How To Seduce a Scorpio Woman

I was looking over some of the search terms that lead people to my post “How to Win (and Lose) a Scorpio Woman,” and I wanted to do a little Q&A session based on the search strings.  I think the original post and this description of the Scorpio Woman will be of use to most people searching for information, but here are some 1-to-1 answers:

Q: How to seduce a scorpio woman

A: You do not seduce a Scorpio woman. She seduces you.

Q: How to conquer a Scorpio woman

A: You do not “conquer” a Scorpio woman– or any woman. Love is not a war.

Q: How to keep a scorpio woman interested

A: This is an interesting challenge. Keep trying new things and be willing to be spontaneous. If your Scorpio trusts you, she’ll be willing to try almost anything and she’ll enjoy surprises. Never been to the opera? Never been to Spain? Never … well, let’s keep this PG-rated.

Scorpios get along well with earth signs, who aren’t exactly known for their fun spontaneous ways.  But being unpredictable all the time, like some air signs, will just turn a Scorp off. We have to know that we can depend on you to be the safety net if the new thing we’re trying doesn’t work out.

Scorpios also like deep, intense emotional relationships, so if you’re feeling bored, open up. Give her something to chew on.  But choose something non-threatening, don’t tell her about that great one-night stand you had in college.

Q: Do scorpio women cheat

A: Of course. Everybody cheats.  I mean, not every single person cheats, but every astrological sign is just as capable of cheating as every other one.

Q: How to impress a scorpio woman

A: Be a strong, independent, sexually knowledgeable, confident person. Be yourself. Be willing to be emotionally vulnerable. (Honestly, all this stuff would probably impress anyone!)  Be okay being yourself and that will probably draw a Scorpio to you. We don’t like wimpy, defensive, inexperienced people. We don’t want to be your mom.  (Again, most women, regardless of sign, will feel this way about their partners, regardless of gender.) Work on yourself first.

Some Scorpios, like a certain percentage of all women, will be impressed by money and displays of wealth, but at the end of the day that won’t impress us as much as you being a whole person who we can talk to, open up to, trust, and have great sex with.

Q: How to make a Scorpio woman jealous

A: Not sure why you’re having trouble with this one. It’s easy as pie to make a Scorpio woman jealous. Talk to another woman. Jealousy is our Achilles heel.

Q: How to win back a scorpio woman

A: Don’t bother. Think before you hurt someone.

Q: How to win a Scorpio woman heart

A: I think this seems like a slightly different question than how to seduce or date a Scorpio. The person asking this question is after the very heart of the woman, and personally, I find that charming. I think this is a good question because ultimately a Scorpio will want you to want to win her heart– not just provide her with a challenge or a good lay. If you really want to win her heart, you’re already on the right track.  If you’re already dating and have gotten past the first battery of tests she’s probably thrown at you, just keep being sincere and keep wanting her. She’ll be able to tell whether you mean it or whether you’re just playing with her.  Persistent sincerity will pay off (unless she decides she doesn’t like you for some other reason).


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14 Responses to How To Seduce a Scorpio Woman

  1. Snakeybabe says:

    I haven’t knowingly met a Scorpio woman for ages,
    but if/when I do I will always remember the above
    Thanks Jessica!

  2. Zara Chiron says:

    *To the point! Love it! ;)*

  3. Snakeybabe says:

    Sounds too foolish to try and seduce a Scorpio woman.
    I don’t do foolish!

  4. Headoverheels says:


    I really need your help. I’m a Virgo female who met my Scorpio girl 3 1/2 years ago. From the moment she turned around she owned me. Unfortunately at the time I was in a relationship. But this girl excited me right off the bat. I wasn’t even allowed to mention her name in front of my gf. When ever we talked I would light up like a Christmas tree. Whenever I was around her all I could do was stare.

    After me and satan broke up I connected with my Scorpio angel on facebook. We would talk a lil here and there. Then we started chatting every night. Then she asked for my number. She called me and we talked for a while. Then she started calling every night and we would talk til 2 am when she had to be up at 5. We would talk about how we were soulmates etc. I went to visit her one weekend and it was amazing. We couldn’t leave each other. The first night we were just going to meet to see each other briefly and the next day to have sushi. As I went to walk to my car the first night to meet up with my friends, I couldn’t. I turned back around and walked to her car and got in. We went to the movies. The next day we hung out at her place then went to sushi. She teased me the whole lunch and kept licking heer lips. That night I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t stop thinking about her.

    When I got back home I had to tell her how I felt although it felt like she already knew. We had been flirting for a couple months prior to my visit. When I told her she said had I told her years ago it would be different. She said she lived for God now blah blah. We continued being friends and still flirting until one day I couldn’t handle it anymore and wouldn’t return her calls. I went out of life for 7 months.

    One day I saw her on a friend’s page so I messaged her. To my surprise she messaged back. Shocked the hell out of me. We started talking again thru facebook only. After a week she calls me. We started the whole thing back up again. This time she would call me several times a day. She called me when she first woke up and all day in between. On average we talked 6 times a day. She always sent me a goodnight beautiful text. She started opening up to me about her past, which she never use to do. We talked about our hopes and dreams etc. but she always said she doesn’t want a relationship etc. but if I talked about another girl she would get jealous. I work all over the US and she would tell me to be good and don’t get in trouble, her ex traveled and had gfs in multiple states.

    Anyways, I know I’m rambling. We would send pictures back and forth and talk about kids etc. But yet she identifies as straight and is Christian. One day she just changed on me saying my lifestyle is a sin etc. just some out of line nonsense. This is after she finds a notebook from when we first met and sends me a pic of it and says she is keeping it. After we have a fight over the gay thing she blocks me from facebook and tells me never to call again. 3 days later she emails me saying how amazing I am and how she learned so much from me, that I’m supportive etc. Then she says she.regrets how this had to end but it’s beneficial for us to go our separate ways. It crushed me.

    Help me. I love this girl. I love our connection and I miss it. I feel like she running in fear or doing what I did to her last year. She told me she would never do this, but she did. I miss her so much. We were good for each other.

  5. G says:

    I need your help as well. I have totally fallen for a Scorpio woman. She it the most amazing woman I have ever met and at the same time te most complicated. To make matters worse we have a semi-professional relationship. I have told her how I feel about her, I have asked her out several times. Just when I was about to give up she asked me out. There were a few stipulations attached to it though. Is this apart of her test for me? Because of our relationship I can’t tell if she is just being a friend or is actually interested. She has told me that she trusts me. I know this is not easy for her to do.

    Please help!

  6. WOW says:

    thanks this was helpful 🙂

  7. KDBarr says:

    Never try to seduce a Scorpio Woman, that is an insult. Do not hurt her out of anger, or try to make her jealous. DO not lie to her, and definitely do not cheat on her. I am dating a Scorpio Woman, she is magnetic, seductive, intelligent, and truly beautiful. I am a Scorpio Male and she has tamed me! She melted my heart with passion, now she is feeling the passionate fire she desired from me. No better couple if you ask me.

  8. kelly says:

    From the first time I hugged my scorpio friend at homecoming at the college we both attended I instantly felt an attraction. I can’t stop thinking about her and it’s been six mnths now. We communicated a lot after this she told me that I could have been her wife. She also complimented me many of times.

    However the kicker is that she was dating this girl for almost 2 yrs. I feel as though she is my for, I’m a capricorn and supposedly the deep connection between the two signs. She is now in a relationship with the girl and I know that she has feelings for me . While in school she had a crush on me and I feel that I can give her what she needs in a relationship. I guess she wanted to give this relationship a try since they have been dating so long and she the type that don’t want to feel like her time has been wasted dating this girl. It seems as though she is just settling. There have been many hits and misses with everytime we make plan to do something there is an interuption of some sort and plans end up not happening. She said it bad timing when I confused my feelings to her. I don’t know of I should wait since the connection is soooo strong. I actually feel as though I am in love with her, now I don’t believe in love at first site but that day we huged sure did feel like it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  9. You do not seduce a Scorpio woman. She seduces you.
    I loved this line!
    As a matter of fact I am a Scorpio woman and I am passionate about relationship blogging… and this is absolutely true.
    I love to seduce, playing with men and having a great time doing it!

  10. Vinny says:

    Im usually pretty good at reading people but when i came across my first Scorpio i was in awe. There was something magnetic about her, and she had this hidden attractiveness…this secrecy about her which i keep on reading about. She was driving me crazy until i had it and i went to the internet for my answers. A read an article about Leo men chasing scorpio women and it read me inside out. It descrived the confusion i was in, and from that point on ive been in peace with myself. They say Leo men and Scorpio women arent compatible, but im willing to put in the work and like someone said win her heart. Loyalty and passion is what ive always looked for in life…and if this is what this woman can provide, even though she hides it, im 100 percent in. Now what to do for a first date?!?! AHHHHHH….haha

  11. jason clarke says:

    If a scorpio woman says she wants sex and to have an understanding and to be close but no one else to know, is there a relationship dere in the future for them

  12. Derick says:

    Jessica, I am insanely in love with a scorpio woman… she is the most amazing woman(in every way ;)) i have ever met, if anybody could be perfect she is. I was not totally forthcoming with some things at first but have since remedied that…. I thought I had forever lost her but she has let me back in some and we are talking again and actually smiling and laughing… I made a mistake, do I still have a shot at a this awesome woman? or am I forever on the outside?

    I will do whatever it takes for this woman to have me as her own 😉

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  13. Black says:

    What do i do… When i think about her the emotioN swells. My chest feels as if it is fractured, my body gets nauseatingly warm, i feel this melancholy happiness… There is too much to list. Im a scorpio sagittarius cusp aiming to get to the heart of this women at any cost to myself. Please… Email whenever possible. I need to know what it means if she doesnt mind me hugging her or whether or not having listened to her and supported her actually did anything…

  14. soobin says:

    Hahahha im a scorpio girl hahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha^^

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