Marking time

Remember this?

And then 1410 Grady Ave, Charlottesville; 593 Meeker Ave, Brooklyn; and 547 Richmond Ave, Buffalo within the space of a year. But I just renewed my lease here at XXX Richmond Ave, Buffalo. I’ve lived here a year and about 2 weeks.  Yay for the security of staying in the same place for more than six months. 

I’ve also started my second year of adjuncting at UB and have worked PT at the Buffalo Philharmonic for sixteen months now.  And my cats are 4 years old.

I keep waiting for things to calm down, to have disposable income (for poetry, for anything) but it’s still work, work work for low wages, and I just started the MLS program at UB (which is going ok so far).  So “calm” probably won’t happen for awhile.  But a hectic schedule is better (and less expensive) than being unemployed and moving around a lot.

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