Best Emergen-C Flavors

I drink a lot of Emergen-C, so I figured someone, somewhere in the world probably wants to know which flavors are best.  Before I go into that, I first want to say that Emergen-C is way better than Airborne because it is substantially cheaper and dissolves more easily.  Now, my Emergen-C flavor ranking is based on two major factors.  First, Emergen-C is a fizzy drink, and fizzier flavors taste better; the less fizzy flavors end up tasting chalky (like Metamucil).  Second, tastes vary, so my favorite flavors may not be your favorite flavors, but this should still serve as a good guide.  The best way to tell what your favorite flavors are without buying a whole box ($10-$14) is to go to a corner store where they sell individual packets and try them all.

Best Emergen-C Flavors:

1. Tangerine. Fizzy and orangey.  If you want an orange-flavored vitamin drink, this is your best bet.  Good as a daily standard.

2. Pink Lemonade. Fizzy, tastes like pink lemonade.  Good as a substitute for higher-calorie, lower-nutrient lemonade.  Also, sales of this support breast cancer research.

3. Lemon-Lime. Very fizzy.  These are good mixers– they taste good mixed with things other than water, such as Sprite.  You can also use half a pack like you’d use a lemon in a drink.  There is a low-calorie version of lemon-lime as well.

4. Tropical Fruit.  Fizzy; doesn’t taste like Hawaiian Punch (which is what I feared when I tried it); tastes like tropical fruits (papaya? mango? something).  I think I’d get sick of this flavor if I drank it every day but it’s a nice variation.

5. Pomegranate-Cherry.  Pretty fizzy, but you have to drink it quickly before the fizz wears off.  Summery flavor; kids would probably love this.

Worst Emergen-C Flavors:

1. Raspberry. Some people I know like this one, so if you’re on the fence, try it out before you buy the whole box.  I don’t find it fizzy enough.

2. Orange. Most disappointing Emergen-C flavor.  Tastes like Metamucil; orangey but very chalky. Get Tangerine instead.

3. Mixed Berry. Also chalky, but since this one is a calcium supplement it kinda makes sense that it’s chalky?

If you get a box of Emergen-C you don’t like, try mixing packs with flavors you do like.  Lemonade and Lemon-Lime mix well with other flavors, making them taste less chalky.

Haven’t Tried:

1. Acai Berry (not a fan of Acai, so pretty sure I won’t like this)

2. Blue

3. Apricot-Mango

4. Cranberry-Pomegranate

5. Any of the new Kids’ flavors

6. Black Cherry

7. Electro-mix

8. The new “shots” (which seem pretty dumb to me from a consumer standpoint– who doesn’t carry a water bottle or have access to a cup?)


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5 Responses to Best Emergen-C Flavors

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks to You!!!

    Just what I was looking for!


  2. Rache says:

    Thanks! I was waffling between orange and tangerine — SO glad I didn’t get the orange! It’s the important things in life.

  3. stephywrites says:

    Loved your post! My sister bought the Lemon-Lime and I absolutely hated it but I just mixed it with sprite and loved it! We also bought the Orange Tangerine…MMMM! I loved it! Thanks so much

  4. Don’t try the apricot mango- it’s horrible in my opinion, the worst flavor!

  5. Kate says:

    I’m trying to choke down the raspberry one. NASTY!

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