Town & Gown Reading

UB Poetics student David Hadbawnik is starting a reading series with the goal of bringing “townies” (Buffalo area poets not affiliated with the Poetics Program) and Poetics Program poets together.  This schism is just one of many on the Buffalo poetry scene.  Given Buffalo’s population, it’s kind of surprising how many poetry cliques there can be.  Anyway, the innaugural reading is a bit of a bust because the Gown part of the Town & Gown lineup bailed, so I will be stepping in to read instead, although I’m not a Poetics student and haven’t been in, oh, seven years? The “townie” for this reading is Michael Sikkema, whose work I blogged about before.  He’s a great reader, and he’s moving away so this will be his last Buffalo reading for the foreseeable future, so you should come.  But if that’s not enough of an incentive, I will also be reading, so you can come hear me read, or just come to hang out with me on the one night in a billion years I am not either at work or too tired after work to be social.

Details: July 10, 7:30-10pm, 82 Russell St. (Lower), Buffalo, NY


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2 Responses to Town & Gown Reading

  1. James says:

    Little jealous about Buffalo. I can’t think of any poetry scene here in Rochester that doesn’t make me feel like, I don’t know, 85 years old. Maybe I’m too much of a hermit.

  2. Buffalo is not that far away…

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