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The Silenced Generation

I want to comment briefly on a special phenomenon I’ve seen and experienced with regard to Ron Silliman‘s blog. It seems that to some degree, poetry’s youth is being trampled, discouraged and undermined with a potential long-term detrimental effect on … Continue reading

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Why I Use Twitter

I have multiple Twitter accounts and I use them for different purposes.  When people whine that they don’t know why people use Twitter, I’m shocked at how little creativity goes into that statement. Why wouldn’t you use Twitter? There are … Continue reading

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Planned Obsolescence

An ongoing problem with getting Foursquare out for the past few months (besides it not being as high a priority for me as school, job, family, etc.) is that I’ve been waiting until I had enough disposable income ( = … Continue reading

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Elisa’s Atelier: Hermes Ambre Narguile

After trying the Accord Parfait Fourgère this morning, I found it so overwhelmingly smelly and unsubtle that I gave up and washed it off. (If anyone’s itching to try it, let me know. I think it’s a good guy scent.) … Continue reading

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How To Seduce a Scorpio Woman

I was looking over some of the search terms that lead people to my post “How to Win (and Lose) a Scorpio Woman,” and I wanted to do a little Q&A session based on the search strings.  I think the … Continue reading

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Elisa’s Atelier: A Straightforward Amber-Lavender

With the last, palest whiffs of the Hermes on my wrists, I decided to stay in a similar group and try Ambre & Lavande (Fougere) by Accord Parfait today. A very straightforward and “smelly” scent, it immediately smells like what … Continue reading

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14,600,000 Unemployed * 3,200,000 Jobs Available 11,400,000 Unemployed if all available jobs were filled * 11,200,000 Combined urban populations of NYC and Chicago 14,500,000 Population of Mali 11,300,000 Population of Greece 8,600,000 People working PT who would prefer to work … Continue reading

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Elisa’s Atelier: Lavender’s Dirty Little Secret

Because the Caldey Island Lavender wore off so quickly, I was able to get up this morning and try a new perfume right away without showering (yes, it’s summer, but I have an AC and am unemployed so I don’t … Continue reading

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Elisa’s Atelier: Caldey Island Lavender

I received the Hermessence and Caldey samples today and decided to try out the Caldey Island Lavender, since my initial intention was to find a good blue lavender scent. I’m open to finding a replacement for Obsession, or at least … Continue reading

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Elisa’s Atelier: MPG’s Ambre Précieux

I knew nothing about it, but I put a drop on my skin, breathed it in, and said, “Oh, my god” aloud, though I was alone in the room. I was intoxicated by it, possessed, consumed.* I received the first … Continue reading

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12 or 20 Questions

In which I participate in rob mclennan’s long-running interview series. Although rob has been prodding me to do this for awhile, I didn’t feel inspired to until Dottie did it. What can I say, peer pressure works.

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Elisa’s Atelier: : Lavender’s Blue

Checking into the Twitter hive this morning, I listened to Gillian talking to Elisa about cherry scents and mentioned that I have a fetish for lavender. All of my cleaning products are lavender: Seventh Generation‘s lavender and mint dish soap … Continue reading

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Protected: The readiness is all

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Protected: Goodbye, Coach Laughlin

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