AWP Minneapolis 

Charles Alexander’s first photo of Life-List

I received an email from editor Charles Alexander on Wednesday, appropriately while I was in the air, that Life-List, my second book of poetry, was alive! When I arrived at the AWP Book Fair on Thursday morning I took a bunch of copies to sell to friends at the Fair and I was excited to see who bought the first copies– every purchase seemed special and personal. The first part of Life-List is from my chapbook bird-book, which was the first really sustained poetry “project” I undertook and feels like an integral part of my body at this point, so handing someone a copy of Life-List is richly personal and meaningful to me.

with Chax Press editor Charles Alexander

If you’re at AWP, I have copies of Life-List on me (I can take cash or card) and Charles has copies at Booth 1809. If you’re in Birmingham I’ll have copies at my upcoming readings.  If you’re not in Minneapolis or Birmingham, please purchase a copy of Life-List through the Coven Press online store until Chax and Small Press Distribution have it listed on their sites:

Life-List from Coven Press, LLC

After the Book Fair the Chax/Lavender Ink/Dialogos reading started at the Segue Cafe. I was happy to see some old friends and meet some people I’d only known online (one of the particular joys of AWP). My friend Amish Trivedi took this brief video of part of my reading from Life-List: 



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