Subscription Deals

Two subscription deals I would buy if I had any disposable income (which I currently don’t, see previous posts on unemployment):

Chax Press, $70
Alice Notley, Reason & Other Women; Anne Waldman, Matriot Acts; Charles Bernstein, Umbra; Barbara Henning, Cities & Memory; Tenney Nathanson, Ghost Snow Falls Through the Void (Globalization)

Heretical Texts, $40-$50
Recent sets (5) are $50, but the first volume is only $40. According to the homepage, you can get all 5 sets (25 books) at a “massive” discount by contacting the editor.

See also the Winter Sale at Belladonna. And as always, you can get 12+ issues of FOURSQUARE for $60. Any other seasonal sales going on?


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One Response to Subscription Deals

  1. yesisaidyesiwillyes says:

    Thanks for the tips here, especially to the Belladonna. I’d once made a mental note to order up a few of the little chaps they publish, but then . . . um, something happened, that I can’t remember . . . oh yeah, now I remember: I forgot to order them.
    So it was a most appreciated mention of that, and of course it’s nice that the sale is a bit of deal (5 chaps for the price of 4).

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