The Emerald Tablet


Derek Fenner’s The Emerald Tablet, a collection of writing responding to the Emerald Tablet, was initially published in a small run and only available to contributors and friends– a kind of “secret book.” It is now available to the general public through Lulu

Contains work by Nora Almeida / Micah Ballard / Gerrit Lansing / Cedar Sigo / Whit Griffin / Christina Fisher / Joseph Torra / Alli Warren / Patrick Doud / Peter O’Leary / Jim Dunn / Jason Morris / Jackson Meazle / Rebecca E. Wenrick / Sunnylyn Ballard Thibodeaux / Dana Ward / Julien Poirier / John Sakkis /Brian Lucas / Jessica Smith / Sara Larsen / Garret Caples / Geoffrey Young /Rod Roland / Geoffrey Dyer / Patrick James Dunagan / Nick Whittington /Rebecca Maillet / Sirama Bajo / Ryan Gallagher / Jai Arun Ravine / Andrew Schelling / David Brazil / Lindsey Boldt / Hermes Trismegistus COVER ART BY Thorpe Feidt & Brian Lucas


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