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The Daybooks (unpublished manuscript) is a long diaristic project in which I mine years of diaries to compose a year’s worth of memory poems (366), one for each day of the year. Overall, the style is visual and confessional, playing with the ghost of the sonnet form, although the form of each day’s poem varies. Each daypoem is meant to both stand by itself and resonate with the others, so that it is more of a serial poem than a set of individual poems; I imagine a clothesline hung with poems, Eva Hesse’s Right After or Allan McCollum’s The Shapes Project. Read more about The Daybooks here and an in-depth interview about the project with rob mclennan here.

One of the first inspirations for The Daybooks was Roland Barthes’s Mourning Diary, which Elizabeth Bachner addresses very empathetically at Bookslut.

Poems from The Daybooks have been published in the following periodicals:

Glass Poetry
Boston Poetry Magazine (Pushcart Prize nominee)
Newport Life
The Rumpus
Bling that Sings
Open Letters Monthly (Dec 2014 and Feb 2017)
Touch the Donkey (#4 and #13, by subscription)
Drunken Boat
Delirious Hem
Pine Hills Review 
Past Simple
Ladowich (forthcoming)

There are three chapbooks of poems from The Daybooks project, Trauma Mouth: Poems from The Daybooks (Dusie 2015),  Poems from The Daybooks (Mondo Bummer 2015) and The Lover is Absent  (above/ground press 2017).

Critical reflections on the creation of The Daybooks can be found in the chapbook Women in Visual Poetry (Essay Press 2015).

Butterfly photo via Texas Butterfly Ranch

* Unpublished

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