Not a whole lot going on here.  The usual poverty and working (I have resigned but there are two weeks to go before course prep for the upcoming semester takes over), plus some personal stuff that depresses me.  The huge backlog of poetry editing projects hanging over my head, parts of which are more pressing than others.  At the end of the month, school will begin, with the entirely too many courses that I’ll be teaching/taking simultaneously, which will hopefully leave me no time for poetry (which has become an enemy) or anything but the most superficial social interaction.


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  1. Brian Bollman says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I haven’t stopped by your blog lately, or I would have commented earlier. I have tried several meds for anxiety and can’t recommend them. They tend to make me sleepy. Some anti-depressants also are supposed to diminish feelings of anxiety, but they never worked for me. GLA, which is found in Borage oil and Evening Primrose oil can help for some people (also lowers cholesterol for those same people) but it has not been well-tested for long-term side effects. If you are trying to avoid all meds and supplements, there are a number of anti-anxiety methods recommended by therapists. They mostly consist of stress-reduction exercises combined with a regular and consistent practice of telling yourself that everything is OK (e.g. Mindful Mood Management). If the anxiety is related to specific circumstances, these methods can work very well. If the anxiety is more general, it may be physiological in nature, and harder to overcome. It’s really difficult to predict whether a particular method will work without trying it.

    Good luck.

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