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Curate What You Know

In my “other life,” I’m a librarian. I’ve tried to integrate my poetry life with my library life by hosting poetry readings at the library.  My guest blog post on Library as Incubator Project describes our main library program, the Indian … Continue reading

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12 or 20 Questions

In which I participate in rob mclennan’s long-running interview series. Although rob has been prodding me to do this for awhile, I didn’t feel inspired to until Dottie did it. What can I say, peer pressure works.

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Big Night

One of the reasons why Just Buffalo‘s fantastic new “Big Night” reading series attracts so many different Buffalo arts demographics: everybody loves good food.

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I drove to Lowell, MA last weekend, where I met the Bootstrap boys, Derek Fenner and Ryan Gallagher, for the first time. Bootstrap is the mother-press of which Outside Voices is an imprint, but we had never met in real … Continue reading

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Upcoming Readings

I’ll be giving two readings soon: one in Buffalo and one in MA. Check out the Readings page for details.

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Gargantuan poetry reading

Buffalo kids like to do it up big.  Every year during the Small Press Book Fair, we have marathon readings– this year’s lasted for (if memory serves) 7 hours.  This Friday, starting at 8pm at Sugar City (19 Wadsworth), we’ll … Continue reading

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Fall Readings

I’d like to set up a couple of fall readings in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Eastern Canada, and/or Great Lakes areas. Any takers? Boston, Toronto, Cleveland, NYC, Philly, DC…

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Town & Gown Reading

UB Poetics student David Hadbawnik is starting a reading series with the goal of bringing “townies” (Buffalo area poets not affiliated with the Poetics Program) and Poetics Program poets together.  This schism is just one of many on the Buffalo … Continue reading

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Stop-gap solution for the color/formatting of the blog… I don’t really have time to fix it right now (or the cash to invest in CSS access). Some new readings have been added to my reading schedule. One of them (4/20) … Continue reading

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Helen White has organized an exciting exhibit of women’s visual poetry for Brussels/Ghent next month called infusoria. If my piece “Veil” arrives in time, it’ll be one of the pieces on display. Unrelated but related: I’ll be reading Friday, Feb. … Continue reading

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Untitled: Speculations on the Expanded Field of Writing

Some pictures from this weekend.

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As I love: my poetics

(Zukofsky.) This weekend was pretty amazing for me. First off, it’s the first time I’ve ever been invited to a conference as a speaker, with all the glam benefits that entails (billing, funding, and organizational/financial support). That was enough in … Continue reading

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Preparing for, traveling to, traveling back from untitled: speculations on the expanded field of writing. I am happily overwhelmed, as by the surprise arrival at a huge banquet of fine foods, by the prospect of attending this conference.  Not only … Continue reading

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Protected: The 12th comes around

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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And then… there…

Are other reasons I don’t go knocking on the doors of ex-boyfriends. I discussed and was reminded of these reasons. Discussed: rationally.  Remembered: emotionally.  It’s easy to regurgitate feelings for old boyfriends and start new relationships with people, and flit … Continue reading

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Reading in Baltimore Saturday

As some of you know, I am reading in Baltimore at the i.e. series on Saturday afternoon. I will be in DC Friday just for fun, so if you live in/near DC and you’d like to meet up, please shoot … Continue reading

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Blind Witness Party

– Monday, May 5, 8pm Medicine Show 549 West 52nd St. (between 10th and 11th Ave.), New York $5 admission Reservations requested to ensure seating: 212-262-4216 Blind Witness brings together in one book Charles Bernstein’s libretti for Blind Witness News, … Continue reading

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A Chair Burning Retrospective

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Hughes, Wintz, & Friedlander

So far, I’ve gone to two poetry readings this week: Andrew Hughes and Sara Wintz at Zinc and Ben Friedlander and Anselm Berrigan at St. Mark’s. My aesthetics did not align with Andrew’s in such a way that I could … Continue reading

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Different perspectives from Schiavo, Field and White

I’m unemployed in NYC, so right now I’m limiting myself to kostenlos activities, or activities that only cost the price of the subway fare (which is already $2 each way). Thank heavens for reading series like Zinc and Burning Chair, … Continue reading

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Sirois and Reddin at Zinc

Yesterday I tried to go to Andy Gricevich’s play, Great Hymn of Thanksgiving, which was playing as part of the FRIGID Festival. Although I’m slow, easily distracted, and even more easily lost, I managed to get there only a few … Continue reading

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“I have nothing to say and I’m saying it and that is poetry as I need it.” Except… it isn’t.

Last night I attended two poetry readings, The Burning Chair reading at The Fall Café in Brooklyn and the Lil Norton reading at St. Mark’s. The Fall Café was packed– I’d say “standing room only,” but there was barely standing … Continue reading

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Rooms by the Sea: Laynie Browne & Stephen Ratcliffe @ the Poetry Project

Tonight I saw Laynie Browne and Stephen Ratcliffe at the Poetry Project. This was my first trip to the Poetry Project in something like five years, since I saw an Anti-Reading there. I met some people I’ve known only by … Continue reading

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PhillySound reading

Tonight I went to the PhillySound reading at Peace on A, which is Thom Donovan‘s house/space. Thom is a Buffalo grad and the reading was Buffalonian in the following ways: It was at someone’s house There were snacks. It was … Continue reading

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NYC event. Eric and Damian are House Press folk. Eric will be helping me read at Zinc in June.

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wide slumber for lepidopterists

a.rawlings has posted a few recordings of wide slumber performances at her blog.

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I’m just a girl who can’t say no

Even with my hermetic practices and no-sending-stuff-out rules I get invited to do all sorts of things and I never can do them, either because of time or money (it’s expensive to travel!) or simply because I haven’t written any … Continue reading

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Kap’s pics from last night. (Charles is the best.)

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