Planned Obsolescence

An ongoing problem with getting Foursquare out for the past few months (besides it not being as high a priority for me as school, job, family, etc.) is that I’ve been waiting until I had enough disposable income ( = student loans) to upgrade my Adobe CS2 to CS4. I use Photoshop and Illustrator to lay out Foursquare.

I have CS2, and it’s great, but I messed up both my OS and CS2 earlier this semester when trying to do something else (I’ve now forgotten what) and had probably the most major computer problems I’ve ever had, which were really negligible compared to the computer problems many people have (ehem. Save yourself the trouble and don’t download porn). I reinstalled the OS and got it back up to the level it was at (10.4.11) and downloaded CS4 trials, planning to upgrade to the full version of the software when I had the money.

So now that I have the money (the student version of CS5 is $220 at my school), CS4 is no longer available from Adobe and is more expensive at other retailers; CS5 is the only thing available from Adobe and my school. The annoying thing about this is that CS5 is made for MAC OSX 10.5.7+ and a different processor than the one I have.

I bought my iMac 1.6 GHz PowerPC G5 when a newer version came out in 2005 and I could get this one for a few hundred dollars less than what seemed like exactly the same thing (“exactly the same thing” had a built-in camera, bluetooth and apparently the better processor).  It’s served me well over the last 5 years and given me no problems– I recently bought a new keyboard because there’s just so much cat hair and coffee that can get under your keys before you have to give up on rerouting keys and get a new keyboard, but 5 years is a long time for a keyboard.  To my mind, 5 years is not a long time to have a computer.  Before I upgraded to this one, I’d had my Dell Pentium III from 1998-2005 and it still worked fine– I just wanted a new computer (that computer was donated to someone who was doing some techy thesis at UVA and needed the parts).

So I am now looking for CS4, which is no longer “officially” available, and cursing Adobe and Apple a little for making a new software I can’t use (because I can’t afford to buy a new $1k+ computer just to add $220 of software).  A 5 year old computer is not an old computer. I’m not going to buy a new computer just to use a new software.  CS4 should still be for sale for people who don’t stand online for every new Mac product. Seriously.


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3 Responses to Planned Obsolescence

  1. Jensen says:


    I’ve had an iBook G4 for the past 5 years (almost 6 now) I love him, but he’s dying. So I had to buy a tiny notebook for £200 because Apple stuff is SUPER expensive.

    I’m a photographer, so I know how important photoshop is. I have to head to my father’s house to process any of my work. (Just like the good old days of film photography when you had to go to a lab to get the results of your labour.)

    p.s. Been following you, and this blog since you sent me a valentines card back in 2006. So all my love from the UK.

  2. Maureen says:

    Arghh…I have CS4, but only for PC.

  3. kevin says:

    i have a project on hold for over two years. when my last computer died (i fought-off getting a new one) i lost all of my adobe products–pre-CS. i was told that my new computer was *too advanced* to run the old programs. sadly, i am not a student so i can’t get that sweet discount. i am thinking about buying a stripped-down pc, then i could easily find pirated software for it.

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