Where am I? I am here. In Buffalo.  It has finally started snowing.

I am almost done with classes.  I’ve finished three of the five of them and received my grade in one, an A (I think I will end up with 3 A’s, an A- and a B of some flavor).  I have quit my PT job at the BPO but still have another week of work left from the 2 week resignation date.  The classes that I teach are over but there’s still grading to do.

I have two, almost three issues of Foursquare ready to print/fold/mail, which I’m hoping to do with my parents’ help (hi Mom and Dad) over winter break, when I will be visiting them for two weeks.

That’s all. The semester of working 20-30 hrs/wk, teaching two courses and taking 5 graduate courses is over.  Next semester I hope to be working 20 hrs/wk, taking 4 classes and doing a 8-hr practicum (internship)… so about 20 hrs/wk less work.  This semester has taken a toll: I spent half a day at the chiropractor last week trying to ease the tension out of my back.

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