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Corresponding Juvenilia: 1993-1995

Poems from 8th and 9th grade– because I think it’s interesting to see how what one reads affects what one writes. During these Junior High years I liked Emily Dickinson, and I numbered my poems, feeling that if the title … Continue reading

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My favorite poem in 8th grade

This Alice Notley poem, available in Grave of Light, was in our Scholastic reader in 8th grade and I identified strongly with it.

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My favorite poem in 7th Grade

My rebellion poem, from Carl Sandburg’s Chicago Poems. Via Bartleby. The Red Son I love your faces I saw the many years I drank your milk and filled my mouth With your home talk, slept in your house And was … Continue reading

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A poem I wrote in 7th Grade

The Callow Heart Inside of anyone you see There is s heart of candle-wax and a slender string That is lighted by trivial fires of orange… So that when A heartbreaking incident Occurs The wick burns crimson and after a … Continue reading

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My favorite poem in 6th Grade

As far as I remember, this was my favorite poem in 6th grade. My grandfather bought me Minou Drouet’s First Poems at a library sale. (Thanks to this blogger for typing it up.) (Academics may cf. Barthes’ “Myth Today”) “Tree … Continue reading

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