butterflies (tinysides 2006)

From 2006-2008, Maureen Thorson published small chapbooks called “tinysides,” which began as a large folded sheet of paper with a colored cover, saddle-stitched into an uncut codex with binding thread. If I remember correctly, she got the idea while trying to read a large broadside on the subway.  The plan was to make small broadsides, so these little books were like a cross between a broadside and a chapbook. tinysides led to an explosion of small artists’ book publishing, such as Foursquare (4″ sq folded broadside zine in a fabric sleeve, 2006-2008), dusie “wee” (the tiniest of tiny handmade ephemeral chapbooks, mostly 1-3″ sq), coinsides (tiny broadsides in coin envelopes) and eventually things like LRL Textile Series (2011-present).  Micro-publishing has many iterations, but this was one “genetic line” of where the editors were working in a particular communal/conversational zeitgeist to make limited edition poetry art object publications.  Maureen is now working to put all the tinysides online. Since they were initially handmade in small runs, the audience was limited, but you will now be able to access the digital versions online for free here.


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2 Responses to butterflies (tinysides 2006)

  1. steven fama says:

    Wow I missed the dusie wee chaps completely somehow when they came out. How the heck am I going to find the Y. Morrison done as one of those? Sigh.

    Would like to point to poems-for-all, hundreds done since 2001: http://sacfreepress.com/pfa/

    Also the journal Matchbox (2006-2008): http://www.matchbox.org.uk/boxes.html

    All the M. Thorson tinysides are super-cool (beautiful) books, and many (many) of them have an exceptionally striking cover design. Great and exciting book-work. To have them on-line will be nice but wow still for the real things; I am lucky to have eight of them and I still get jazzed and high holding and reading them. But as you know, with only 50 copies made of each, they are scarce.

  2. Yes– I didn’t link to Matchbox here or to Small Fires Press’s matchbooks because I don’t think they’re responding to the same line, and I wanted to lay out a particular heritage; as far as I know Matchbox was a parallel, not intersecting, branch. Nice to hear from you, Steve.

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