Elisa’s Atelier: Caldey Island Lavender

I received the Hermessence and Caldey samples today and decided to try out the Caldey Island Lavender, since my initial intention was to find a good blue lavender scent. I’m open to finding a replacement for Obsession, or at least trying the nicer, more expensive orientals to see the difference, but the original objective was to find a good “blue” scent, cool but not too “clean.” My normal summer scent is kind of a snappy pink/yellow and Obsession is a deep amber-brown, and I want something earthy but light to split the difference.

I got out of the shower and used my Kiss My Face lavender body lotion and put on my relatively unscented deodorant, then spritzed the Caldey Island Lavender on my wrists and neck. I couldn’t differentiate the smell from the lotion I’d just rubbed on.  I put the vial in my purse and went with N. to a new local restaurant to meet some friends for drinks.  Smelling my wrists about an hour after applying the perfume, I still couldn’t really detect a smell. Am I just immune to lavender?

I applied some more perfume and now, 4 hours later and after 2 hand-washings, cannot smell it.  This may be because it’s a lighter scent (than the MPG) or because lavender has become such a familiar scent to me that I don’t detect it anymore, or because it doesn’t last as long, or because it washes off more easily.  Whatever the reason, it doesn’t stay the course, which makes me reluctant to commit to a bottle.


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One Response to Elisa’s Atelier: Caldey Island Lavender

  1. Elisa says:

    Probably at first you couldn’t smell it because it was hard to distinguish from the lotion, and it wore off after an hour or so. (Scents designed for men are often lighter and shorter lived, the assumption being they don’t to smell all perfumey?) If so, I agree it’s probably not worth buying a bottle, though you likely just need to put a lot more on than you did with the amber. I have some lighter scents that last decently long if I just really soak myself with them. (Only worth it if they’re not too pricey.)

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