The Poetry Center Chapbook Exchange


While working at the SFSU Poetry Center, Melissa Eleftherion Carr developed the Poetry Center Chapbook Exchange, a digital repository of chapbooks that she intended to function by exchange: when you uploaded your own chapbooks, you would gain access to the others.  The Chapbook Exchange chapbooks are now available to the public. The site currently features chapbooks by Stephen Ratcliffe, Caroline Goodwin, Maureen Thorson, Michelle Detorie, Alli Warren, Jess Heaney, Lara Durback, Frances Richard, Donna de la Perriere, Gemma McGrath, Kristy Bowen, Jennifer Firestone, Andrea Rexilius, Maya Weeks, Eve Wood, Christina Lloyd, Mary Burger, Carrie Hunter, Aja Couchois Duncan, Steve Gilmartin, Maw Shein Win, Evan Karp, Melissa Eleftherion, and Patrick Dunagan.

The chapbook I uploaded is butterflies, which was originally published in 2006 by Big Game Books as their first tinyside. tinysides were large broadside sheets folded into pocket-sized books with gorgeous covers designed by editor Maureen Thorson. The limited edition (50 copies) tinysides are sold out now, so the Chapbook Exchange is the only access points for butterflies.


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2 Responses to The Poetry Center Chapbook Exchange

  1. MARTIN EARL says:

    Jessica, thanks so much for these recent posts…I went to look at butterflies…the poems are very striking.. I’m left film-fossilized, eye struck, and a bunch of other things…thanks again,

  2. Thank you, Martin 🙂

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