Thesaurus Project

So here’s the short paper that resulted from the previous post…


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10 Responses to Thesaurus Project

  1. Matt says:

    wow…i don’t think i want to be a librarian anymore. it looks way, way more complicated than i imagined.

  2. Casey says:

    From what little I know about controlled vocab and creating a thesaurus, this looks pretty good. Nice job!

  3. Cool… thanks for the feedback 🙂 … Not sure this is what she was looking for– My results didn’t look anything like the models she gave us, but I felt like I kinda had to start from the ground up, with a thesaurus about form rather than content. Blah. It was also a matter of “I could spend a month on this assignment but do I really have the time to do that for one class.”

  4. Casey says:

    I have been getting confused on when to use UF and USE but looking at your example, it makes a bit more sense to me. So, y’know, good job with that.

  5. yesisaidyesiwillyes says:

    Hope you get an “A” on this one.

    What a mission for Buffalo’s Rare Book Department: “collecting every book of poetry written in English post-1900.” Wow!
    I know they have much, much poetry, but are they close to the goal?

    And since I am asking questions, what’s “Ruthless Grip. Washington, D.C., 2005?” I *thought* that was a reading?

  6. I think that you say “UF” on the term you’re using, and “use” as a directive on the terms you’re not using as the major term. UF = “use for,” as you know, so it’s a matter of saying “hey, use this for that.”

  7. @Steve, I hope I get an A, too. They’re rather tough graders here and it’s really stressing me out. … Yup, the goal of the Poetry Collection is just that, and I think it’s been fairly successful, although of course it’s a very difficult prospect. Upon the turn of the century, they also had to decide whether to continue to collect work of the 21st Century or just focus on the 20th Century. They did determine to collect 21st century work, too.

    As for “Ruthless Grip,” it’s a set of poems in a Chinese take-out box that I made for that reading. You have that, don’t you? Unfortunately I don’t have extra….

  8. yesisaidyesiwillyes says:

    Alas, I don’t (yet) have the take-out box of poems. I started reading your poems at the time of OFC, in the summer of 2006, and have been catching up ever since.

    Your description of Ruthless Grip reminded me that you have a great detailed description, with multiple photos of this on yr LookTouch website — you call it Fortune Box there, and that’s how it’s fixed in my mind. It’s a very cool thing. I can’t remember if the folded poems in the box — “Handheld” and “Open Work”– are in OFC. Will check tonight.

    The Buffalo poetry collection project is a dream. How great that they dream.

    It can be fun to use WorldCat to find a poetry publication that only Buffalo has. Examples, at least as of today: your bird-book. Ditto Ruthless Grip and your new Dusie chap.

  9. yesisaidyesiwillyes says:

    I checked OFC over the weekend. As I sort of suspected, nope, that book does not include the two poems of Fortune Box.

    Nevertheless, while looking for those two poems, a good time was had re-reading OFC.

  10. Yup… OFC is a book in itself, not a compendium. The poems that were published as separate chapbooks were published after being conceived as part of the book.

    I have considered making a small book of small poems, such as the one in the fortune box, blueberries, butterflies, etc. but that is not the first thing on my list of poems to make….

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