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Cicada Radio

A new mini-chapbook of mine is out from Phafours Press, where $10 will get you all 7 of the mini chapbooks in the series. Cicada Radio is a series of square handwritten poems (like this one at Apocryphal Text but … Continue reading

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The Volta: Women of Visual Poetry Issue

I spent the first three weeks of June guest editing the September issue of The Volta/Evening Will Come, which focuses on visual poetry created by women. Thanks to Joshua Marie Wilkinson and Noah Eli Gordon for letting me put this … Continue reading

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12 or 20 Questions

In which I participate in rob mclennan’s long-running interview series. Although rob has been prodding me to do this for awhile, I didn’t feel inspired to until Dottie did it. What can I say, peer pressure works.

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The Philadelphia Wireman

. Joseph Massey posted these links to Facebook and I wanted to repost them because they are fascinating: the Philadelphia Wireman and a mini-gallery of his work.  I’d never heard of this person until Joe posted these links about 24 … Continue reading

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Let’s Call a Draft a Draft

As poets, many of us are skeptical of editors. They have the power to reject or accept our poems and even edit them, and what do they know? Those of us who are visual poets are even more skeptical. Will … Continue reading

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Thesaurus Project

So here’s the short paper that resulted from the previous post…

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Difficulties of Cataloging Artists’ Books

I’m doing a few of my LIS projects on artists’ books, and I’m currently doing one on contemporary poetic objects by women, incorporating works from Hex Press, Dusie, recombinant dna press, Big Game Books, dos press, ellectrique press, and a … Continue reading

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Noriko Ambe at the Albright-Knox

Although many of the assignments I have to do for my MLS degree are dull, simplistic activities, some of the larger projects involve researching things I’m actually interested in. For example, for one of my courses my partner and I … Continue reading

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Spell/ing ( ) Bound

.. . . Spell/ing () Bound is a tripartite book, arguably harkening back to the Oulipo tradition,* by Cara Benson, Kai Fierle-Hedrick and Kathrin Schaeppi.  I saw it at the Dusie Press reading in New York last month, shuddered at … Continue reading

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Jeff Encke’s “Most Wanted: A Gamble in Verse”

– A toss of the dice will never abolish chance. Take advantage of Jeff Encke’s “fire sale” of this amazing poem published on playing cards.  Jeff writes: When you find a moment, please take a look at the card gallery … Continue reading

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Dear Reader

– I’ve decided to write single poems for single readers such that writing is publication and the reader I appeal to is the one precise reader who receives the poem.  This is partly practical: I don’t have the time or … Continue reading

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Helen took some great pictures of Veil at the infusoria exhibit. I also found the text for Veil, which has been lost since I originally created the piece for Bridge St. Books in 2002– there are six passages embroidered in … Continue reading

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Hand/Homemade + infusoria

Beautiful pictures from the Handmade/Homemade exhibit are up! (Thank you Deborah!) The infusoria exhibit also has a blog!  (And what is more enchanting about it, the sensitive portrayal of Michelle’s work or the pictures of setting up the exhibit, with … Continue reading

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Tony Green

Al Filreis introduced me to this “accumulator” from Tony Green (via Al’s Twitter).  Read Al’s blog post about Tony’s work and how it works.

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Helen White has organized an exciting exhibit of women’s visual poetry for Brussels/Ghent next month called infusoria. If my piece “Veil” arrives in time, it’ll be one of the pieces on display. Unrelated but related: I’ll be reading Friday, Feb. … Continue reading

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