K. Lorraine Graham’s Terminal Humming

Is technically available now from Edge Books. I imagine that there’s a lot of overlap between readers of her blog and readers of mine, so you probably already know this. And if you read her blog then you already know about Elisa Gabbert’s interview with her and Mark Wallace’s commentary (I wanted to mention this post on feminism and poetry from Mark too, which is probably old news to everyone else by now, but just in case). I have a big stack of books on my desk that I want to mention here, well actually it’s a small stack, maybe a dozen books and chapbooks, maybe 10% or less of what I’ve received over the past 6 mos. But here in Jessica Land we’re still scuttering around like ants in a kicked bed, so….


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1 Response to K. Lorraine Graham’s Terminal Humming

  1. Marilyn R. Rosenberg says:

    Hi Jessica,
    As requested and as promised, I have a foursquare page ready.
    How can I get it to you ? with jpeg and email?
    Only by a print in snail mail? If so how and where?

    I do not know how to contact you other than here. I can’t find our earlier emails. Please contact me soon

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