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Civilization and Savagery: Plasticity and the work of Cai Guo-Qiang

Sunday I went to brunch with my brother and his girlfriend, who are approaching their one-year anniversary but, as they will tell you, still like each other enough to make out at any available moment (hooray). We had a delicious … Continue reading

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Spent the afternoon at MOMA with Charlie (my brother) and Nykki (his girlfriend)… there are pictures. Afterwards, a fine dinner (on Charlie) at La Bonne Soupe. I came home to find that Damian had finished cleaning his stuff out of … Continue reading

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A long post after a trip to MAD and MOMA

Today the new shipment of books had not come in, so we were given a choice: take the day off (without pay) or stay and let them “find things for us to do.” The library is next to the Museum … Continue reading

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Protected: Driving thoughts

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Doll House No. 135

From one of my favorite etsy artists, Alabaman Suzanna Scott.

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matchbox books

More from the lands of “you already saw this at Silliman’s” and art with pyro potential: James Davies’s matchbox. I received 1-10 (except 2) in the mail yesterday and I’m delighted. I esp. like Jarnot’s and Inman’s. Today I didn’t … Continue reading

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Brian Dettmar and Kin-Wah Tsang

I know you all read Silliman’s blog but Brian Dettmar’s work bears repeating. Also, Kin-Wah Tsang’s work is up at the Yvon Lambert Gallery.

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You were always on my mind

My entry for Attention Span. I made the initial list of books about a month ago, mulled over it, adjusted a few titles, and typed it up (predictably, at the very last minute). I tried to only list things that … Continue reading

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Weekend excursion

This weekend I visited New York, went to a couple of parties, ate sushi with my brother and his girlfriend, and went to the Guggenheim and the Strand for the first time. The host of one of the parties had … Continue reading

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Don’t smoke

Maureen found these tiny cigarette books. Though reprints and mass-produced, I like the gimmick so much that I thought it was worth mentioning. You can give up smoking and still carry something rolled-up in your shirt sleeve. Of course they’re … Continue reading

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My friend Mark found some darling kittens running around in the street and brought them to my house. It’s nice to feel like I’m the kitten refuge. We found their owner rather too immediately, even before I could take lots … Continue reading

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Jen Bervin

Mags points me to Jen Bervin’s Dickinson Fascicles (more here). Now that’s interesting erasure. (While you’re clicking around, be sure to revisit A Non-Breaking Space.) Jen is one of those poets whose work I see and I think “God! I … Continue reading

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It’s all Post-Romanticism

Before ecopoetics, before Finlay, before Deleuze, before Fluxus, before Duchamp, before Cornell, before Audubon, there was Linnaeus (along with Tesla, one of my favorite scientists). (Like my connect-the-dots genealogy?)

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Dolan Geiman

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Xander Booker

Xander Booker Originally uploaded by looktouch. This is one of the pieces I bought at the Magic City Art Connection. Xander Booker made a clutch of eggs in an installation/sculpture about his mother. They had various things on them– sewing … Continue reading

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Hey You

This is a painting (by Lisa Michitti). Because it is a painting and not a poem no one argues with it and says it is not a poem. Also, it costs a lot more than any poetry book. And it’s … Continue reading

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Magic City Art Connection

Magic City Art Connection was cool. It was fun to see one artist, a girl who went to my high school who was a successful young artist then, who had a booth with lovely work. Took some pictures. Learned: I … Continue reading

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Hero Design Studio

Added Hero Designs to the WNY blogroll to the right. Check out their amazing screenprinted posters like this one for Blondie or this one for Stand (I have no idea who Stand is but it’s a lovely print). They’ve also … Continue reading

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Detorie or Boyer?

Yesterday I was asked to distinguish between the vispo of Michelle Detorie and that of Anne Boyer. To me, the differences are obvious, but I had not sat down and tried to put them into words. This is what I … Continue reading

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eye candy

Jessica Smith Originally uploaded by Jesse Crockett. Jesse Crockett made me this pretty picture. I liked it so much, I wanted to share.

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Check it out: the multi-talented Didi Menendez (of MiPo Radio) made this awesome portrait of me. Such a sweet surprise– thank you Didi!

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