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NaPoWriMo Days 10, 13-15: Layers

This weekend, we went to Atlanta for Nick’s 30th birthday; his gift was tickets to both They Might Be Giants shows at Variety Playhouse. Before we left, we went to the Birmingham Museum of Art to see the hippos. In … Continue reading

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The Philadelphia Wireman

. Joseph Massey posted these links to Facebook and I wanted to repost them because they are fascinating: the Philadelphia Wireman and a mini-gallery of his work.  I’d never heard of this person until Joe posted these links about 24 … Continue reading

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Noriko Ambe at the Albright-Knox

Although many of the assignments I have to do for my MLS degree are dull, simplistic activities, some of the larger projects involve researching things I’m actually interested in. For example, for one of my courses my partner and I … Continue reading

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Hand/Homemade + infusoria

Beautiful pictures from the Handmade/Homemade exhibit are up! (Thank you Deborah!) The infusoria exhibit also has a blog!  (And what is more enchanting about it, the sensitive portrayal of Michelle’s work or the pictures of setting up the exhibit, with … Continue reading

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In Miniature

A really cool project (link found through Ray’s blog… Ray is another one of Us, the 20-something artistic wanderers who want to Do Something Helpful and Not Settle (Down), but she is somewhat more organized about it).

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Artists & Models

Last night I convinced all my roommates to go to Artists & Models, a yearly party/art show run by the major art gallery here, Hallwalls. As Chris described it, most of the art is “student work,” but I don’t mind, … Continue reading

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Many things have happened since

I last wrote. My parents came to town; I gave a short reading here in Brooklyn. While the folks were here we visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I love Botanic(al) Garden(s). They appeal to deep basic needs of mine. I … Continue reading

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Civilization and Savagery: Plasticity and the work of Cai Guo-Qiang

Sunday I went to brunch with my brother and his girlfriend, who are approaching their one-year anniversary but, as they will tell you, still like each other enough to make out at any available moment (hooray). We had a delicious … Continue reading

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A long post after a trip to MAD and MOMA

Today the new shipment of books had not come in, so we were given a choice: take the day off (without pay) or stay and let them “find things for us to do.” The library is next to the Museum … Continue reading

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