Elisa’s Atelier: MPG’s Ambre Précieux

I knew nothing about it, but I put a drop on my skin, breathed it in, and said, “Oh, my god” aloud, though I was alone in the room. I was intoxicated by it, possessed, consumed.*

I received the first sample perfume I ordered from The Perfumed Court today. At $6 a mL, MPG’s Ambre Précieux was the most expensive sample I ordered, and twice the price of Obsession, but according to reviews it will last a long time on my skin. Luca Turin gives it 4 stars (he gives Obsession 3 stars and my summer fragrance, which I’m not going to publicly admit to wearing, 5 stars). Its notes are supposedly “myrtle, lavender, amber, vanilla, nutmeg, ambergris, peru balsam, [and]  tolu,” but online reviewers smell a radical spectrum of things from cinnamon to powder.

My first reaction upon smelling the open container was that it was heavily amber and vanilla. It’s not as spicy? as Obsession, but feels “lived in” very quickly. (There is no first rush of alcohol, and I disagree with reviewers who smell cinnamon– it’s more “heavy” than “spicy” to me.)  It smells great on my skin. I just want to sit around smelling my wrists.  It is indeed “intoxicating” and “swoon-inducing.”


The second reaction was my boyfriend’s, as I stuck my wrist under his nose and said “smell this,” and in classic boy form he drew away and I said, “no, it’s perfume.” He said it smelled good, but I don’t think he can tell the difference between it and my normal perfume. Also, as someone who doesn’t wear cologne, I’m not sure he cares.  Thus I am not sure MPG is worth $120/bottle.


I cleaned the bathroom, did laundry, and washed my hands my typical borderline-OCD number of times (I don’t like suspecting that I have cleaner on my hands, even though the cleaners I use are organic) and could still smell the perfume on my own wrists (I can’t smell the dabs I put behind my ears) by the time we went out for ice cream in the evening (I had freshly made toffee custard). Then I slept on it, and I can still smell it faintly on my wrists (the amber and vanilla remain the dominant notes to my nose… maybe tolu too?). It may be an expensive perfume, but it certainly lasts. I only used small dabs of it in the first place!


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