Dream House

An archive of poems about bodies and geographical space and a Calvino-esque trip through the architecture of dreams inspired partly by the visual art of Noah Saterstrom, Dream House investigates the fantasy of “home.” Each chapter has its own personality, and most have been previously published.

“The Fortune Teller” layers lives and memories and traumatic experiences mapped onto specific architectural spaces (previously published by as a chapbook by dusie/a+bend). “City Poems,” is a series of derives through Buffalo streets as the city plan maps feelings and memories on the flaneur (previously published in kadar koli). “Other Testimony of Summer Nights” is a record of the detritus I found on my walks to and from home while living in Charlottesville and attending school at the University of Virginia. A redux of “Other Testimony of Summer Nights” was published in Cannibal in 2008. Although I usually write about the “real”—nonfiction accounts of memory etc. — the eponymous “Dream Houses” section features the “surreal,” the subconscious, if there can be said to be a line between dreaming and memory. Finally, in “Daughter,” the body is literally the architecture for new life (winner of the 2002 Academy of American Poets prize at SUNY Buffalo, judged by Myung Mi Kim).

Dream House was a semifinalist for the 2015 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize.


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