Elisa’s Atelier: A Straightforward Amber-Lavender

With the last, palest whiffs of the Hermes on my wrists, I decided to stay in a similar group and try Ambre & Lavande (Fougere) by Accord Parfait today.

A very straightforward and “smelly” scent, it immediately smells like what it says it smells like: amber and lavender. There’s amber. And there’s lavender. It’s very masculine, with its olfactory shades of indigo and deep brown. No bustling market stalls, no come-hither drydown, no mysterious basement sex. If Hermes Brin de Reglisse is a Scorpio with its femme fatale wiles and dimly lit corners, Ambre and Lavande is an earth sign: there’s no mystery, just dependable delivery.  At $2.72/mL, its price is about half the Brin de Reglisse.  It smells really good, but it’s not quite inspiring.  I think it would work better as a cologne (which technically it is– it’s “unisex” but seems to often be described as “masculine”). I would love to smell this on a man, but I want a more complex scent for myself.


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