Terry Cuddy’s Transient Views of Western New York (2002)

Terry Cuddy made this amazing video featuring Buffalo “transient” poets (mostly Poetics Program graduate students) writing about their favorite local WNY places. Featuring poetry by Mona Niculescu, Sandra Guerreiro, Kyle Schlesinger, Linda Russo, Christopher Alexander, Alejandro Rutty, Amela Kazazovic, Kristen Gallagher, Ric Royer, Eun-Gwi Chung, and Susanna Paju. Thanks to Linda Russo for alerting me that Transient Views is now online.

Terry’s piece is one of a handful of artistic interpretations of my chapbook bird-book (2001). The video for bird-book starts at 18:56. I still find this video to be a very moving, sensitive, beautiful interpretation of the poems.  There’s some great footage of the poems on the page and blue herons and the sounds of the environment around Ellicott Trail.

bird-book is now part of the mnemotechnics manuscript described in posts below.

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