14,600,000 Unemployed *

3,200,000 Jobs Available

11,400,000 Unemployed if all available jobs were filled *

11,200,000 Combined urban populations of NYC and Chicago

14,500,000 Population of Mali

11,300,000 Population of Greece

8,600,000 People working PT who would prefer to work FT (not “unemployed”)

8,300,000 Population of NYC

23,200,000 Unemployed + Underemployed

23,000,000 Population of Australia

27,000,000 All the unemployed people *

26,900,000 Add the population of Norway to Australia

1:4.6 Potential employment (3.2M) to unemployed (14.6M)

1:7.25 Potential FT employed when underemployed (8.6M) are included

13.8 Your % chance of getting a job against other un(der)employed applicants

13.8 Your overachieving teenager’s % chance of getting into Brown

24.75 Percent unemployed during the Great Depression

12,830,000 How many people 24.75% was in 1933

9.3 Percent current unemployment rate

14,600,000 How many people 9.3% is in 2010


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2 Responses to Statistics

  1. yesisaidyesiwillyes says:

    Grim. And ugh. However, I like your chances against the five or eight “others” who you’d be up against, statistically, for any particular position. Although, to grim it up even more, those ratios go higher in that the already fully employed who are looking to switch jobs probably should be included. Still, I like your chances.

  2. People who have been out of the work force for less time and who have a bachelor’s degree or higher have much lower unemployment rates.

    And yes, there is (and has to be) a certain amount of plasticity built into the system (those 3.2M “open jobs” can never be completely filled– there have to be gaps for mobility). I know plenty of people who have FT jobs who are still looking for other jobs and are probably more likely to get them than unemployed people. Although millions of people now have justifiable employment “gaps,” it seems like it’s still taboo to be unemployed, which is unfortunate and unrealistic.

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