Archive Fever

I don’t think I mentioned this here. But, I am going back to school this fall for the Master of Library Science degree.  All of the people I know who graduated from Buffalo with an MLS degree (let’s see… I know at least 5) have jobs. In libraries. Salaried, for-real jobs. Not work-70-hours-a-week-for-minimum-wage pull-your-hair-out jobs. Not adjunct, 4-4-teaching-load, non-renewable academic teaching jobs.  Real legitimate jobs with reasonable hours and pay.  The program is 36 hours (one year if I take summer courses) and is one of the cheaper MLS programs around.  It’s also in the top 20 MLS programs according to USNWR.  I’ll still be working, but student loans will enable me to only work part-time.

Maybe if I am really lucky I will one day be able to work in a library like this one or this one.  In the meantime I’ll still have access to this one.


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5 Responses to Archive Fever

  1. yesisaidyesiwillyes says:

    The program is 36 hours? There’s something I don’t understand about that, maybe? I read 36 hours, and think maybe it takes less than a week, but that can’t be right…

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re working 70 hours a week. That has to be a freakin’ drag; it would be even if were being paid great wages.

  2. 36 credit hours– sorry– 3 semesters if taken at the rate of 12 hours (4 courses) per semester.

    My current work situation is more than a drag. Working ~50 hours during the semester was supplanted by the idea of getting a FT sales job during the day while keeping my PT sales job at the Philharmonic by night. This is just too much sales (telemarketing) for any human being. The scheduling usually enables me to take Sunday off, but this weekend concerts at the Phil prevent that. The Philharmonic pays well but the other place doesn’t. It’s driving me a little insane. I am at the “something’s gotta give” point, and grateful that I can escape the dead-end job world in a few months…

  3. Helen says:

    Yay! Hope it’s fun and results in happy, paid, fulfilling work.

  4. Amanda says:

    I’ve been considering getting an MLS for years. Cathy E. warned me that library school can be full of annoying people and you gotta just keep your head down and get through it. So…just thought I’d pass that advice along. Hers is probably a trustworthy opinion. 🙂

  5. Yeah, I talked to Cathy about that and actually I’ve heard the same advice from multiple other MLS grads– that MLS school itself is not, er, challenging. 🙂

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