Elisa’s Atelier: Hermes Ambre Narguile

After trying the Accord Parfait Fourgère this morning, I found it so overwhelmingly smelly and unsubtle that I gave up and washed it off. (If anyone’s itching to try it, let me know. I think it’s a good guy scent.) It didn’t wash off entirely, so I did dishes, took a nap, and took a shower. Then I felt like I was ready to try something different, so I went to the Hermessence sampler and chose Hermes Ambre Narguile, which I’d chosen for its amber rather than for its lavender qualities.

I think Elisa and Jean Claude Ellena must be in cahoots to break my piggy bank, because like the Brin de Réglisse for which he is also responsible, Ellena’s pricey Ambre Narguile is pretty amazing. Unlike the take-no-prisoners Brin de Réglisse, the Ambre Narguile starts off sweet (“musk, vanilla, caramel, honey“) although to me this doesn’t signal “foody,” but rather “vanilla cigar.” Its initial scent reminds me a bit of the Kiss My Face Vanilla Honey lip balm, which reminds my boyfriend of vanilla cigars, so I think he would like this. (Studies show that men prefer foody scents like vanilla and cinnamon, and lavender and licorice for that matter, so the Hermessences would seem to be uncompromising aphrodisiacs… perhaps to be expected from an Aries with Scorp rising.)

Unlike the NST reviewer, I do sense floral in the drydown, but I agree that it’s subtle and that this is, by and large, a caramel-vanilla amber and would be most appropriate in fall and winter. I also don’t get “fruity” — I think that’s what I’m smelling as “floral.”

Unlike Brin de Règlisse, there are no exciting trips through the market going on in Ambre Narguile, but it’s a subtle and complex scent that smells rich and warm on my skin and makes me want to smell myself. I’ll try it again tomorrow when N. returns home from a trip and see whether it passes the boyfriend test.


Although it is probably not quite fair to test a perfume on a man who’s been away from his woman for a few days, this one did seem to be a hit.


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One Response to Elisa’s Atelier: Hermes Ambre Narguile

  1. Elisa says:

    mmm, amber.

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