Tumblr, like Twitter, like blogging, like Facebook, is one of those things that you don’t know you need until you know you need it.  I never understood why people created twitter accounts only to ask “what do I do with this?” Personally, I try not to create accounts unless I feel a need for them (the exception to this is my delicious account– I don’t feel a need for delicious).

Personally, I love Twitter. I have a public feed (looktouch) and a private one (crocus), like I have a public blog and a private blog.  A few of my close friends who I call my “coven” follow me on the crocus feed, and it’s a great stream of conversation, creativity and compassion.  It works like a delayed group chat since many of my friends also follow each other.  Not only do I use Twitter for a very specific purpose, but I can’t quite imagine life without it.

A few weeks ago, it suddenly occurred to me why I needed Tumblr.  Like delicious, Tumblr had never really said to me, “Jessica! Use me!” But I realized that I often share links on Twitter and Facebook and that I could use Tumblr as a microblog and linkshare, which is what it seems to be designed for, and minimize the “noise” on my Twitter, which is more of a convo tool for me, as well as minimizing the small posts on Looktouchblog that are just “hey look at this!” linkshares.  (I like it when different apps are used for different and precise things.)

If you’re on Facebook, my Tumblr feeds into my FB stream, so you will automatically see my Tumblr.  If you are not, or if you like to minimize your FB stream by hiding certain apps or people, then you can access my Tumblr here.


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4 Responses to Tumblr

  1. Sell me on twitter. Have I delayed too long?

  2. I often wish you were on Twitter, Lorraine, b/c I often feel like you’re “missing.” I also wish Maureen was on it, and I wish Kate Pringle tweeted more (she has an account but doesn’t use it). I think it’s a great tool b/c it’s less pressure than writing a whole email but more intimate than the FB feed. I protect my posts, and some of my friends do too, which makes it feel like a safe space to talk. It’s most like texting, but it feels even less invasive than texting (which after all creates some noise or alarm somewhere unless on “silent”) and you’re automatically texting your whole “group” at once. Some of the people in my coven who you’d probably also tweet with are Kaplan and Michelle Detorie. Not everyone who follows me/who I follow (with crocus) are active. You could always join and see if you liked it and let it go if it didn’t click with you.

  3. Olive Dumeny says:

    Hey, please could you tell me how to integrate your news in my rss reader, i cant find here the orange rss symbol…

  4. Maureen says:

    Man, I’d be the worst twitterer. I can’t text worth a damn. I’m already pretty bad at blogging and even worse at email. I’m kind of hoarding my thoughts.

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