1422277 Linwood, Buffalo NY 14209547 Franklin St, Buffalo NY 14209(berlin)Banergatan xx, 11522 Stockholm(käxed)(buffalo)Schelleingasse 10/2, 1040 Vienna(Söder)726 Madison Ave, Charlottesville VA 22903(current) I don’t actually enjoy moving around so much but … Continue reading

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