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Protected: But the good news is…

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Protected: Stress and stress.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Stealing yr good ideas

A Sing Economy looks so incredible that I have asked Scott Puccio to do the cover for The Anthology. I wanted something minimal and avant-garde– so much so that I was planning to have an all-white cover. But this will … Continue reading

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There’ve been some problems pre-ordering The Anthology with the PayPal button provided at the website. It works for some people and not for others. If you’ve encountered difficulties, try ordering through Etsy. Thanks.

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1. Nancy Shaw died?! What?! That’s awful. I met her once. She was awesome. I especially like her collaborative work with Catriona Strang. Loss.2. My new profile picture was both taken and treated by Alixandra Bamford.3. Thanks for the first … Continue reading

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Anthology pre-orders

Apparently, I can’t “promise” anything in exchange for donations to the Anthology if the donations are to be tax-deductible (to make a tax-deductible donation to OV go here and just make a note that it’s for OV). Hypothetically, if people … Continue reading

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OV/Anthology donations

New info about Donations up at the Anthology website. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Anthology release party/reading

I dreamt about the release party for the Anthology. I want to have it in Chicago on New Year’s Eve 2008.

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it is way too cold in this cafe – i miss Alix – is it fair to say yes to a reading in nyc in june when I have said no to so many readings lately including cancelling one in … Continue reading

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– You’re in the anthology go to the anthology page and consult with me on funding.– You live near Oxford, OH come hear me read tomorrow night (Miami, Heistand 100, 8p)– You’re in Buffalo I’ll see you Thurs. night, 7p … Continue reading

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Sucking up? Good. Submissions with sympathetic emails: “Oh it must be so much work for you!” Yup. I eat it up.

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second wind

I love this poem by Elisa Gabbert

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old poetry standards that still work

unconventional/surrealist metaphor. witness this line from michael ford: “I am awake and my eyes are two fat sausages.”

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boring poetry techniques (anthology burnout)

– starting/ending every stanza/strophe with the same phrase. the pop music is rotting your brain.– unnecessarily big words used not for their meanings but for their volume. it’s interesting that one uses words one doesn’t know, one uses them for … Continue reading

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interesting recurring themes so far: houses (architecture, house as body, house as memory palace, all of the above; especially ruined houses); ecopo, esp. birds (esp. false or broken ones, like the emperor’s nightengale or the cover of Kristy’s Feign); politics … Continue reading

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I am putting together the TOC for the Anthology. It is taking awhile. I decided to go in alphabetical order. It was a throw-of-the-dice kind of decision, to go alphabetically. I want the anthology to be readable. Enjoyable. It will … Continue reading

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Lorraine & Mark in Portland

Go hear these people I love: Mark Wallace & K. Lorraine Graham Sunday, March 25th7:30 pmNew American Art Union922 SE Ankeny$5 suggested donation Mark Wallace’s books include Nothing Happened and Besides I Wasn’t There; Sonnets of a Penny-A-Liner; and Temporary … Continue reading

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Michelle (who’s doing amazing poetry things these days herself), Tao and Susana heralded o. hunt’s new work at bear parade on their blogs today. Ofelia has work in the recent dusie as well as in February’s FOURSQUARE (if you ever … Continue reading

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not electric city

The electricity has been out here. It’s a beautiful, warm, sunny day, so it makes sense. I went for a walk. I haven’t worked on my paper. It’s sitting here open on the computer screen, staring at me. I try … Continue reading

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what 250 younger poets looks like

Katy Acheson * William Allegrezza * Nico Alvarado-Greenwood * Ivy Alvarez * Joshua Arnold * Robyn Art * Andrea Baker * Alixandra Bamford * Jonathan Ball * Samantha Barrow * Ellen Baxt * Dax Bayard-Murray * Sandra Beasley * derek … Continue reading

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in which i complain for awhile about the anthology

Today the anthology is annoying me rather than exciting me. In long-term relationships like this one expects ups and downs. These are the things that annoy me:– People who get the name of the press wrong when they submit poems– … Continue reading

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(not) minding my own business.

Oh, right. I was going to shut up. Er… um… yeah. I hate everything. I am constantly discovering new vantage points from which to look at things and in retrospect seeing that I have done something mean or immoral or … Continue reading

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the Anthology

One of many, many things I obsess over is how to organize the Anthology. And, for that matter, what to call it. For the organization I’ve been thinking that when it gets up to 300 or so authors, as it … Continue reading

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The Anthology

All the submissions to the Anthology are in and sorted, and it’s a weird feeling, because now the passive work is over. The majority of submissions were accepted. It was strange for me– I’m very critical– to sit back and … Continue reading

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Some anthopological updates.

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5 more days to submit; check out the recent acceptances.

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Anthology submissions

It isn’t yet too late to submit to the Anthology. Do so. Who’s eligible? “Younger” poets– less established poets under 40ish Who’s ineligible? Oh, basically no one, just send stuff. What do I send? A handful of poems to poetry2008 … Continue reading

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for the absent also go to angela’s to learn about the new kenny goldsmith work. also, seriously, submit to the Anthology NOW if you’re going to at all. remember, this is a low-pressure operation. i’m looking to represent the breadth … Continue reading

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