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I have something to say and I’m saying it and that is poetry as I need it

“Have something worth telling in the first place.” 1. Brooklyn 2. Elisa Advertisements

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Gender and Blogging Redux

As you may already know, there are a couple of discussions going on about gender and poetry following my original post, one at Mark Wallace’s blog and one at Harriet.  There are a couple of things I want to say, … Continue reading

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Best Emergen-C Flavors

I drink a lot of Emergen-C, so I figured someone, somewhere in the world probably wants to know which flavors are best.  Before I go into that, I first want to say that Emergen-C is way better than Airborne because … Continue reading

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Interview at Tarpaulin Sky

Julie Strand of Tarpaulin Sky recently conducted an interview with me about Foursquare for their blog.

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How to Write a Good Bio

As you can tell from my “about the author” blog page, different media have different ideal bios. I certainly wouldn’t send that whole thing to a magazine, and under normal situations I would not send it to a curator of … Continue reading

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Women in Poetry (Again)

Since I am currently out of work, I am working on a few much-delayed issues of Foursquare and I am reminded that although Foursquare is not a unique project in the world of poetry magazines, it is still a sometimes … Continue reading

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FOURSQUARE Digital Archive

I can’t believe I didn’t tell you about this.  Shows how preoccupied I’ve been.  Jeannie Hoag, who earned her MFA at UMass Amherst, and I collaborated this semester to make a digital archive of Foursquare for our “Introduction to Information … Continue reading

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