How to Win (and Lose) A Scorpio Woman

Since this post on the Scorpio Woman is the most popular page on my blog, I figured I would supplement it with some more astrological insight.  Before I do so, I want to say that astrology is a lot like chance-determined poetry.  There are so many factors to take into account when determining a chart or a daily horoscope that there are hundreds of thousands of combinations for any given chart on any given day.  This in itself is fascinating.  But then there’s the use-value–why do people turn to astrology, and what motivates astrologers? Thirdly, why is astrology such a threat to “rational-minded” people (often men)… there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatios.  What is “rationality,” anyway?  Astrology raises more questions than it answers, which is part of the point of astrology.

That said, I want to make an attempt at an answer to two questions that people often search for when they arrive at my blog: how does one seduce a Scorpio woman and how does one manage to keep her?

First, I would not recommend trying to seduce a Scorpio of either gender.  It’s just probably not going to work.  There are methods I’ll describe in a moment, but the first warning is: don’t.  It’s not gonna happen.  When a Scorpio wants you, you’ll know it, and she or he will go to any lengths to quietly, effectively, and absolutely seduce you.  We’re a passionate and brave (even arrogant) people, and we’ll figure out what makes you tick and own it.

Ok, so let’s say you want a Scorpio and s/he is not paying attention to you.  This doesn’t mean s/he is playing hard-to-get.  Of the Scorpios I’ve known, I’ve never seen one play hard-to-get.  We simply decide on you or don’t.  So either s/he is simply not interested or s/he hasn’t noticed you yet.  If s/he knows you and isn’t interested, it’s fairly hopeless for you, but there is a strategy (which I’ll discuss in a minute).  If s/he doesn’t know you yet, be brave and introduce yourself.

Option 1: S/he’s not interested

Solution: Back off.  Rethink this.  Do you really, really want to be with this person? Obsessively? Devoutly? Are there any other options on the face of the earth for you?  If you’re at all uncertain that this is who you want to be with, go somewhere else.  Get out while you still can, because once you start something with a Scorpio, it’s going to be a wild ride.  Think about this.  Don’t think about it for a few days, think about it for months or years.  When you’re absolutely certain that this Scorpio is Your Scorpio, tell them.  Give it to them in its raw, uncoded, honest form (they’ll know if you’re lying).  The only way to deal with a Scorp is to play on that final frontier where true risk takes place.  Risk is your trump card.

Option 2: S/he hasn’t noticed you yet

Solution: Be brave.  Find out about them and talk to them about themselves (this works for most signs, but surprisingly, not all!).  Don’t be showy, aggressive, clingy, needy, or otherwise Too Strong or Too Fragile.  Scorps can see straight through your bullshit, and they’re not interested in it.  They want to engage with your deep dark soul.  Tell them a secret.

If the Scorp is interested, you’ll know, and you’ll be claimed.  If s/he’s not, refer to Option 1/Solution 1.

What a Scorp wants most is deep, undying loyalty.  This makes relationships and friendships between Scorps undissolvable even when they treat each other badly.  Scorps are likely to be a little evil, but it’s realistic: not everyone is good all the time.  Can you handle a little evil?  If you can’t, find yourself another sign.  If you can, you’re our type.  Now the only challenge is to hang on for dear life without seeming clingy.

Ok, so let’s say you have somehow been lucky enough to win yourself a Scorpio.  Either you’ve attracted them and they’ve “decided on you” with that particular Scorp voracity, or you’ve slowly won them over, and now you have them.  How do you get rid of them?

Like all dragons, Scorps have a soft spot, and this soft spot can be hit with Jealousy.  Depending on the length of your relationship and the Scorp’s investment in it, you may need more or less Jealousy to hit the spot, but the arrow will eventually go in, and you will lose the Scorp, possibly amid draconian flames, forever.

I just want to warn you before you go about hurting a Scorp.  Reread that entry on the Scorpio Woman.  If we’re hurt and we take pity on you we might let you get away relatively unscathed, but don’t count on our pity.  If you destroy us, we’ll destroy you, and we will heal, but you won’t.

Ok, so you’ve been warned, and you really are tired of your Scorp.  Start an affair, fall in love with someone else, or otherwise cheat on them emotionally or physically with one or more people.  Don’t tell them about this beforehand or involve them in the process.  Do it, then tell them.  This will get rid of your Scorpio.  It may take multiple passes, but eventually you will kill them.  (And then they will kill you. Which is why, if you didn’t want a Scorpio, you should never have gotten involved in the first place.)


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  1. Matt says:

    What I want to know is how to seduce an Aquarius man, so that I could put this information on my Nerve profile and then let the seductresses come to me.

    (For the record, I think good people are rational. If someone claims to be rational and then does something bad based on that ‘rationality’, then I call that fake rationality.)

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  3. Al says:

    I agree. it works. Betray a Scorpio women, and you will lose her. Just don’t expect to get her back if you change your mind!

  4. @Matt, I have no idea how to seduce or keep Aquarians. Aquarians are basically a different species than Scorpios, as far as I can tell. Hoa Nguyen might have some insight tho….

    @Al Absolutely. There’s no mind-changing in this game, which is why one should know one’s own mind before getting involved!

  5. Lise says:

    You’ve summed us up beautifully Jessica. I love being a Scorpio and would be nothing else, proud of all those qualities. Thanks for great posts! Lise x

  6. Jeff Davis says:

    Ah, the Scorpio in love. Well done, Jessica.

  7. marion says:

    iam a true scorpio and i never tell when i have been hurt

  8. jennifer says:

    why are scorpio women described as magnetic deep and mysterious and self confident? but yet they are soooo jealous of other women and they can’t be deep if they see things in black or white also they love people to think they are mysterious but they are sooo transparent and they love to be gossiped about whats that about?

  9. Shawn says:

    I have to say Jennifer that it’s NOT about being jealous of other women. It just that we can see through their BS and can’t stand to tolerate it. There are women that we become VERY good friends with but those are few and FAR between. I have been friends w/ the same few females for over 20yrs now and have grown close to a few more on the way. We pick our friends very carefully.
    And it’s not like we sit around and think “ohh I need to be mysterious…” that’s ridiculous. There are alot of personal and emotional feelings that we WILL NOT let you know and that’s what makes Scorpios mysterious and DEEP.
    And the way you’ve worded your post…. it seems as though you are trying to twist who we are and you are the one that actually sounds a little jealous.

  10. Kara says:

    Shawn – well said. I am a Scorpio myself, and its true – most of us Scorpio women are not jealous. My issue is other women being jealous with me! We are selective in our friendships, and who we choose as a dating mate. A Scorpio woman is HIGHLY intelligent and intuitive. She must listen to her intuition or she will be severely punished for it. Its true – we are very emotional, deep and powerful! Most signs are not able to comprehend the depth of a real Scorpio woman. And men, if you just so happen to win the love of a Scorpio woman, then you have scored big. Yes, we are probably the hardest to win over but well worth it. If you ever happen to have the pleasure of gaining ones trust, you will understand what I am referring to. A Scorpio woman is VERY loyal and will go to the ends of the earth and leave no stoned unturned for those she truly cares about. To cross her though is not a smart thing. Your best bet is to accept her for who she is and to love her unconditionally. I can assure you that you will find no other woman like her in all of the zodiac. Just ask my husband and ex boyfriends. Don’t play her as she will pick up on dishonesty from the get go and you will never win her trust back if you should lose it. If she just so happens to give you a chance again, you will have to work VERY hard at winning her trust back. You have a very passionate woman. Be thankful for the attention that she may bestow on you, that is if she finds you worthwhile and admirable. Don’t push her, let her take her time and make her own decisions. Love to my Scorpio sisters (and its true we are SEXY). xxxx

    P.S. Your right Jennifer sounds jealous and probably wishes she was a Scorpio woman.. Just look at all the HOT powerful Scorpio men out there.. need I say more?

  11. jennifer says:

    kara scorpio men have allways chasesd and stalked me i’m a water sign. you scorpio women can have your scorpio men but they usually don’t want you. You need to except that men just want you for sex that is not flattering at all and why do you steal married men? can’t you get your own and can you even sustain a longtime relationship with men i doubt it

  12. mary says:

    i agree scorpio women are sooooooo jealous of other women a man can’t even look whats up with that scorpio women like men to be their puppy dogs. libras are sexier aquarius is smarter and geminis more fun less boring than scorpio women i’m sooooo happy to be a different water sign scorpios ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

  13. mary says:

    these messages are only for the scorpios that are full of themselves not the nice ones

  14. bell says:

    Scorpio womens are not really jealous to other woman, we can sense it when another woman flirts with our man and that’s where jealousy starts.. we love our man deeply to the point that sometimes we become very possesive and not even aware of it. we hate being cheated you know lol.

  15. jen says:

    most signs love theie men deeply also so how are scorps any different

  16. jen says:

    bell get a grip. scorps are insecure no friends and very jealous of other women men just like them for sexx nothing more thats nothing to be proud of how sad they can’t stand being laughed at but yet will laugh at others expense and they have to know everybodys business they are sooo nooossssyyyy

  17. Jen, you’re insane.

  18. Jerret says:

    Scorpios very well know how to destroy… Yes they do recover. Sometimes you cannot. Scorpios are really secretive.. and are loyal with your secrets. They can be possessive and very jealous. They have tendency to be seem promiscuous. In relationships they have tendencies to hide their emotions very well either good or bad. Sometimes you may never know if their in love with you. Dating a scorpio will be a ride you will never forget. They are very dominant in relationships and they will tear you apart with their emotion factors and leave you in pieces.. eventually they will come and pick you up and make you whatever they want you to be… Haha Im 15 I dated a Scorpio girl >.>

  19. jen says:

    jessica smith so is charles manson and scott peterson and both are SCORPIO’S

  20. jen says:

    do you see mackenzie phillips and kathy griffin sexy both are scorps no ones jealous of them. mackenzie used to be jealous of valerie bertineli

  21. Matt says:

    I don’t believe Scott Peterson was found to be insane, was he? After all, he was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. A very bad man indeed, but not insane.

  22. jen says:

    scott petersen had no conscience same as ted bundy both INSANE

  23. Matt says:

    My left shoe doesn’t have a conscience either. That doesn’t mean it’s insane.

  24. Matt says:

    (My right shoe, on the other hand, is quite mad.)

  25. jen says:


  26. Ms. James says:

    Scorpios are the BOMB DIGGITY bitches, recognize!!!

  27. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

  28. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

  29. rion says:

    im been married with my scorpio wife for 12 years and have 2 beautiful children. we have now lived apart for 6 months and she still has not served divorce summons, as she promised she would. i love her and i do believe she still has feelings for me, but we find it difficult to communicate with one do i win my scorpio wife back

  30. thelma says:

    rion are you a pisces?

  31. jen says:

    ms james you’re right scorpio’s are BITCH’S

  32. Jen… why do you keep coming back here? And just a suggestion… your time might be better spent taking a basic English course at a local college.

    Rion… it’s hard for Scorps to leave. Probably the best thing would be to give her the distance she needs and do not under any circumstances seem/act needy. It has to be her decision to come back.

  33. melissa says:

    look haters i dont know what kind of scorpio’s you’ve dealt with, but just like eveyone can be catty even the other water signs sorry but true and as for jealous no not me my husband which is a libra is more possive and jealous than i…go figure ha!!!and as for sex yes were great!!!whats wrong with that..and every sign steals husbands you just got an ass but you cant take scorps as a hole were all very different!!some are just much more grown than others so stop being sour and get off your high horse!!sounds like to me your jealous..

  34. Camila Skyyy says:


    i’m a scorpio. I’ve been w/my husband for 12yrs too. communication problems are the cause of most of our problems too.. well maybe all of them. it’s because i have a very hard time telling him how i truly feel when i’m upset.

    if ur wife has waited 6mos, i can bet it’s because she’s thinking. she doesn’t know what to do and she’s revisiting ur past with her and thinking about what she should do.

    i would advise that you try to see her face to face and talk to her about what she’s thinking about. don’t give her ur advice. just listen to how she feels and what she has to say. she doesn’t need a solution now. she needs to empty her well of emotions and thoughts. she needs answers from u so she can decide.

    i say face to face because i can’t communicate over the phone. i am better face to face. i like writing too, so maybe u can e-mail her.

    this much i know, she’s worth the pain and hassle, i really hope that things work out for you if it’s gonna be good for you in the long run. good luck, my heart goes out to you Rion.


  35. Steven says:

    Hey there Jessica,

    Kudos on the blog; I’ve never really been a huge believer in astrology but the more people I meet… and the more the people I know, mature into their adult personalities… the more I see the parallels to their zodiac.
    I dated a Scorpio for 3 years and it was 5 years until we stopped talking and now I’m still on extremely close terms with her (no question about them being devout). Funny thing is that I’m a Leo and we’re supposed to be a horrible match in terms of longevity. Now I find myself falling for another Scorpio who tells me I’m nothing like any Leo she’s ever met before, except she’s hung up on an old flame as well. I guess my question is what your experience with Leo males has been… if any? I seem to attract Scorpios and they seem to be attracted to me (mom, sister, and former GF all scorpios of same exact birthdate and latter female’s birthday is 3 days later). Any insight would be much appreciated! thanks again.

  36. Envy says:

    Put It This Way,
    Scorpio’s are hidden thoughts,
    Mysterious actions,
    And a whole lotta fun-

    IF…you’re smart enough to understand them.

  37. lala says:

    They’re good in bed. Hit & run. Not worth all the trouble for a long term relationship.

  38. Melissa says:

    I don’t understand why certain people are talking crap about scorpios. Especially at a place where obviously the majority of readers WILL BE SCORPIOS, if not then friends/married to one. I hate to single people out but Jen, seriously, chill out. Not all scorpios follow these characteristics. I’m sorry if someone you met who happens to be a scorpio was a bitch to you but get over it. And on that note, you don’t need to write other comments under fake pseudonyms to make it seem as if other people agree with you. It has come to my attention that “Mary” seems to have the same red design as you, posted mere minutes after you as well as having the same bad tendency to not capitalize her name as you. I’m sorry for ranting at you but please, shut up and deal with your problems accordingly. Do not take out your anger on those who have done nothing to ask for it. And to those thinking along the same lines as Jen, I hope you have learned something from my slight tirade. And yes, I’m a scorpio and proud of it!

  39. Envy says:

    yay melissa 🙂

  40. Jen actually comments almost every day now, sometimes multiple times a day, but I don’t think her comments really add anything to the conversation so I have chosen not to post them. But yes, Melissa, I agree it’s a bit cracked to leave negative comments about Scorpios on a post where most of the visitors are probably Scorps. It would seem wise, I think, to visit sites to figure out about one’s own sign and work on oneself.

    @Steven, You know, I sometimes find myself attracted to Leos because they’re a very strong sign. My brother is a Leo, and two good male friends of mine are Leos (most of my friends seem to be Aries, my mother’s sign; Gemini, my moon sign; Cancers or Scorps). I think that something that’s rarely talked about in Astrology is the importance of the signs you grow up with. So growing up with Scorps probably made you better able to deal with them than most Leos. Astrology is like a topological map of the lay of the land when you were born. It describes the basic elements of you, the ground floor, but when you’re actually in the wild you never know what Time will have done to that space since the map was made. Astrology can account for a lot– how you react to new things in your environment, what your environment is basically like. But it can’t account for the impact of all the hikers marching through your territory, each of whom leaves his mark.

  41. tina says:

    jessica you’re too much lol you scorps come on the blog to pat yourselves on the back and say validate me validate me and as for using different names duh it took you all that long to figure out just look at the icons duhhhhhhhhhhhh and you think you’re sooooooooooo intelligent HA also i choose to capitalize when i feel like it

  42. tina says:

    go ahead delete but check out the scorpio women and why do you always post you’re picture you must be full of yourself

  43. This is the insanity. Every day. Multiple times a day. Trolls. Blech.

  44. tina says:

    it’s fun messing with scorpios you can really ger a RISE out of them

  45. tina says:

    pisces women are the bomb most men go for pisces women look at liz taylor could have any man she wanted

  46. Bits says:

    Do Scorpio women leave husbands who cheated on them over a period of months?

  47. @Bits I hope so… but you can never really tell with Scorps. Sometimes, they’re so committed that they’ll stick it out until you’ve really ruined them, so if you’re hoping to get rid of someone it might take more cheating.

  48. Bits says:

    Hmmm…almost caught in march, nailed a week ago. what will it take?

  49. Lisa says:

    Wow, another troll huh? (Bits)

    Anyhow, I thought it was an interesting post, Jessica. I could relate almost parallel to what you had to share.

    One day I would really like to meet someone special. But right now, I just love my independence! Any other Scorpio girls like this? I think I disappoint some guys, bc I always w/draw when it comes to the commitment talk, but yeah has anyone else been through this? The reason why I ask, is bc my Scorpio gal pal is the same way! Her ambition is number one, like it is for me. I figure it’s the whole black and white/ extremes tendency.

  50. Bits says:

    If you are calling me a troll, I am actually the “troll-er”…can’t get her to leave me and I am trying…

  51. tina says:

    bits are you a pisces male or cancerian male?

  52. Bits says:


  53. Lisa says:

    Well I just find it odd that you can’t get rid of her.
    What steps have you taken to tell her that it’s over?
    As a matter of fact you can tell me HOW DO I GET THIS CAPRICORN TO LV ME ALONE! LOL…
    What I did was never made a commitment and finally told him, alright the commitment will never happen! And that we were done! That’s it no more contact (we only knew one another for 2 months).
    Well it has been 6 months and he contacts me about 3/4 times a month! AND I never respond… you goats are persistent! It’s a bit creepy.
    I figure he’ll stop… eventually.
    Oh and why do you want to end it w her?
    My goat and I had nothing in common.

  54. Lisa says:

    OMG!! I swear I went to go check my e-mail right now after that and he e-mailed me again!! loser..
    As a matter of fact I’ve known a few Cap guys who were like that. Even Cap girl friends.
    Where you persistent when you first met your wife?

  55. tina says:

    bits if you want to get the scorpio leach off you just stare at other woman since they are soooooooooooooo jealous you are a sunsign that scorpio women will chase after so it may be hard to loose her

  56. Bits says:

    i’ve been sleeping with another woman, shouldn’t this work better than staring at other women???

  57. Lisa says:

    Hello? Why havent you just told her? Or why dont you just lv?
    This is why I think you are a troll…

  58. tina says:

    bits put on you’re big boy pants and tell her it’s not working out you’re leaving

  59. Bits says:

    thanks all…ta

  60. @Lisa I have commitment issues too. I hate the idea of being controlled by someone else, but I get bored if I’m in total control. hard to find people willing to be equal in a relationship. & Good job calling out the trolls.
    @Tina/Jen/Whoever you are, you earned the previous 100+ insane, stupid comments with that one gem: “put on your big boy pants and tell her it’s not working.” Seriously, @Bits, we’re all adults, stop it with the lies and manipulation and try talking to her/leaving.

  61. tina says:

    oh jessica you flatter me so.

  62. Giselle says:

    Hello lady’s so i’m with a female scorpio and yes i am a female myself..but i need advice…i’m really falling for her and things are not going the way they should…..she told me that she needed time to get herself together and to get rid of things that might get in the way of us being together..because she wants to be able to give me her all .we have been “talking” for about 9 months now..and recently i kinda got a lil impatient and asked a question..i said if this is 2 mich for her and she got upset and said that i had found someone then to do me..she also said that “i told you i needed time but thats not to say that i dont want you around…i dont want to lose ypu completely:..then she said that maybe it’s best for me to distance myself but then she said she wants me in her life..i dont get it…she got me so confused..she said she not trying to push me away from her…i feel like at times i’m doing to much..we have been through alot together and i dont want to lose her..she means so much to me…can some of you lady scorpios please help me…i’m a gemini and i know that we are completely different but somehow we made it this far and i dont want it to end….thank you

  63. Keep Jessica guessing says:

    some of the most eye-catching and intriguing women i’ve noticed were all scorpios. However, most of them gives me the “talk to the hand” attitude when i face them, that’s not something I like :/

    So answer this: Do Scorpio women like to play the “hard to get” teaser when they see someone they like or do they jump right onto their prey like hyena on rabbit?

  64. Pretty much the latter. If we’re interested, you’ll know.

  65. matilda says:

    lisa, you are so transparent, we know a capricorn is not chasing or emailing you.

  66. Ricardo says:

    Hello there Jessica.
    I have a question for you. I knew a scorpio woman some months ago. We liked eachother, started to meet and started involving.Then, she began questioning me about my ex-girlfriend and it all was ruined because of her jealousy. Some months later we started to talk again, and the same chemistry happened. Then, she discovered that in the months we didn´t talked, I was involved with another woman (what i find is nothing important). The same jealousy started again, and she said she wants nothing more. What can I do to really make her trust and open herself again? I’m sure she likes me but she seems afraid of my past. I’m Cancer.


  67. matilda says:

    i’m telling you scopio’s are jealousssssssssss i knew a guy married to a scorp, and my guy and i were eating dinner her guy stated he thought suzanne pleshette on tv was cute she was all upset go figure this is what you’re dealing with cancer guy

  68. Sophie says:

    Hi all,

    Jen/Matilda. You have a massive attitude problem! you obviously do not have any respect for other individuals. You must lead a very unrewarding life if you get pleasure from posting pathetic comments on here. It is quite clear you are jealous of Scorpio’s, you are just too small minded to realise it!

    I’ve said my piece.

  69. Ricardo says:

    Yes, guess i have to be patient showing her again she’s the one i truly want right…

  70. matilda says:

    sophie, yes you’ve probably spread you’re piece all around too.

  71. Jake says:

    Hay um Im 19 and im a leo now I know that a leo an scorpio aint the best mix, I was seeing a scorpio girl knowin her since high school we spent the night together once, watched movies together once,and usually end up with each other in town.but not any more,we still text saying sweet things to each other time to time.she doesnt want a relationship, she says we dont really know much about each other but wants to give me a chance yet she leaves me thinking she’s not interested and out of the blue she’l do something that make’s me think otherwise ,what should I do carry on with my leo ways an try win her over? Or forget about her an move on?

  72. @Jake Let her go, dude. If she really wanted you, you wouldn’t be asking this question– it would be totally clear to you (and you might even hate it because she’d be possessive, emotional and obsessive in true Scorp-in-love form).

    @Ricardo You’re fucked. Sorry.

    @Sophie You’re right.

    @Giselle You have a chance. You gotta calm down and let her have some space like she asked for. Focus on yourself and your own needs for awhile (without being unfaithful to her). Scorps are super faithful to those they love, and if she’s asking for space she means that she needs space. Trust her.

  73. I should mention, too, that sun sign compatibility is very superficial and almost meaningless. A Scorp and a Gemini or Scorp and Leo would be just fine together if other things in your chart align. Try charting out your synastries– get a real astrologist to do it or use a computerized program like this one:

  74. Ricardo says:

    Jessica,, are you saying that i really can´t do nothing in my favour?
    Sometimes she seems very close, yet some times she seems far. I can clearly tell she is maybe surprised by me still trying to reach her, maybe that’s good thing right…

  75. jen says:

    ricardo find yourself a nice pisces woman they are not crazy jealous

  76. Louise says:

    Scorpio women get a rise out of women from other signs jealousy towards us. We love deeply, and simply don’t want our men liking some yucky woman when they have us (magnetic, passionate, honest, caring, talented, intuitive, nurturing, creative etc) sitting right in front of them! Not so much a jealous thing, more of an “ew, how could you look at that mess when I’m sitting right here.” Guys think with their “other” heads, though… and will enjoy a glance or two at a hooker-look-a-like from time to time.
    Other signs have so much pent up jealousy towards scorps because they know we have the power to win over any man we would like! Hands down. Is that too scary for you? The trolls obvi’ had their boyfriends/husbands lost to a scorp (probably w/out the poor scorp even knowing the man was in a relationship mind you, scorps wont do if if they know – we like to be the only… not sloppy seconds.
    Sorry to intimidate you – we’re just confident, smart, down-to-earth people. Deal with it.

  77. jen says:

    weezy are you moving on up to the eastside ? do you finally have a piece of the pie?

  78. matilda says:

    sorry louise you can’t explain away scorpio’s jealousy no matter how you try to justify it that’s a scorp trait so you’all must not have true confidence it’s just an air you put on

  79. Sherry says:

    i’m a scorp… n it seems 2 me dat she’s d type of scorp who wonders if u still miss or think abt ur ex…. dats probably unbearable 2 her…. she probably thinks u dont love her as much as she does( this is cuz u were involed with another woman while u guys weren’t talkin). i’m guessin she wasn’t involved with another man during dat time…. now all this is really disappointin 2 ur gal cuz she wants ALL of ur love nothin less…. i’m just assuming here dat she might have wished u were so much in love with her dat u couldn’t even think of going out wit any female….

    this explaination was jus 2 show u why she’s so distant….

  80. Sherry says:

    almost forgot 2 mention dat she’ll be distant 4 quite sometime….
    if she really likes u, she might come back 2 u again.
    so u can either….
    1. wait 4 her.(dont even look at another female in d meantime)
    2. go 4 some1 else…

  81. Lisa says:

    MATILDA! I put it on my mother’s grave he is. Im not a liar! You’re probably that Capricorn… Bit’s. He only has my e-mail address. If he knew any other way of contacting me, he’d probably use it.

  82. Lisa says:

    As of now I’m seeing a Libra with a Scorpio venus and I have a Sag venus. Is that compatible?

  83. GorgeousScorp says:

    Jen/ Tina, the fact you felt it necessary to use pseudonyms says it all in itself. The scoprio confidence would never experience the need. It is a sign of uncertainty and weakness, something else we don’t experience. We understand it’s hard for other non-scoprio women, and we’re not afraid to lead by example. If those others can’t follow in the exuberance of our magnetism, we inately want to provide their poor men with inspiration, adoration, loyalty and lust – afterall, that’s what everyman wants, even the non-scoprio’s. We also understand that other non-scorpio women feel baffled and defeated. Sorry.

  84. GorgeousScorp says:

    Jen,(/Tina et al)… don’t mistake something that looks like jealousy, for disgrace at disloyalty.

    Ricardo, that’s what has happened here for you and your lady. She may want you but you have proven to be disloyal to your own feelings for her – You must understand, she either has you 100% or she wont want you at all. She asked about your ex-GF because she intuitively felt you were not 100% with her. When she backed away she gave you time to prove her wrong. You only proved her intuition right through your actions with the other woman inbetween. It had nothing to do with trust – only loyalty, and you fucked it up. If you really want her, you better prove it – that means seeing noone else for as long as she keeps you close while keeping her distance… you get me?

  85. matilda says:

    lisa you’re funny

  86. jen says:

    lisa you would go perfect with a libra man

  87. jen says:

    i am apologizing to all scorpio women as on preview comments i’ve been a”TROLL” as you all call it. i have not been myself lately and apologize for my rude comments on scorpio women. you’all take care.

  88. Ricardo says:

    Well thank you for the feedback.GorgeousScorp, yes i get you, and now it makes sense to me.I guess i’ll try to prove to her that i want no one else everytime i get the chance, and i’ll wait for a change in her mood. Sherry, yes, i think that was what she thought, and now on i will give her no more reason for mistrust, i hope she still feels it.

  89. Cancer man says:

    I am a Cancer man and I’m in deeply love with a Scorpio woman. She doesn’t want me, she doesn’t hate me, she is only the Devil. I’m walking in hell in the last year, every day, every minute, every second. I can touch her (and I do, every day), but I can’t have her. I give her many (hundreds)presents and adoration, she gives me nothing. Two weeks ago she was married to a Scorpio man. The sky was falling on my had, but he already was her boy friend when I met her. Do you think that all is lost? I hope not yet, I’m not dead yet, I want that woman so much than I give literally my life to have her. The day before she married she gave me a phone call and she was sweet (she don’t tease me, she just owe me). In the honey moon she sent me a SMS. She’s the Devil, and she will be mine!

  90. Dieguetti says:

    Bits…she does not want to be dumped because that equals loosing. If she wants to keep it going she will probably dump you when you are weak. So be assertive…shit even aggressive if necessary. Don’t be scared to loose you cool capricorn.

  91. Dieguetti says:

    Slay the vampire!

  92. GorgeousScorp says:

    Cancer man, I was once engaged to a Cancer -and he told me i was his soul mate. I loved him to death but he was not my soul mate. Scoprio women are deep romantic souls but equally pragmatic. They feel disloyal to themselves if they do not show what they feel when they feel deeply – she obviously feels that way for you because a scorpio woman expressing feelings for you while getting married to someone else is a huge thing. And people marry for a variety of reasons. Be patient, keep the closeness, keep the friendship – she will remember and cherrish that always and you just never know when she will realise how special that is and do something about it.

  93. jen says:

    What is it with scorpio’s and winning? Does it really matter and why? lifes too short . If a guy dumps you so what just move on we all get hurt that’s life. I prefer to be dumped because this rids me of any guilt. also you can’t always be 100% loyal in the way scorpio’s want loyalty because more than half of the human race are female and men should be able to have female friends. scorps end up sabotaging their own relationships due to this.

  94. bob says:

    re: “How to Win (and Lose) A Scorpio Woman,” helluva post. right through the bullshit to the heart of it. refreshing. nice to surf and catch this wave. thanks.

  95. Cancer man says:

    GorgeousScorp thanks for your words. She sent me another SMS (neutral) and when she was returned in the country, she called me again. I told her how much and desperately I miss her, how much I love her, she said nothing. I said (on the phone) I kiss her with love, and she said she kiss me too; I said “little liar, you never kiss me” and she just laugh. Her mystery is so special, her dark blue eyes are like a deep water and I droned. I am a good looking man, the macho type, I have a good social position, I have all that I wanted in my life (with hard work) I had a few (not much)love affairs with beautiful women. I was happy, than she came into my life and sent me right in Hell. And now I am in Hell and she is in every cell of my body, in my every thought, in my every dream; in every (I said EVERY) second of the last year she was in my mind! Nothing matter from now on, I just want her or I just want to die.

  96. A not so soppy pisces guy says:

    Jeez Cancer man you have it bad! Im a Pisces guy and even im not that emo.(and no im not some clingy emotional drip before anyone even suggests it). Im seeing an amazing scorpio girl and i think if i even attempted to be that romantic with her she would show me the door. Dont get me wrong, shes passionate and loves a little romance but there are limits before she goes pale. i find my scorpio girl is very good at pretending not to be worried. i can usually tell when she is upset though she hides it well! my advice to any guy dating a scorp, dont take abuse personally,and dont try to FIX everthing, she just wants to be validated not fixed. stay the course in the fights and she will appreciate you more for it….if you love her, let her win! Better to lose the battle than a Scorpio!

  97. Victoria says:

    I was born a Scorpio and personally I dont think that just by reading these things, you should assume that ALL Scoprios are like this.
    For example, I am not neat and a perfectionist like they say a Scorpio should be. I also am not jelous of other women? . I like to have power but i dont overly obsess over it. I am also not very competetive because it just doesnt matter to me.
    Although I am very picky with guys and friends and i just cant settle for anything less than i want.I love to argue and discuss Everything That seems to society as “Taboo”. I dont like to share my feelings with others . and i have my explosions at times (which involves a lot of anger and throwing the nearest objects). I could say to you a lot of other examples of how i am and am not a Scorpio.So, you see not all Scorpios are the same.
    Besides, you shouldnt be judging people by there zodiac sign in the first place.

  98. Scorpio woman says:

    Cancer man,

    I am a Scorpio women with a Cancer Male friend who is in love with me. We are both in relationships and he told me recently that its hard for him not to feel love for me.

    I do adore you Cancer males. One thing I do love about him is his Charm. Why dont you change your approach and be charming instead of ‘needy’. You seem to be too INTO her. This type of behaviour would put me off as a Scorpio. Dont be submissive.

    Reduce communication with her and get on with your life. She will notice this…and will come after you….

  99. Cancer man says:

    Scorpio woman
    Thanks for your advices, but the situation is much more complex than you can imagine; for example we work together, in the same room, only we two, every day. So, how can I go away, I just can’t, it’s my job? My feelings for her are so intense, that I went to a psychologist for six months; just wasted time and a lot of money (she doesn’t know that, of course). There are some other facts which do that situation to be the more complex from my entire life (and I had some bad situations, but never with love affairs). The bad news for her are that I have the power to make a miserable life to her husband for many years from now on, and I will, without telling her.I hate very much the man which has all that I wish, and I want to prove her that her husband is nothing (but I will remain in the shadow, of course). Well, the love and hate are twin sisters, I hope she will love me one day, but I don’t have much time to wait (another complex situation). I really hate ALL Scorpio women, they are much to complicated for my Cancer soul. In all Zodiacs Cancer man – Scorpio woman is the perfect match, but I don’t understand that woman at all. I forgot to say that I am SURE, I FEEL, that Scorpio woman has deep feelings for me, but what kind of feelings (love?) I just don’t know yet.

  100. Cancer man says:

    Scorpio woman
    You love the Charm of cancer men; well, I WAS a very charming man, with great humor. From the day I felt in love with that Scorpio woman I became a dull, a real idiot, I can’t make a joke, I can only become angry every time she rejects me. I know, I told her, I’m not anymore a bright companion, I can’t even do my job, she does my tasks too (it’s for real!). I just sit and love her like under hypnosis, she is my cocaine and I told her that. It’s a totally disaster that love, I lost all my life’s joys, I even don’t like Christmas anymore. A DISASTER!

  101. bob says:

    WOW. like a train wreck, can’t look away.

    dear hurt, confused, increasingly disturbing cancerman-like,

    dude. listen to yourself, and i quote:

    “The bad news for her are that I have the power to make a miserable life to her husband for many years from now on, and I will, without telling her.I hate very much the man which has all that I wish, and I want to prove her that her husband is nothing (but I will remain in the shadow, of course).”

    shadow indeed. who would wanna come near what you just described? (that isn’t rhetorical. think about it. really. deeply. hard. do it. for awhile. stare in the mirror and challenge yourself to be better and stronger. and SAFER.) i can tell you she senses danger, trouble and possibly worse. again: why would any living soul want to be within a galaxy of what you’re describing? (except for the HATE part, which is SO appealing.)

    you do NOT love her. you do NOT. you desire her. (yet have no desire to know her. CLEARLY. you want her to be this “thing” that fits into your baaaaaad, baaaaad movie.) you are in pursuit of a thing – not even a person – that does not exist. you believe you can make it exist. by sheer will. you don’t CARE about HER will. you want to feed YOUR deep, dark, hungry hole.

    you are creating this “disaster” you speak of, building it brick by cracked brick.

    MOVE ON. the world is not a woman. TRY TRY TRY TRY to find the much better part of yourself. it’s in you, nobody else. NEVER will be. ever. let this episode be the trampoline from which you bounce into the next chapter of your life.

    frankly – and i DO understand obsession – you are NOT “being a man.” take the no. she means it. you don’t hear it because you refuse to. what you are bringing to the table is inedible; further, it’s toxic. don’t be so lazy (and, sorry, whiney) with yourself and your life.

    go deep. deeeeeeeeep. it’s in you, if you REALLY want to find it. if you really want to love.

    this ain’t love.


  102. jen says:

    cancer man you need to get a different job you cannot continue to be with her and try to forget her at the same time. surely your phsyciatrist (spelled wrong) told you that. get a grip even if you’re time is short in this life. PUT ON YOU’RE BIG BOY PANTS AND LEAVE GET YOU’RE SENSE OF HUMOR BACK MOVE FORWARD WITH YOU’RE LIFE

  103. Cancer man says:

    Thanks Bob for your time and your analysis. You do a serious work, but you don’t have all the data. And you can’t have them. I know that is a toxic love, I know that is an obsession, I tried to got help for that. My IQ is very high, it was estimated by professionals so I know the true. The problem is I can’t help, I can’t find a solution, the problem is that woman has magic in her personality and a real magnetism in her body. I am witched. I can’t leave my job, because it is impossible, but she can and she does not. Please don’t think that she is an unhappy person with me, that’s a false picture. She’s confused, yes, but not unhappy. I am a gentleman and she is the center of the Universe for me, and I love her, every day my only thought is to make she happy and usually I succeed. I’m very gentle and romantic and she knows how to handle the situation very well. She is only confused (rarely irritated), only I am very unhappy. I can’t go into the next chapter of my life because that is the last chapter of my life so that is my last great battle. As I said, the situation is really complex and nothing is vulgar, it’s only about love.

  104. jen says:

    but you need to get a grip. if a good fr iend was in you’re shoes what would you tell him? tell yourself the same thing.

  105. Lilah says:

    Omgosh tina\matilda who ever you are your a pain in the *ss. You are obviously jealous so go *uck yourself…

  106. not so soppy pisces guy says:

    Ok guys i think maybe by giving this Cancer guy so much attention were actually enabling him here.

    Seriously dude get a grip. Dont tell us all “you have no choice”.
    There is no such thing as your ‘other half’ or a person that ‘completes’ you. Thats dangerous talk and youre showing us a classic example of how dangerous it can be

    We are all whole people to begin with. if you find a lover that compliments your life then great, but the way your talking now is borderline obsessive and im beginning to fear for this girls well-being.

    Make a change! get a new job or whatever because this will just suck you dry!

    Sorry if you find this a little blunt but i dont know any other way.

  107. Cancer man says:

    Pisces guy
    That Scorpio woman is not a victim, don’t be fear for her. She can leave anytime and I will never look for her, I will never call her on the phone (I never did!), and she knows that; I am a gentleman. So, she can leave if she feels any serious risk, but she is staying. The great problems are in my heart and in my mind, I AM IN HELL (under the red, burning sky), she’s free to go, she’s free, she’s under the blue sky; she’s not in danger not for a second. I posted here only to confirm that Zodiacs say: Scorpio girls are very special and very dangerous (for to be in love with)female creatures.

  108. jen says:

    To cancer man YOU ARE QUITE THE DRAMA QUEEN. Are you a writer?

  109. Cancer man says:

    Yes, Jen
    I am a writer too.

  110. Christie says:

    So let me ask all my fellow female scorpions a quick question. . .

    Quick background information would just be that I am the epitome of a typical Scorpio with hardly any different planetary interference.

    Do we recover from broken hearts?

    I know that sounds incredibly naive, but I’m currently 22 years old and I had my heart broken 2 years ago by my first (and only) love. Stupid Gemini.

    Every characteristic profile I’ve read about us, says that we rise from hardship an even stronger and more determined person (If that’s at all possible)

    But it’s 2 years later and while I’m not curled into a ball sobbing like a baby, I’m far from the romatic I used to be. I loved him more than life itself (which I’m sure I don’t have to explain to another group of Scorpions, but on the flip side he caused so much hurt and pain that I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same… ) He cheated and I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t know pain like that exsisted. While I know I’m intelligent, I still don’t comprehend betrayal.

    Anway, after some rambling I guess I’m just curious if our capacity to feel everything deeper than those who surround us, helps or hurts us?

    I’m frustrated with myself because I know that my heart and my head should be somewhere safer, calmer, not as painful. Try as hard as I can, I feel that the emotions that made me fall so hard for him and keeping me held to him. Anyone know how to cut those ties? And let’s not forget that Scorpios tie their ties with steel cable and not rope.

    *Sigh* I can’t help but feel I’m a bitter old hag at the age of 22 because my head and my heart feel emotionally drained.

  111. jen says:

    Christie just find a pisces man you’re soul mate. I WAS 22 when hurt by an aquarius man and as time passed i realized i never loved him only cared for him. I met a pisces man years later and by then had no feeling good or bad regarding aquarius man. gemini men are not deep enough for you. also they do cheat when not with another air sign. you are more feeling he is more mental and lives in the head. only time will heal you’re hurt. i know it’s not what you want to hear. Miranda Lambert (scorpio) Blake Shelton (gemini) it won’t last.

  112. not so soppy pisces guy says:

    I have to agree with Jen, Scorpio and pisces can be one of the most intense experiences. We just identify on a really deep level. Its tough in the beginning because both are so protective of our feelings, but once you are both committed nothing gets in the way…one thing, dont do the scorp head games with a Pisces to test our loyalty, theres no need, most of us would walk on glass to be with you if we think you are loyal!

  113. jen says:

    christie a cancerian man will also be you’re soulmate.

  114. Christie says:

    Thanks guys =)

    I’ve been looking for a pisces or a cancer man, but is it just me or are they few and far between?

    *Sigh* Love blows haha

  115. Sherry says:

    ROFL!!!! this page is SO interesting….hey Cancer man, i agree wit u… U R IN HELL!!! A hell u have created 4 urself… U may have a high IQ but emotionally u r pretty immature n weak…. No 1 needs all d data… Bob is a 100% rite!! *salutes bob*… This isn’t love u r feelin… its obsession…. a dangerous illusion…. Listen 2 me! In order 2 obtain anythin, u must first find ur self… get dat charm n humor n get away from d “devil”. I know u think we’re all tellin u this cuz we haven’t experienced d kind of pain u r in. I know u think v r ignorant. But it is precisely because v r not clouded wit so much emo dat v r able 2 tell u wat is d rite thing 2 do….

  116. Sherry says:

    oh yea… b4 i 4get… Lemme share sum info wit u guys here :-D….
    Ahem… So! Did u know dat scorpio is d only zodiac dat is represented by more than 1 animal? Eagle, scorpio(duh!), gray lizard r d most common… There’s also d phoenix, dove etc…. D 1st 3 represents different personalities. To make things more complicated, a person’s personality cant b revealed by jus their sun sign…. U wanna know their ascendant, their moon sign, their other astronomical bullshit n also their surroundings, mom, dad, blah blah blah… This makes d already complex scorpions even more complex….

    So! This is y i’m beggin u ppl 2 try using 1’s zodiac as a clue… Don’t u judge ppl 2 soon…

    so Christie, here r clues dat wil help u understand urself better

  117. Jane says:

    I am a Scorpio female. After reading this blog, I would have to disagree with how to “get rid of a Scorpio”. You mention to cheat on her and then tell her. First, I don’t believe anyone should be cheated on. Cheat on any sign, and they will leave you.

    The best way to get rid of a Scorpio, is to be HONEST about it. Tell her/him you have something important you want to tell them, and just say it like it is no matter how harsh it sounds. Scorpio LOVES honesty no matter how brutal it is as they are brutally honest themselves. If they still stick around even after you told them you don’t want them anymore, most likely you weren’t blunt enough or they probably really truly care, and if you still want to get rid of them, just plain and simple cut them off. I can’t stand it when guys, try to beat around the bush and break up, it makes me feel like oh, ok there might be hope when in actuality there isn’t.

    I love being a Scorpio woman. Yes we are jealous with our partners, yes we are a bit crazy, but the opposite sex is always drawn to us, because we are DIFFERENT. We bring something others aren’t used to, to the table, because we are strong beings that don’t give a hang about what others think of us. You will never have a typical conversation with us. Take us for who/how we are or don’t. We honestly don’t care. We don’t have time to sit there and “try” to impress, and for that, we naturally impress.

  118. Jane says:

    also, what’s weird, as a Scorpio woman, I NEVER find myself attracted to a Cancer or Pisces. I’ve met many attractive male Cancers and Pisces, but find myself always drawn to a Taurus and Scorpio. I feel like Cancer men and Pisces men put their emotions out too soon, and I enjoy the challenge of getting to know someone mysterious before getting emotional.

  119. Sherry says:

    it ain’t weird, jane… like i said in my last comment, every scorp is different cuz of various planetary influences…. isn’t dat jus beautiful? i’d hate it if we all liked d same kind of men.
    for instance, i find most cancer n pisces men kinda tiring, emotionally…

  120. jen says:

    TO EACH HIS OWN and every sunsign has they’re unique qualities. and every sunsign is Different DIG DEEPER EVERY SUNSIGN IS SPECIAL IN THEY’RE OWN UNIQUE WAY.

  121. Sandy says:

    interesting post. i’m a scorp gal, and, although, i agree with most of your post, i disagree with the fact that the scorpio does not like to be seduced and that if she doesn’t go after you, then you have no chance. in fact, i think it’s the opposite, at least for me. i do like to be seduced since i have too much pride to chase guys, but there’s a certain way to go about it. for me, there are two ways that work.

    the first way is to be my friend. and by friend, i mean FRIEND. not some guy who is a friend but makes a move on me every week, to which i must decline, which will then cause awkwardness due to the guy getting rejected. i have many guy friends that do this and it sucks for them and it’s so uncomfy for me. so be just a friend and act like just a friend with me, that includes talking about your crushes and the girls that you like as well. impress me as a friend and let me know you have other options, and occasionally flirt with me and intrigue me, and slowly the friendship may turn into something nore. but don’t force it to go forwad. if you try to subtlely move it forward and i don’t respond, then chill out for a bit and let me decide and take you up on it. but, no matter what you do if you want to utilize this strategy, remember to be subtle! and DON’T act desperate. that’s why i mentioned letting me know about your other options and that you like other people. if i think i am your only option, it’ll be a total turnoff.

    ok, so that’s the first way. the second way is as follows (and this method works best if you are good-looking and you are certain that you’re compatible on some level). so what you do is come on really strong in the beginning. she’ll most likely push you away, but you just keep trying and be FEARLESS. don’t be wimpy or half-ass about it either. be confident and don’t be afraid of rejection. i know it’s scary, but the more fearless you are, the more the scorp girl will respect you. so try to woo her in a very direct, confident, relentless manner for a few weeks. she may eventually give in or she may not. either way, you MUST then pull away and be really aloof for a while. this will get her sooo curious and she will be really intrigued. it will also make her think you are considering pursuing other girls as strongly as you just pursued her and she’ll get jealous. at that point, she WILL decide if she wants to seduce you back or not. if she does, which she most likely will, then great. just play it cool and play down the middle (not too aggressive or not too aloof…you’ll only need to be all one or all another in the beginning. after that, play it safe and/or mix it up. and DON’T be clingy). but if she doesn’t try to seduce you after you’ve pulled away, then just forget it. cut the chase and cut your losses. save face and, you never know, she may just need more time to think about it and will make a move later.

    well, as i said, i’m not sure if all scorp girls are like that. but these two moves definitely work on me if i’m not immediately interested in a guy. well, good luck!

  122. Sandy says:

    oh, i should mention that if you use the second option above, don’t mention other girls like in the first option. with this method, you want to her her your undivided attention and let her know you are only interested in her. be really sincere and don’t play games. that way, when you pull away, she will assume on her own that you are just moving on and doing the same to another girl, and that the new girl will most likely fall for you since you’re now giving her your undivided attention. get it? ok, good 🙂

  123. bob says:

    when setting out,
    a scorp to seduce,
    don’t shout,
    it’s no use.

    she’s already heard
    what your eyes have said
    in one or two words,
    but you go ahead.

    if you have to.
    if devoid of choice.
    sing it through
    in that voice.

    she’ll get that.
    she might ignore it.
    but love’s like fat;
    burn it or store it.

  124. Jane says:

    I agree with you Sandy 100%, I am the exact same way. I want something I know I can’t have. If I know I’m the only option, and it’s TOO easy for me, I’ll bail out or lose interest.

  125. jen says:

    SANDY SANDY SANDY why would a guy go thru that much trouble. too much work most men prefer to be themselves KATE HUDSON IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF A WOMAN WHO CAN HAVE ANY MAN AND SHE’S AN ARIES DIRECT AND UPFRONT just reading you’re posts wore me out and put me to sleep ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  126. Melanie says:

    I’m a Scorpio woman, and I’m really not trying to harp on Pisces men, however, they are the WORST sign in the whole zodiac, as far as I’m concerned. The ones that I have come across in life (and dated), were totally insane. Freaks, liars, cheaters.. IMO They are very manipulative, and lack self confidence like no others. They will blame you for their short comings and make you out to be some beast. They are users and have more secrets that any Scorpio could ever hope to have. I nearly found myself in a bad situation with a Pisces man this year (that is until I found him out). I knew he was unfaithful in the beginning. I caught him talking sexual with more woman that you can imagine. He has no idea that I’m aware. I honestly believe he thinks that his behavior was ok. Maybe for him, but not for this Scorpio woman. They act all sensitive, in which I feel they are to an extent, however, they are very harsh in a quiet way. For that reason one reason, I find them to be COWARDS. Any man who doesn’t have the balls to straight up tell me to my face what he thinks of me, etc is a whimp and not for me. I simply will never excuse weakness in any man. I will NEVER date a Pisces man as long as I live. I prefer sanity as they will make you very depressed and string you into their dark web of lies! Sorry fishes..:)

  127. Cancer man says:

    Sandy (we have the same name) I thing you have a great Ego. Like you are one of the few girls on the planet and a lot of men have no better think to do than play a complicate show, to get what? What do you have so special to offer? What do you think you have so special? With sympathy from a Cancer man

  128. Sherry says:

    I agree wit Sandy totally…. Every1 has an ego Cancer man, even u! But i think Sandy is just trying 2 explain how things work. This is a page on how 2 win or lose a scorp, afterall…. Who knows maybe there r crazy guys out there looking 4 crazier scorps… The world is ful of different ppl so dont assume every1 has d same opinions dat u have.
    Nice poem bob!:-D

  129. not so soppy pisces guy says:

    Melanie,you mention “the ones you’ve come across in life” and then only actually talk about one of them, so im guessing you just had a bad experience? As someone else already commented, you have to take in to account the persons background, not just their star sign. Less developed Pisceans will act as you described, the more developed that have had a tough time will be much more considerate. As a Piscean I obviously beleve in this stuff but I dont think we can say all scorps are this and all fish are that. It can work, take it from someone whos very happily Scorpified 🙂

  130. not so soppy pisces guy says:

    Ps i should mention, its not some mushy romance..were are both as nuts as each other and very protective of our own space!

  131. jen says:

    Melanie I’m sorry you’re pisces man was such a weeny. You can go onto picses man blogs and women of all sunsigns have the exact same experiences with pisces men.

  132. not so soppy pisces guy says:


    Well dont say i didnt try to help. Just saying keep an open mind..

    ..despite what some blog says.

    Best of luck to you all.

  133. Ricardo says:

    nice post Sandy…i think you gave me good tips, even though my situation is a bit more complicated as i try to regain her confidence

  134. Paul says:

    I read with interest what Sandy had to write. And I would like to respond with some ‘basics’.

    A man who FANCIES a woman cannot, “just be friends” with her. It just does not work that way.

    A man who is interested/fancies a woman will declare his interest into “getting to know her” “spending quality time with her”.

    A Scorpio woman or any other woman as a matter of fact will either accept or reject is proposal of a “date” “spending time together”.

    So to the lads reading this, if a woman is interested she will say Yes.. If she is not she will say No. So if there’s a lass you fancy and you want to spend quality time with her. Be confident in just being yourself, friendly without coming across as a desperado, be upfront and declare your interest. If her answer/reply is ‘No’ then don’t get all weird strange and sulky, smile, continue going about your business being aware that if she was interested she would have said. “Yes” A confident man who is secure within himself takes the ‘knockback’ on the chin and moves on.

  135. kraby says:

    I’m a cancer male.. I have never known a scorpio woman until a few weeks ago, and I must say I am thoroughly addicted! She’s witty and smart as hell, she might actually be the smartest woman I have come across in my lifetime.

    Perfectly mysterious, can’t tell what she’s feeling or when, doesn’t mind my clingyness, although I’ve learned when its okay to be clingy / needy.

    If I could drink her, I would. If all scorpio women are this tremendous, then I love em all! 😉

    I just wanna squeeze her right now..

    One quick question, kissing and hugging is more important to me than sex, how do you get a scorp to just relax and not think about sex for a while and just sit, chill out, hold me and cuddle…?

  136. Sherry says:

    lol!!! only thing i can think of is 2 get her 2 a place where u r not alone but still have enough privacy. lik a park, theatre, beach in d evenin, sumthin lik dat. if its cold there then cuddlin will become a necessity!!! 😀

  137. B says:

    Wow this page is so entertaining and I must say I am quite amused. I am a scorpio woman and I would hope that the people on this site understand there are so many factors that go into one’s character such as life experience, maturity, culture etc… The descriptions for each signs characteristics are general and its obvious that not every scorpio is going to be the same. So for those who judge others only because of their personal experience, get a clue.

    A certain jen is a classic example. You seem to have very strong opinions of the Scorpio, so I can only guess you’ve had quite a time dealing with us.
    The whole jealousy issue is not that we are jealous of another person..its that once we have decided to give our loyalty to another and we feel so deeply for that person, any sign of betrayal baffles us because we give all we got. We could care less about another female because we know and understand what we have to offer. Its the fact that we are in a relationship, reciprocity is our goal and we do not like to be toyed with and don’t like to play games. We are blunt and to the point so that there is no miscommunication.

    Every sign has its own special traits and there is nothing wrong with having pride in our own confidence as people (whatever sign).

    Oh by the way SCORPIOS ROCK!!!


  138. jen says:

    to B SAYS, the thing is you may say you’re not jealous but the way you’all come off is as a jealous person. You can try to justify anyway you want but jealous is jealous. Possesive is different. Scorps are described as jealous and if you go into different blogs in YAHOO a lot of scorpio women agree to this trait assigned to them. Now what you’re describing above regarding loyalty Don’t all women want the same thing? Sounds like you’re saying you give you’re all to the right man I know most scorps are more intense but what women no matter what sunsign doesn’t get hurt or upset at disloyality? we all get jealous but it’s the degree of jealousy thats different. And the scorps i’ve seen including the men get crazy jealous and if scorps could master their jealousy and get control of it, it would make everyone including themselves life a lot easier. Why be hard on yourselves and waste time on revenge?

  139. jen says:

    remember Betty Broderick, she is a scorpio was married to a scorpio lawyer he betrayed her and married a cancerian woman. i think his name was dan broderick. She was angry and jealous and shot both of them while they were in bed. to be honest i don’t blame her. But she couldn’t control her rage. I agree he was an S.O.B.

  140. B says:

    I think we are probably almost on the same page Jen. I agree….why waste time on revenge and I also agree that not just scorpio women get jealous or expect loyalty from their man. I was just touching on the issue of being jealous of other women. Thats not only the scorpios. Its all women. But what i was saying is, its not the other woman we are generally jealous of. But I understand where you are coming from and I would hope that women would learn to control themselves no matter what sign. I have always had the attitude that revenge can be a waste of energy and to me thats the worst thing you can do to yourself. Spend your time and energy on better, positive things. But everyone has felt the need to get even in their life, even if they don’t act on it. We’re all different and I am sure Scorpio women are not the only women who have gone bizerk (is that how ya spell it? lol).

    I personally have only been jealous with one man, but I have fallen in love with 3. The only reason I became jealous was because he and his previous wife began having discussions of possibly getting back together etc…so I don’t think it was the scorpio in me, but the fact that I am a woman on this planet with common sense and I was only 22 at the time. Anyways the result of that was me confronting the situation head on in a caring way. Because he still wasn’t sure about his feelings for her (even though she cheated on him, had him robbed and stole thousands of dollars from him…she was a taurus but I think the actual issue was she was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and bi-polar. He was a capricorn and my current best friend, damn loyalty of mine lol) we decided to just be friends. Did i go crazy and chop him in pieces and shoot her in the head? nope. Just saved our friendship. I will admit I despise her for all she has done to him but is that the scorpio side? Nope because everyone in his family and friend circle feel the same way 🙂 At the same time there is a piece of me that feels compassion towards her as a woman because I see how society has bit her in the ass (which is no excuse for her actions).

    It all just depends on the person I suppose…

  141. jen says:

    B, I commend women who can just be friends with a guy that they love but the guy is with or deciding on some other women. That would hurt me way too much. In fact that did happen to me so I no longer speak to him. I still care about him but he’ll never know.

  142. B says:

    I think the main reason we are friends though honestly is because I gave my word to always be there and we had been friends since we were about 11. Otherwise had there not been that history I don’t think I would be able to continue a friendship. What sign are you Jen, if you don’t mind sharing..?

  143. jen says:

    a cancerian woman i usually go for pisces men who go for scorpio women and scorpio men usually are attracted to me.

  144. B says:

    Interesting..i don’t tend to go for anything in particular but it seems like the guys come in phases…for instance i had 4 sagittarius men in a row (not sexually but wanting to date etc), and then got into it with a couple of leo’s and now scorpios are coming my way. its strange lol. But the one guy I want is a Virgo so I am trying to be extra patient with him. Sucks though…

  145. B says:

    Oh yea and there is a Pisces man that recently proclaimed his love but I doubt his sincerity…he’s great though.

  146. jen says:

    in my case it’s always capricorn men or scorpio men but with capricorn men they are just too earthy for my liking kind of boring and possesive but scorps i can joke and get along with but for some reason i never want it to go any further just friends. I actually only met one pisces man at work he was married having probs but i won’t date married men. A scorp girl at work was chasing him once she knew he was flirting with me. She went out with him a few times he told me later when he called me 3 times at home. He asked if he had a chance with me. I told him i don’t date married men. At work he would tell everyone he was getting a divorce. Anyway i think the scorpio broke his heart. When he would call me they were no longer talking. But i don’t care to be any guys 2nd’s or 3rd’s. He stated he wanted to be friends. I was furious since he always flirted. So i haven’t spoken to him for over a year. I no longer work there and he left a year before i left.

  147. jen says:

    i guess i thought he and the scorp were only friends as he told everyone and that he and his wife were divorcing as he kept telling everyone. I was probably just a shoulder for him to cry on. We never dated. We had an emotional connection at work as water signs do. You probably know all about that. When i first met him i didn’t really notice him. I must have slowly fell for him. Anyway he did help me get over an ex Aquarius guy. I thought what did i ever see in the aqaurius man. They are way too detached.

  148. Sherry says:

    Ah! this page never fails 2 amuse me. u never get comments like these on other blogs abt other sun signs….. as far as i know. 🙂
    jen, this page would be significantly less interestin without u. may u meet ur pisces man n have a helluva’ time! 😀

  149. lona says:

    Although I don’t exactly agree with zodiac signs,I would have to agree with you Jen.Aquarin men are very detached.What you saw in him was the chase and the challenge,and it was a mental attraction something us scorpions don’t usually get.Were usually about physical atraction.Cancer man, oooo God where do I start? Your lovely scorpion gal knows exactly what she’s doing, seducing you,she knows your week spot. And I bet you imagine being in bed with her every chance you get.If she keeps in contact with you and she’s married then that’s a clear sign that she does not love that man,but somehow just settled. If you are truly dying for her than listen to me,because you’re breaking my heart you dam psycho!!!!! Don’t tell her all that mushy stuff you wrote above.Just stare at her, she will read you like a book.Don’t do anything harmful to her man,she will defend the week and end up fighting you.Remember the only love we constantly obeses about is the love you can not have.So enjoy that crazy feeling called obsession , because if you did have her you will no longer feel this way.just so you can sleep tonight I will say that she does think of you.Love her all you want,believe in God if you’re meant to be with her you will even if it takes years.whatever you do don’t have an affair with her.just love her from a distance.Isn’t love great?

  150. player1 says:

    ha this is all very funny for me, i don’t really have notthing to add for this but like most of you scorps and yes we are greatness!!! one thing to say is that jealous is a weakness and something that you should not have. think of it as a learning experience and don’t think of it as hate and pride, you all already know what you got so why show it unless you need to show it to learn something new. peace and love.


  151. jen says:


  152. B says:

    Wow jen….I’d be mad too especially if he was just draggin you along for his ride. And much respect to you for not going out with a married man! That JERK! I definitely agree with you about the aquarius men though…good luck with your search. I give up lol!

  153. Cancer man says:

    Thanks lona

    Well, the thinks are SO complicated and I can’t say here all the details because…I just can’t. I can’t go away from my job, because I am the job. She can go, but she doesn’t only because the job is very good, is the top job she can dream. So, I really don’t know if she loves her Scorpio husband, but I am very sure she is obsessed by him (like I am by her) and very loyal (that’s a major Scorpio feature). In the same time I know she is very loyal to me too (but not in love terms), she just can’t go, I just can’t go, we are two very stressed persons, me by my obsession for the touchable girl of my dream, she because she doesn’t love me (well, that is, but not for my aspect, a good looking one, for real, but only because the love is not for these icy psycho Scorpio women). I told her that I don’t like nothing (and that’s the true) she does, nothing she likes, nothing she thinks, I just like every cell of her body and I just love her every second like a fool and the smell of her body is my cocaine (no joke!). She is so TOXIC for me, I say every day I love her (she doesn’t like that) I say every day I hate her (I thing she is smiling under her cool appearance), I just can’t keep my mouth shut. I will never do some harm to her because I am a real gentleman (is for real) in all aspects, and, well, I am from a superior social class too (that’s a so great problem too(!), because she find strange some of my beau geste). These Scorpio woman had destroyed all my happiness, she is the most studied human (?) been (by me) and the conclusions are: I am afraid of Scorpion women (no joke), I am terrified of them and I lost all my respect for Cancer men. All Zodiacs tell “Cancer men + Scorpio women = Heaven!!!” I really don’t believe that: for me is only and only PURE HELL, just believe me. I am so so tired…and I love her so much…

  154. jen says:

    Well cancer man, WHATS A GUY TO DO. Surely you can come up with a solution JOB WISE So you don’t have to torture yourself by working with her. You’re a writer you’re creative you will think of something. Don’t waste you’re life. Also if a woman was obsessed with you it would be a turnoff. Same goes for a woman. Take a well needed vacation at least. Go to France or AFRICA (always wanted to go there.) Do some charity work.

  155. jen says:

    Iona, good advice to cancer man. You mentioned about scorpio woman may have just settled. I for the life of me could never understand how a person could just settle for someone. I guess only if certain situations in maybe another country.

  156. Cancer man says:

    Believe me, I just can’t go nowhere. I am a writer too, I published some books, but only by hobby. I can’t find a solution and now, when I am writing these words, she is here, in front of me, pretty, delicate, icy, making my life miserable (of course, she doesn’t know what I am writing.
    I have a question for the girls, please answer me. I gave a lot of presents to these Scorpio woman, nothing expansive, but time to time I gave her jewelry. Every day jewelry, nothing special. From that day she wear only these jewelry. First was a bracelet; she had others bracelets at those time, but from that day (a year ago) she wear only my bracelet, nothing else, ever. When I gave a a ring, she already had many rings, but mine was always on her delicate finger. Another time I gave her a necklace with a nice medallion (Scorpio zodiac sign); she have many necklaces, but mine is always on her neck and nothing else ever. She wear everyday the jewelry I gave her and not only when she is with me, but all days and nights long, and nothing else, ever, I know that for sure. WHAT means that? The question is for the girls, especially for Scorpio girls.

  157. Jane says:

    Can someone give me input on Scorpio & Scorpio together?

    How can you tell if a Scorpio man is into you?

    Can a Scorpio man have any kind of relation with a girl he is not really interested in?

  158. Sherry says:

    hey Cancer man! i wanna tell u dat cancer n scorp does make a good match usually. but what u 4get is…., 4 a cancerian 2 have a good relationship he must have d maturity 2 handle his vast emotions. a well of emotions is something he is born with but maturity is 2 be acquired. don’t b offended but d truth is u ppl r so emotional but most of u fail 2 rise above emotional turmoil n think n act clearly.
    and scorps may be loyal, knowing, blah, blah…. but most fall prey 2 their overwhelming desires n their relationships r ruined
    so my advice is concentrate on urself not her! try 2 balance ur mind n heart. move on. get some +ve vibes in ur life. its a chick-magnet, believe me! n when d time is rite u might find a scorp who isn’t in a mess or a woman of another zodiac who will erase pain. wat say?

  159. Sherry says:

    hey jane!
    u’ve jus touched 1 of my fav sub! scorp n scorp is supposed 2 b either a diaster or a miracle! no matter wat it is fated 2 b, there will mostly be a huge sexual attraction, mind games etc. so u know it wont be monotonous…. but d flipside(d reason 4 d disaster) is when d opinions collide, domination starts, d legendary temper flares, jealousy arises, suspicions grow, revenge is favoured n stuff lik dat.
    as for d second question, its hard 2 say… every scorp is so different. while some prefer 2 openly pursue a woman, others r so secretive dat u won’t know untill he tells u. but then again, never underestimate female intuition. if u sense it, it might be true.
    as 4 d last ques, scorps aren’t above 1-night-stands or a friends-with-benefits pact. he might get into a relationship 4 reasons other than love if his mind is set on money, promotion, fame, revenge….. so yes, it is possible 4 a scorp 2 b in a relationship wit sum1 he’s not interested in….

  160. Margaret says:

    I just found out my husband of 13 years has been cheating on me (his best friend’s wife told me). And I trusted him for all these years (he would shower me with love and I just trusted him completely). We started growing apart actually three years ago, so I understand what happened between us. But we’ve always had a good sexual relationship so it’s not that. The dynamics of our relationship just told me something was off for three years. That hunch or intuition. We never opened up to one another and communication is not good. He’s a capricorn.

    I mourned for maybe three months and I have decided to move on. I have prayed every day to just forgive and forget. But after I did the mourning, I have moved on and want to just be alone. I can’t imagine ever wanting to be with him as a wife again now.

    I feel really, really strong alone and really happy. I’m just completely ready to move on.

  161. jen says:

    Margaret, GOOD FOR YOU. I remember a capricorn guy who was married to a scorpio women hitting on me and other women at work what a jerk. He had a wife and 3 girls. they’re still married as far as i know. I saw him at a restaurant shop one day and he hurried up and introduced me to his wife and kids cuz he probably thought i didn’t see his wife and i would say something. I didn’t even like the guy. Find a nice pisces man when you’re ready they will adore you and are you’re soulmate.

  162. jen says:

    cancer man, I think you’re really a pisces man.

  163. Alovely1 says:

    What luck to have stumbled onto this site! I am a Scorpio woman involved with a Leo man…the second in a row! As with most Scorpio women, I am intrigued enough to allow him to figure out what he needs to give me to keep me interested and around. I treat him exceptionally well and he is totally in love and entranced with me…although he battles with the wandering eye and innocuous comments regarding women on t.v. or movies that inevitably arouse my jealousy (how could he possibly even THINK those thoughts or look another way while in MY presence!) O.k….I am still working on that character flaw, he none the less loves me and is committed to me and me only. The problem remains that I require the unconditional loyalty that only a Scorpio woman can…and he just has not “gotten it”. A simple matter of his recognizing that a wandering eye or comments about another woman’s beauty or personality is unnacceptable if he wants my undying love. Stringent perhaps…not at all…indeed, it is a mere pittance for what he will be rewarded with. And I reward very very well.

  164. jen says:

    Well it is part of the leo mans nature to look and flirt with other woman it’s all in fun so if you can’t accept it then you are both in for a bumpy ride. But there are a lot of leo man scorp women that do work out and long marriages as well. GOOD LUCK

  165. jen says:


  166. bob says:

    don’t tell anybody BUT when evolved scorpio women have scorpio children, they boil and EAT them, lest particular magic fluids that only scorpio babies have get into the water supply. this not only keeps the world safe from potentially harmful babyscorpiostuff but because it makes these evolves scorpia more powerful, which is really all they truly want. (when they’re bored with stealing husbands, drowning other people’s pets, and stealing souls through sex, etc.)

    keep in mind, though, that not all scorpio women are evolved to this degree. those who aren’t will keep the babies, nurture them to adulthood, at which point they become bats, or giant owls that eclipse the moon when they fly under it, or slithery lizards who infest people’s dreams from under their beds. there’s a lot of other things bossy aries, stubborn taureans, two-faced geminis, melodramatic cancers, conceited leos, prudish virgos, wishy-washy libras, gadabout saggitarians, boring capricorns, flighty aquarians and perpetually drowning pisces don’t know, and i’d tell you, but, being a scorpio, i am sworn to secrecy. and debauchery. almost forgot that. but mostly secrecy.

  167. B says:

    Wow Bob??

    Anyway- poor you Cancer man. You’re definitely in need of a vacay. Get over the Scorp chick. You say you like nothing about her except her body? Then you don’t deserve her…plain and simple and she knows it. You’re obsessed and probably the fact that you like nothing else about her made her marry someone who is probably totally in love with her. How can you expect a Scorpio woman to give you the time of day after comments like that? We want you to love the whole package…not just the outer portion.

    About Scorp on Scorp relationships…In my experience its better to either just be friends or bed buddies. Unless both are aware of the issues that WILL arise and can come to some sort of compromise (one basically has to relinquish control) then it may not work. It just depends on the people though. Definitely fireworks though!

  168. A not so soppy pisces guy says:

    Bob, that was the funniest damn comment on this whole page! and much needed I might add. Keep em coming guys. Scorpios rule 🙂

  169. Jane says:

    Thanks Sherry.

  170. Alovely1 says:

    Ahh Jen…now would I be a true Scorpio woman if I could accept that. It certainly sounds good and I know that it would make for a less drama filled relationship,but I really do find this behavior disrespectful. Men look at me all the time and I don’t respond {at least not when I am with him)nor do I turn my head in response to a good looking guy who happens to be in view. Women know when men are looking at them and they especially know when a man is looking at them and are accompanied by their significant other! I always thought those guys needed to get a grip and control themselves at least in the presence of their woman. I must add that he does not seem to mind when I talk to other men in social gatherings on the surface, but he certainly will come up to me and make his presence known to the other man by putting his arm around my waist or at the small of my back, so isn’t that a form of possessiveness or jealousy as well, just expressed in a different way? I am not passive aggressive and speak up right away when for instance he’s stealthily moved a whole store aisle away from me to sneak peaks at an attractive woman (this really happened)that’s not fun to me, it borders on creepy and I’ve expressed that to him. He said he was unaware of it(my instincts tell me otherwise)and in his defense he has committed to “working” on that. And…I have despite all that I have expressed, committed to “working” on taking these things more lightly. In the end it’s my feelings that are at stake here over behavior that does not seem to be important to anyone else except me.

  171. jen says:

    Well lovely it is disrepectful if he turns his head all around when with you but what i’m talking about are the normal things men and women do . For instance if he offers to help a woman in distress or says hi to a women walking past him. just a friendly hello. to me that’s just good manners. Or if he mentions while watching a movie that a woman onscreen is attractive, to me those are normal. But you may be reading more into some situations. leo me are friendly.

  172. jen says:

    leo men are naturally friendly people and socialable. That’s probably part of what attracted you to him. maybe you should discuss what is inappropriate to you and disrepectful. It’s good your not passive aggressive. I would not want a man who is not friendly to others. Leo men do need a lot of attention arnold schwartzengger (Leo) maria schriver (scorpio).

  173. jen says:

    I have a couple friend He a leo her sagitarius (soulmates) he flirts with me at work with or without her we both laugh at him he is just a big teddy bear needs attention but i’m not interested he is just being friendly. i know he loves his wife. we both had each other over for dinner parties. He is aware men look at you and maybe it makes him a little insecure but he would never tell you Pride.

  174. Alovely1 says:

    I’m hearing you Jen. However what happens if your friend’s flirtations catches the eye of a more interested party and she decides to take him seriously? Chances are that situation may very well occur if he’s always flirting. I think that behavior is dangerous and deceptive as he never knows how the other person is going to react. I do agree my Leo needs a lot of attention, and I give it freely and lovingly. I really don’t want to limit him, it remains a delicate balancing act between respecting me and allowing for social self expression. I pray that I can yield and soften to his needs without any resentments or it will not work.

  175. Alovely1 says:

    Hey Jane! This one is for you…I am a Scorpio woman and was married to a Scorpio man for 20 years! LOL…It was love at first sight and we had three beautiful children (one a Scorpio…triple threat LOL)at any rate what did us in was the ever present Scorpio threat of overindulgence, it is indeed a Scorpian flaw and he had a great appetite for women and attracted them (without flirting in front of me)and took advantage of them, while insisting when he was caught that he only loved me…I believed him too until I just said enough. We were good together for a long time until we imploded and expired…sigh! He never forgave me for divorcing him and will not speak to me at all and it’s been 7 years! I’ve successfully moved on.

    I’ve always respected men who were upfront with me without being overbearing…like they could tell me how sexually attractive they were to me, but were quick to let me know they were well aware that they needed to invest in getting to know me before we got to that level. Of course I could tell if they were sincere and proceeded to seduce/extended foreplay them in my own good time! I’ve been loved and loved well!

  176. jen says:

    Alovely, The leo guy i know knows his limits. If there was an interested party he knows where to draw the line. He knows he can flrt with me cuz i was friends first with his wife. I know he loves her dearly. The men you truly have to worry about are the ones who don’t flirt a little.

  177. Cancer man says:

    Not even one answer to my honest question from ? I really can’t explain myself the fact about I wrote.

  178. Cancer man says:

    Not even one answer to my honest question from post no. 156? I really can’t explain myself the fact about I wrote.

  179. Alovely1 says:

    Cancer man, in regards to your question in post no. 156, it is my belief that this woman enjoys the deliciously miserable environment she has created for you to wallow in. It is a form of ego stroking for her to have you salivating over her every gesture, mode of dress and yes…the wearing of the jewelry you so lovingly bestowed upon her. She constantly dangles herself like a carrot you can never capture and she is sadistically enjoying cultivating your obsessive desires for her. You are powerless. There is only one way for you to be restored to sanity and that is through the spiritual realm. You must pray for God’s will to rule supreme in your life and over this situation. And God wants you to love and be loved not suffer in this most miserable of circumstance. I shall pray for you as well.

  180. Cancer man says:

    Your answer really amused me, I am smiling. She is the less challenging woman I ever knew, believe me. She does not dangles herself at all, I don’t like that type of females. She seems very quiet and pure and simple she don’t talk to anyone more than a few conventional words, she’s a taciturn. How could be a scorpion woman mysterious (this Scorpio woman seems very mysterious) if she dangles herself? Sorry, but most of the visitors just don’t understand that I am not a vulgar idiot, I am just deep in love (so I became a kind of idiot) with a very very special woman, not a vulgar one and she is a Scorpio young woman.

  181. Alovely1 says:

    To Cancer man, And there lies the mystique! It is not in the grand gestures that magnifies her allure but in the underlying messages she conveys with little or no verbal communication or action. Still that is not the point, you asked a question and I offered my suggested answer. You do not want to be saved if you insist on quibbling over semantic “dangling” so to speak.

    I did not suggest you to be vulgar; however, your feelings for her are, since they are not based on the normal way people develop friendships and subsequent intimate relationships. You are obsessed! And despite what you say, it is obvious she is quite aware of what it takes to keep you her captive(very little)and that makes her just as culpable as you, in a different way perhaps, but just as involved in the obsession.

    I pray you concentrate on the solution or you will find this vicious cycle of pleasurable pain will most inevitably veer off into the arc to your descent.

  182. Cancer man says:

    Yes, I think that now you are right.

  183. jen says:

    Alovely, You should be a writer. The new Ann Landers.

  184. Alovely1 says:

    From your mouth to God’s ears! LOL

  185. Sherry says:

    ur welcome jane!

    Alovely1, sumthin jus occured 2 me when i read ur comments. u kinda strike me as a teacher trying 2 discipline her fav pupil! (i know, my comparisions r weird). from d way u’ve been talking abt ur leo something jus feels off. i wonder if u realy love him. maybe ur jus acting a little detached in ur comments or maybe not.
    it was jus a thought… u seem 2 be holding back on him. things may end up messy if u really r.

  186. MR.E says:

    Cancer man, youre not in love. In love two people have shared feelings which are returned. You are in need of love thats not being returned, theres a difference.

    Every day that you waste on this is a day of your life youre not getting back.

    Youre going to die.

    But before you do, when you reach 70 or 80 and there are fewer days in front than behind,do you really want to look back on your life and know that you wasted it on this?

    If the answer is yes, im afraid youre on your own, and no amount of blogging or advice will ever help you

  187. Alovely1 says:


    You are not weird in your comparison and I am not ashamed to teach him something he never learned about respecting the woman he’s with. He has in fact taught me a few things too! LOL I have shared with him these posts and he is getting a real kick out of it. It has inspired some real heartfelt and even ego deflating discussion…but it’s all good, I am indeed a truth seeker and am courageous enough to delve deeper to bring us to a higher level of intimacy in our relationship. We really love each other very much and want to be the best we can be to each other, which is the objective.

    More to come!

    Thanks Jen for a helluva blog!!!

  188. Sherry says:

    if dats d case then cool! u have sumthin interestin going on…. have a good time, alovely1 😀

  189. Alovely1 says:

    Thanks Sherry. Will do!

  190. nipdoc says:

    I am deeply in love with a Scorpio woman that I have known a few weeks that I am willing to leave a 15 yr relationship (not marriage)that is simply not going anywhere. I simply cannot take my eyes off this Scorppio…and she has got me fantasizing about weddings,..and KIDS!!!..and I’m a paranoid ex-divorcee guy!!!

    This is the second time I have been put under a spell by a Scorpio. The first one i did not know how to handle. I am so glad i came across this one..i keep thanking GOD!! I am determined to not lose this one. Everything you said is so, so ACCURATE, it is scary.

    I dont know how to tell my Scorpio I have fallen in love with her….from the very first time i saw her.

  191. Val says:

    I came across this blog and I must say it was so interesting that I read the entire page! I am a scorpio woman and even though I can relate to much of the typical scorp personality traits, I’m not as scary as most scorpios, lol. For instance, I’m really not a vengeful person, preferring to just forgive and forget because getting revenge is too time consuming and emotionally exhausting. Then again, my rising sign is libra so I think that helps. However, I can be very possessive/jealous/obsessive, but only if I’m provoked or have good reason. My first true love was with a gemini and he cheated on me and hurt me deeply so I don’t really think I’ve ever been the same since. I am now married to a leo man with virgo rising and we have so many complications. He’s not as bad as he used to be, but he’s definitely an attention seeker which really annoys me. I suppose that is because I don’t feel that he gives me the attention I deserve so I feel a void and am not motivated to do for him what I want him to be doing for me. I also, before marriage, dated a scorpio male and we had a great relationship until he cheated on me with another scorpio female. Go figure, lol. Anyway, of course you can’t just put someone in a box based on their zodiac sign, but I do find it interesting that so many people fit their signs. That’s my two cents. =)

  192. jen says:

    nipdoc whats you’re sunsign?

  193. Alovely1 says:


    I am feeling what you are saying about your Leo male. This is my second relationship with a Leo male and I too find the attention seeking behavior annoying and disrespectful as well. While mine does give me attention, it’s usually when theres no one else around to keep him engaged or in the spotlight. I am learning to respect his socializing, yet that does not make up for the lack of attention to me…perhaps he thinks he no longer has to work for it? While we are committed to each other, I am pretty sure I will not marry him.

  194. lulu says:

    What does it mean when a guy tells you “you’re not bad looking” is that to be taken as an insult?

  195. Sherry says:

    take it as a compliment even if he meant it as an insult. u should be confident in who u r and comfortable in ur own skin. don’t let a single sentence disturb ur confidence.

  196. lulu says:

    sherry so you think he meant it as an insult?

  197. Sherry says:

    it depends on d guy’s character. if he’s d non-chalant type n yet good natured its most likely a compliment. but if he’s d arrogant jerk, its a insult! if its a guy who has difficulty appreciating others then it might be a compliment. but it also depends on d context 2. so i cant tell without more info on this guy n d conversation

  198. lulu says:

    Thanks Sherry. Actually he used to tell me guys were looking when i’d walk thru the lunchroom. And when i had an argument with him i brought it up because i told him I don’t need you to feel sorry for me. then when i called him and stated i no longer want to be on his team at work. he apologized for something else for hurting me. and said but your not bad looking. i just said goodbye. he was a pisces.

  199. lona says:

    Cancer man, let me give you a little attention you sure deserve it. You said she seems QUIET? PURE? SIMPLE? PURE my ASS!!!! What pure woman wears the jewelry that another man has given her? And she’s married!!!! You should look at that as a sign that she could not be trusted . I don’t care if she does not love him. The fact that she made a commitment to him in front of God, then wears another mans gifts? WHAT!!! Imagine you saw your wife wearing another mans gifts. I’d smack the b**** if I were a man. She is so disrespectful. Another thing you said she was simple? Not if she’s wearing all that dam jewelry every darn day lolol. Besides the only reason she’s wearing your jewelry is because she knows your going to love that. Hey maybe she wants you to give her a raise? If she works for you that is. You know what they say” I give you a raise you give me one”. Ok no one says that but I just made it up. And you also said she was quiet? Well God only knows what’s cookin in her head,they say to watch out for the quiet ones. Bottom line cancer man,none of us know exactly what is happening in your situation. And we can’t tell you what’s going to happen but from her actions she’s not as innocent as you may think. As I said before she knows exactly what she’s doing to you and it is not cute. Although her body may be.I’m starting to think you’re making this up, because how on earth can her husband not have a clue.HHHMMM my wife is wearing the same jewelry everyday and I didn’t buy it for her. My husband knows every pair of clothing I own and when I bought it, actually when he bought it. Crap I had a hair clip that didn’t belong to me and my husband freaked out saying ” who was over our house today?”I don’t know something just does not sound right.

  200. lulu says:

    iona what sunsign is your husband?

  201. Sherry says:

    hey lulu! dat guy is so sweet! it was definetly not an insult.

  202. Cancer man says:

    Thanks lona
    You said “Hey maybe she wants you to give her a raise?”. Believe me she refused all the raises I gave her in the last 12 monthes. What can I (and you) say? And about her husband, I don’t understand nothing (I met him several times), I think he’s an idiot (he’s a police man, the special forces; awww, but I am bigger and stronger than him, and better looking too). She is obssesed by his husband, that is sure. I don’t know what means that she is wearing only my jewelry, but that is true (of couse she is wearing the wedding ring too). There are some other things which make that relation a “mission impossible”, a very impossible one, but these are great secrets. Logicaly, I have no chance at all, emotionally I am deeply in love with a misterious scorpio woman with magic blue eyes, a very quiet and strange young woman. I read hundreds Zodiacs (sites and books) and I guarantee, 80-85 % the facts about Cancer men and Scorpio women are true.

  203. Cancer man says:

    The jewerly I gave her are not expensive, they are gold jewerly, but not expensive. The total value is less than one of her monthly gain. So, I think, that she wears them can means “I love you too, but that’s all, nothing more”. That’s why I asked the Scorpio girls to tell me what they are thinking, because I don’t know what can be in a Scorpio girl’s mind. She refused all the raises I intended to give her in the last 12 monthes, she pure and simple firmly refused the money(!). Of course, the story is more complicated, but I will not tell you everything; a Cancer man isn’t less secretive than a Scorpio and he will not put everything on the table, even in great anonnymous. The visible (in anonymous too)story is that: we two, a Scorpio young woman and a Cancer man, both good looking, are a team and we work very good together, with best results, we are just the bests. After two years (so, not from the beginnig), suddenly (or not) I felt in deep love with her, I just lost my minds and all my happiness. Now, after a year (during that year she get married), I am not more than two steps forward (I can admit she feels something for me, something good, but that is very unclear, very misty), but I can’t suppressed my feelings at all. Everyday, every second I love her, I want her and I WILL WIN HER! And you do you know why? Because Cancer man-Scorpio woman is a match Made in Heaven, and I feel that.

  204. lona says:

    Lulu I’m a scorpio woman and my husband is a bossy aries man. We never have a dull moment love being married to him, but its a bit difficult for me to be told what to do all the time. I boss him and he bosses me. My moon sign is cancer and his is scorpio…… There is more than the sun sign to be considered.

  205. lona says:

    Cancer man- come on!!!! A scorpio and cancer are pretty good together,but it could be even better with someone else also. Are you married? You said its more complicated? How? There is something in your story that doesn’t add up. Makes me think you’re making all this up. Your describing a woman that does not exist, maybe only in your mind.

  206. Cancer man says:

    Oh lona
    It’s more complicated than you can think and it’s very true, I swear. The Scorpio lady exists and now, it’s here, I can touch her, I can love her (but I can’t make love with her), I can look her pretty face for hours, it’s here. Like I said, it seems that all chances are against me, ALL, but I had before situations when all chances were against me and even so, finally I win the battle. It’s all about Cancer, a Cancer man just can’t be a loser. I am a Cancer man and an A-type male (a warrior and a winner) and the Scorpio lady it’s just the right price for me (of course, she’s not an object, but the expression were in a Zodiac). I WILL WIN!

  207. Sherry says:

    CANCER MAN! u r jus gonna ignore me, aren’t u? i tell u, MOVE ON! Wat u perceive her 2 b is VERY different from what she actually is. I can say this with certainity because u r d kinda person who is 2 clouded by emotions 2 see straight. Obsession(call it love if u insist) can damage a cancerian’s ability 2 practically analyze. Hell! Any1 can get damaged. d person u “love” exists in ur head. i doubt ur devil is anythin lik wat u imagine. love isn’t abt winning or losing, it isn’t abt mysteries or excitement. love is merely giving. love will come on its own once u find urself n love urself…

  208. Cancer man says:

    Sherry, why do you yell to me? I never said I’m not obsessed; yes, I am and I can’t cure that obsession. I just can’t cure that obsession. But that is an obsessed LOVE, like only a cancer can get. Listen to me it’s all about Zodiac, I can’t help, all is written in the stars.

  209. Sherry says:

    lol! looks like neither of us will ever accept d other person’s views…. let me tell u jus this 1 thing….. NEVER put all ur trust in d zodiac. it’s not d ultimate factor dat decides everythin. wat ultimately decides a person’s course/personality is dat person himself n others 2 some extent.
    n sure cancer n scorpio r compatible but wat makes u so sure dat she is d scorpio 4 u?

  210. trinity says:

    cancer man what is it that you want for this comment section . advice has already been given. nothing left to tell you.

  211. lona says:

    Girls!! Girls!!! Be nice to cancer man. The more we try to have him move on, the more he will get obsessed over her. So the best thing is just to let him feel what he’s feeling. He loves being obsessed over her.I felt that way before and it was the most exiting, horrible feeling. I never felt so alive. It was exiting, but also might of given me heart problems.lolol. Something will happen and that feeling will go away. Or will it?
    Cancer man- I was engaged to a cancer and he cheated…..believe me it was not heaven. People born under the same zodiac sign may have the same characteristics,but their experiences and other factors makes them who they are as people. A scorpio from U.S is diff than a scorpio from let’s say the middle east or Europe. Depends how they are raised up.I know why your in this site, you’ll be interested in anything that has to do with her.

  212. trinity says:

    iona you are a good person.

  213. Cancer man says:

    trinity is not a good person (to Cancer man)

  214. Cancer man says:

    lona you are wrong: we are all the same. I saw a picture of an afroamerican (a baseball player) born in the same day as me and I feel, just looking at the picture, I am just like him, I felt that. The cancer men are cheating too, they are no perfect, no saints, I have two divorced cancer men friends. But in 80 or even more percents the Zodiac says the true.

  215. lona says:

    Thank you reinity.

  216. lona says:

    Hahaahha you said “Trinity is not a good person ( to cancer man) o goodness you sound like your 10 yrs old. Mom trinity is not nice!!!!! Lololol I feel like baking you some cookies.

  217. Cancer man says:

    Thanks. I like cookies.

  218. trinity says:


  219. bob says:

    Did someone say scorpio women on top?

    Speaking of scorpio women, rather than, say, um, cancer man, there are other significant planetary factors that play into the scorpionness, even the expression of womanness, in an SW. Duh. When you know, for example, where her natal venus is, her natal mars, you’re going to get a LOT more information, nevermind houses and how her planets at birth relate to yours. The default to Intense Smoldering Maneater is easy, and popular, but not always the most accurate depiction. I’ve been around scorps with gemini influence; they can be darn chatty. (On the other hand, SW with Venus in Scorpio, you’re going to feel that coming through her pores. Unless you’re a brick. Add scorpio moon and you’re in a lot of deep, dark, powerful water; you’d better know how to swim AND hold your breath for a long time, ’cause there’ll be submersion. In fact, grow gills.)

    Seriously, go in naked. (Figuratively, btw.) She’ll notice your courage and respect it. That’s a fine start. Actions, more than words. You’re not trying to sweet-talk a gemini. She’ll note how you stand and sit; she will examine you up and down and sideways and inside-out, while she’s looking at you while you answer when she wonders out loud whether the Cobb salad is any good.

    Oh, last thing: don’t confuse SW with SG (Scorpio Girl); there’s a vast difference. SW has earned the W, rather than having just aged into it. Scorpio GIRLS will do things like…UM…well, they might wear the jewelry one man gives them in front of the man that’s there when they get home, for example. ‘Cause they can. Dangerous and reckless play still holds some fascination, like a brush fire. Then shit hits the fan and gets all over them and other people and it sucks, a lot, and they go off and start growing up. Much like boys and girls from the other signs except that there’ll likely be more blood involved. And all parties involved will never forget it.

    Alright, more coffee.

    Back to the Cancer Man Show.

  220. lona says:

    Hahahaha Bob- that was great!!!!!!

  221. Yeah I liked that comment too Bob 😉

    I’m a Scorp woman (I think I’ve finally earned it) with Gemini moon (makes me talkative and not as secretive as I probably should be) and Venus in Sagittarius (which saves me from being a Scorp! Makes me less vulnerable). You’re right… one must take the whole chart into account.

  222. … Plus I think Cancer Man has some kind of novel in the works here… Sounds like _Unbearable Lightness of Being_ or something.

  223. bob says:

    a lot of scorp is a lot of stuff. can be a blessing to have that tempered/filtered through air, earth or fire somewhere.

  224. Sherry says:

    rofl! hey bob, i really like dat comment…. appreciation d humour 😛

  225. Alovely1 says:


    You’ve definitely helped me take myself just a tiny bit less seriously…lol and THAT is saying a lot coming form this Scorpio Woman!

    You’re invited to come over for dinner at the lair anytime!

    And Cancer Man…we secretly love your being obsessed with a Scorpio Woman. In my Scorpio Girl days it was the goal (Obsession) with all my conquests…I am happy to say I’ve harnessed that power for the greater good of all involved (per Bob 2:19 “Then Shit hits the fan…” lol).

  226. Cancer man says:

    I’m still here…I’m thinking now…I’m bleeding now…I am still deep in love… troubled waters, very stormy troubled waters, nobody understand much, because they are unknown facts (they will remain unknown, that’s sure), but this is Love, and much more, Obesessed Love for a special young Scorpio woman. I am walking since a year on the edge of a very sharp blade, I am just bleeding and nobody (but her) knows and the bleeding fact MUST be unknown. I am dancing with blind eyes (the mind eyes) on the edge of a very sharp blade, I am crying since a year and never laughing. I am a Cancer Man in love.

  227. trinity says:

    You and you only cancer man have the power to change that. I’ts up to you to make your choices. Only you can help yourself.

  228. GorgeousScorp says:

    Where else would anyone rather be than in this blog – lol.

    Let me tell you a story…
    I’m a scorpio woman, 34, never married, career woman, live in the best country on earth, had a scorpio lover, god he was good, intelligent, witty, passionate, but he fell in love with me too quick, it spooked me and ended our sexy friendship. Then I moved house, had an Aquarian boyfriend, thought he was the one, he was committed, loving, sexy, funny, social, fell madly for me and I fell madly for him, we were the love of each others lives, but he was not as deep as me, and it showed when his parents said choose us or the non-christian girl! The love still exists, but he is an acquarius so you know how it ended. Not long after, my next door neigbour – tall, gorgeous, sexy Leo came to my door, asked if I needed anything done around the house. All cheeky and smelling freshly showered at 3pm on a sunday arvo, I was immediately amused by his ego, he asked why I had not come to see him since moving in, “most women do”… I thought hmmm, thats a man I want – how can I have him!. I asked him to fix something on my car the following day, invited him in for tea, he said he didn’t want me to go to any trouble, I said ok and goodbye. He came over a few days later just to drop by, we chatted about the weather for a while, then he pushed me up against the bench and kissed me madly with hands tangled in my hair, his body against me giving me no escape, not that I wanted to. … I lost my breath and almost fainted from the passion, then he said he had to go. ….. yes, that’s how a scoprio woman works… stay tuned. …

  229. Sherry says:

    WOAH! this page keeps gettin interestin!!! GorgeousScorp, dats quite a bumpy ride!!! good luck with ur leo! 🙂

    Damn! i wish i had a story 2 tell. i wish i could say dat i was in love….. but i’m only 18 yrs old n d only stories i have r dat of a few mentally disturbed guys (no exaggeration) dat have fallen 4 me. 😦

  230. Alovely1 says:

    Give it time Sherry! LOL…Keep reading and learning!

    GorgeousScorp, I am waiting with baited breath for your next excerpt!!! Love it!

    Ahh…the advantages of being Scorpio Women, we do seem to attract the most adventurous and passionate men!

  231. GorgeousScorp says:

    Sherry, you’ve got lots of adventures to come… enjoy the bumpy’-ness’… you don’t know it yet but you’ll almost always control it.

    Thanks Alovely1… just wait, it gets so much better… the next excerpt involves more work on my car, lusty text msg’s, english breakfast tea, a bikini wax and little slap on the bottom.

  232. trinity says:

    BIT OF TRIVIA mackenzie phillips is a scorpio.

  233. lona says:

    GorgeousScorp- that was HOT!!!!!!! it reminds me of when my husband and I first met. He was so respectful and tried not to get too intimate till we married,that made me want him more. One nite I was teasing him and doing my little but effective moves. And still he was his shy self and would try to just talk. As I was about to leave his place I see him grabbing me and slamming me against the wall!!!! He kissed me, and that was our first kiss. I can still feel it right now. I couldn’t move I had no control over any parts of my body,my eyes were closed and I don’t even know if my arms were around him. I could not feel his body or mine I was floating,but then my legs became so weak that I started to slide down. And yes I felt like crying for some reason. That’s when I came back to reality. it was then I said to myself This lucky man is going to be mine.I’ve never expressed how I felt that day, afraid he might of not felt the same. After we marrid he said”when I first saw you, I knew I was going to make you my wife whether you liked it or not”.” And when I first kissed you I knew I could not be separated from you, felt like I was so thirsty and you were water”…… He than described how his body and soul were not connected,and when the kiss was over he was afraid to let me go.he said I felt like I belonged to him and was part of his body. The funny thing is that every time we argue he and I always remember that kiss and its like a drug, you keep kissing hopping to have that outer body experience that you felt the first use. Thank you o God for every day of our lives.

  234. Sherry says:

    @ alovely1, gorgeousscorp:
    thanks… i’m looking forward 2 it 😛

  235. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Omg! I love this blog on Scorps. Don ‘t hate me for letting loose! I’ve never been attached/attacked? by a Scorpio before. This will be all my 12 step meetings at once! lol.

    I met a gorgeous tall stunning blond athletic Scorp girl. She said later she saw me the minute I walked in (and thought no chance) and I her. Though we both were a bit shy, both camps pushed us together and she came home with me that night. She didnt talk but she wasnt shy about coming with me so her dauntless/shy thing was a trip. Id been up three days by then (broken alarm in building) and was beyond holding a thought except this adorable girl is between me and sleep. From the kiss we landed in bed and im not sure if we levitated or who threw who. But i never saw her perfect body since her stunning blue eyes NEVER LEFT MINE the entire time. Her lips are from a portrait and I’d say it was MORE kissing with love making tossed in between. Our lips were swollen the next day. And that is so not me but I had to “kiss” her every minute. She’s 24. I woke to her watching me sleep and stroking my arm. How long had I been sleeping I said feeling sorry I left her momentarily unguarded in a strange town and strange place. 30 minutes. When I pulled the covers back she came to me in this graceful perfect movement that aligned her body with mine so effortlessly. Magically.
    She said her last relationship ended a month ago and was a year and a half but she hadnt had sex in a year and only been with x people her whole life. (tiny number).

    She flew out that day and pursued me relentlessly in a charming and sweet email text deluge of sharing and flattery. What I thought was a perfect one night stand was now so suddenly this …. surprise. Smart, articulate, passionate, competitive, effective, witty. I never saw it coming. Charming and unrelenting for weeks, photos sent etc. I could never have imagined someone could make you feel they were with you every moment from so far away.
    She posts online for the world she loves someone you know who you are and tells me she doesn’t want to be with anyone else and wants to be monogomous though she knows she cant expect me to after just one night.
    She pursues that until I say well, Im enjoying this, I have so much on my plate, so I really dont see me being with anyone else.
    Then she calls at midnight from another country and I have friends over so seeing its her I pickup (where I normally wouldnt) With people on the sofa with me the excitement register is down maybe a discreet tick cause no one knows about her yet since its weeks old. I hear her react immediately. Are you ok? Yes yes, I just have so and so right here. Can I call you in 10 right back? theyre just leaving.
    It changed from that. She was gone 5 weeks. Though she had called me with her cell number in country she was in the call before – she never picked up and ignored my couple tries. My gut said, she was feeling love and that little change scared her since her heart had been broken each time before.

    So I let it go. But was surprised how devastated I was though didnt let on to anyone. After five weeks she’s back online and starts with the endearments though no explanation or apology. I dont ask. But in a phone call from her buried among meaningless dialogue is this tiny when are you coming here. When I couldnt get a away let me know she was going to hook up with someone though they hadnt yet. I figure friends is fine and she can rebound with someone else though I dont say it about the rebound thing. All this time she’s pulling away–because she’s afraid is my guess– but never going away.
    9 months later. Ive been her friend this whole time cause what can I do until i can leave? I have others but they aren’t her and while Im careful to be a friend and not talk about that, she shoves the other person in my face–who doesnt remotely intimidate me. Like see I have someone.
    So while I let her have her rebound and i sort my life out to be a better place (and to allow travel) she suddenly…stings me?

    I think she misses me. But we aren’t flirty while online since she is being loyal i guess to her dating person. Then she says, out of no where mind you “one nighter.” I said what? Youve been emailing and texting me 8 months. Hardly a one nighter. Then next thing is “I cant help it if Ive moved on from a one nighter” (her only one btw). I said “maybe you have and maybe you haven’t. Water seeks its own level.” There is an age difference and to me this is acting out. Im afraid if Scorpios are as psychic as you all say, she knows what I know and that we’re soulmates but the timing sucks.

    I think a week or two together would confirm it. And she could lose this weird energy and settle into how well we go together. Especially when friends was fine for now. But then she adds everything I ever said to you was a lie. And I’m thinking, well, you sure still are online to me.
    But im not a doormat and not alone, though she is always on my mind. Then said look, no one hit on you, what’s your problem. I’ve only been nice to you. You don’t get to talk to me that way. So whatever your issue is, it isn’t mine. And the fact that you were a liar doesn’t make me a fool, I was your friend. It just makes you not honest.”

    of course the bottom line is we already slept together. So why tell pretty lies after the fact. Scorps puhleez weigh in here.

    Confused? me thinks. But wow. whats with the unprovoked meanness. i’m guessing the rebound is ending.

    Bottom line. She has a timeout from me. I can get there in a few months. Are they always this complicated? how about using the time to get to know each other and plan seeing each other. Im vgl, successful (but had to wait for a really long interview process) She’s had her heart broken the few times she gave it. She’s young. But worth it?!?

    What is it about you Scorpios….I’ve had my pick of women but never been so….hypnotized. Snap your fingers or … tell me she’s worth a little messiness at the start.

    Feels like one step forward two back. But you scorps….I am completely smitten. But am playing it cool…need advice. No one else looks good to me. Could soul mates ever have such a rocky start.

    (I promise to keep future posts miniscule). Thanks for feedback!

  236. Alovely1 says:


    Thanks for the trivia…not a surprise though!

    We must stay ever vigilant over our indulgences err…uh…passions. We can easily succumb to addictive behaviors that may work and feel good at the beginning, but due to our all or nothing emotions, we can “do” our new person, place or thing to excess.

    The advantage for us as Scorpio Women is the innate ability to willfully redirect our energy and recreate ourselves from the ashes of addictive obsessive destruction.

    Mackenzie Phillips is truly a Phoenix!

  237. Alovely1 says:

    What’s going on adorable Jessica? missing your commentary…stop by and check on your cheeky flock! LOL

  238. @ALovely1, I’m working PT, teaching 2 classes and taking 5 classes in my master’s program, so I’m pretty busy. I also have a new lover (an Aries; Cap moon, Leo rising, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries) & I’m in devouring-mode.

  239. trinity says:

    alovely1, Good comments. I have always felt kind of sorry for mackenzie phillips. Now i see her as a brave and strong woman.

  240. lona says:

    Jessica, good pick. You will love being with an aries. You’re going to wonder how on earth you have lived without him. Wish you luck. Try to let him take the lead, aries need that. And sometimes they have tantrums, as if they’re 2 year olds.

  241. Alovely1 says:

    ROFL..Well thank you for the update Jessica!

    Tell that Aries man that massive doses of B-12 will be needed, and a couple of quarts of V-8 juice to hasten his recovery between sessions ain’t a bad idea!

    Enjoy Jessica enjoy!

  242. @lona Thanks– I have a few close Aries friends and my mom is an Aries, so I have some experience with them, but had never considered dating one (my kryptonite is Scorp men). … So far he’s living up to the Aries reputation of being hard-headed, intense, loyal, sensitive, and sexually insatiable (@Alovely1 😉 ) but we’ll see how it goes on the “control” front, b/c I hate feeling like I’m being controlled, and Aries like to be in control. We shall see… I do like his loyalty and our ability to communicate well.

    He totally obeyed (unwittingly, I think– I don’t think he reads my blog) the How to Win a Scorpio Woman (when she hasn’t noticed you yet) rules… We’ve known each other for over a year, he asked me out a few times about 5 months ago and I rejected him every time (but the relentless invitations did make me notice that he existed), he backed off and thought about whether he could be with me, and then eventually I turned around, he put everything on the line, and now we’re together. Seems like I unwittingly played hard-to-get (not usually my forte, because if I want something I try to get it), which is apparently what Aries men like.

  243. bob says:

    alright, FOUR! mackenzie phillips references. nothing against her rising through the ashes (with a stop at planet Oprah) but i submit there may be a better face to apply to Scorpio Woman. like joni mitchell. or marie antoinette.


  244. Totally. Like Alice Notley, one of the best poets of our time.

  245. bob says:

    “strong as the violets in marlon brando’s fist…”

    i like that.

    b. 8 november 1945. “born in bisbee, arizona, and grew up in needles, california.”

    needles. wow. talk about a blade of grass poking through asphalt. quite a bio. now i’m curioser.

    and speaking from experience, good luck with the ram.

  246. Sherry says:

    hey almostmyscorp!!!
    wow! dat was 1 long comment. n interestin 2. 🙂
    let’s start with d warnings, shall we? it seems u got a witty but not necessarily wise scorp. dats definite trouble. n while u might be hypnotized rite now…., jus remember dat when initial excitement dies down a bit…., u’ll get 2 see her other sides(faces or wat ever) dat u may or may not lik. if u have a scorp 4 a lover u’ll always feel her intense passion. dat isn’t always a good thing.
    now! abt her “unprovoked meaness”…., i think u got it all wrong. she jus wants 2 know if u felt as intensely for her as she did 4 u. i’m guessin she doesn’t want 2 give herself completely 2 a man who hasn’t fallen madly in love with her. so your tryin 2 b friends jus confirmed her theory dat u aren’t into her.
    so thanks 2 all of dat, she feels stupid and covers it up by ‘stingin’ u…. wat u need in clear communication not one-liners. she’s pretty immature. so if u want her, u’ll have 2 take d initiative.
    good luck
    btw, since i dont know all d details, my comment is only 85% reliable. 🙂

  247. trinity says:

    hey almostmyscorp, which water sign are you?

  248. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Hi Sherry, (shout out to trinity at bottom)
    Thanks for that! I think you are right about all of it. Almostmyscorp got online in the last week and kept saying hi until I thought ok, she’s trying (for a scorp…you guys dont apologize right?) come to find out her “sting” was while the other was ending. Though she is so careful to be guarded…she wanted to be back on my facebook etc. I dont know if it matters, but after she stung me, I basically wrote her off (in a letter for being unkind) but added in the end no matter who Im with, she is always on my mind because I know I should be with her, that we should be together. And if my finances were different I would have already come and got her.

    So from a Scorp perpective (I ignored her for two months and gave in when she came round) do you guys use that knowledge to use and manipulate or to be secure with now this person has liked me for coming on a year and our circumstances are all that have stopped it. But she is so guarded and gorgeous. I mean is she working someone in each corner. She travels for a living. you scorps it seems you need to know you have us (to feel safe?) but not have us be a doormat.
    ps I should have the big job in a few weeks. im a soft aries (believe it). Not very stereotypical on the control front but yes everything else. I really cant let her lead anyway cause shes 24 and soooo emotional. a late bloomer to boot. emotionally very immature. but i think if i can hang on, maybe this girl will be quite a “woman” one day.
    my april 18, i dont know my water sign. born 8 am?
    and thanks so much.

  249. Sherry says:

    hey almostmyscorp!

    good luck wit dat scorp of urs. n jus so u know, most scorps wanna know abt d other person’s feelings not cuz they wanna feel safe but cuz they jus want 2 make sure they’ll get a 100% or MORE from u. they yearn 4 passion n if d other person has none(or little) 2 offer then he/she might as well be a vegetable. u can b sure dat when a scorp loves u, she’ll give u her ALL! it’ll REALLY hurt her pride if she thinks her lover doesn’t do d same.

    hey trinity! wat do u mean “water sign”?

  250. Electra says:

    Hi there!
    I was reading this thread from the beggining and now I can’t wait for further developments… I feel like antecipating a much expected episode of my favourite series. LOL

  251. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Well, I think we match up on the love – passion thing straight up (if the first night was any indication….)she called it amazing sex and was pretty obsessed about it in the weeks following.

    Recent online …She says she’s “broken” isn’t going to do love and just focus on family and friends (well who exactly is asking-not me…lol)

    I told her I might be out there and she says when but then acts like she doesnt care. MY gosh this cool act is nuts. So I guess I’ll just go there and attack her when we get back to my room.

    At least THAT will be a conversation i can understand! 😉

    So are scorps… honest?> Or is all this the hard exterior to cover the mushy heart!!? So Sherry to answer you, I think she knows I’m on board but she’s so heartbroken over past loves….

  252. lona says:

    AlmostMyscorp. I believe she will be yours. Aries tend to say what they feel,and what they think.I’m married to an aries, so I know from experience. You just be you, even though she might not be an open book, you should be. That will make her comfortable to open up to you.we love honesty and you aries man tend to say it like it is. O and the sex will only get better. For some reason aries and scorpios never have a dull moment. So sex will always feel like its something different every time. And put your boxing gloves on there will be many argument, but boy!!! There will be great makeup sex!!!! I think personally I pick fights for that reason. Ooo and there is 10yrs diff between me and my husband. I’m 26 he’s 36. aries look young, and have a child like quality. Besides woman age faster than men. And I don’t want him going with a younger chick when I’m forty ; ).

  253. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Iona you rock! Lol.
    One thing I was considering…while it isn’t to late to run 😉 is the arguing thing. I came from that kind of home and have “never” had an argument with a lover. So she’s already stunned me with the picking a fight thing. She kinda tiptoes back and but you say its kinda a scorp nature to do that. I noticed she’s big on the trying to make me jealous thing too…so gorgeous. Whats to be insecure about? And does the drama part go away with age??

  254. lona says:

    AlmostMyscorp- let me tell you a few stories of ( Aries) men and (scorpio) woman. My mother (scorpio) at age 15 was jumping rope and walking father( aries) 25yrs old was walking towards her and got hit by her rope. He said” your rope hit my face” she said ” what business does your face have near my rope. Ever since that day till the day he died they were inseparable I know some of you reading this think that’s child molestation 15yr old and 25 year old, but this was in a diff country and my mother was wise beyond her years. They argued as much as they loved, but not physically. What I remember is that they were like soldiers in the same team, best friends, and their bed room was always off limits to us kids. Gee I wonder why? Darn freaks!!! And about jealousy,one time a fly landed on my mothers shoulder and he would say “that fly better not be male”.lolol then my mom would hug and kiss him. She loved when he would become jelous.I think us scorpios think jealousy means love. After my father passed she got remarried to an arie 5 yrs later.
    My husband met me while I was flirting around, and 2 weeks later said to me ” when we get married and we will, all this flirting has to stop”. I told him its none of his business what I do and at the same time turned on that he got jealous. And a little scared that he was so sure he was going to make me his wife. And here we are married,best friends,both fighters,and have a beautiful daughter. Fighting as much as we are loving, and doing it with passion.oooo and I love to see him get jealous for some reason,but boy I gatta tell you I get jealous if someone makes him laugh harder than I do, it could be his sister for all I care. All I know I want him to want me and only me.

  255. AlmostMyScorp says:

    What great stories! I enjoyed both. Well, we’ll see now that as of today, I “think” I may have the job that will fly me for a visit. Either way, I will say I had two weeks planned and see if I can make it happen. I dont see her single long. She’s needy that way. Always has to have someone. Maybe just to pass the time 😉

    Funny, I added a woman friend to facebook and right away she added some guy. SO TRANSPARENT. Its exhausting. But maybe she’ll give up the fight and just enjoy love. With me, someone. Hard to protect yourself and hug someone at the same time as the saying goes…..

  256. Sherry says:

    I NEED ADVICE! how do i get rid of a needy, clingy, immature scorpio guy…., without breakin him down?
    al this was my fault, i shouldn’t have helped him in d beginning. now he thinks our friendship is special. he gets jealous if i talk 2 other ppl more. he gets upset n even cries if i dont do as he wishes. gives me d silent treatment whenever dat happens, which is almost every day! at first i was really nice 2 him, now he’s jus gettin on my nerves. he says he’s jus a frnd but acts so much lik sum psycho, jealous, possesive boyfriend.
    i tried breakin this “friendship” off THRICE already!!! first time he almost broke down, second time he gave abt 40 missed calls in a night n d third time, he followed me everywhere at colg begging me 2 b frnds again.
    he grabs my arm, pokes me, pleads, yells n finally i give in. all i want is sum peace of mind. i can’t have dat if i talk 2 him(cuz he has a problem wit everythin i do) n there’s no peace if i don’t talk either(cuz dats when he turns into super-stalker)
    help me out. i’m so frustrated i can’t see straight anymore. my mind is clouded. can think of anythin dat might help.

  257. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Get a faux boyfriend. fast. that’s all that will work! LOL

  258. Sherry says:

    lol! dat sure cheered me up!!! thanx, man!! 😀

  259. bob says:

    “how do i get rid of a needy, clingy, immature scorpio guy without breakin him down?”

    you don’t. break him down. with the truth. you’re telling him to let him know, NOT to open a dialogue about it. you’ve come to your conclusion, you don’t need him to validate it. his behavior is unacceptable and he needs to be snapped out of it. with the cold hard “i don’t want you” truth. it’ll set him free (if not right away). you give him rope, he thinks there’s hope. that you give in to his little boy behavior indicates to him that there’s possibility. tell him there isn’t. don’t sugarcoat it, he’ll smell the bullshit and that’s an ingredient you don’t want to add. organize your thoughts. put them on paper. make it your statement. mean it. (if you don’t mean it, quit effing around.) you do not need him to agree with your assessment. he’s welcome to his point of view, but it’s his and doesn’t align with yours. that’s how it goes sometimes. real life. ouch. he’ll get over it and the experience will hopefully rid him of some of the baby-ness. be truthful, factual. don’t make shit up. just put it out there for him to chew and swallow. MAKE VERY CLEAR you will not tolerate being pestered. further antics may even be perceived as threatening. (a fair synopsis if you’re letting him know and he’s not accepting it.) it’s time for a part of him to die. you’ll be helping him by dealing with him on the up and up. if he can’t handle the truth, here’s his chance to start learning. if he “still wants to be friends,” you might let him know he’s not showing much sign of being able to do that. the truth draws blood but makes for a clean cut that heals much better.

    – a scorp

  260. trinity says:

    sherry, Just be gross. Buy some midnight pasture perfume at a joke store. it stinks bad. eat garlic or onions. tell him you think you might be gay. also ask stupid. these things should turn him off. tell him you plan to be celibate for the next 10 years.

  261. trinity says:

    meant to put act stupid .

  262. Sherry says:

    hey bob!
    thanx 4 dat. dats wat i’ve been thinking 2… though i’m not quite ready 2 act on it yet!

    don’t get me wrong, i’m not tryin 2 not hurt his feelings or anythin. d problem is…, he’s unstable. he can get pretty violent once his emotions control him. and i’m quite sure once he starts hating me, he try his best 2 bring me down. i already have enough problems n i dont want 2 make things worse 4 myself.

    i know things will get worse anyway, but before i take any action i wanna know if there’s a cleaner way out. n i don’t sugarcoat things. i’ve told him d truth. i said, “we don’t get along. before i start 2 hate u, u might wanna back off.” dat day, i had difficulty getting home. he kept blocking my path, grabbin my arm. next day, he was lik a parrot stuck 2 me, repeating pleas, pokin me, pinchin me, stoppin me from working OVER N OVER N OVER N OVER AGAIN. i tot i was gonna go insane!!! i gave in.

    its almost funny…. i told him dat i blocked his no because he was irritating. he almost got violent, cried a little, then said, ” even though u act lik a bitch, i’ll forgive u. ur frndshp means dat much 2 me. pls stop this. lets b frnds lik before”.

    so, bob, is there a cleaner way out?

    urs in an amusing idea though not really appealin. LOL! anyway, he’ll jus see through it all.

  263. Sherry, I would normally agree with Bob on this one, but it sounds like this person is pretty unstable and potentially dangerous. If you’re saying “no” like you mean it and he’s not respecting that, then it might be time for legal action. No kidding.

  264. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Well, AlmostMyScorp is back but as soon as she has herself back on my facebook (oh i want to send you something) of course she doesn’t. Then it’s like she has access again but there’s no real interaction. So I end up feeling like an ass. Like what is the point. Yes I know youre “broken” but thats what getting with someone for the moment who is also insecure and needy does for you. So today – we have no plans to see each other. No effort is being made but she’s “monitoring” me on facebook and I know if I kill her off again, she’ll be you know…a scorpio. We were online and her next trip is amsterdam and i said did you know thats one of the best places to live and her answer? It certainly has the “hottest” people. I felt like saying **ck you. Ok, my job is delayed so Im not going to get there anytime soon. And now after ordering a gift for her Nov 1 birthday that is what she says to me online.

    worth it?!?

  265. bob says:

    what jessica said. if he’s putting his hands on you and blocking your way, etc., he’s crossed the line. RED FLAG and WHOOPING ALARM. pay attention.

  266. lona says:

    Sherry-what I usually did is if I’m not interested in a certain person,and they are stalking me like that? What I use to do is make it seem like they messed up the chance for us to be together. Don’t act stupid or be the bad guy. Let him mess up. Have one of your girl friends talk to him or take him out, he will probably accept the invitation. Thinking he’ll be talking to her about you. He will do whatever it takes if it has to do with you. Than have her flirt with him and give him a kiss by the end of the night. And then pretend that you’re upset and let him feel as if he rewind the chances of you two being romantically involved. That way he will not have any right to force you to be with him. He will feel guilty. Well worked for me everytime.lolol when I wanted to get rid of men I just said a lot of good things to my friends about the guy and vice versa. Yea yea I can be a evil scorpio. Or just do what was said up top and say that you will call the authorities if he does not stop.that will really put an end to his madness, and quick.

  267. bob says:

    when i really wanna get out of a situation i close my eyes and click my heels together three times. but maybe it’s just the shoes.

  268. trinity says:

    My scorpio stalker left me alone after a whole year once he saw me playing tennis with a guy and he asked if he could talk to me when i went to get water i said leave me alone. 9sorry no punctuation i’m lazy. Thats all it took was him to see me with a guy. My first boyfriend actually.

  269. Sherry says:

    errr…. guys, he’s not looking 4 romance. this messed up guy is also afraid of loving anyone. unlike d typical scorp, this one’s got NO CONFIDENCE in himself. plus, he knows only 2 well dat i cud never ever fall 4 him. if he really is into me, chances r he doesn’t know it or he’s in denial abt it.

    n abt takin legal action, i dunno. he hasn’t been violent wit me yet. he’s afraid to. there’s no proof for anythin. every1 pities him cuz i act so coldly. n he’s quite a cheerfull guy on d surface…..

    bob, i think i’d REALLY, REALLY, REALLY lik those shoes. 😛

  270. bob says:

    actually, i’d suggest some steel-toed boots.

  271. bob says:

    and mace.

  272. trinity says:

    sherry, set him up with a nice pisces girl.

  273. Sherry says:

    lol! u guys r crazy!! 😀 anyway, things r lookin up now. i now know a bit of how his mind works. so i kinda know wat little things 2 do or say 2 keep him at a distance. i dunno how long i can keep this up though. wish me luck….

    hey, i got sum ques 4 ya! if u didn’t know she was a scorp, wat wud u have done? if u didn’t know d stuf written n this blog, wat wud have been ur get-d-gal strategy? if u didn’t know…., wud u think she’s worth it?

  274. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Sherry (and Iona after),

    To answer your question,the fact we haven’t had the time to spend together is what has me overriding my Aries-get me another-incination. Plus she was so overwhelming…I just get that the distance made her feel it was hopeless and since she had no way of knowing I would have normally raced across an ocean for her sans the economy meltdown.And I guess I’d rather be with her again in person to see If the same vibe continues to exist in the flesh. Online is so…Plus she loves hard and I didn’t want to be the rebound.if it works it will work big. And besides Iona blew me away re the aries scorp stuff. Like she nailed it all the way down to sign up to be aggrivated and poked lol. You all rock!

  275. lona says:

    Bob- I crack up when I read your comments. I just can imagine you saying the funniest things and keeping a strait face.

  276. bob says:


    The Scorpio Woman

    There are two keywords you should remember about the Scorpio woman: depth – meaning that hers is a subtle, complex, and never obvious temperament, and will – meaning that this woman is not about to bow her head to anyone or anything, unless it’s temporarily necessary to achieve an end. You might also keep in mind other Scorpio qualities: the famous possessiveness, intensity, pride, loyalty. No Scorpio is either easy to understand, or easy to live with; but then, if you wanted something light and frothy and unobtrusive, you’d be with someone else, wouldn’t you?

    Let’s consider the business of depth. Scorpio is a sign which never takes a superficial view of life; it’s almost impossible for the Scorpio woman to accept something at face value. This can span a pretty broad range, from the caricature Scorpio who, when you say ‘Good morning’, wonders exactly what you mean by it, to the Scorpio whose motivation and deepest need is to understand – both herself and the people around her.

    In short, this is a woman who expects something more from a relationship than surface tokens. Love, to Scorpio, is more than demonstrations of affections or security or sexual gratification, or even intellectual camaraderie. It’s a bond which – hopefully, from her point of view – touches the soul, and means no secrets. No secrets doesn’t mean the superficial way of interpreting it either, like where were you at five o’clock on Thursday afternoon. It means that she expects honesty of character. Scorpio, being a water sign, has a lot of compassion, which usually comes from her own propensity to torment herself. The Scorpio woman is probably more capable than any other of both understanding and accepting human weaknesses and human darkness. She’s not afraid of ugliness, internal or external, because to Scorpio dark and light make life interesting.

    What she can’t stand is the hypocrite, the person who lives in pretense. If you need your masks and your props, stay away from this woman, because that x-ray eye will see through the lot; and she won’t stop at seeing, either. There’s a strong tendency to try to remake others in Scorpio, and the Scorpio woman will often take it upon herself, consciously or unconsciously, to help transform you – especially if you’ve got a lot to hide. Unfortunately for her, there are a great many men roaming the world to whom the idea of being emotionally honest, or straightforward in revealing their own motives, is absolute horror.

    Not that that’s such a reprehensible thing. It isn’t easy to face the mirror, not to the degree Scorpio thinks you should face it. But this is the one area where the Scorpio woman shows her intolerance. She can accept anything in anybody except what she considers to be weakness of character – that is, the person who hasn’t the strength to face himself. And she can be pretty scornful, and pretty scathing, if she feels let down.

    That propensity for depth is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it makes her a rare woman, because she’s capable of not only seeing but also sharing your pain and your dreams and your burdens; and her enormous strength of will and loyalty are unshakeable even when yours are flagging a little. But her expectations are high; and it isn’t easy to live up to them. Basically, she expects that you, like her, should want to be constantly engaged in the great alchemical work of transformation, nothing less. If you happen to prefer sailing and cowboy films to introspection, you might have to explain yourself. Your only chance is in convincing her of the justice of your rights to be yourself. Justice is a thing the Scorpio woman understands. Her sense of justice is so keen and so sensitive and it’s virtually inflexible. If she thinks you’re in the right, then she’s capable of sacrificing completely her own desires and opinions. If she thinks you’re in the wrong, and you don’t apologize or change your viewpoint, she’ll retaliate.

    Let’s talk about retaliation, since, if you’re involved with a Scorpio, you’ll have to get used to the concept. Scorpio’s sense of justice, as we mentioned, is pretty acute. It isn’t an intellectually based judgmental faculty like Libra’s either; it’s a powerful, gut-level, emotional reaction to any situation where she feels she’s been abused and treated wrongly. This can range from being rejected or insulted – which in the case of the more paranoid Scorpio may mean an imaginary rejection or insult – to betrayal. Betrayal is perhaps the thing she hates and fears the most. And if she feels betrayed, she’s more likely to strike back than to turn the other cheek. Nice Christian patience and mildness are not, repeat not, qualities which you should be trying to find in Scorpio. It’s good basic, primitive stuff – eye for an eye, and all that. Never maliciously, or with cruelty. Just enough to teach you a lesson.

    Does it sound a little hair-raising? Well, it depends on how you look at it. The Scorpio woman’s feelings run deep and intense, and she doesn’t like them to be taken lightly. She’s hurt easily because of this intensity and sensitivity, although she can’t really be hurt by people in general – only those few she really cares about. Scorpio is extremely selective in love and friendship. Everybody else can go to hell. She isn’t intimidated by either public disapproval or snide comments or gossip behind her back. Only from those people who she loves and respects can a criticism or a rejection wound. But then it really wounds. And whether you argue philosophically about the rightness or wrongness of it, that’s her stance. Injure her and she’ll injure you back, if at all possible. Unless, of course, you did it accidentally. Then she’ll forget about it immediately, because that isn’t the same thing.

    Scorpio has a long memory for both good and ill. Help her, show her encouragement, and she’ll always remember it. Betray her and she’ll never trust again. In fact, very likely she doesn’t really trust you in the first place, or anybody for that matter, because her sensitive and virtually psychic perception of human character tells her that nobody, is really a saint. She’s always on her guard, against life and against the shadowy side of others, and against the more convoluted fears and desires in herself. It takes a long time before Scorpio settles into a relationship. She may seem to. But she’ll watch for a long time to make sure that you’re what you say you are.

    Of what use, you may well ask, is this kind of hypersensitivity? Why not just go out and enjoy life and take the bitter with the sweet? Fine if you’re a Sagittarian or a Gemini, but not if you’re a Scorpio. And the use of it – if ‘use’ is the word we want – is that spending any time with a Scorpio teaches you to be more aware. Aware of yourself, aware of your motives, aware of your own needs, aware of what drives others, aware of the whole invisible realm of the psyche which we ordinarily, in our extroverted blundering western culture, overlook. Why be aware? Well, if you aren’t, then you get nasty things happening – like inadvertently being hurtful and destructive to other people and yourself, and on a broader, collective level, being destructive to all cultural groups and societies. If we all had Scorpio’s insight, we very likely wouldn’t have much in the way of human cruelty, because we’d catch it first in ourselves.

    But for this kind of depth the Scorpio woman pays a price; and the price is that it’s hard for her to be frivolous and carefree. Here she needs the help of a partner, and a lot of tenderness and understanding. She’ll always have secrets; all Scorpios do. But to watch Scorpio come out of its tangled brooding into a little sunshine is a lovely thing to watch, because then the real warmth and generosity of the element of water is available to other people.

    There was that other word, will. It’s wise to remember, in dealings with Scorpios of either sex, that you ask, rather than order. This is important to remember if you have a Scorpio child; if you have a Scorpio employee; and if you have a Scorpio woman as well, because (a gentle reminder) the two planetary rulers of Scorpio are Pluto, lord of the underworld, and Mars, god of war.

    Not that Scorpio isn’t a feminine sign. Remember Mata Hari? She was a classic Scorpio. There’s a mysterious and often fascinating quality about Scorpio women; they often exude a sensuality and a thinly veiled and lightly controlled passion which can be intensely magnetic. They also often inspire fear and mistrust, because you’re never quite sure what’s going on behind those eyes. But those two powerful planetary rulers point out that, along with the intensely female quality of the sign, there’s also a lot of fire and a lot of courage and a lot of pride. Don’t try to crush the pride. You’ll get almightily stung if you do. Scorpio demands respect, and this applies to the Scorpio woman as well as the Scorpio man. She’s a person unto herself, not anybody’s mate, servant, or property. If allowed to offer herself freely, she’s capable of devoting her life. But if you demand or take for granted, you’ll meet either with a cold, frosty glare and a deliberate reverse of what you ask for, or you’ll suddenly get a screaming, ranting Valkyrie running at you with a spear.

    She can be temperamental.

    The Scorpio woman needs an arena where she can release the fighting qualities of Mars. Releasing them in a relationship isn’t always very pleasant, and she does need to have a good fight on occasions. The warrior quality of the sign tends to take to causes, and to other people’s fights; the Scorpio woman may often be seen championing the weak or the abused, whether it’s in a political arena or a medical or psychological one. But she does need a theatre to work in; and because she thrives on crisis, she needs space to promote them, to accomplish her thirst for transformation and change. Otherwise, guess who bears the brunt of it. Scorpio doesn’t like things placid for too long; she mistrusts too much contentment. She’s always looking for the worm in the apple, and if things are quiet for too long she’ll begin to suspect something’s going on underneath. Then she’ll upend the whole apple cart, and start a quarrel or a scene, or provoke you into one, in order to find the worm. Never mind. When it turns out that there isn’t any worm after all, she’s not the least bit chagrined. She accomplished what she was really after: a change in the relationship, a deeper look, a new expression of emotion. She’d rather have you furious than bland and uninvolved.

    The airy signs find her fascinating but a torment, because she seems to contain all those depths they’re so fascinated by but terrified of; and she pulls them into their emotions, which is the most difficult place in the world for the element of air to be. The other watery signs generally understand her, but they too are likely to be afraid of the probing eye that sees too much. Earth, stolid and realistic, often doesn’t understand her; earthy people may love her depth and shrewdness, but miss the fundamental point, and suddenly find themselves upheaved and staring at a reality they didn’t know existed. And fire responds to her innate theatricality, but often flies into really dramatic scenes and conflagrations. No other sign can really subdue or tame the Scorpio; all you can do is decide whether this is someone you can understand and love, and if so, then go along for the ride, because it’s bound to take you into some pretty strange quarters. One thing it will never be shallow or boring.

  277. wow bob, that is really good stuff.

  278. AlmostMyScorp says:

    I give that “Five Ruby Slippers!”

  279. bob says:

    there’s ample ScorpioWoman stuff out there; this one seemed more on-point than most. (i can’t say i scoured to find out who wrote that, so as to credit, but i did make an attempt.)

  280. Yeah… I’ve read a lot of stuff, but that one is particularly insightful and well-written. Good find.

  281. bob says:

    check the lyrics of joni mitchell’s Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter. definite ScorpioWoman song.

  282. bob says:

    or just check here:

    (wanted to spare the curious the annoying pop-ups and horrible graphics of most song lyrics sites.)

  283. trinity says:

    Bob, I don’t believe you ever stated what your sunsign is. My guess is another scorpio or a pisces.

  284. Sherry says:

    DAMN! Bob, dat note is awesome! it really hit d nail on d head…. its so DAMN accurate!

  285. bob says:


    bottom of post #259.

    2 nov.

  286. alex says:

    I’m attracted to a scorpio. Very memorable times, but why do they always play hard-to-get?

  287. bob says:

    notes to self: POW-er. Man enough. Care less.

  288. bob says:

    there used to be a ScorpioWoman where i work. very attractive, sexy, smart, even athletic. and plenty of chemistry when we’d pass and chat very briefly. i loved to hold her gaze; there was always a lot more there than just looking back. i knew, though, that she was having a relationship with another co-worker, who was and still is married. i checked to see if Scorpio Woman has a facebook page (of course) and found interesting that one of her FacebookFriends is the wife of the guy she was sleeping with. this is not meant to say anything other than scorpios do secrets pretty well.

  289. @Alex Scorp women don’t “play hard to get.” Did you read the post? They’re either interested or they’re not.
    @Bob Maybe she *is* friends with the wife. Affairs aren’t always, um, bad. Sometimes they’re a favor for all involved. Beware of judging other peoples’ relationships. They’re always more complicated than they appear.

  290. bob says:

    as i said, just found it interesting. no judgment at all. thus the “not meant to say anything.” thanks.

  291. bob says:

    fwiw, it happens to be a secret, at least to the wife. beyond that, i’m merely a fly on a wall.

  292. bob says:

    and you’re certainly right about affairs. even the tower card in the tarot deck, foreboding and gloomy as it appears, holds the potential (if not the promise) for clearing house, making way for what’s next. but that’s a different ‘scussion.

  293. bob says:

    alex, if the scorpio women i’ve known are any indication, you’ll have a harder time getting away than getting. if she’s interested.

    yeah, a little downtime today.

  294. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Bob. Thanks for that. AlmostMyS asked me “not to tell” our mutual friends we hooked up-the ones who pushed us together bc they thought we were a perfect match-she said she had just broken w/her first real relationship the month before and to please let her tell in her own time. Right away I was a bit put off like ok she’s manipulative. She used it to create jeolousy with the ex in some reconcilliation ploy that only resulted in them never talking again. The friends all asked happily/excitedly so! Did you guys hook up?! And I said she’s great — but ended up putting them off w/ the non-disclosure-so we’re not friends but she still is with them! (After mading it so clear one she absolutely doesn’t like one (she gossips). So I felt her integrity is waaay spotty. And that everyone is a pawn… chess piece…

  295. bob says:


    on the surface (key phrase), it seems reasonable enough to indeed let her tell in her own time. it seems she has that right, and it’s easy enough to extrapolate that she MAY “simply” want to do the right thing the right way. give her the chance to show that’s what’s up. why crowd her? let her be here, it goes a long way. maybe you haven’t earned the right to push, yet? sometimes better to float the river than to try to change it’s course. (“om.”) (you might consider leaving Old Boyfriend Stuff alone, too. and letting her have her private self.

    – a pawn

  296. bob says:

    shoulda been: let her be HER, not “here.”

    click. click. click.

  297. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Bob. Thanks for that. AlmostMyS asked me “not to tell” our mutual friends we hooked up-the ones who pushed us together bc they thought we were a perfect match-she said she had just broken w/her first real relationship the month before and to please let her tell in her own time. Right away I was a bit put off like ok she’s manipulative. She used it to create jeolousy with the ex in some reconcilliation ploy that only resulted(of course her ardent pursuit of me had not waivered this whole time) in them never talking again. The friends all asked happily/excitedly so! Did you guys hook up?! And I said she’s great — but ended up putting them off w/ the non-disclosure-so we’re not friends but she still is with them! (After making it so clear one she absolutely doesn’t like one (she gossips). So I felt manipulated less (though yes) but more that her. integrity is waaay spotty. And that everyone is a pawn… chess piece…

  298. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Bob. Thanks for that. AlmostMyS asked me “not to tell” our mutual friends we hooked up-the ones who pushed us together bc they thought we were a perfect match-she said she had just broken w/her first real relationship the month before and to please not tell anyone and to let her tell in her own time. Right away I was a bit put off like ok she’s manipulative. She used it to create jeolousy with the ex in some reconcilliation ploy that only resulted(of course her ardent pursuit of me had not waivered this whole time) in them never talking again. The friends all asked happily/excitedly so! Did you guys hook up?! And I said she’s great — but ended up putting them off w/ the non-disclosure-so we’re not friends but she still is with them! (After making it so clear one she absolutely doesn’t like one (she gossips). So I felt manipulated less (though yes) but more that her. integrity is waaay spotty. And that everyone is a pawn… chess piece…

  299. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Thanks Bob. You’re completely right and it’s. What I did. My thought was she needed to process/grieve the ex anyway-theres a natural course to these things… I also left room for the “rebound.” She had an emotional outburst saying (of course we were being email pals) you toold people! I said who? Not blah blah or blah. Funny silence (like oh. hmm you are trustworthy…) So I’m floatin’ cause until we meet again that’s the goal. She can have her way (and prob after too).

    And can I mention how completely out of character this is for an Aries?

    Ps-should I mention casually anyone I’m dating or let it lie like I have. She tosses out her socializing/dates. (Again we’re oceans apart til Jan).

  300. bob says:


    i’m no relationship expert. and everything i have learned of any value i’ve learned the hard way, with plenty more lessons down the road.

    and if i were in the business of advising i would like to know, as i’ve mentioned before, where other planets are, especially venus and mars; it’s hard to overstate their influence in love/sex relationships.

    (just ’cause:

    once you have this information, if you’re interested, it’s extremely easy to find online more information about the placement of mars and venus in a natal chart, and how synastry kicks in.

    last, speaking from longstanding and fresh scorpio-with-aries experience, you’ll find as you go on, if you go on, that the two of you are, on a very basic level, different creatures from different planets. recognition of and respect for that differentness is crucial. sometimes dissimilarity in a particular area makes for a gulf that can’t be bridged; maybe one or both parties have to give away too much of themselves to make things “work,” to the degree that one person loses their way in the name of maintaining the relationship. on the other hand, sometimes the will to adapt to someone’s style, or at least make the attempt, can foster in us some change that over time broadens us, expands our world and keeps in mind and heart that there a lot of different ways to live a life, and to love, and that our way is only that, ours.

    on the other hand, i remember being in my 20’s. looking back, neither hell nor high water would get in the way of me applying my curious and somewhat reckless will. i hurt people, i hurt myself. the optimistic deconstructionist in me can find the silver lining: aspects of me that had to die, did, violently, with much shedding of tears that could’ve been cried for the truth and beauty of a natural parting of ways, rather than the pain and weight of something beautiful torn to bloody shreds by youthful arrogance, selfishness and on a basic level, ignorance.

    what the feck. strive for impeccability in all your dealings. you likely won’t forget where your heart has been. it’s nice to be able to look back, no matter outcome, and know you did your best. you’ll sleep better and love better.

  301. alex says:

    *giggles* I’m sorry I wasn’t clear before, but Bob I’m attracted to a scorpio man. We play tennis together. He really is prideful (hates to lose), but playful at times. He loves teasing me, making fun of my strokes. But I tease him back by saying, “those who can’t do, teach.” It goes back and forth like this until we are hot and sweaty from the match. After that’s done, this stupid annoying woman from the tennis team comes and flirts with him. Praising him and admiring his “skills” hahahaha. One time, she asks him to play with her after we played. He just looks at me and gives me the famous “scorpio” gaze (the kind that will make any woman fall in love). Then he completely turns his back on me and flirts with THAT woman and takes off his shirt. She (of course) melts and I can’t resist not staring at his perfect body. He smiles, knowing that I’m secretly glancing at him from my peripheral vision. I felt so powerless, so I just went home, but I gave him a I-known-what-your-up-to-and-it’s-not-going-to-work-on-me smile before I left. He got the message because he texted me after 10 minutes (apparently he finished with her quickly).

    Why is he playing hard to get? I fell like he is waiting for me to ask him out. Yeah the minding games are fun, but not all the time (it drives you crazy)!

  302. bob says:

    dunno. control thang? he serves, sizes up your returns. more volleying, more info. dunno. takes off his shirt, huh? heeeey, you’re not getting after matthew mcConaughey, are ya? that boy’s always takin’ off his shirt. i guess that’s part of his job. think he’s with an aquarius. like that mattered to him. i need coffee.

  303. bob says:


    keep in mind the nature of the scorpion. it is a cautious creature, preferring to observe from the cooler, safer shadows. braver than it is particularly bold.

  304. alex says:

    Neither one of us want to say uncle (the game where you pull on the other persons arm until they say uncle). We keep pulling on each other’s arms, but out of stubbornness no one gives-in (submits). Knowing my scorpio character, he knows I get jealousy easily. I believe he’s being bold to see how I would react. What do you think of it?

  305. bob says:


    i think that with you both being scorps, you’re doing the dance that has a bunch of steps that lead soon enough to a horizontal position and the mode of communication that is more natural for scorpio, after which things will be clearer for both of you, because you’re scorpios. that’s my guess.

  306. alex says:

    hahahaha thanks bob.

  307. ScorpSiren says:

    GREAT SITE!!! I love it to bits. It’s empowering to us scorpio women. Everyone else is all jell-0000!

    ** Hey Jennifer Iona & AlmostmyScorp,
    I’m a 25yr old scorp female that had a sweet fling with an Aries. I need help bc i like him a lot but the long distance is painful 😦 These feelings go deep. He was open and honest with me when we were together, & please believe the feeling was mutual but i needed to hear it from his mouth first *typical scorp* But i had to leave after a couple days of romance bc i live elsewhere and now it’s dwindled to this.
    I know if we were in the same city, we’d be together, but right now all i have are the moments we shared sacred with me. Is there hope for us? i don’t know how he feels now since there’s been a lack of communication.
    I’ll be in the same city soon but he doesn’t know yet because i don’t know what his deal is right now….
    fuck. What’s up with Aries?

  308. ScorpSiren says:

    By the by, he’s older than me by 4 years, if that makes a difference? and the distance isn’t too bad; a few hour drive???
    I’m just curious to know if Aries lose interest right away?

  309. trinity says:

    To all you scorpio’s, HAPPY UPCOMING BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  310. Sherry says:


  311. tom says:

    hi there every one the reason i have come on to thi site is well there is a scorpion female i do like first of all i should say that iam a cancer star sign and i know that cancer and scorpions are supose to be a match but i do know that not all star signs scorpions and cancer end up together the thing is she is married and got children but i still like her i dont beleave in trying to get in the way of any body but a do like her and a cant help how i feel iam a tipical cancer. i would like to get to chat to her a lot more but the type of job she has working in the bar its hard to get a 1one to one with her and i do love talking to her and spending time with her.what type of guys do you scorpion ladyies usally want or go for????

  312. bob says:

    got an early birthday gift yesterday when i rescued a calico kitten from the wheel well of a parked car. she’d gotten up under the hood and managed to make it from wherever she’d got on to where the driver finally parked. covered in grease, whiskers singed, shivering and mewing. took her home, cleaned her up. she was happy to get some food and water. i’m calling her sweetheart.

  313. bob says:

    oh yeah. as for how to win a woman of ANY zodiacal persuasion, pull a mewing kitten out from a car’s engine, wrap it in your sweater and walk it home with it held up near your face so you can kiss its adorable little face and whisper that it’ll all be okay. judging from some of the glances i was getting, it’s not a bad play.

  314. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Re the scorp/aries fling…Aries are always honest so if you got the word sensation and feelings were a part of your coupling then, be a bit of the aggressor. Say you’re coming to town and will be there blah blah. And let me know if you’d like to see ea other. Then let it beeeeeee. No response is a response. But I think you’ll here back! Good luck! AMScorp

  315. Sherry says:

    hey tom,
    my most important advice to u wud b 2 let her go n distract urself with sumthing fast before ur emotions get out of control.
    scorps usually lik men with strong personalities. they hate hipocrites(i dont think i spelt it rite), cry-babies and cowards.

  316. Alovely1 says:

    Bob…Post 276…deeelicious!

    I almost had a scorpioegoorgasm!!

    Happy Birthday to all us “Stingers”!!!

  317. lona says:

    ScorpSiren- I have 2 aries close friends. One I lost touch with for about 7 yrs and when I called her we picked up were we left of as if only 7 days passed. So if want to see him be bold!!! Tell him ” I don’t know if you missed my eyes,smile,face, and touch,company but I sure missed yours”. So I would like to see you soon.” Just like you’re waiting to hear this from him, he would love to hear this from you. About the separation thing I can’t relate, I haven’t been apart from my aries in the 3 1/2 yrs of marriage. Part of our package deal was we shall not travel without one another unless it was a emergency like death in a family member and he or I have to leave right away. Also the reason I say to be bold is that it will benefit you to express yourself, and benefit him because he will be faltered. One thing I’ve learned is don’t hold back your feelings go for it girl!!!!, that way you won’t have any regret. What’s the worst that can happen? Ooooo no he won’t feel the same way? Ok great at least you’ll get your answers. If he wants to see you then hurayyyy!!! Let me say one more thing that I truly believe in. If something or someone is meant to be yours even if he is in a diff county, millions of miles away,across an ocean, under a rock….. He will be yours. And if he’s not meant to be yours you can chase him millions of miles,cross oceans,and look under every rock he will not be yours.

  318. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Iona-nice response! I do agree. We Aries are a wee bit prone to flattery brcause secretly we think its all true 😉

    This Aries tends to like aggressors so we know its a sure thing. We hat games. Then there are those rare moments when someone is a bit shy and so off the charts amazing…that’s when I want YOU. Then I’ll simply go get you.

  319. mike says:

    to the articles author.

    you’re truly a scorprio. the whole article stinks with your delusion on how great you all are, and what a god’s gift you would be for someone and that your sh*t doesnt stink (literally).

    its laughable.

  320. Cancer man says:

    Tom, my Cancer fellow
    I give you another advice: just believe me, a Scorpio woman is POISON for a Cancer man (I think they are POISONS pure and simple). I also love a Scorpio married woman, and I can touch her every day, but all is just Hell, nothing more than Hell, Hell, Hell, Hell, Hell!!!HEEEEEEEELLLLLL!!!

  321. debbie says:

    TO cancerian men, find yourselves a nice pisces woman. They are also your soulmates.

  322. Cancer man says:

    Thanks Debbie, but I don’t look for nobody. I just felt in love pure and simple.

  323. Taurus man says:

    This is a basic astrology question but scorpios seem to be so brutally honest that this will be a breath of fresh air from people who constantly bs. I have:
    Taurus Sun
    Taurus Rising
    Moon Leo
    Mercury Aries
    Mars Cancer
    Venus Gemini
    Jupiter Leo
    Saturn Aquarius
    Uranus Capricorn
    Neptune Capricorn
    Pluto Scorpio

    I was wondering (ASTROLOGICALLY) does mars in cancer make me weak because I think I have other really strong planets but if you are at all interested in seeing the full chart (you never know you scorpios are so penetrating 🙂 ) Birth info:
    April 22 1991
    7:27 am Laurinburg north carolina

  324. debbie says:

    I cannot stand the dallas cowboys. YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  325. Taurus man says:

    I was born in North Carolina I’m not from there so you mean you hate the Minnesota Vikings!

  326. Ben says:

    Hey I’m glad I ran into this site. I’ve recently met a Scorpio girl, and I’m a Libra. I think we both fit the signs well enough. My mother is a Scorpio, and my brother is a Pisces, so I like to think I’m more in tune with the emotional side. Anyhow, I have mixed feelings about pursuing her (or genuinely feeling interest so she pursues me, whatever.) She’s really sexy and cute, and we have similar interests and sexually I think we’d get along great. We met at work, and I’ve only known her for about a week, but she’s talked to me like 24/7, so I know a ton about her. I really like her, like I’m drawn to her, and I love spending time with her. She was feeling really depressed yesterday though, and it frustrated me that I couldn’t draw out a discussion or help her out at all. I don’t understand how simply being an ear can help someone, since I could just sit there and talk to myself. I’m not inflexible though, so don’t get me wrong. Overall, to sum this up, it seems difficult to hang out with her b/c of her life situation, but I really want to get to know her better. Is there any hope for a Libra/Scorpio mix?

  327. AlmostMyScorp says:

    and my pals out there

    Well my almost scorp surfaced…while not letting on, she apparently showed up in New York where I live last week (from England). And called three times a day for three days…without leaving a message and i never answer private calls. so. just got my computer back (all my activity has been largely blackberry so all my posse has found me readily on cell/facebook/text. So ms.almost from england got a new phone and maybe – who knows cant unblock it anyway or it doesnt show internationally. So SHE is the one still contacting me. Im like what the *** . I get my computer back from four weeks of repair and see on msn she’s tried three days in a row…”guess who’s in NY” …am I nuts?

    She has some where dilination about how she makes contact (i think exs or people ck her phone/facebook–wonder why) -some manipulative alternate life? im her only msn chat person but all our interactions are off the facebook/text public domain.

    she’s a weee bit famous. but Im head bonked. My apt building had a fire and you know (laptop out getting soot repaired) i think what was so special and lingering seems like a joke now. I mean I get she’s young (25) Nov. 1 but she just squandered our chance to get together and you know she had these plans way in advance. And the weird thing is—the person who introd us (a fan) she has repeated said she doesnt like. (not attractive, not worried on this side-but maybe bought her the ticket to come visit?). I think bob and ione maybe—heeeellp. I think she took her cool act too far and kinda blew it. I wrote her my laptop just came back. and dont answer private calls. maybe a vm or text…next time.

    but for me, I feel like shite. First that something as big as a fire happens and she’s just MIA. And then that she blows into town without nailing us down as meeting. On facebook she alluded she was everywhere else but ny. (again, has a following). Yet three times a day on msn and calling.

    word up my fellows. thanks. AlmostMyScorp

  328. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Sorry that was so inarticulate. I’m typing with my thumbs on a tiny screen. Bob gives us works of art. I’m a work in progress…

  329. inexperienced says:

    don’t go into the water if you can’t swim…
    what can i say.

    Beneath the surface they are actually one of,if not best friends,lovers etc. you could have in your life…

    here’s somethin’ by a scorpio

    Tried to mend
    The love
    That ended
    Long ago
    Although we still pretend
    Our love is surely coming to an end
    Don’t waste the time you’ve got to love again

    Tried to lie
    But you
    And I
    Know better than
    To let each other lie
    The thought of lying to you makes me cry
    Counting up the time that’s passed us by

    I’ve sent this letter hoping it will reach your hand
    And if it does I hope that you will understand that I must leave
    In a while
    And though
    I smile
    You know the smile is only there to hide
    What I’m really feeling deep inside
    Just a face where I can hang my pride



    We’ll talk of places that we went
    And times that we have spent together penniless and

    You’ll see the day another way
    Wake up with the sunshine pouring right down where you

    You’ll love again
    I don’t know when
    But if you do
    I know that’s gonna be happy in the

  330. bob says:


    She may be in England but I pick up a strong Spanish influence. Actress/musician?

    At any rate, you might take a look at “mars in capricorn” in her natal chart.

  331. bob says:

    there’s a line toward the end of the film, “precious,” spoken by the mother of the title character. the mother is hard-pressed to remember the month her daughter was born. she guesses at the wrong month and precious corrects her: “i was born in november.” the mother contemplates and says (i’m paraphrasing), “that’s right. a scorpio. my tricky baby.” she barely stops short of calling them liars but insists “you gotta keep an eye on ’em.”

    wonderful film, by the way.

  332. bob says:


    to cut to the chase regarding mars in capricorn, i’m referring to a certain and palpable level of caution that can go along with that. capricorn energy tends toward a more conservative, measured approach to going after what is desired. later, things warm up but the need for a certain security level – a sense of safety, maybe – can be an element of the chase/chased phase. it’s just the goat’s desire to know that the terrain is stable underfoot. just a thought. also, that venus in sagittarius is happy when travel and love go together; maybe this trip to NY has her somewhat activated but still playing it, well, coy.

    just thoughts. your mileage may vary.

  333. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Bob-Take 2

    I was so glad to read that. I’ve secretly felt she is testing me/protecting herself. She hooked up w/ someone in the summer but told me and inbetween the bullets bounce off me exterior-there would be a tiny voice “but when are you coming here?”And I got the feeling the hookup was just to fight the loneliness from her recent bad breakup. Glad to not be the rebound.

    I think you’re right. She made me mad and I had to “unfriende” her on Facebook-now in websters. This (I thought and am so glad you agree) was a toe in the water since I’m ignoring/not chasing. I took it as she wasn’t ready – and then the regret made her feel loss at missing the connection op. I think her tour comes back / dec Jan.

    Really, the one I’m worried about is me. My thought is to see her and be indiff re hooking up but maybe date. (Tho the sex was off the charts with even more potential). Will ck the link. And thanks. I think she could be worth the wait bui if it weren’t for here, all I’d have is some women friends saying drop the biyach.

    But we know better….

  334. AlmostMyScorp says:

    well my almost scorp got in touch. randomly. msn-d me with chat and said she is coming out to NY (to see the friend she said a year ago she doesnt like and the friends girlfriend in :brooklyn:) Well its two months notice instead of hi im here. of course she doesnt mention seeing me. is just telling me shes coming to meet them LOL> THEN had the nerve to say wasnt really in NY earlier this month…just thought i was ignoring her and she wanted to get my attention.

    Funny I saw facebook posts in late summer in an exchange with the non friend about oct 30 and beginning of nov. Does she really think im goodnatured and stupid. what is all this manipulation. i wish i didnt see it. i feel like im watching a two year old hide behind her hands and think i cant see her.

    i keep reminding myself i ll know better when we’re face to face – who she is, what she is. and that I’ll make the right choice. Had a date with an elite model with dimples that at least gave me a cushion….i just might have mentioned it!> 😉

    Many happy returns to my scorps here. You rock.

    anyway. i

  335. byron says:

    I am a male Virgo who was with a female Scorpio for to years she was always jealous possessive and insecure she said that I was the best lover that she ever had so I am wondering
    would that make her think that I was out there
    in the streets we had a very hot sex life I really miss he…. she just all of a sudden turn cold on… me through out our relationship she accused me of being with other women…
    but that was never the case I think she has another man because how she cut me off I have been calling and text msg her for five days… If she has a new guy and the loving not good will she come back to me ladies help me out after reading all the comment on the site I will back off and give her some space
    but I really love her

  336. Alovely1 says:

    To byron

    My best advice to you is to back off. Giving her space will mean something totally different to her than what it means to you!

    If she cares about you at all she will eventually contact you, and you must man up when she does and don’t act like a whimp! Listen to her and be genuine and forthcoming to questions she will inevitably ask, but try not to volunteer anything, since you’ve already tried to talk to her repeatedly.

    If she doesn’t contact you forget about it, she doesn’t care.

  337. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Great advice. I’m taking it.almostmyscorp is coming to town in a few weeks.

    So the advice is-be strong be cool. Let her ask the questions.

    I guess that means leave it be about lying about being here (and missing me schedule wise) last month?

    You scorps are so weird 😉 on the we have to be honest but you don’t….?

    Just if she lies now will she when we’re together. That’s my playing with fire question. Relationship material?

  338. Val says:

    This site is so interesting that I just had to come back for more!

    AlmostmyScorp…I’ve read this entire page and all about your dilemma. Regardless of whether or not she’s a scorpio, do you really want to keep putting yourself through this? Yes, some scorpio women can be liars and manipulators, but in my own experiences with female friends I’ve noticed that aquarians, geminis, and just anyone in general who doesn’t really have decent morals can be liars. And yes, if she is playing games and lying to you now, she will more than likely continue to do so if you end up together because she will probably continue resorting to this type of behavior anytime she feels that you’ve snubbed her or hurt her feelings/pride regardless of whether it was intentional or accidental on your part. I think that people put up with these things in relationships (the emotional exhaustion, ups and downs, mind games) because they are hoping the person will eventually change and become who they want them to be. While it’s true that people can change, she sounds like she may have a while to go before she matures emotionally. Not only that, but why is she punishing you for the mistakes of other men? She should just be honest and upfront with you instead of playing games. I honestly think that for you it’s more of a physical attraction and once you see her face to face, the attraction may definitely still be there, but you’ll end up realizing that’s all there is to it. I don’t get the feeling that you’re into her as mentally as you are physically, but then again, I could be totally wrong because, after all, you have made the effort to go on the internet and ask advice about your situation with her quite frequently. =)

    I hope I don’t sound like I’m being too hard on the girl because being a scorp woman myself I do understand her intentions as far as trying to protect herself from being hurt again. On the other hand, I’ve found that not being honest and playing games never does any good either. I think it just wastes valuable time that could be spent on you two getting to know each other on a deeper level rather than spending all this time going back and forth and not really getting anywhere. In the end though, we all learn from our mistakes and life experiences so I hope this experience, no matter the outcome, teaches you both valuable lessons in love and life and that neither of you gets hurt too badly.

  339. AlmostMyScorp says:


    Thanks for the great and quite thoughtful response. (See, those Scorp women can be something special!)

    I guess with just moving, and a new job, I’m concerned I may not have the emotional mental bandwidth to withstand anything more than — she was scared. Wanted to be sure. Wanted to be ready and now she is.

    Have you ever had so much on your plate that–the last thing you need is an emotional left hook. I keep telling myself I’m older/wiser. I can handle her. But I’ve never been devious or manipulative with my looks..or I guess the attention I’ve gotten.

    I guess when (this sound horrible) you’ve had good luck attracting sweet loving partners-but there was always “something” missing…You get bit and just when it finally feels right—its gone/there/gone…that’s the reason I’m so glad I found this site. I mean soulmate is an amazing word. Something I guess we all hope to experience. So maybe that’s why we risk. And hopefully, come out richer rather than damaged for trying. She is beautiful by anyones standards. So I’m checking myself there-but she got the smart witty charming chip too. (And manipulative/not quite honest). I really liked what you had to made great sense. Thank you.

    I dunno. Its hard to feel grounded in all these transitions.Especially knowing an intense, spectacular, wounded person is coming for a visit

  340. AlmostMyScorp says:

    DREAM: Her name is well, it’s not AlmostMyScorp, it’s Jennifer (who contacted me yesterday after six years. The only other soulmate sensation)..

    We see ea other. Were going to have sex. There’s no magic prelude of electric kissing. It’s her just offering her same flawless body. A little starts to happen then she stops it and is starting to leave. Mexican workers are in downstairs in the home.

    She starts to go and I’m experiencing the same thing from six years ago. I have some time card with time on it (it’s a dream folks-and apparently “a given” in this dream universe). So I refer to it while I look at her like what are you doing? Just like six years ago – she looks at me like she is sooo attracted to me, could lose herself in me, but knows she needs control, can’t contol me so if I let you have me I’ll be a goner – look. She is in conflict and lingering slightly. I’m whatthefck-ing in my head (and my body even louder since I was protecting myself this time keeping it to sex). I follow her down the stairs not pleading but “Jennifer-what are you doing? i don’t want anything (since I “think” she wants to keep it to just sex which is why I “think” she’s leaving). Just let’s have sex ok?”

    I’m seriously turned on and she’s seriously done this to me before. While we were dating six years ago she called me and said “I think you’re the one, what do you think?”
    This was following months of (long distance, some fooling around but not really the whole thing) and her randomly injecting “I dig u” somehwere into every conversation or date. Cute. I never said it back but was obviously into her. I always thought we went together perfectly (sans the control issues). After some hesitating, I thought about something I wrote after the first night we met.I answered her what do you think with
    Well, it was, you know, that inspired (probably insipid) poem not goo-ey but cool, but ok she wins – I had that same feeling.

    With her disclosure (and mine!) that was THE END! No explanation.

    Back to the dream, I’m Feeling like shite! Deja-vuing AND sexuall
    y frustrated. Jennifer is exiting but with that same lust/love but I can’t cause I’ll lose control look.

    Her email yesterday says she’s moved from the West Coast where we met and is in Boston a year now. Met someone ‘nice’ right off (Always. She’s smoking hot AND a Mensa) and has been dating about a year.. Said her life is unremarkable actually. I met her just out of a 12 year relationship she was in very young She’s 38/40?).

    Feels so scorp (mehavegirlheadaches) but why am I thinking she’s a Capricorn? They (Scorp/her) are both headed for the Big Apple mid JANUARY. How can this be? I’ve only felt soulmate twice in my life and here they are? I feel like Susan Sarandon/Gena Davis both getting nominated for Thelma and Louise and NEITHER gets an Oscar! Add I’m interviewing/not working. How sexy is that….

    It’s comical if it wasn’t about how my life will look for the next 35 years. And the fragile elusive soul-mate thing I’ve hope to experience.

    And the funny (ok not so) part is –they are both so beautiful and smart and witty and charming and so in complete control of the power that gives them: in a cage, I have no idea who would win.

    The Mensa had to really try to find me. Looked me up (it’s impossible to find anything on the net) – but read one movie review all the way to the bottom to find some obscure email address and reach me yesterday.

    She wanted to know if I was with anyone. “Happy?” No wonder I slept til 1 pm.

    (If you want to take away my Scorpio loving card I completely understand. Seemed a bit blank for the holidays so allow me 😉 I just hoped maybe I could release this to my friends here … and the universe .Open to any thoughts. And please don’t take my Scorpio card away!).

  341. doublepisces says:

    i think that jealousy is the prime root of human nature. there’s only 2 states of being; jealousy and love. we usually feel a duality between the 2.

    scorpio is the fire of water. it has 3 stages of evolution; 1. the grey lizard-self destructuve, 2. the scorpion -vengeful to others, 3. the eagle -self mastery.

    the process of relating is one of assimilation, we all desire to learn from each other and on a primal level… that can appear as jealousy. humans can’t navigate through individual and collective consciousness fully… life is rejecting of intuitive qualities it has no ‘social language’ or material use for, so we learn only the ‘tough survive’. and become victims of what oppresses us. hence also jealousy.

    it is interesting that this page explores the scorpio as a stigma for collective jealousy. we are each other’s mirror.

  342. Sas says:

    I was dating a scorpio woman (who is already in a relationship). I gave her plenty of options to end things but she never wanted to. But now she refuses point blank to talk or have anything to do with me and this has broken my heart while she appears to have walked away totally unscathed (esp as she knew how much I loved her). I know a few scorpion women now & I have noticed a few similarities – mainly that it’s always about them. They appear controlling, manipulative and definitely have a sting. They will never admit to being wrong and if my situation, I ended up numerously apologising when she was the one at fault! (Yes, I am a piscean). They certainly come across as charming,but I think behind the facade is actually a sad clown.

  343. debbie says:

    Brittney Murphy a young beautiful women at 32 passed away saturday dec 19. She was a scorpio used to date ashton kutcher before demi moore. How sad. Heartbreaking.

  344. Blackfin says:

    Hey guys, I need your opinions..

    I’m a Taurus male and I had a Scorpio girlfriend. We broke up months ago but we are still talking to each other, we also go out sometimes. The problem is, she always say to me that “Don’t expect anything, because I don’t want you to get hurt.”

    Every time we go out I her if she’s happy and she will answer yes. I really don’t know what’s going on. She will always tell me that we are friends but she also tells me that she will get hurt if I find someone new. Do we still have a chance to get back together? Does she still us to get back together.. Her actions confuses me. How do I respond to this?? Do I just give up and quit? or do I pursue her? How do Scorpios think, would they want to be pursued ?

    Thanks so much,

  345. The Me says:

    Seems like scorpios aren’t liked…mostly because we are cruel b*****s and why are we that way? because we don’t like ppl who we think as weaker. We need someone with personality, not some empty shells with no willpower and strenght, someone who would follow us but not become a slave, someone who respects us and we can respect, someone loyal to rely on. If you don’t like us don’t bother us. You live with us, the way we are or you let go, its your choice.

  346. Sherry says:

    hey BLACKFIN!!!

    so…. a taurus n a scorp, huh?? wel this is interestin!!

    anyway, i’ll tell u wat i know… ur scorp seems to be very wary and cautious. she probably thinks gettin into a relationship wit u(again) wud mean leaping into d unknown and she IS NOT READY 4 DAT!!!
    she’s obviously into u but she still feels d need to put up a protective shield around her. n trust me she’s NOT gonna let her guard down easily. ur jus gonna have 2 do as she says… DON’T EXPECT ANYHTING!!!

    she wil seem distant at times n sometimes close 2. ur job is 2 b there when she comes 2 u. its not advisable dat u run after her n b al dramatic. jus make it clear to her ur feelings(let her c ur passion) but its very important dat u show her dat u r strong enough 2 not break down n cry lik a baby if she leaves u 4 good (tough, eh?).

    right now ur chances r up to 50%. the rest depends on events. so pray 4 fortunate accidents!!! good luck!!!

    p.s. – but i guess things might differ depending on y u guys broke up…

  347. debbie says:

    BLACKFIN find another women and move on.

  348. SCORPinNEED says:






  349. Sherry says:

    lol!!!! good idea, debbie!!! its much simpler!! ^.^

  350. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Wow. Your brutal honesty is to be admired…the breaking up a marriage er, not so much 😉

    I think Scorps are so keen on their power and that they can aim it anywhere and win, they don’t think it thru… the collateral damage or the cost. It’s hedonistic, now. For you it was turning what was envy into a type of revenge–retailiating (subconsciously of course) against two people who had something YOU wanted. But rather than go find your own elsewhere along honest karma lines…well so be it. Scorps are so in the moment/and me. I get it.

    But maybe your first step in developing a different level of character (gift among the ruins?) is putting on your big girl panties (you did a great job here owning your part) and facing it and in a way, maybe facing it down. Have all three get together and cough out all those furballs. The good bad and ugly–see everyones energy in the same space and have everything go where it needs to be. You can’t stand in the way of true love with manipulation and need. Why would you want to? And if hs sweethearts were cut assunder by the amazing power of a scorp woman for the sport of it – it’s like mercury splitting and coming back together -if its meant to be- why not let it? From everything I read, you’re clear, articulate, self-possessed of your scorpness and able to get someone hot and yes with a young child.

    It always works if it was meant to be in the first place.

    And how do you know. Maybe the universe has your Mr. Perfect all cued up and here you mucked it up with this. Seems the universe is causing the ejection so that space will be created. You just have to let it happen.

    I believe in you. But let this lesson be learned so it won’t have to repeat. Ill gotten gains are never as sweet.

    After not being ready for someone who was in love with me, when I was finally ready, she was living with someone though I didn’t know it when I (youth) finally came to her ready to commit. She said did I have to wait til I bought the place to tell me?…I heard from friends a year later she wept upstairs the whole day they moved them in. So, true love and all, I saw her weekly for an hour and mostly for a kiss. We never had sex. And I always knew because of that when we we finally together, she would be faithful to me. And she was. It’s still one of my favorite relationships.maybe because we did our best to be “honorable?” in a tough spot.and not cross that line for that reason.

    Just a thought.

    You will end up better! Pull off the bandaid, work out the arrangements. Choose to be a better person. Bam.

  351. SCORPinNEED says:





  352. kevin says:

    Hi everyone my name is kevin and i would like to come in with only praise for the Scorpios of the world.I am a Leo and have been seing a scorpio lady for about 4 months and while it does have its moments,i must say that my approach is to learn and love and i think she feels that somehow.I do tell her of my deep feelings for her and i am passionate and honest,but not overly watery.I`m am a proud man,but not the typical loud look at me type though i do have my moments,I feel she sees into my core and therefore can help or hurt both in splendid scorpio style.When she helps it is amazing to watch,she gets results that i could never.When she wants to retort or hurt,she has a tongue that delivers spears of icy cold death to my heart.Sometimes i don`t think she realizes how hurtful she is,but just as i am thinking,i refuse to take anymore of this spoilt nonesence,The other half of my brain is saying,yeah backoff a little and give it some space but don`t say anything stupid because she is so exciting,intelligent,beautiful,sexy,yes mysterious and an amazing lover,the best i have ever had.When we make love we have a chemistry that is absolutely beautiful and insane,i mean like a spiritual union,i`m not kidding.So to all you folks out there who want to condemn scorpios,DON`T WAIST YOUR BREATH.You have to be patient and honest and willing to put your ego aside and learn something.If you get the opportunity to have a Scorpio in your life,don`t be afraid,jump in and live.They are amazingly beautiful when you touch their centre.

  353. Val says:


    I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but if he wants to be with her and never really got over her, you can’t force him to want to stay with you. It almost seems as if you persuaded him to be with you in the first place, so he may not have ever fully been committed to your relationship feelings wise. I’m not saying that he never loved or does not love you and your son currently, but maybe he didn’t feel fulfilled because he jumped into a relationship with you without having time to recuperate from his marriage. If he wants to be with her and she wants him back then they will be together. As much as it’s going to hurt, eventually you will have to accept it. And honestly, I know it will suck for you, but being spiteful and vengeful when/if they do get back together will only make things worse for you. Being a scorpio I know that even though it will hurt for a long time, you will get through it, and hopefully you will come out of the experience having learned lessons and become a wiser person.

  354. Val says:

    Oh, and Blackfin,

    Get rid of her…she’s playing games. I dated a scorpio male who did the exact same thing to me. After we’d broken up he said “let’s just be friends and see how it goes” because I wanted to get back together. He said we could still sleep together, but not with other people. We would just take things slow. I believed him and blew other guys off left and right and when I finally did go out on a date with one guy, my ex flipped out. So, I never saw the guy again. A few weeks later I found out my ex had been sleeping with someone else the entire time (one of my enemies!). I eventually forgave him and I don’t hold any grudges, but I’m definitely more aware of the games that people play now.

    To make a long story short, it sounds like your ex is playing the same game my ex was. Don’t let her stop you from living your life because if she really loves you she will make up her mind. Otherwise, move on.

  355. AlmostMyScorp says:

    My almost scorp seems to be watching me from afar while she heals with “random acts of kindness” to others in various ports.

    Like you mentioned, my almost told me she didn’t like this woman friend of hers her in NY so I shut her out when she kept asking me if me n almost hooked up. Imagine my surprise when I believe the friend paid for almost’s visit to NYC in Nov.(He trip almost denies ever occured.

    Now I found out her “events” aren’t bringing her to NYC like she said in a few weeks. I found out online. I’m confused cause like some other folks posts before, I know she is still processing her big breakup and keeping my off while that unattractive sorting goes on-but still w/in reach. It sucks being me. Some beauty queen asked me “if I lived nearby” New Years—my friend Craig came up to me shaking his unlucky head. Dude “are you nuts? Why did you blow her off!?!”

    We know why. Is it time to cut bait. These are all Almosts tests right….?

  356. Sherry says:

    hey SCORPinNEED!!!

    wat happened 2 u sucks… but i’m sure u know wat 2 do(almostmyscorp n val’s amazin advice)… but watever happens, dont hate urself 4 it or u’ll turn into a stinger…. jus accept it as a part of ur life n let it go…

    also…., jus cause scorps r said 2 b vindictive n stuff doesn’t mean u have 2 b! i mean, if u think abt it… when sum1 is labeled a scorp, they think, “oh! i’m supposed 2 b this way. i can’t help how i’m made”. when actually u can change it. its jus a matter of choice. do u want 2 b enclosed in a box wit a label on it? or do u want 2 undefined n limitless?


    Val could b rite but don’t jump 2 conclusions. afteral, we dont know her as wel as u do…. but i guess it wouldn’t hurt 2 b careful…. by dat i dont mean investigate her. i believe in respectin others’ privacy…. but dats jus me…

  357. debbie says:

    ScorpinNeed, I’m a cancerian woman and with us cancers a realationship has to wear out before we can move on to the next person. So he was never over his ex in the first place. You were his transitional woman. But you should find yourself a nice pisces man and move forward with your life. And you don’t need to be told Karma bit you in the butt. Yes of course it hurts. Also what is her sunsign if you don’t mind me asking?

  358. SCORPinNEED says:






  359. AlmostMyScorp says:


    As your emotions settle (louise hay morning and evening meditations – 20 mins can set you right) the big picture is this guy is going to be paying for two households in some fashion/large or small. Seems without your scorpness, he may never have strayed. So that’s his rough luck…for a lifetime. So while you process, it sucks, it hurts and you indeed are right about that – just know 5 yrs from now, YOU WANT THE EASE AND LOVE for your son during those inevitable “handoffs” of your little one to his dad. Girl,those weekends are what will enable you to love again, better, wiser. You need that to be good. And scorps are great at being cool on the outside. You can create the best of all possible outcomes!! I have faith in you.

  360. bob says:


    sometimes life (through our actions) holds a mirror up so we can see ourselves, perhaps not quite as favorably as we’d like. this mirror seems to direct light onto our warts and other not-so-attractive features. we can look away and ignore the image, or pretend it doesn’t exist, and repeat the same mistakes, create the same drama.

    or we can sit down with it, stare into it bravely, because we want to change what we see and realize on some level that such transformation requires being painfully honest with ourselves. it can be hard work and won’t erase what we’ve already done, who we’ve been, but it can also be the first step out of the muck. call it self-directed evolution. it’s tedious, without glamour, and is often enough, when we set upon that course, an ongoing process. sometimes what propels us through it is memory of where we fell short and knowing we must change, on a deep level, where the work is private and unpretty, and nobody pats us on the shoulder and says “hey, nice job. keep it up.” it is soldiering.

    if you got him back, would you revert to status quo? if he’s gone – the death card – who do you want to be the next time a man engages you? will your heart be wiser, stronger, less selfish and needy? or will you not have changed? will you still be the same Girl that waits for the right time to make her move on her friend’s man?

    i’ve been where you are. but never again.


  361. AlmostMyScorp says:

    AlmostmyScorp had a paid trip to South Africa and was posting ‘in an open relationship’before they kissed. The new mate is a friend of her ex’s she met once a year ago. Said they were “attracted…yadda. (I get a picture of a cartoon character in my head saying “are you my mama?” In a desperate quest to have love – but with someone can be controlled.

    (I give it 3-5 mos max).She msn’d me.I told her (since no word on Jan visit, now March “in Toronto”) to focus on her new “mate.” Since there is a rash of suddenly finding me, then saying her bf is jealous we are chatting… I say focus on the bf, peace out.

    And is this bad…? When she pretended to still be in (she was back a day ago) I deleted her from IM. Can’t belive I had two women invite me home this last week anb didn’t do it.

    I am an idiot.

    And certain SHE will be back.

    Should I run????

  362. AlmostMyScorp says:

    AlmostmyScorp had a paid trip to South Africa and was posting ‘in an open relationship’before they kissed. The new mate is a friend of her ex’s she met once a year ago. Said they were “attracted…yadda. (I get a picture of a cartoon character in my head saying “are you my mama?” In a desperate quest to have love – but with someone can be controlled.

    (I give it 3-5 mos max).She msn’d me.I told her (since no word on Jan visit, now March “in Toronto”) to focus on her new “mate.” Since there is a rash of suddenly finding me, then saying her bf is jealous we are chatting… I say focus on the bf, peace out.

    And is this bad…? When she pretended to still be in (she was back a day ago) I deleted her from IM. Can’t belive I had two women invite me home this last week anb didn’t do it.

    I am an idiot.

    And certain SHE will be back.


  363. debbie says:

    Scorpinneed I have a solution. Set his cancer girlfriend up with a Pisces man she will leave him so quickly. Then let him come to you on his own. I’m sure he has feelings towards you still because otherwise he wouldn’t have had a child with you. I really feel bad for your pain. Just step back for now and of course the hard task of moving forward with the other issues. But don’t show anger or possesiveness just let it play out and give it time. You never know he may realize he only thought he wanted her back. Sometimes we want what we can’t have then we get it and realize it was just a fantasy. He moved on to you so quickly how could he have really loved her?

  364. SCORPinNEED says:




  365. debbie says:

    scorpinneed, Your son is the victim in all this. Your interferring in a happy couples lives because you wanted what they had really shocks me. I know from what I’ve read scorps do get what they want. However I though it was because it came naturally not out of scheming and deciet and betraying a friend. Really Sad.

  366. debbie says:

    scorpinneed, I’ts funny how us women are attracted to married men. They seem more attractive more of a challenge and scorps do like competition. But i don’t think love is game. And you really don’t win by getting the guy if you had to scheme to get him. Best to let the guys chase you.

  367. EnigmaMCMLXIV says:

    I recently ended a relationship with an Aquarius Male and with great difficulty.

    We were together almost two years. In the last 7 months I would get the gut instinct something wasn’t right.

    One example would be, I show up at his house and his ex girlfriend would be in his home and the place would be locked up like a vault. His excuse would be her boyfriend is angry at her, so she shows up here and they are drinking with the lights dimmed and the place locked up like Fort Knox. Ok Lie #1
    Or he would be partying with a bunch of women. I text him and he says he is at home I am in his drive way no one at home. But his car is at this womans house down the street. This woman is known for partying and taking advantage of people to buy her booze. Lie #2
    Another great one would be him taking his ex girlfriend to visit a friend he hasn’t seen in 20 yrs. Witnesses state he showed up at the house with the woman. I asked him why he did that and he says, “Oh she was already there.” Lie #3

    That is just a few lies he was caught in. Then broken promises. Man, I can go on an on.

    Do anyone know how frustrating it is to be lied to all the time!? It’s like laying in poisonous liquid and feel it slowly seeping into all the crevices of your body causing excruciating pain and slowly turning your insides to rot.

    So when I broke off the relationship he couldn’t understand why. He thought I was jealous!

    I explained to him I didn’t like him lying and the drinking. I can deal with men having female friends and I believe men and women can be friends but I hate the deceit.

    I am not all about sex either. When someone hurts me I shut down emotionally and sexually. I don’t use sex as a tool to get what I want. I am probably the most sexually repressed Scorpio female on the planet. lol Oh well there is always the odd one in the bunch.

  368. Fatimah says:

    Come on, we’re all grown. What sense does it make to childishly bicker about the characteristics of a Scorpio woman? Do we not have better things to do? I am a Scorpio woman (11.16.1990) and I know I’m the shit. But even if I wasn’t a Scorpio I’d still be magnificent. The one that initially brought up how Scorpio women are jealous… and boring… and transparent… and BLAH BLAH BLAH: you’ve picked out a few wonderful adjectives, however to describe a Scorpio woman, NA. Okay, my astrologer, I’m terribly flattered that you’ve spent so much time analyzing Scorpio women to have come up with such an intense viewpoint of them. And it is not my place, nor do I have the slightest interest in trying to prove you wrong, or even change your opinion. But, like stated before, it’s irritatingly ignorant to debate about what a “Such-N-Such” woman is like. You’ll never no everyone, therefore attempting to pass judgement on a whole is, in my opinion (since opinions seem to be the fuel igniting this fire) ridiculous. Have the best of days…

  369. bob says:

    spoken like a true mars in gemini. adding blah blah blah to the blah blah blah and thinking it’s different.

    not that you can help it.

    Lesser’n Thou, f’sure.

  370. ChargingRam says:

    Ok so I’m an Aries male and recently I have been getting very close to a Scorpio girl. Having done a bit of research into such a relationship, it doesn’t seem like there’s much hope!
    From what I have gathered, will both want to be in charge. Scorpio’s have their own way of doing this through subtle yet forceful methods, an Aries on the other hand can be very overtly aggresive at doing this (we are a sun sign after all).
    We both love our freedom, though an Aries can be clingy in love and foolhardy (which is true in my case).
    Aries want fast paced relationships (indeed I have been restraining myself). I am a very sociable and loud person and she is fairly quiet, though not shy and she is very self confident. I am very blunt and straight up with my feelings, Scorpios being the opposite. We are both highly passionate and sexual. So that’s what I’ve found out. But I wanted to ask anybody with experience of such a relationship if it is worth it?
    She has shown a lot of strong signs that she wants me… She has an increadably sexy figure, she could be a model or something! But what captures my attention the most is her eyes…can’t resist…her…can’t break…the…gaze…help…me!

  371. AlmostMyScorp says:

    (LOL. Bob that was an ace).
    Almost my scorp keeps popping up on facebook or msn trying to get me to respond. My last response was go away. Focus on your relationship and leave me alone. You havent been a great friend or anything else so why not focus improving your relationship/friend skills…..She completely ignores that stuff to say hey-hi, and really just to see if I’ll respond. I forget how we left it and I’ll say hey then feel like, Shite! she caught me again. It’s torture since no one else ever looks good to me. Or feels good to me by comparison. It’s like she is not letting go. Is she saving me for a rainy day? or is it just some weird ego gratification…12 months my friends.

  372. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Hey, good luck with that. I’ll toss almost’s eyes up for a profile pic and you’ll know i can feel your pain.

    12 months.

    If I hadn’t found this blog I would have no idea what this “possessed” thing was all about…

    I’m doing the friend thing. Until I make one more in-person contact. I gotta think there is something there or she wouldn’t bother. (I know something is there). It’s the brink. It either will be or wont be. Nothing in between. A life down two possible paths.

  373. Karrie says:

    I’m a Scorpio woman Sun & Rising sign. I’m married to a Sagittarius man we respect each others space and trust one another so there is no jealousy issues here. We both like a level of freedom. We both like equality and both pulling the load together fairly. When younger (now 28) I was extremely jealous but that’s been gone for sometime. I am an intense truth seeker into Paranormal, Aliens and Conspiracies. No stone is left unturned. I have strong indigo energy..I can see auras have had Out of body experiences. So all those traits are there with Scorpio sign. I do get very strong reactions from females they like playing nasty mind games with me even though they know I’m married. I think sometimes they feel like I’m after their men?? I can careless I’m married and happy. It’s hard making friends because I keep to myself alot but I’m extremely friendly and would bend over backwards for anyone in need. 9 times out of 10 I win over the most doubtful of people once they realize I have a big heart and I’m careing. I guess as a Scorpio you become the center of attention for all kinds of drama, even though you try so hard to stay to yourself and out of the lime light. Scorpios rather, by choice, stay hidden to avoid drama. Scorpios love it when someone genuinely wants to know them in a one on one setting. It really boils down to asking others to be genuine. Scorpio will respect you if you really try to know them beyond the surface. If your behaving as a label, acting out, following the crowds attitudes and pretending to be cool because of ego trips. You will be avoided coldly (out of self defense). Scorpios know that the masks that people wear are because they are afraid of being themselves. It’s a way of defense for them. That’s why they feel uncomfortable around scorpios because it reminds them that they are wearing these masks that they have become comfortable wearing. They won’t give up on you completely they will just wait for you to snap out of it and come be a genuine person. We understand that you have to go through experiences to gain knowledge and grow, scorpios are keenly aware of this on a daily basis. Hints (Death and Rebirth) Much Love! hope this helps someone who has a hard time understanding Scorpios.

  374. Karrie says:

    If that last post confussed the hell out of you and you have a question about something I posted just feel free to email me anytime.

  375. Karrie says:

    Okay that sound a bit like fantasy some of that is untrue. To get a scorpio to fall in love with you “show intrest one on one” “be adventurious” “be thoughtful” last and not least when dating a scorpio really mean it! Scorpios are not in it for quick sex unless they aim for that. To get rid of one “be honest with your feelings” the sooner the better “just say it!” Don’t make them try to read you. If they find out through cheating or hearing it from others then you will see the scorpio wrath. When with scorpio except the fact of sharing thoughts and emotions as one. Scorpios are looking for life long warriors as partners they look at life as a battle field and need a partner to gear up with them. If you are not ready to live life to the fullest then back off. The ability to live on the surface only is not for scorpios.

  376. Jean says:

    I love these posts…it’s so true

  377. Junior says:

    Hi all,
    i’m new to this page.Why i end up here is because i just broke up with my most adore love of my life which is a scorpio.Yes this is my main problem which i hope some of you could give me advice on.Yes i do still love her want would like to see my future with.

    We worked in the same company but she has just left us doe to many reason like bad boss as well as relationship with me.We started at a very unsual point wherby she is so in love with me and even confessed with me.Due to my ego and stand of not wanting a love relationsip in office,i did not give her a concrete answer.Deep down in me,i have great feelings for her. We continue like any couple hiding their love from surface for almost half a year.In office people start suspecting that we are dating.At the beginning,i’m the bastard that never give her the attention and commitment taht she deserve.She finally given up hope as thru the time we had many arguement as i easily get mad at her and start showing tantrum.The whole love scenario changes as we grew to be more independent and able to stand on own feet.As for me,as i’m ready to commit and tell the world how much i love her,she sense likewise.I did al i could to shower her with love and gave her what she deserve taht i never give her before.but i sense its all too late as she said the feeling isn’t the same no more.She suggested a break 2 times and both i manage to convince her to work things out.Last we seperate on 30th Jan 2010 as she said we do not have the spark no more.She doesn’t know if she still loves me and being with me is because she needed a man where i can be with her when she needed or is it love?We use to share intimate love chemistry in bed but few months back,she confessed that she isn’t interested in sex no more like last time.i admit that i have been clingy and taking much most of her time during our relationship time.I also became demanding as i’m a person with low self esteem.I was lost and unsure if she loves me or misses me.I guess with thati’m pushing her away as well.

    At this current moment,our relationship as became complicated.Thru verbal,she has decided to call it off.the day after she call off,we still spend time together and even end of making out.But its awkward,i felt that there is something between ice where makes us like stranger.This coming saturday we planned to spend time together in a near getaway.this is plan before the break up.i’m not even sure if i should go?

    i’m so lost at this moment that i purchase e-book from the web on telling you how to get your ex back.unsure if it work but i’m just dron in a pool of despair.deep down i know i love her and till now,i could only admit that she is the one that i would consider seeing future with.I really dunno how to win her back…all i could do know is not to let her see i’m in needy and down.I’m an injured Virgo in desperate need of help…

  378. ChickyMoon says:

    I’m not really big on zodiac stuff, but I’ve read that Scorpios can be vengeful/ vindictive/ jealous/ etc.

    My new boyfriend (Cancer) has a Scorpio ex and I’m wondering if she’s going to give us a hard time. I’m not worried, but I don’t like drama so that caused this curiosity.

    He says she’s really “cool” about their break-up (he’s a bit naive LOL), but my “feelers” are telling me she’s bubbling inside.

    I’m a Cancer as well by the way. 🙂

    So am I cool or do I need to keep brass knuckles in my purse? LOL!

  379. Mark says:

    Hey there,

    I stumbled across this forum today and have been very interested in reading about your experiences with Scorpio women.

    I’m a 29 yr old Scorpio male, and have recently met a 30 yr old Scorpio female.

    I am really hoping to get some insight from other Scorpio women here as to what to expect.

    I am well aware of how I am and my traits, I am not sure if I should expect her to be fairly similar to me? I usually date more open women, who are a bit more open with their feelings, as I suppose it puts my mind at rest that they are indeed interested…but, she absolutely has my interest and we have so much in common.

    Love the forum, but haters, please grow up and find pastures new. You’ve wasted part of your life to silly negativity, go be someone good, not an idiot.

    I can vouch for being jealous when I was younger, but with age and experience I have been able to resist the negative thoughts and know I am a catch and not someone to be messed around with-or their loss!

    Have a good day all!

  380. maria says:

    well i can honestly say (being a scorpio woman) i am not jelous of other women well not all i mean there are a couple that i will compare myself to but not many. it is hard for scorpios to make friends because we choose carefully. in fact i think most scorpios would want to meet new places like a different country than meet new people. the reason most scorpio women seem like to into sex is becuase the genitals are the part of the scorpio that is dominated.

    as for advice on what to expect when dating a scorpio women well good luck. she will not tell u she loves u until she knows she is sure about it and know u are comitted. sont expect her to shout it out to the whole world in fact she might keep it a secret until u tell people. once ur love is out in the open she will constanly want u to be calling her just to ask how the day is going and will be very possessive of u. i asure u that she will show u her love but in secret. she might whisper the most romantic and sexiest things in ur ear but will never reveal them aloud. ooh n one more thing DO NOT EVER BRAG ABOUT UR SEX LIFE TO A SCORPIO WOMAN. she will be disgusted and totally turned off. same goes for her if u two have an intamate relationship she would want it to be kept between u and her.

    well i hope that helps somewhat.

  381. Red says:

    I have a big problem, and it might take a few posts. On this scorpio woman’s b-day I asked her out, she said yes and our date went well, I even bought her a flower, which is something I’ve never done for anyone before. We discovered we had a lot in common for our likes and dislikes in music, people, food, and all sorts of other things. At the end of the date I messed up and the next day she told me she just wanted to be friends, I said ok that’s fine, but because I really like her I decided to ask for advise and I was told that it sounded like she just wanted to get to know me better and to wait. So I waited 2 months till x-mas, i bought her a classical music cd w/ some of her favourite composers on it and she really liked it. So on newyears eve I asked her out again, she said yes and the next day we had a guitar lesson and were supposed to go to dinner, but I ended getting this crazy bad stomach ache,

  382. Red says:

    which it turns out was a recurring medical problem, but I later found out that it was caused by another woman whom I had told about asking this woman out. I thought i could trust her but she was jealous and decided to sabatoge me. I have proof of this because someone i’ve been friends with for over 10 years overheard her talking about it with someone. She put something in my coffee(which she bought for me)that messed my stomach up. Then when we were having a snack before our guitar lesson the jealous woman says, What, are you two embarrassed to be seen in public together? She said this because we were sitting at different tables. We were trying to be discreet because we work together and did not want gossip and drama. So, after our guitar lesson we start heading down to the restaurant and she says are you sure you want to go out for dinner still? I said I would if she still wanted to, but then she said it might not be a good idea because of my stomach, and I said I would still go out even with my messed up stomach(multiple times actually), she kept saying the same thing so I said ok, you’re right, just take me home. Then a few minutes later she asks again if I wanted to go to dinner I said I really wanted to but she was right about my stomach and we should just go out again on a different night. After that she stopped giving me guitar lessons, and when I tried to talk to her about it she told me she was uncomfortable being alone with me, but later on she told me she was not uncomfortable, she thinks I’m a cool guy ,that she does not just go out for dinner with guys and that she was sorry for misleading me and that we should be friends. She also agreed to continue giving me guitar lessons, but since then we have not had a single lesson. I’m really confused, If she did not have feelings for me then why did she say yes both times to going out? I would even be willing to look for another job because I’m not really comfortable with dating someone I work with, and she is the most amazing woman I have ever met. I would really like to make it up to her because I feel as if I’ve let her down but I’m not sure how to apologize to her, or if she will even listen to me at all. Is there any way I can fix this or should I just move on? thx

  383. Eigee says:

    Hey there, I just wanna give a heads up to a statement I read up there about how to get rid of us scorp girls. Unlike it said on the entry, you don’t have to hurt us through jealousy to end a relationship… It’ll work alright, but you’ll earn yourself an enemy for life. It’s better to speak the truth bluntly and get over and through with problems. No need to cheat… Just sayin’ (:

  384. sky says:

    I am a Pecis long married male. I had a good friend ship with a married Scorpio co worker for years. One day I was feeling a bit full of myself and thinking that I was up for to some casual sex with the sexy Scorpio, I made my move. She put her arms around me and I looked deeply into her eyes and I have been lost ever since. We didn’t even kiss. I see her all work day long. I can’t sleep. I can’t stop thinking of the Scropio. Help me get back to the way it was before and my plain safe practical Virgo wife and life.

  385. WouldntLayAHandOnYou says:

    Damn I met this Scorpio Lady at my friends new years party, and im saying she somehow had me tuning out the other women that were there.
    My ex was also there and being a chatter box all in my ear, but every time this scorpio’s eye and mine met my ex sounded like charlie browns teacher.
    Coming from a Cancerian you Scorpio Ladies are beautiful

  386. rick says:

    I’m a Leo man, age 38. I’m a single father of three. I’m unl
    in love with a 38 year old almost single mother of two who is a Scorpio. I know she’s interested I’m me, but needs her time to get over her divorce and not yet ready for a relationship. Problem is she knows how i feel, butwont be open with me and its driving me crazy! Help me!

  387. H says:

    Hi. So I’m a Gay Male Gemini (Sag rising, Cap Moon, Mercury Gemini, Venus Aries, Mars Gemini) and I dated a Gay Male Scorpio (Gemini rising, Cap moon, Mercury Scorpio, Venus Libra, Mars Virgo) for 5 months. I’m one of those rare Gemini’s that takes commitment and relationships seriously, I’m very intelligent (pursuing PhD in Clinical Psychology), living in Miami, I grew up in a Iranian culture so loyalty, selfless acts and commitment are very important to our family. I think he was attracted to me because I was attractive, ambitious (I also in the process of writing a book), and I’m not very superficial or too gay-acting. I truly appreciate the qualities in people not much interested in the aesthetics or physical beauty of the person. I’m still a virgin because I want to lose it to someone I’m unconditionally in love with. I went into the relationship not even thinking about his astrology sign until after we got into a misunderstanding and somehow we broke up.

    We were very much in love from the beginning! We had this amazing magnetic connection and I literally put my whole heart and soul in the relationship. He was so deep and passionate which I loved, because I could get very intense myself verbally. We wrote poetry together and talked about our dreams, and future. He has no education, literally no money (worked at a Gas Station), had a very turbulent past involving heavy drugs, separated from his family and manipulating other people, crime. I didn’t care about those things because I’m all about the connection in the end, and he was so perceptive of people I just loved listening to him. We talked about getting married … everything. Now and then he would ignore my calls, or say really harsh and mean things to me … like he once said he hated talking to me … which I was confused and seemed contradictory to his behaviors because he still called, but I guess I just ignored it because I trusted that he loved me and he continued to do so. We lived in different states, I lived in Florida, and he lived in New York, I visited. Eventually I grew tired of the distance, and he was poor of course and was responsible for his sister whom he lived with who was on welfare. So I decided to pack and move to New York and live with him … basically drop out of school, but told him I would pursue writing my book (I still had a undergraduate and Masters degree if I needed to find work in New York). He started acting weird, we had a shared e-mail account and he purposely left me e-mails about his dating profile site he was on and said he was in a bad mood and it wasn’t healthy to talk to me anymore … I got scared and asked him, did he want to break up? I didn’t understand, he said, “no ” ….. then “I don’t know” … and then he said, YES.

    I was so devastated I didn’t talk to him for 1 week until I caved and called him. He said he never loved me, we weren’t compatible etc … etc … I was so shocked I hung up. So I tried to move on … then he calls me back after 2 months, he says he gave his heart to me for 5 months, he still has strong feelings for me and he never was actually going to cheat on me, doesn’t know why he did it. I was so confused. I told him there will always be a place in my heart for him and I’m open to exploring my feelings for him again but I still skeptical because I found out that he still as an “inactive” dating profile he hasn’t been on in 2 months. I didn’t want to mention it to him cause he said to forget the past and trust him and start fresh. He then said he wants to move in with me in Miami. I got kind of scared cause I wasn’t sure if he was just using me because he still had a dating profile … but anyway I got busy the one day and wasn’t able to call him (he said he wanted me to call him as much as possible, even though he could just call me, ugh!). I called him finally and he sounded cold, said he would call him tomorrow. He never did. I had this really bad feeling and he went on the “inactive” dating profile (in some ways I think he knows I know about it cause I know from the previous e-mail we had). It hurt me SO much, I sent him an e-mail saying his loyalty is momentary (cause he also said he respects me again and he wants to show me that he is loyal to me).

    Anyway … I finally decided to read up on Scorpios … and it seemed so obviously he is!! This whole time either he is torturing me for fun, or testing. I remember in the relationship he told me that, he “loves me”, but that it really matters on longevity. And he said he doesn’t want to feel controlled (I think he meant he didn’t want his feelings for me to control him now that I think about it) … and he also said he loved that I was “real” and he likes that I keep him interested. To me I just realized that I think what he meant was … he wants to see the depths of my love for him, by testing me, perhaps even stinging me, so I would show my expression of love or feelings for him. Ugh! Assuming his motives are intentions are in the right place.

    This is my problem, I’m not sure if I can continue to have a relationship with someone who I need to constantly keep interested in by testing the depths and lengths of my love for them. I am really honest about my emotions when he “hurts me” … but I fear this will never stop … cause it keeps him interested and its hurtful. So I don’t know what to do now. The last e-mail I sent him was, I will never say the right things to him, or make him truly happy, and that it doesn’t seem like he respects me or is loyal to me, but that if he doesn’t want to be loyal or respect me, I truly do hope whatever he genuinely aspires out of life, he finds the kind of love and happiness he always talked about and longs for. Ultimately I just want someone who is honest, faithful, genuine, and loyal. As I will be for them.

    Its been 3 weeks … and I haven’t heard back. Although he continues to update his facebook (he hasn’t removed me neither have I cause I’m loyal to him at least as a friend). It really makes me question, what is true love? Am I willing to have him move in with me … and watch the train wreck that is our relationship until I prove my love for him … I don’t know. I really don’t. Any insight would be great guys. I almost feel like either I should leave him alone and see what happens .. or move on … because I will always be suspicious because he is so secretive about everything. I don’t know.

  388. A quick reply to this and similar comments:

    If someone loves you, really loves you, they will be as generous, open, and loving towards you as you are towards them. If someone consistently hurts, ignores, insults, deceives, or “teases” you, they don’t love you. You might love them, but they don’t love you.

    If someone has issues (past hardships, etc) that make them act less than loving/open/generous toward you, then they need to handle those things on their own.

    It hurts to nip these things in the bud but the quicker you do, the less heartbreak you will face and the quicker you can move on to find someone as special and loving as you yourself are and the love you deserve.

  389. mike says:

    im an aquarius male n i am 23 years old ive been in a 5 1/2 year relationship with a scorpio female n she is 20. she recently dumped me cause i did not have my shit together as i smoked weed all the time n played vid games n was not growing like she was i was very destraught when she dumped me cause iv been abandoned my whole life my love was the strongest it could be for a person n when she left me i decided to take a whole bunch of pills n end my life she ened up driving to my house drunk n saving me she then wrote me a letter saying she loves me with all her heart but could never 4 give me for it! do i still have a chance to win her heart back please say yes..if u want to no more of the story please let me know i really need advice because i cant get her out of my mind n love her with all my heart n wish 4 1 more chance once i can prove to myself n her that i can be successful n the 1 for her

  390. Blaine says:

    I am a Virgo guy and have recently met a scorpion. It has been one week and the speed at which the relationship is going is fairly incredible. I just finished reading your post and I am getting it. She is extremely attractive but in an indefinable way. There isn’t one “bit” that I can pinpoint. It’s the whole package. What is amazing to me is that it is almost as if some drug was put in my coffee that has anesthetized me to the point where my normal reluctance to move this quickly has been eliminated. I’m not minding this one bit. Is this something you Scorpions can do naturally? I feel like I was “picked” and decided upon without my consent but, like I said, it isn’t bothering me even a little. Without her asking, I’ve lost interest in meeting anyone else and have closed communication with other women. This was done without hesitation. I do not move that quickly but somehow I’m doing it. She knows exactly what to say and when to say it (and when not to say anything). What, exactly, am I in for? I feel like I’m at the beginning of a roller coaster ride. You know….the uphill chain waiting for the rush. Anyone else and I would have gotten skittish and backed away but with her, I’m not. How do you Scorpions know how to turn someone into a willing target without them realizing it’s happened until it’s already done? She’s exactly as described. Fascinating and absolutely impossible to ignore. Next question….Why do I feel absoulutely ok with being absolutely not in control of this? lol. As far as the jealousy part of the character…good thing I’m a Virgo I guess. We are nothing if not absolutely loyal.

  391. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Blaine, Blaine, Blaine. Good luck with that!
    AlmostmyScorp asked me to be exclusive like 5 weeks in, then she got afraid.Comes back, goes to hide, each time closer. She’s young. But they are soooo powerful! It’s like being caught in a forcefield. 13 months later…the ride continues. It’s true. No one else compares. Just keep the upper hand. They don’t want anyone whipped or doormat-ish. And she won’t go away if you hold your ground.

    After the charming phase one, you’ll want to remember that… 😉


  392. Scorp lady says:

    Loving this page! I’m a scorpio girl (leo rising) and I can’t help but see so much of myself in this – I particularly loved Bob’s post 276 which rang so true it isn’t funny!

    In terms of the possessiveness – I concurr.
    I used to get insanely jealous of other women talking to my (now) husband – it wasn’t even that I though he (a darling gemini, leo rising) would ever cheat, just insecurity on my part. I am the same with close girl-friends – I get very hurt when I percieve they aren’t giving me the time I would give them. I think it’s a case of hyper-sensitivity to being betrayed which I don’t deal well with. This has got a lot better as I’ve got older but still flares up every once and a while.

    Generally I am happy, friendly scorp with a blunt tounge and a capacity for real venom if I’m crossed. I am fully capable of thinking the most hurtful, gut wrenching things about people but have to be given a big reason to say them outloud. I never feel particularly good about saying awful things, but in most cases, probably wouldn’t take it back. In what seems like total contrast, I have massive resources of empathy and am pretty intuitive to people’s needs. I hate injustice and sadness and am hyper-aware and careful of grief and loss, constantly amazed at other people’s inability to tread carefully around the feelings of others.

    And yes, as a scorpio, I know fine well that someone is interested and even if I don’t want to play, I love that they have noticed me.

    So, if you are thinking of a scorp girlfriend – I’d say a big part of what she’ll need is love, attention and understanding. If she likes you, you will experience love, laughter and loyalty as only a Scorpio lady can give it – earthshatteringly!

  393. SagGirl says:

    I’m a Sagittaruis and have been seeing a sexy Scorpio woman for about a month now. Even though our signs aren’t suppoed to be compatible, we totally are. Maybe because my moon is in Pices. I’m extreamly sensitive to other’s feelings and would never cheat or flirt with other people. Those aren’t typical Sag traits.

    I’m not positive why but every Scorpio I’ve ever met (male or female) has been super attracted to me. Well, I am prettier than average, very honest and fun (and modest, hehe). But it just seems like the Scorpios go the craziest for me 🙂

    This woman is the first that I reciprocated the feelings for and WOW. Sexy sexy sexy!!! We get along on a very deep emotional level and it makes the sex amazing! I’m normally pretty shy in the bedroom but not with her. She brings something out of me 🙂

    I also love how easily we communicate. We can and do talk about everything. Even potentially uncomfortable subjects. It’s awesome!

    Any of you Scorpios date a Sagittarius, and how did it go? Though, like I said, I’m not a totally typical Sag.

  394. I dated a Sag for 4 years and it went pretty well. We had a deep connection and good sex, but he had an ex-girlfriend he was still obsessed with, and after about 3 years I realized he would never really love me– she would always be there. Of course, as a jealous Scorp I couldn’t stand that, though I tried to be compassionate about it for the first 3yrs (we all have exes). It took another year to break up and was very painful for both of us; he hasn’t spoken to me in three years. It was all quite painful really. Anyway, you can’t just look at sun signs, you have to get your whole chart (just google “astrological chart free” or something) because your rising signs, moon signs, and Venus/mars are also important in determining your astrological connection. Other than that, just keep those communication lines open and the sensitivity thing going and I bet you’ll be alright.

  395. SagGirl says:

    Yeah, I’ve compared our charts at Most was positive.

    I really love how she can see to my core 🙂 I’ve never had anything to hide but I can see where someone with secrets would be uncomfortable with a Scorpio.

  396. H says:

    Jessica … Thank you so much for your advice. I pretty much said the exact same things you told me to him … he was very upset … he told me he was actually a “gentleman” that I haven’t seen it yet. He doesn’t want to express his feelings for me because he doesn’t want to hurt me afterwards “AKA vindictiveness”. He said he transfers all these hurt and pain on me because he resents so many people in his life that he had been there for him but have let him down. He sounded really frantic and crazy when I said I’m not strong enough or the one for him. Then he went to say that it takes “baby steps” to grow and that as long as I’m there for him, or I’m still a part of his life, he can get there. He said he wishes I could just tell if I could just see him, despite all the hurt he puts me through. After that call, I heard he went to a gay bar and I’m pretty sure (maybe not, I’ll never know really) he slept with a few guys.

    I had to change my phone number and block him from my e-mails. Its so sad. I just know it will be a 25+ year roller coaster ride with him, and I don’t have the strength honestly. Its really sad because I’m sure somewhere there is that love. But like you said Jessica, I might love him, but he don’t love me … at least not “truly”.

  397. Caps_Bad says:

    Hi, Does a Capricorn really have a chance to win a scorpion’s woman heart? I really like this girl but the thing is she like someone else, a sagittarius man.

    If I do have a chance can you give some advice one how to?

    I just have told her that I will not bother her for 6months so she can have her time with this man to see if that guy really loves her too.

  398. A Cap-Scorp match, sunsign-wise, is really good. Of course whole charts are more complicated than sun signs. Do try to actually leave her alone and to respect her decision if she ends up wanting to be with him. I think your strategy is smart but stick to it.

  399. Caps_Bad says:

    Hi, Does a Capricorn really have a chance to win a scorpios woman heart? I really like this girl but the thing is she like someone else, a sagittarius man.

    If I do have a chance can you give some advice one how to?

    I just have told her that I will not bother her for 6months so she can have her time with this man to see if that guy really loves her too.

  400. AlmostMyScorp says:

    I’m not sure why but the scorpio woman i was with last yr … who has continued to stay in touch while having a new “open relationship” (facebook) elsewhere. (Not gonna last) it seems the postings were for me to see because as soon as i unfcbked her, suddenly she stopped posting their love chats-which i knew was for me anyway. i dont get it. Next on msn where we have had the regular occassional real time chat, she posts her fling is a “hot piece of ….” you get the picture. So Jessica’s posting called it. Except I’ve been struggling with how mean and malicious…for what? Is everything so covert or unspoken? I read something that the more a scorp likes you the less you’ll hear–but 13 months and I never initiate the contact. This can’t be for sport because she has 944 facebook friends to torture. But I think now I’m more worried about the retaliation though I’m not sure for what….and Im not in the strongest place. but thx Jessica, you called it?

    So I’m wondering do i really need to block everything? I’m between jobs and things were moving and then like a blindside punch this seems to have just sent me into the abyss out of nowhere. She did this the last time her attempt to date (instead of me) didnt work out. She picked a fight with me to see if I still cared? (It felt like soulmates when we were together and it felt like she ran cause she was just 24 and wanted to be sure maybe before settling in?)
    Anyway, she did this rt before my interview and other major things i’m dealing with. im so confused. like theres this 13 mo scorp loyalty and weird devotion but im punished for trying to step away when she’s …. unhealthy, whatever.

    cant you pls spin it for me. I feel like I’m trying to function with a wrench in my head. the loyalty part confuses me.

  401. Billy Cuppy says:

    What a buch of bs. Scorpio bitches are just that. Lying, cheating, sociopaths who think (key word think) they are gaming you.

    You are horrible liars, and this particular scorp of mine wasn’t all that great in bed. Not bad, but she just couldn’t keep up with this aries. I think the funniest part was her thinking she could lie and manipulate me, but I expect as much on a general basis with women, and when I see it so blatantly happening before my eyes its fun to kick back smile and let her think she is having her way. Until, at last, I caught her red handed lieing and trying to cheat. How pathetic, the attempts to try and wiggle your way out of it. I dumped her with the ice coldness she deserved, and I hope it crushed her pathetic ass. But alas she is a sociopath, so I can’t imagine it will change her in anyway. But I do hope she comes back for another round. So fragile and delusional scorpios out there, just remember when your dealing with an Aries WE are the players and YOU are the game. And if you take it there we will crush you like the bug you are, and feel very satisfied in doing so. 🙂

  402. If you’re the player and we’re the game, what are you doing searching for Scorpio information and bothering to write long fussy comments? Rather transparent, I think.

  403. AlmostMyScorp says:

    (Maybe he was just responding to my post. And I have to admit his appraoch left him feeling a lot better than mine….indeedy).ams

  404. Taurus Man says:

    Hi Jessica, my question is what has been your experiences with Taurus Men?
    In my experiences all the scorpio women I have come into contact with have always had a strange very very intense connection with me. I really can’t explain it. I also get on extremely well with them and they do too with me providing no power plays come in between us and no stubborness or digging in of our heels. They seem to pick or target me out of nowhere and they have an extremely strong staring gaze as if they are trying to pry into me or gain my attention to which when I respond with a smile if they smiled first they then look away.
    I also know about their stinging tail which usually comes about when they think you are ‘playing the field’ or ‘not giving them any attention’ when they are covertly madly attracted and attached to you but never let you know apart from their stare which usually manifests in a longing for or intense concentration as if to ‘claim you’ or watch you. The ‘digging in’ is when they try to tell you something they think is helpful but you want to do it your way because youve done it before.
    Alas I was never fortunate to date any as other unfortunate circumstances got in my way as well as my own feelings of not being able to trust anyone told to me by my Pisces Father. I lived through a hellish marriage between my Pisces Father and Libran Mother.
    I have had many scorpio female suitors in the past and I do feel sorry for not being able to connect and recipricate their feelings with any in a relationship setting. Other people have noticed connections that I have had with Scorpio Women and have even suggested that we should marry as it would be a ‘great couple’. I have had Scorpio Women say they are going to marry me.
    The next time I am fortunate to come into contact with a Scorpio woman would you say go for it?

  405. The_Name says:

    There was this one Scorpio girl falling under the category of “noticing me and being interested”.
    What confuses me, is that she looked obsessed with seeing me in the beginning, yet now she’s turned pretty much “cooler”.
    I’m a Virgoan myself, and I can’t really crack her… Is she just playing, and I’m supposed to respond in the same way, or maybe I’m supposed to become rough at this moment, or has she just decided to move on?
    Could any Scorpio here give me a tip on how not to treat her wrong?

  406. yyy says:

    Won’t cheating get rid of almost anybody? Seems to make sense to me. And if you’re doing it so purposefully, anyone will hate you for it.

  407. bob says:

    billy, all that badass flying off your post like popped pimples makes it hard to read. it’s like there’s just too much hard-dude to take in one sitting. please, next time, turn the bitchen-ness down a little if only so us measly earthslugz can handle the sheer big-dog masculinity of it.

    woof. bark bark.

  408. @yyy surprisingly, it seems like cheating doesn’t get rid of a lot of people. It depends on the relationship, on how much you have invested (children, money, etc.), whether you’re going to use the guilt of a cheater to control and manipulate them (potentially effective but risky!), whether you can work through it. I think Scorps are more sensitive to infidelity than most. I also think infidelity usually reveals something significantly wrong with a relationship, but I don’t think that it’s necessarily a deal breaker. Sometimes it’s just a signal that a lot of work is needed to make the relationship functional again, but the relationship is for various reasons important to salvage (again, for me this would probably hinge on having kids or some other long-term investment with the person).

    @Taurus Man, I have been attracted to taurus men in the past but find it to be a trainwreck in an actual relationship. However, I love Taurus women and find them to be strong, loyal friends. Scorps love change– they thrive on it– where Tauruses and other Earth signs do not. Scorps are more likely to make it work with Virgos (a “later” earth sign) and even more with Capricorns than with Taurans. But even seemingly ill-matched sun signs can be a good match if other signs are in place– that’s why it’s important to do a whole chart for each person and consult a book like The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need to see how the charts work together.

  409. @AlmostMyScorp, Yeah, you’d better block her, just to keep yourself sane.

    On my Gmail, I have an “exes” folder (hidden) where all email from ex-bfs is routed. Once in awhile I check it to see if anyone has anything interesting to say (if they do they probably don’t need an immediate response… but then, they never do have anything interesting to say). It keeps me from being prey to their whims.

  410. Billy Cuppy says:

    Well I suppose my post hit a nerve. Good. I think this wishy washy scorpio description is quite a facade, and find the article and author a little delusional, and yes I find you absolutley transparent as you are clearly full of yourself, jessica.

    Bob, grow a pair buddy. Really.

    And yes almostmyscorp, my post was for you. This woman is so full of shit (aka herself), it’s clear if she makes you feel bad, she’s bringing absolutely nothing to the table FOR YOU, but a plate of her ridiculous BS. My advice is to not take advice from another scorpio who is also full of themselves, but rather cut all ties to this wench, and find a real woman. There are several out there who are very interested in cultivating a mutually loving relationship. I mean just look at this tool jessica who keeps an “exes’ folder…(how narcissistic, shallow, and lonley must you be?)…do you really want to be with someone like that? Leaves these scorpio women (and men) to pat each other on the back and tell themselves how great they are. Throw a rock at any other sign in the zodiak, and I guarentee you will find in every case a much more genuine and loving person worthy of your time and effort.

  411. debbie says:

    WEll said, Billy cuppy. This site is really just for scorpios to feed off each other due to as i’ve stated in my earlier posts they don’t have many friends. And they like to pretend it’s due to others jealousy however they are the stalkers and jealous ones of the zodiac. They’re too intense for my liking. I’ll take a pisces anyday.

  412. Taurus Man says:

    Hi Jessica,
    Have you been in a relationship with a Taurus Man, and what do you mean by train wreck?

  413. Yup.

    At first, there was a great attraction because we were both passionate and smart, but my brief analysis of the situation is that Tauruses are extremely resistant to change, where Scorpios thrive on it. The later (in the zodiac) the earth sign, the better a match for Scorpio.

    But as I always try to reinforce, even bad sun sign matches can be good matches if other signs are in place. You really have to get both partners’ whole charts done.

  414. H says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I would like to date Scorpio again but I wouldn’t know what type that would be the best match for me in terms of considering my whole birth chart. Here is my birth chart if you could recommend something for me, I would appreciate it.

    Sun: Gemini
    Rising: Sagittarius
    Moon: Capricorn
    Mercury: Gemini
    Venus: Aries
    Mars: Gemini
    Jupiter: Aquarius
    Saturn: Scorpio
    Uranus: Sagittarius
    Neptune: Capricorn
    Pluto: Scorpio
    Lilith: Taurus
    Asc Node: Taurus

    I’m curious about whether I was a good match with my ex or not, here is the chart too if you don’t mind giving me your opinion. Thanks Jess!

    Sun: Scorpio
    Rising: Gemini
    Moon: Capricorn
    Mercury: Scorpio
    Venus: Libra
    Mars: Virgo
    Jupiter: Sagittarius
    Saturn: Scorpio
    Uranus: Sagittarius
    Neptune: Sagittarius
    Pluto: Scorpio
    Lilith: Aquarius
    Asc node: Gemini

  415. AlmostMyScorp says:

    How (where?) do we locate our rising signs to do a chart? is there a book? Thanks.

  416. Um… @Hoda… people get paid for doing your chart. So I’m not going to do it… I have other things to do? But you can either search online for free charts or free synastries, or you can buy this book (also @AlmostMyScorp) and learn how to do it yourself. Ultimately doing it yourself will probably be more accurate than running a program from a website, but it takes more time.

  417. Minotaur says:

    hey guys, I’m a Taurus, I have a birth chart of a dictator, (or so they say…)
    I have an intense desire to rule and to conquer and to own things and people. I’ve recently met a Scorpio girl, she appeared out of nowhere and we started talking. Within an hour, we’ve become fast friends, and the sexual tension was BEYOND intense!! we were radiating unholy energies lol that everyone around was watching with envy. We relate on EVERYTHING, and have so much in common it’s out of this world!
    We’re both young, attending college, She’s more aggressive but compassionate, I’m less aggressive but more misanthropic. I’m not someone who easily fall for a girl, and this has never happened to me before, and I’ve never felt such unbridled passion for another person, just by sitting next to her. Every touch was cosmic and her presence seems to fuel my drive for world domination more than ever! Every glance was electrifying, and our embrace makes time stop.
    We’ve only talked 3 times, and the lust is ever increasing, it’s MADNESS!! I can’t even focus in school nor play my music effectively, I wake up thinking about her, and I sleep dreaming of her.
    I must have her, but I CAN’T, because it’s COMPLICATED.
    Not in my case, but hers. which I won’t disclose, in case she reads this, I must keep her secrets, you know. Maybe you can guess it, and also I have my honor to defend, I can’t compromise that, that’s why I don’t think I can go for it.
    So right now I’m feeling torn between the mind and the heart.
    someone gimme some advice plz, and if I decide to go for it? how should I do this?

  418. Lost Scorpio Woman says:

    Hey Jessica, what do you think of Aries man & Scorpio woman? I’ve been having lots of problems communicating with him…

  419. I think it probably depends on what the other signs in your chart are doing, LSW. But if you’re having a lot of trouble communicating with him, drop it, it’s not worth it. You know how people tell you that relationships should be easy? That’s actually true… Doggone it.

  420. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Hmmm. Maybe I can weigh in here. Aries rarely have trouble communicating. It’s our forthright nature.My Scorp experience has been not having straight dialogue back.Seems Scorps manipulate, bob and weave feigning for some perceived upperhand or advantage.A lot of withholding. So if you’re putting it all out there and your Aries isn’t communicating…maybe he’s just not that into you or has something else pulling on him-though the later-Aries wil tell you……

  421. Lost Scorpio Woman says:

    Yeah, we had a good talk last night.. I guess it was my insecurity that worn him out.. We have decided to move on without each other…. I have been reading about Scorp and Aries, and its definitely not a good match.. However theres something in Aries men that makes me go crazy for them……

  422. It’s true that Scorps are likely to withhold, where it seems like that’s a lot less popular strategy with Aries (tho it depends on what’s pressing on them, moon- and rising-sign-wise). I’m dating an Aries, and it’s going well, but I’m very forthright w/him. I think it helps that we both have rising earth signs and would rather be in a stable relationship– there’s enough “spark” just combining two of the most sexual signs in the zodiac (Scorp + Aries) without additional drama. It’s sometimes really difficult for me to be open enough with him and I have to set new boundaries, but Aries can be very loyal, so if you find one you feel like you can invest in and trust, then they’re not so bad.

    I have known worse matches (Aquarius+Scorp, Virgo+Aries) to work out beautifully, so it’s really a combination of factors including the rest of your chart and your life experiences. For example, I think one reason that I get along w/my Aries is that I’m an older sister and he’s a younger brother (as well as younger than me) so I don’t feel intimidated or controlled the way I often do by men who are older than me, which makes me less likely to need to keep secrets or whatever.

  423. Charlie says:

    ok, so i have a scorpio gf but she broke up with me because we tend to argue for the stupidest things but through text. another issue is that we only see each other in weekends. but now she has figured out a proposition and wants to start over by dating me and getting to know each other better because she can’t get over on some things that where said. i’m an aquarius what do you suggest i should do?

  424. Don’t do it. Get yourself a real girlfriend who can see you more often and doesn’t argue with you via text, and love her to pieces. Scorpios and Aquarians are very very very rarely a good match.

  425. Felex the bull says:

    There is this Scorpio girl that just brings out my most primal instinct, I don’t know how to explain it but my best stab it at would be a combination of toe curling sex fallowed by some jack daneils and a few grams of coke fallowed by more amazing sex.She is physically just right, deep mysterious , and damn sexy.

    her way of getting my attention and flirting with me is subtle, you would have to read between the lines understand the feelling that go on between us, but most people fail because there not lost in our own time and space . shes flirty but only to the one she is drawn too, very sexy and witty with her actions .she makes me loose track of time.

    She brings out my best quilitys , has my back and makes me look good to everyone.vice versa

    but she also brings out my my dark side…knows how to get a reaction out of me when she suspects that im attractive to other girls.can be very hard headed and unconvincing , but I can see why she does it when stare deep into here eyes and down into her soul.

    she can’t completely surrender herself…she wants to let me in here most deep down secrets and fantasy but is afraid to let me into her head …she doesn’t want to be hurt.She not sure if she wants to let me in just yet so she keeps me at a distance but not ready to let me go and keeps me close.

    I love her way of being but hate her jealousy she just makes this so powerful in every emotions and it’s not always a good thing….I can’t stop even tho most people would have gave up.

    I love and hate you girl that one over my heart over


  426. Clinton says:

    Hi Jessica

    I am a Capricorn and I am madly in love with a Scorpio girl she is the most stunning woman I have ever met and I do not want to be with any other.
    Thing is we are close friends but I want to be more.

    What do you suggest I should do?


  427. Almost My Scorp says:

    @clinton. Alcohol.

  428. Oh dude, AMS, no substance abuse on the blog! C’mon. … @Clinton TALK TO HER ABOUT IT. Ehem.

  429. Almost My Scorp says:

    For those of you without a sense of humor or ability to read between the lines:

    Take her to dinner. If wine or beverages can be a part, I suggest lowering everyones defenses in the most appropriate and innocent fashion. Scorp women are notorious observers and control is not something easily yielded.It would be my humble suggestion to navigate the conversation to the great comfort and value you have with her in friendship and that you’ve found yourself interested in exploring a “closer” relationship with her….would she go on a date with you (insert her most adored outing here).

    As Jessica says – they’re into the brave and fearless and nothing about that approach is advice is don’t ask her how she feels about you – if she accepts the date…you have your answer.


  430. Ah, AMS, I thought you meant Clinton should take to the drink. Which is bad enough. But lowering the inhibitions by encouraging the use of alcohol… Sorry, I can’t condone that, even in jest. Substance abuse isn’t funny and date rape is even less comical. However, you raise a good point: a scorpio knows what’s going on and if you ask her out and she says yes, it’s likely that she’s interested on some level. Unless she rolls her eyes or seems really bored during the date or something (a second or third date might be a better indicator of interest than an initial “pity date”). Ask her on a date– take a risk and ask her on a *real* date, not the silly pseudo-dates that men often ask us on (*you* should pay for shit, for one thing) and see how it goes.

  431. AMS says:

    Friends friends friends. How does the word “alchol” get attached to a bender and date rape….

    My.I rarely drink. Don’t know any alcoholics or anyone who has been a victim of or perpetrated a date rape. Certainly Clinton loves this woman and that wouldn’t be on his menu !!!

    (My y’all are dark … Lovely. But dark lol)!!!

  432. I hope so (re: Clinton)! I drink only very lightly myself but have known way too many people f*cked up by alcohol– alcoholics, people who alcoholics abuse (physically, emotionally, financially, etc.) and too many girls date-raped to even count. Buffalo, where I live, has a huge alcohol problem– like a city-wide alcohol problem. And my life in academia has also shown me many students who don’t know how to handle alcohol and who thus make very poor decisions that end up affecting their whole lives. Ok– diatribe over and best of luck to Clinton on his date request.

  433. Clinton says:

    Yes I do love her very much and type of C does not sit well with me at all.
    Jessica you said that I need to talk to her about it and the .Ehem. That means some insight please?
    Jessica you wrote that you need to decide if this Scorp is yours and I have decided that she is the Scorpio for me. You said I must tell her the most honest and raw way possible. So if I tell her I love you with all my heart and soul and I do not want to be with anyone but you, is that sort of the way it is how I feel though?

  434. Clinton, I wouldn’t go overboard telling her all that. You’ll overwhelm her and it’s also not “sporting.” Most Scorps like for there to be a game. I would just ask her out and try to keep all those pent-up feelings pent up. Go for subtlety, at least until you have a few dates under your belt.

    That you are already friends and you’re Scorp-Capricorn bodes well, but you have to keep playing it cool just a little while longer. Scorps like to feel like they’re a prize that’s not easily won. So I don’t think that you’re quite at a point of admitting all your feelings yet. Play it safe by asking for a date or three first.

  435. Clinton says:

    The thing is I have told her that before twice.
    1st time was a no we are too close of friends
    Second time was a e-mail how stupid of me, she never replied to me Jessica. And I asked her out on a date today. I was told that she was going away for the weekend with her friend I asked her if Wednesday was fine with no reply from her at all. I think she just pushed me away again the 4th time this month. So I decided to end the friendship a couple of minutes ago for the second time, last time she lied to me and went back to a abusive boyfriend and all sorts of things but then she came back and I let her in. I did it now reason being I feel that I just cannot be a friend to her anymore and she knows very well why. Sorry Jessica I don’t mean anything bad to Scorpios you are all the best just the best. I know Capricorn and Scorpio are very good together and to each other but if we were ment to be together we would have been by now. I have been in Love with her for 4years now. Thankyou for your help. She might be my Scorpio yes but I am not her Capricorn.

  436. Aw, that’s unfortunate, Clinton. I know how you feel. I think you’re making the mature (if hard) decision by not continuing to pursue it though.

    If she’s in an abusive relationship, those are awfully hard to get out of … so although it’s probably better for you to keep your distance for your own sanity, I wouldn’t completely cut her out as a friend because she might need you, and if you are her friend you will be there (as long as she isn’t abusive to you).

  437. Clinton says:

    Thanks it is not cool at all doing something like that I feel very cold hear-ted now. 😦
    She was in that type of relationship twice she is out of it now though very happy that’s over for her. I will try and be there but I don’t think she will speak to me in a long time. I can feel she is very p off.

  438. Brian says:

    I have a scorpio woman that I love dearly! I don’t want her feelings for me to fade and I WANT to keep her! How do I keep her love for me alive and strong?

  439. Sex. Good, frequent, and creative sex.

  440. Brian says:

    Our sex is great and I pay attention to EVERY detail on her! Not quite frequent enough as we live in different states. BUT there has to be more right?

  441. Tra My Dang says:

    We are indeed fierce and passionate creatures..

  442. lil li says:

    hi everyone! I am a Scorpio woman who ALWAYS seems to attract Sag men! AH! i love them, I’ve come to understand them, but can anyone shed some light on this, because I’m sure most of you know, we are not the most compatible people….thoughts?!! Any other women have the same experience? thanks!!!!

  443. josh says:

    Seeing the previous comments that Scorpio women have about Pisces men is both hypocritical and quite a bit funny. I don’t recall the users names but she was hell bent against the negative stereotypes Scorpio women have yet had no problem dissing the Pisces man.

    It’s been in my experience that Scorpio women think very highly of themselves and it’s a little off-putting coming from this Pisces male. My ex girlfriend was Scorpio and while her intelligence was attractive, her general disposition became like poison. I loved her very much and didn’t even think about cheating on her but she was so insecure of our relationship it was a little more than tiring. As we got to know each other more (originally we just talked 5 minutes a day) I started to have feelings for her but noticed she was very slow to open up. There would be days when she tried to talk to me and days when it seemed like she wanted nothing to do with me. In the beginning, I could’ve cared less either way because she was attractive, but it wasn’t love at first sight.

    As I got to know her more, we began spending more time together and talking about philosophy, science and the occult. She definitely was a bit eccentric, she was into psychology and into the different varieties of religion as well as, oddly enough, video games. She struck me as a girly girl but had man tomboyish interests and I found out she didn’t have many female friends, in fact they were mostly guys and that was my first warning.

    We started dating but there would be times she would disappear and then reappear where I didn’t know what happened. I did the same and I was crucified for it. That was just the beginning, she began opening herself up and I found out she had an extreme amount of emotional baggage, something which the male pisces is known for. It came to a point where I was too sick and tired of the same routine and eventually broke it off…and she was fuming and telling me how much I would be sorry for it. I blocked her out of my life but yet SHE was the one who tried to contact me. 5 months later, I now am happly dating a Pisces female and wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Maybe it was just this woman, but if she was representative of all Scorpio women, she couldn’t understand I loved her for her eccentricity and her calm and cool disposition. I am not a judgemental person but as she started opening up about things (such as her love for erotic books) she became defensive, which signals to me there had to be resistance of some sort in her past that she was expecting me to recreate. I didn’t, and she couldn’t handle it. She could read me so well in many aspects but this just wasn’t one of them. I would say the downfall of the whole relationship was her insecurity of herself. I know exactly who I am and what my faults are but there’s only so much one can do. She needed to help herself first but it just didn’t happen.

  444. AMS says:

    Josh, I think Scorpios watch fo a long time before they open up. The secrecy/onserving thing also reveals much about how you’ll handle the relationship onward. I try and be sensitive to the insecurity thing–some things are inflicted on people early on–like low self esteem.

    Others had things happen to them that confound what should be a straightforward and enjoyable interaction to one is instead fraught with suspicion, secrecy and endless observation by the other.

    The girly-girl with guy sport inclinations spoke to me. I’ve been doing this dance on a pheriphery for a while. But at the end of the day, if someone loves you, they’ll crawl over glass to get to you and do anything to keep you. Including getting healthy.

    Sounds like “this should be easy” sent you to your next stop fully-armed with a contrast. And that hasn’t been a bad thing! Congrats.

  445. thepiscean says:

    well I’m also a Pisces like the poster above but am in a different situation.

    I am actually attracted to a Scorpio female who is already involved in a relationship. I never really payed attention to horoscopes but I read hers and it appears she displays a lot of Scorpio traits. She’s secretive, not very open, very artistic and is very sexual (she has kama sutra books).

    I get the feeling she flirts with me but I can’t really intrude upon her existing relationship, as it is ultimately her choice to make…but I will say I am extremely attracted to her but I don’t know what to do. I am in a situation where I see her everyday so there’s an added element of being extra cautious in how I pursue this.

    From what I read, it would be very normal for her to ignore me but she doesn’t. She has a very piercing stare and she has a habit at laughing at things I say, even when we both know they aren’t funny. I’m not sure if it’s a nervous laugh either. I know when a girl is flirting with me and I know when they are interested and for some reason, I get this feeling from her but her horoscope says she would do otherwise.

    Her traits: secretive, mysterious, piercing glare, artistic, dark, intellectual, has very few friends
    I’ve known her for about 3 weeks and we usually talk casually but it was almost as if she didn’t have a boyfriend. I know there is sexual tension, I am not imagining it. She revealed information about herself (like where she was from) one day out of nowhere, after not even really saying much about herself the first 2 weeks, so I think she’s opening up. I’m new to horoscopes, but apparently it looks as if she’s getting more comfortable with me? She also makes me a bit uncomfortable because when she looks at me she looks at me up and down (I know most would like this, but it makes me feel uneasy).

    How would I go about trying to pursue something or should I wait it out? Usually, when I want something I go for it but I can’t out of respect for both her boyfriend and her decision. From what I read, I should do nothing and if she truly is interested, she’ll leave her boyfriend and give me a shot. Is this correct? Is there any advice which any scorpio woman could provide that would help me?


  446. buffalo says:

    I go to SUNY Buffalo…Linguistics I’m guessing is in Baldy hall of the North Campus? Not too sure because I’m mostly near downtown area on elmwood near spot coffee and such…

    Anyway though…I’m a water sign and notice I don’t quite understand fire signs…it’s very general but there seems to be a lack of communication between the two.

  447. John says:

    Cool that this post is still active. Here’s a quick question. I went to a party this evening. I only knew one or two people, but being a Leo I was able to get other people over and talking to me. One lovely young woman caught eyes with me immediately after I arrived and sooner or later she drifted over to talk to me while I was hanging out in the pool. We ended up talking most of the rest of the night. So towards the end we were talking about our professions and she gave me a card with her number on it, but no reason to call. Just, here you go.

    Of note: I had told her I’d be “leaving in one hour” a little before she gave me the card. She had told me “she was like a guy, and if she liked somebody she let them know”. I wasn’t exactly struck with a club, but I’m now wondering why she gave me the card. Was it a timely way to pass me contact information, or was it strictly business? I’m so bad at reading that sort of thing. When I left to say goodbye, she was polite, but made no show of concern at all.

    Now, no matter what you say, I’m likely to call, but I’d like a little pre-game information analysis before hand. Oh, she also wanted to know my sign, and mentioned she had Libra and Aries in her mix.


  448. H says:

    I was just wondering, what is the best way to resolve conflicts with a Scorpio woman? I don’t exactly want to accomplish it in such a way where I’m telling them they need to do this or that but in a diplomatic while staying honest and real. Ex. like a drug problem that will most likely lead to their death in face of medical proof. Saying out right, “if you keep doing drugs you will die” from the doctor only seemed to exasperate her actions.

  449. Jimbo says:

    First off I am a Sagittarius and about a month I started talking to a Scorpio woman. This was before I knew she was one or even what one was. From then on it was nonstop text and contact by her and me being attracted to her responded back. I even had to update my phone plan. This went on for a couple of weeks and then it died off from her. We did go on one date and it went fine. She went on vacation and I haven’t heard from her since except to get an email from her telling me not to contact her anymore. I only contact her once or twice a week but she says that I am continuously calling and texting her. Funny thing is it doesn’t even compare to what she did at first. I am confused why would someone be so aggressive at first and then shut off and complain anytime someone tries to contact her. I am a Sag. i love giving people space. I need to know the balance between how much to contact her each week versus letting her have her space. It doesnt make sense I was only being as aggressive as she was. Another thing when dating I am used to coming up with suggestion sand planning things to do on dates. But everything must be done from her side. It is a one way street everything is from her side. Is this how it really is with a Scorpio? And if we somehow continue a relationship do I always haveto be concerned with her flirty ways and constant need for attention?

    Any tips or suggestions because I have never had this problem with a woman before. There is no plausible reason for any of this. Would anyone be worth this much effort?

  450. Jimbo, leave her alone. She’s no longer interested.

    She’s not being “flirty” or “constantly in need of attention” — she wants you to leave her the hell alone because she’s not that interested in you. If she were, she wouldn’t be telling you not to contact her anymore. We don’t do that.

  451. @Hoda_man, Since drugs interfere with everything, it’s hard to say what would be the best way to approach any sign on drugs, but I’d say, give it to her straight. Don’t spoon feed her, b/c Scorpios like to feel like they’re respected, and the most respectful way to do this is to say exactly what you typed here: “if you keep doing drugs you will die.” If her doctor saying it isn’t enough maybe get together with a few friends and have them all relay exactly the same message to her (not an Intervention, which might make her feel ganged-up-on or betrayed, but make sure everyone is saying the same thing, as in-your-face as possible, to her when they have a chance to talk to her).

  452. @John what is your sign? (And since she knows what her full chart is, what’s yours?) I’d call her; maybe give it a few days, meet for a drink.

  453. Jimbo says:

    thanks for the prompt reply Jessica. Since I am a Sagittarius, moving on shouldn’t be a problem. But you still think of What if? I was only being as forward and aggressive as she was. Now I think that is the wrong approach with a Scorpio woman. I think I scared her off. But in the future I am intrigued by the chance to meet other Scorpio women it seems like a wild ride. Though i am not sure I can handle it. May be too intense.

  454. Yeah, you might want to pull back more w/a Scorp. Scorps don’t get “scared off,” they get repulsed. Scorp-Sag isn’t really a great match anyway. Find yourself a good fire sign.

  455. Merky V. says:

    Hello Jessica, I love your picture because you
    look enigmatically beautiful.
    I wish you were immortal so the human race can
    see your prettiness for eternity.

  456. That was a pretty insane comment.

  457. Merky V. says:

    I guess you’re right Jessica.
    I think and plan all the time, but sometimes have
    an explosion of a crazy moment.
    It won’t happen again.

  458. trintiy says:

    Jesscia is full of herself. and this blog has become a bore.

  459. I don’t see how my response to a weird flattering comment makes me full of myself, nor do I understand why you are always hanging around like a troll if the blog is so boring.

  460. Kay says:

    Hello all, does anyone know or have experiences in Scorp-Scorp relationships? I’ve met this man and I have this crazy, consuming, addiction for him. When we laid eyes on each other, I felt an instant attraction for him and I know he felt the same. The thing is I slipped up and let him know that he has me and now here we go with the games. Its killing me, I feel like I have no willpower when it comes to him which for me is odd because I usually let people go at the drop of a dime *sigh*. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Maybe a post like this but with more info on the Scorpio Male? they seem so alien to me even tho we’re supposedly so much alike lol. Thx in advance.

  461. Hey Kay, you raise some interesting questions…

    Since I’m not a Scorpio man, I don’t feel qualified to write about how they work. I’ve had a couple of short-lived relationships with Scorp men (I know of one Scorp-Scorp relationship that is longer) and I have some Scorp men friends, and I can’t say I really understand how they tick. I react very much the way you describe with Scorps, so I love them. It’s such a deep, passionate connection and it takes me out of myself in ways that other signs don’t– by bringing me fully into myself. Scorps understand other Scorps like no one else can. And yet we’re still so mysterious with each other. For me, it’s almost been like looking in a mirror, because being with a Scorp has made me see what it’s like to be with *me* — intoxicating but frustrating in its “can’t quite get in there” feeling.

    Scorp-Scorps have great sex, great conversation, very little bullshit, and are loyal to the end. Many of my friends are Scorps– they’re very loyal. I’m even still close friends with my Scorp-Scorp romantic partners. If it doesn’t work out with your Scorp, try not to come to death blows. You know you can kill each other with just a few words, so you shouldn’t try it (you might be killed). Maintain the respect, loyalty, and deep connection if you can. In my experience, if it doesn’t work out between Scorps, it’s not actually personal. It’s just the way it went.

    Another thing is that with Scorp-Scorps, you get to see what a difference the other signs in your chart make. With one of my Scorp relationships, I don’t know what the synastries were but this person paired the sultry intoxication of a Scorp with the flightiness (and overarching creativity) of an air sign. It makes him a great artist and a good lover but terrible if you want something stable (to be fair, my Moon is in Gemini so I am likely just as unstable, but it’s easier for me to see it in someone else!). With the other, our synastries were the best I’ve ever seen, but other circumstances kept us from being in a long-term relationship (his chart was heavily fire-sign influenced). Seeing different kinds of Scorpio men just reinforces how much we can be influenced by our other signs, especially the moon, rising, and Venus/Mars combinations, because two Scorpio men can be very obvious Scorpios but still have different ways of interacting with people and in relationships.

    Another thing that comes out with Scorp-Scorp, besides that you see the highlights of different aspects of the charts, is that you see the gender differences put onto us by society. Where a Scorp woman is a femme fatale, a Scorp man is a Don Juan. Some Scorp men really get off on this (literally) (and some Scorp women get off on being the femme fatale), so if he’s all wrapped up in playing everyone, you’re probably not going to get very far. Society rewards the player– you have to find a Scorp who’s bored with that game and wants something deeper.

    Some things that are going to come out in Scorpio men regardless of their other signs are a desire for a lot of good sex (which, as a Scorp, you can provide), a passionate jealous streak (it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt), and a (sometimes cloaked) desire to get to a deep bullshit-less point with their lovers. So if he’s playing games, do not play games back. If he buys into astrology, talk to him about the things you have in common and make it seem like you’re on the same side against the world– “you can play games with *them* but not with me, I know these games, I *invented* these games. Let’s cut through the bullshit.” I think if you can get to that other side, you’re good. Good luck.

  462. Shawn says:

    Hey everyone,

    Just found this blog after searching for “Scorpio women” in Google. Over the last two weeks I have been into a Scorpio girl and she is confusing me. I’m a Pisces male.

    I met this girl a few weeks back in university through some common friends. We had been having a few drinks and I was attracted to her, so I started talking to her and somewhat indirectly complimenting her in front of a few other people. Anyways, it turns out she goes to the gym twice a week, and I say “Oh damn, only twice a week” – just completely messing with her, and she somewhat took it offensive in a sort of playful way – then I said ok let me go to the gym with you next time you go and I will show you a few thing. So we went and it was pretty good. I didn’t ever get her number that day we went to the gym because a few days before I had just started seeing this other girl who’s last boyfriend cheated on her, so I viewed going to the gym as more of a friend sort of thing. Anyways a couple weeks went passed (no longer seeing that other girl) and we were out again together with the same group of friends, and I started talking to her, giving her some compliments (which is a strategy they say doesn’t work with Scorpios, but I didn’t know she was one at that point), and I end up walking her home and going up to her room. We arrive upstairs and we briefly sit at her kitchen table and she tells me she is just going to sleep. So I say, great – I’m tired too, and to the bedroom we went. We just cuddled all night and in the morning.

    I forgot to get her number because I was in a hurry to get to class the next morning and figured I would see her around. We take a few of the same classes (not in any of her actual sections though), and I told her I had notes for an exam we had coming up in a few days. So she wrote her email address on my arm that night. I send her an email the next day with the notes and thank her for having me over and sharing her presence with me, and say “but you forgot to give me your number.”

    She then sent me her number and we exchanged a few texts over the next few days.

    Just a few days later we were texting each other late one Saturday night, we were both out and I was wondering if she wanted me to come over. She didn’t admit it initially, but finally she said her roommates were all out of town and she just wanted to cuddle with me.

    That was Saturday and I did the same thing on Sunday night.

    Sunday was the third night and things started getting a little bit more sexual but we still didn’t have sex. Up to this point she hasn’t done anything sexual with me – I have only done things to her. I’m fine with this, but just throwing it out there to give everyone the full picture.

    She went out Wednesday night and had been having a few drinks. She was heading to a club and sent me a message saying that wherever she ended up, I should walk her home. So I went to the club she was at because I knew a bunch of people there. Didn’t see her for a little bit, then when I did we went to the booth and she was kind of all over me (very all over me considering she has never shown and seems to not desire to show any affection towards me in public).

    I was back over there Friday night, which was another great night. This was about 5 nights ago – so it’s been awhile (she has been busy though with a few exams and projects, but I kind of felt she could have made time for me at least one night). I asked her if she wanted me come over and she said she would see because she had a lot of work to do and never texted me back that night.

    She will not come over to my place and I always have to go there, and she doesn’t ever reach out to me via text, I’m always the initiator.

    She says she just wants to have fun and isn’t looking for anything serious. But she is a virgin and won’t have sex with me because she says I’m not her boyfriend.

    I told her I liked her the third night I was there because I do, and I thought since she never had a bf, she was looking for one – so I told her I liked her.

    The last time I was there – she said that she doesn’t want to be unfair to me and that I had been coming over a lot. And she said she thinks we want different things. So I said – ok, do you want me leave. She said no and that she liked having me there and that it was getting comfortable. In my opinion when she said comfortable she meant it as a good thing.

    I told her I’m fine with whatever relationship she wants to have and to not worry about being unfair to me or leading me on.

    We seem to have a really good vibe and both like being around each other. After that last night I was pretty sure she was started to have stronger feelings for me. She actually texted me later that day which made me think that she liked me for sure.

    I’m really confused with how she feels, what approach I should take, and just things in general. Should I play hard to get and make her start reaching out to me? Should I just “lay it all on the line and tell her how I feel and that I want to be with her” like was recommended in the article on this website???

    Haha, this is so long – very sorry – but any thoughts would be great.


  463. Kay says:

    Hey Jessica, thanks for getting back to me. I actually decided to do what u said and cut through the bullshit an told him exactly how I was feeling about his obvious (to me) game playing. He responded with surprise and claims that he is in no way playing games (lol @ that.) Whatever. We actually had a long discussion about what we both expect and can bring to the relationship and I could tell that he was making a conscious effort to edit the sharpness of his words so our discussion wouldn’t turn into a full blown argument…as was I. The sex is beyond mind blowing so I don’t think either one of is ready to give up as yet lol BUT I am well aware that amazing sex does not make an amazing relationship and I think we could have an amazing relationship if I make a conscious effort to not be demanding, overbearing, jealous and a whole list of negative things that tend to happen when I am really IN to someone. Smh.
    What you wrote in the original post about the scorpio woman choosing her mate is absolutely true. I had an awful experience with a picses man and due to that, I was in a self imposed relationship exile for a year…until I laid eyes on my scorpio. I did not approach him, we made eye contact several times, I smiled at him and he came to me. It took 10 minutes lol. For those who are “confused” by the scorpio female or what intentions she has towards you. Don’t be. We make it abundantly clear when you’re wanted and even more so when you’re not.

  464. Erminio says:

    My scorpio ex broke up with me 10 months ago. At the time my ex seemed really distant despite having a very close loving relationship so I asked, what was wrong? I stupidly asked if my ex wanted to break up because the fighting became suddenly chaotic and hectic (which made no sense to me). I didn’t realize but I guess that made my ex vulnerable so it was broken off. We tried getting back together but I had trust issues and kept pushing back and my ex kept insisting their feelings for me were true despite the fact my ex was talking to other men for dating purposes. Anyway, I said I would love to maintain a friendship in order to build a possible better relationship with – I told my ex our problems. Whenever my ex resented me, I would find out malicious things done to me like when we were in a relationship my ex had a separate facebook with a “single” status. I told my ex I didn’t feel respected and if we were to try to work it out, this is the most important of course. In any case, my ex claims that now they appreciate me and respect me and it took all this time apart and learning to get there. My ex is a lot more positive, before so much more negative. I’m still holding on because my ex seems to be in the process of changing and I believe the sincerity they share with me. I feel like we are trying to transition from friends to a couple again because my ex keeps dropping hints. I’m just wondering, how should I proceed? We haven’t seen each other in so long. Should my ex be trusted? I’m willing to forgive because my heart is open and I want to grow with the relationship but I’m not sure due to the turbulent year.

  465. I wouldn’t say it was worth it, Erminio. There’s a lot of baggage/trust issues there now. I think you’d need more than 10 mos for those to clear up. And everyone deserves to be loved in an open, honest, drama-free way. Someone (possibly many people!) out there can and would love to love you like that. What you’re describing here isn’t what love should look like.

  466. Ha, thanks for reinforcing that, Kay. Yes, we will make it clear when we want you! I hope your communication lines stay open so you can get to that awesome place. It is so easy to misstep with a Scorp but when it’s right, it’s so right.

  467. Shawn, that was a really long comment 😉 If you’re obsessing about the details that much, then it seems like something is not entirely right with the dynamic. She sounds like she hasn’t made a decision one way or the other. I would let her know how you feel in plain language and then back off. Like really back off. Not “play hard to get,” just focus on yourself and your social life and don’t obsess over her. If she knows how you feel and she comes around, you’ve got something. But don’t wait around for her. Do your own thing.

  468. loveddarkme says:

    I love the site and everything that has been said about Scorpios is pretty accurate to some degree. I’m a Scorpio woman myself and very aware of my own Scorpio traits. A lot have been said about the good and the bad traits we have but what sign doesn’t have good and bad traits? The issue is like any other issue in life a matter of priorities. If you find us so fascinating that can’t stop thinking about us then why not put up with the other not so nice things? We Scorpios have to do the same whe dealing with other signs. For example, I was engaged to an Aries for 5 years. Our relationship was so intense we sometimes look like Mr. and Mrs. Smith in every aspect, even the waking up naked over broken glass part; it was amazing. I find Aries in general a bit arrogant at times and too imposing for my taste but would walk miles without water or food for the great sex an Aries can give you. My Aries on the other hand found me too difficult to control. He wanted to have me under his thumb and we know Scorpios don’t back down easily and neither of us wanted to compromise and give in a little and we ended it. We were both younger and impulsive and not too aware of our own strenghts and let our emotions take over our braing and lost what could have been a great relationship. It has been 10 years, he is married, he still talks about me and how there is no other person like me and I have been married for 9 years and still think about how amazingly intense this relationship was. I wish I would have known how to handle my “bad traits” and would have definitely domesticated my Aries by using my brain and we would have lived happily naked ever after. Today, I have lived and learned a lot, I’m aware of my Scorpio “tools and traits” and know how to use them to my benefit without destroying everything on my path, so we all grow, mature, and evolve so there si hope for those of you who think we are so bad. So don’t be put off by all the bad things that are said about us, we all have good and evil and no relationship is perfect so just enjoy those qualities we have that truly make people vibrate, see fireworks, and feel hipnotized and powerless if that is what’s important to you or what you love about us…There is nothing like that powerless feeling when someone is making love to you.

  469. Thanks for the feedback about Aries-Scorp, loveddarkme. I’m dating an Aries right now and I know it’s a volatile match so I appreciate hearing success stories (as far as I’m concerned, any Scorp-Aries match that lasts for more than a few months is a success). I’m hoping our air/earth moon signs will balance out some of the intensity of the Aries-Scorp sun signs over the long term. His stable Capricorn moon is nice for my Scorpio and my playful Gemini moon is a nice match for his Aries. I’ve heard good things about the Aries-Scorp match in terms of sex, as Aries are one of the more sexual signs, but control/power is often the undoing for this match. We’re trying to learn to share it– communication is key no matter what your signs are.

  470. loveddarkme says:

    Jessica, good luck with your Aries. I hope you both can find that balance. I think that a Scorp/Aries relationship/experience is sooo worth living.

  471. AlmostMyScorp says:

    @lovedarkme (I think that was yours re aries/scorp experience-hard to read on my bb). Great story. And so true. When it’s right it’s unforgetable…

  472. Shawn says:

    Thanks for the response Jessica.

    I wasn’t obsessing too hard just trying to give everyone a detailed picture!

    Take Care.

  473. sky says:


    Unfortunately, I didn’t read Jessica’s post about becoming involved with a Scorpio until after I became involved with a Scorpio. You Scorpios should be required to distribute Jessica’s post like warning labels on cigarettes!

    A short back ground. I am pisces. I work with the Scorpio in a small and somewhat dysfunctional professional office. My office is right next to hers. For years we had a nice co worker relationship. The Scorp made some advances and we had for about six (6) months what might be described as a flirtatious non sexual affair. We shared secrets and conversation, but the relationship remained shy of romantic. Somewhat abruptly the Scorp has distanced herself. I somewhat gracefully recovered, and think that I have been nonchalant about the whole matter, but that is based upon of my perception, so I am not sure. I have tried to be cool and to return to the co-worker relationship we had before. Going back in time is not easy, and I sense that I have had little success going in that direction.

    Here’s the rub. I suspect that the Scorp has (with some success) turned her attentions to the boss. I suspect an affair. I am usually right about these types of things. Plus she has left little hints, like announce in ear shot that his gulf clubs are in her car. (Of course everyone is married).

    So my questions to the group are as follows. If I play it cool, and try to go back in time, will I be able to pull it off and fool the intuitive Scorp? Will I be perceived as a pursuer, unable to handle the rejection or prying into her new secrets. If I am honest, I am not sure I can again have an appropriate venue for that conversation as my casual invitations for a happy hour, lunch or other 1 on 1 meeting have not been rejected, but have been put off. I don’t want to share anymore secrets. I am concerned that if I express my honest feelings and suspicions, the Scorp will feel uncomfortable. If I go cold, will the Scorp be offended, or perceive that I am pinning away? Being cold maybe noticed in the small office.

    Normally I wouldn’t care that much, but if I am right about the affair with the boss, I am scared of the Scorp sting or she will share my secrets with the boss. Should I:

    1. Just play it cool and pretend like nothing has/ is happening
    2. Be honest
    3. Go cold

    Thanks in advance


  474. Jimbo says:

    Its amazing to hear of similar situations with Scorpio women on this site. I left a post awhile back stating that my friend who I was interested in wanted me to not contact her anymore. This was after she aggressively pursued and contacted me for a couple of weeks. She practically blew up my phone and email. With her it was a one way street. I could never contact her or she would get upset but instead had to let her do all of the contacting. It seems that you cant pursue or ask out a Scorpio unless you do it on their terms. Fine line between giving them enough space and feeling like you can ask them out like you would with any other woman. So I stopped contacting her like she wished and I understood why since she was not over her ex and is currently casually seeing someone else.

    However something unfathomable happened since then. I assumed we were on good terms and would remain friends since we occasionally see each other at work. We have always been friends and we only contacted each other outside of work for only a few weeks and furthermore nothing even remotely intimate happened between us for her to shut down on me. I say this because we crossed paths at work after not seeing each other for about a month. I said hello to her and asked her how she has been in an upbeat, positive tone and she would not even look at me or answer me. She just walked right past me and ignored to me to my face. She is a grown woman over 30!!! I have never experienced anything like that. How could someone be that way for no reason? We were not that close and nothing happened between us to ruin our friendship or even being acquaintances at work. She wasn’t comfortable dating me and just wanted to be friends. Cool with me. She didn’t even treat me like a human being.
    So my question is this. Is this a typical tactic that Scoprio women use or does this particular lady have issues? The consensus among my friends and family is that she has some issues and is a little immature. However if this is typical Scorpio behavior then I feel for them(her) and anyone that is involved with them because that is not how a rational person would handle a situation like that unless they were in high school. My advice then for anyone who is thinking about starting a relationship with a Scorpio woman or is involved with one is to let her be in control and do most of the contacting. I know it sounds counter intuitive because you would think you could call and talk or ask out someone you care about anytime you want but from my experience that is what works. It was like as soon as she knew I was interested in her and showed it she cut me off completely. Not only did she cut me off she did it in a demeaning, evil way. I am amazed that I have lost my friend for over a year simply because I asked her out a few times. I repeat a few times over a span of a month. Again she couldn’t even look at me to acknowledge or answer me when she walked by me. Finally I will not stereotype all Scorpio women by saying they all act like this. I think this particular woman has serious issues when dealing with relationships in a immature way. However I would appreciate feedback from other Scorpio woman to determine if this a common way to deal with people that you dont want nothing to do with. I sure hope not. Thanks

  475. If you asked me out many times and I said I wasn’t interested, and you continued to ask me out, I would probably talk to you like you were an idiot after that, because obviously you would have to be to keep asking me out after I made it clear I wasn’t interested. I would still talk to you, but with a measure of condescension until I saw that the message had really gone through. And then things would be normal. it might take a few months, if you were particularly stubborn, for me to come back to thinking that you might be a rational person who I could say “no” to and have that answer be respected.

    The condescension would stem from my believing that you were some kind of dog who was incapable of understanding the word “no,” and from being angry because I felt like you weren’t respecting my feelings.

    If you and this woman came to an understanding and you stopped asking her out, and she is now giving you the “silent treatment,” then yes, I’d say she’s immature. That’s also totally unprofessional; in a business environment, she should be polite to you. If she didn’t feel threatened enough to report the previous behavior as sexual harassment, then she should behave politely now.

    (Women, if you do feel sexually harassed at the workplace, tell someone.)

    I’m not sure what was going through this woman’s mind that made her pursue you and then drop you and now totally ignore you. It seems a bit unstable, but there might be a reason behind it, like if she was pursuing you and got jealous for some reason. We are a very possessive people. That’s the only general thing I can think of that might explain the behavior. But who knows what kinds of things go on in specific peoples’ heads.

    Anyway, lots of people “have issues,” and you can’t control them. You can only control how you behave. I wouldn’t give this woman a second thought if I were you.

  476. Jimbo says:

    Thanks for the quick response Jessica. I know things might get confused through this post but like I was saying everything had to be done from her end. So the truth is she asked me out first and she was the one allowed to make plans. If I did came up with ideas and ask her out she would freak out. I only asked her out a couple of times after going out with her our first date which I thought went really well. Hence the reason for asking her out a second time. Which she didn’t respond to my calls so that is why I tried a couple of times. We never had a problem communicating before and she was always prompt with the text or calls. It was then I got the email saying not to contact her anymore. Don’t worry I got the message. Somethings we will never know:)

    She was interested and aggressive at first and then nothing. In her defense she probably wanted to be just friends and maybe she was sensing that I wanted more. But once I found out that she wasn’t ready for another serious relationship at this time and preferred to keep our relationship as friends I was cool with that. I had no problem with dialing it back to where it was but maybe she couldn’t. It is a shame though we always got along and share alot of common interests. It was almost as she was interested in me long enough to verify that I was attracted to her to boost her ego and then she cut me off. I could be wrong though.

    Anyway great site, I like the concept. It is interesting to hear all of the interesting situations and common themes in these posts. And I totally agree with your statement about sexual harassment in the workplace. That is nothing to joke about. My situation will never reach that level because we weren’t that serious I just hate losing a friend for what to my mind is for no apparent reason. Very confusing. It is obvious she wants nothing to do with me right now and probably forever. Which is the first time someone has ever felt that way towards me. I am just glad not all Scorpios are like that because I think you all are very intriguing and magnetic. Keep up the good advice and information. Thanks

  477. AlmostMyScorp says:

    Hi Jessica-the thing that lept out at me that maybe your response missed, is the Scorp did all the red hot initiating. Its as if (my experience) they get you on board and normal people are left wondering why there’s no hand signal before the abrupt lane change. Then rude. I kinda think @Jimbo you have the benefit of the doubt here.
    Scorps are magic, but I really (even here and I’m a huge fan) rarely read anything about a scorp loving and giving to someone — its more about getting their own needs met–a minute an hour a week a month — year. We’re all capable of a smooth exit and friendship after but scorps seems to rarely care (here?) about anyone’s elses investment in the relationship or why the hot then cold then gone without a reason ultimately gets reclassified as simply sub- pedestrian instead of magic. We called them sprinters in my 20s. Someone good for a burst then pffft.

  478. @AlmostMyScorp I have to disagree with that characterization… Scorps are intensely loyal and caring toward those they love. They’re just very careful about getting into those relationships because once in them, they’re very vulnerable.

    Scorpio is a water sign, and like all the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) this woman is very susceptible to the feelings of others. Her most intense desire is for a close, committed union. In a relationship she cannot bear coldness or casualness or a feeling that she is being shunted aside. When she is in love she is at her most vulnerable, for then a lover can hurt her without even knowing it. Another woman might forgive and forget, but when a Scorpio woman is hurt she will always strike back. If necessary, she will destroy.

    However, despite what you’ve heard about Scorpio’s willful, passionate nature, she is a faithful mate to the man she chooses for her own. Hers is a fixed sign, and she possesses an enduring capacity for loyalty. A man could not have a fiercer ally. If a Scorpio woman loves you, she will defend and protect you with her dying breath. What she demands is constancy–what she offers is fidelity. She is possessive, but most men with a Scorpio woman in their lives will tell you they want nothing more than to be possessed by her.*

    As I was saying to Kay, there are Scorps who get off on being the “Don Juan” or “Femme Fatale” figure, and unfortunately (both for their potential partners and for their own emotional fulfillment) there are people who never grow out of that. But of the dozens of scorps I know, I can only think of one who’ve over 30 who’s still in that stage of life, and at that point, it’s almost like a disease. The others I know are in long-term committed relationships, actually, now that I think about it.

    Scorps are a very sensitive sign, often cited as the most sensitive. We don’t enter into any contract lightly, especially not an emotional one, because we know that we have a lot to give and that we can be taken advantage of easily once we’ve committed. If your Scorp is running away, s/he’s decided that for some reason, you’re not worth the risk. I’m sorry that it confuses and maddens people that Scorps initiate and then go away, but hey, everyone is allowed to change his or her mind. Men flirt or hit on women all the time and drive them crazy (books like He’s Just Not That Into You are best-sellers!), why can’t women do it too? Maybe Scorp women are just ahead of the gender curve on this one. Or maybe everyone should be a little more careful with everyone else’s feelings.

    Scorps make good partners for other Scorps, other water signs, and earth signs. Scorpios understand other Scorpios and can make deep connections with other water signs like the sensitive Cancer and supposedly sensitive Pisces (personally, I have never made a connection to a Pisces). And earth signs, especially Virgo and Capricorn, provide the stability that Scorpios need to feel secure and be willing to give of themselves in a relationship.

    Scorps are selfish (everyone should be, to some extent) but it’s because once you get one, they’re pretty selfless and would do anything for you. I’ve always thought The Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand By You” was a perfect Scorpio theme song.

  479. @Jimbo I think it seems like you’ll have to chalk that one up to instability or immaturity and go about your business. It’s just impossible to understand some people. If you keep thinking about it, you could try asking her what her problem is, but if I were you I’d just stop thinking about it. Not worth your time.

  480. Jimbo says:

    I agree Jessica. I’m done. I don’t want to keep asking her what the deal is. No telling how she might respond and I might dig myself an even bigger hole. Maybe in time things will return to normal who knows. Like I said has to be done on her terms. Hate losing a friend. Especially a very beautiful and extremely talented one. I read your comment about how Scorpio women can be loyal and possessive and I can see that with her. It was like she was obsessed with her last boyfriend primarily for the fact he was the only one that has ever broken her heart and broken up with her. She said she is the one tht usually ends things. But it sounded like she spoiled him and was a very passionate girlfriend to him. I have no doubt that when a Scorpio or any sign for that matter cares for someone they would be an excellent spouse not to mention what I have read about what happens in the bedroom. Please I would love some Scorpio woman to possess me! Possess me please:)!!!!

    I felt like with this woman they were always looking to flirt and getting a man’s attention to confirm their self worth and her sex appeal. She could never turn that part of her personality off. That wouldn’t be healthy if a relationship ever materialized. I kind of felt sorry for her. I will keep reading these interesting points and hopefully add lessons from my experience to this subject to help others out. Instead of being put off by Scorpio women I want to date one even more now. I like adventure and wild rides!!! I guess I need to be careful what I wish for. Thanks

  481. trintiy says:

    To Shawn, Jessica thinks everyone is obsessing over scorpio women.

  482. sky says:

    What seems to me being lost in this thread is that this is a writer’s blog. We all have issues and some more issues than others. What is interesting to me is that it is in people with issues that the astrological traits are most clearly visiable. The pescis with issues will be untethered, probably have a substance problem. So when there is a Scorpio with issues, then to say, “oh well move on, can’t understand what crazy folks do ? , misses the opportunity to see and discuss a Scorpio trait. But always remembering that traits are a matter of degree, and only the ignorant would judge an individual based upon their sign. Of course most Scorpio’s are fine, caring people. But who wants to write/read about them? Boring. But in each and every Scorpio, or Pisces, there is, to a lesser degree, that astrological trait. So to understand the person with issues is to understand to some degree ourselves. It is the edge of maddness we seek to explore. Hopefully not offending anyone in the process.

  483. 1. What’s wrong with being a writer (what’s wrong with it being a “writer’s blog”)? For one thing, I can fucking spell words correctly. (That’s “Pisces,” not “pescis.”)
    2. I didn’t “miss the opportunity to see and discuss a Scorpio trait” when I suggested Jimbo move on. One of the traits I discussed was the woman’s possible tendency toward Femme Fatal-ism. I discussed how she might be immature. An emotionally stable, mature Scorpio is (like any emotionally mature sign) much easier to deal with than one who is still working to understand her powers and weaknesses.
    3. Of course all signs can demonstrate all kinds of personality traits. I think Scorps are (clearly) more likely than other signs to exhibit certain traits.

    If you’re “bored,” or otherwise dissatisfied, go read someone else’s blog.

  484. And @Trinity/Jen/Whatever your name is, I think you have outworn your welcome here. I’m not sure who you are or why you’re obsessed with commenting on this blog, or for that matter why I feel obligated to put up with your consistent harassment, but it’s really enough now. Your comments will no longer be accepted.

  485. sky says:

    Ouch! Having a bad day?

  486. Merky V. says:

    Scorpio’s seem quite logical to me.

  487. Emanuel says:

    I’m just curious, should I avoid Scorpios that seem unstable and indecisive at the beginning of a relationship. Like I know one that keeps breaking promises with me, or says one thing then acts another. Yet would be upset if I should act in any way like that. I understand that their emotions are hard to control, but I’m wondering if that is something that calms down after awhile with time or should I just wait till they are control of their emotions. How do know if they are? I notice with some Scorpios they are amazing then suddenly turn different after awhile. It just seems the character change seems mistrustful to me. Any insight would be great, thanks! 🙂

  488. I read many comments stating how “jealous” Scorpio women are. I’d like to say that’s only to a certain extent. When we’re young of course, we haven’t matured oftentimes enough to differentiate between being slighted/being disrespected and in the Scorpio world, “That dog won’t hunt…It ain’t happening, Captain.” In neither situation. Not comfortably, anyway. Just like, I don’t have any girl friends. I have had an associate or two, but don’t deal with women like that cuz I don’t have time to play (bull****) mind games with someone that has an ulterior motive and most females do. My whole thing is…I’m not jealous of you or my man looking at you…It’s the DISRESPECT…Plain and simple. Respect me as I respect you. I won’t mess with u or yours, don’t mess with me or mine…I’ll deal with my man. Not unless you want me to deal with you, on the real.

  489. Emanuel, no, I wouldn’t pursue it. B/c a Scorp who really wants you will not be like that. Don’t put up w/shit if you don’t have to.

    Victoria, I agree that Scorps are only jealous to a certain extent. Personally I don’t feel like I get jealous very often anymore. If a guy is making me jealous by flirting with other girls, he must not want to be with me– so great, go be with someone else. No big loss for me. I don’t have any trouble with women, though, and have a lot of close female friends. I don’t like bullshit or games either, but happily there are a lot of other reasonable people in the world who don’t create little mini-dramas– it’s just a matter of finding them 🙂

  490. Garavania says:

    I need some advice please from about a Scorpio woman….I’m a Virgo (Stud) Lesbian/Boy and I met this Scorpio woman about a year ago in college.When i first met her she told me she just wanted a friend and i respected that but then i caught feelings very strong feelings at that we had been talking for more then 8 months and its like we only hung out about 6 times and We’ve texted back and forth but the conversation only last for about a good 15 mins or so, We had some good conversations but i feel like im just a toy to her and i feel like im waiting on a woman that cant decide weather or not she wants to be just friends or more then friends .Throughout the school year she has put me through varies of test from testing my patients to testing my anger and she even tried to see if i was a jealous person but im really not and ive told her that. shes explain to me that she has alot of “friends” that are studs aswell but im just like i understand but i dont understand whats keeping her from trying to settle down but then it could just be our age I’m 20 and shes 21.but the problem is every since we’ve been in college we both tend to have busy schedules and that’s understandable but i just don’t understand her she says she wants to be friends but we barely talk or text and we can go short and sometimes long periods of times without any contact at all and it kills me every min of the day because i have her on my mind from the time that i wake up to the time that i fall asleep, I’ve told her that i wanted to spend my life with her and she has an understanding about how i feel but some reason i don’t understand how she feels its like she tells me shes not playing games and that im not just an option to her but its like she doesn’t want a relationship and i understand that but then again im confused about the friendship to…I just need some pointers on what to do I’ve tried letting her go numerous of times but either I or she sends me a message or i get a random phone call or she’ll text me out the blue and i just cant seem to shake these feelings for her..I just want to make her happy..shes the light to my fire…I would appreciate ANY come backs..No sugar coating necessary…Just keep it real with me

  491. AlmostMyScorp says:

    @G I get the testing thing. You passed. And she knows where you stand. Good. But if someone loves you at any age, they’ll crawl over glass to get to you. So while this perfect girl with all the seeming sexiness and traits you want isn’t ready for you “really” then why be a back up? A hollaback girl, to make her scanning more comfortable? I’d say let her feel you look elsewhere. Disengage some. If you’re afraid of doing that because you’ll lose her…then you never had her.

  492. Harlow says:

    I’m a female scorpio and all I keep reading is that we are jealous..
    That is not me at all..I’ve never been the jealous type. I’m far too secure
    with myself …All of the men I know or date say I’m one of the sexiest women
    they have ever seen..I think people might be mistaking disloyalty for jealousy
    I will not tolerate disloyalty from a man or even just a friend.

  493. Sage Wings says:

    (this one is spell checked) I know it does seem like Scorpio women are jealous doesn’t it? I can explain and I must apologize, for we wish we weren’t so darn sensitive. Here’s the deal Neil (or who ever) I am a Scorpio women. It takes a while for a man to win me over. He may think he’s already won me over because I am present , having fun with him, and engaged in many ways, but I know when I’ve fallen for a man when I’ve kinda lost my head. I am no longer logical and rational as a partner. I am his sex slave. Not to be arrogant, but I take him to past lives and into new places in sex and in the time we spend together. I’m sure other lovers do this too, but I’m talking about me now. This is our challenge ladies! Serious about that. We must learn to not lose our heads (all the way) sometimes now and then is okay, but we have a habit of bringing them into the deepest parts of us, and when we see another women threatening that , it freaks us out because “shit, what if he were to leave right now. What if he were to pick another women over me after I’ve loved him so deeply. Does my soul mean nothing to his man? I am head over heels and he has my heart.” That scares the shit out of us. It has so much less to do with the women that is threatening our love and so much more to do with the reality of what it might feel like to someone who’s pond is about 10 miles deeper than the average pond. That means if I am cleaning my pond to move out a man, I have to do it 10 miles deeper than my Libra girl friend. You might think, bull shit, yourself absorbed, and I’d have to say yes, self absorbed is right, but IF we could be something other than deeply passionate, intense and self absorbed, god! we would be. Yes, I can be light hearted adventurous and fun, just like a Gemini can be deep and intense, but that is not how we operate through our thoughts and emotions. It’s part of our challenge. Also, we operate from integrity and honor. We simply figure and expect that others think that way. But, often their concept of integrity seems holey to us. Like there’s stuff missing. When a man is checking me out when I am with my partner, not only do I not give him attention, but I put my arm around my man and do something to show my man that I would never let another man challenge is place in our relationship and I wouldn’t let another man challenge his man hood in front of me. I won’t be a part of it! Other people wouldn’t even see that their partner is going through that or think of responding in that way. We definitely need to be with people who appreciate those qualities. I had a very flirty boyfriend who told me that he isn’t bothered by other men and doesn’t get jealous, but I remember him telling me that he used to, but miraculously didn’t care any more. I said, well do you notice that is because I do this, an that , and he just waved his hand in the air and said no way, that’s just the way I am . then he dated a flirty Leo women. They are wonderful women with great qualities. One being, they LOVE male attention. She had a load of male followers. He had a real hard time adjusting to that and ended up leaving her for me. Just to clarify. We weren’t in communication when he made that decision, and I didn’t try to convince him. He called me one day and said I left her and realized I’m totally in love with you. Let me know if you have any questions about a Scorpio women. I’d be glad to answer!

  494. AlmostMyScorp says:

    @Sage Wings
    It is interesting how the more a Scorpio woman likes you the more she keeps you just off the radar of anyone knowing, but steeped clearly in her sights. The observation. The tests. The blank stare. The secrecy. Until you break the ‘code.’ Then it’s all right there really.

    The intense need for and equal fear of ….great love….ah the complexities of the divine Scorpio woman.

    For the group….Sounds like a ScorpShe to me.

    Sonnet XVII: Love
    I don’t love you as if you were the salt-rose, topaz
    or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:
    I love you as certain dark things are loved,
    secretly, between the shadow and the soul.
    I love you as the plant that doesn’t bloom and carries
    hidden within itself the light of those flowers,
    and thanks to your love, darkly in my body
    lives the dense fragrance that rises from the earth.

    I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,
    I love you simply, without problems or pride:
    I love you in this way because I don’t know any other way of loving

    but this, in which there is no I or you,
    so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand,
    so intimate that when I fall asleep it is your eyes that close.
    — Pablo Neruda

  495. Tobi says:

    Wow!! What a wonderful discussion to be in. Before anything, Jessica great work. I am a 22yr old cancer man who gets lots of attention from females but due to my quiet nature, I guess my quietness was read not as gentleness but harshness. A few weeks ago before my 22nd birthday (July 22nd), I got noticed by a Scorpio lady. I noticed her but never paid her attention nor gazed at her for more than a second. She eventually approached me through Facebook and we started chatting. We had a lot of things in common( I have the same name as her mom, She has the same name as my bro, she is into IT and so am I and lots more) Within days we became closer. I would spend time till wee hours at her place and vice versa. On the day of my birthday she helped out a lot to the extent that people started to see her as my girlfriend. I also noticed that during the party she became very repulsive. I would try to hug her or take a picture with her and she would smile and run away. Although she kissed me once in front of my triplet sister. Later that night when everyone had left, she was about to leave so I asked her why she behaved the way she did. She told me she thought we were moving too fast because everyone thinks we are together and she also doesn’t like to be claimed and shes not sure if shes ready for a relationship. Anyway, I started to ease back a little and tried to take things slower. Now, a week after my birthday, she seems like she doesn’t like me anymore. No kisses, Hugs me like she just met… Short text messages. I tried talking to her to understand how she feels but I keep hitting a brick wall. She tells me shes afraid that she would hurt me when she declines my kisses or hugs. She also says the same things when I confront her i.e I don’t want it to look like we’re dating, I don’t know what to say, If we’re meant to be time will tell, and so on. I know she still likes me but I just cant understand whats going on in her head and why the sudden change in attitude. Please help… I’m loving the cancer man story. Please feel free to chip in cancer man…

  496. Matt says:

    So I dated this Scorpio women who was very into me at first for 3 months. Then I guess it was difficult for me to figure out what I wanted out of life because I kept changing my mind – where I wanted to go to work, or whether I wanted children or not. I told her that I loved her, but that … my love would take time to grow despite the fact she told me she loved me. She broke it off and I was devastated for a month. When she called me back talking about trying to get back together, I was so delighted, that I told her I loved her because I had such deep feelings for her still. Then she asked if we should move in together since we both love each other very much, but … I wasn’t ready for that yet because that is such a huge move and we both just started talking. I spoke honestly to her about what I liked about her though, I was very deep and candid about my feelings. I said I would think about the possibilities of her moving in. Then I spoke to her again after that and she was picking out couches and thinking about new places to go to work near by where I live … which freaked out a bit because it was as if she heard I said yes. I told her calmly I’m still thinking about it , not to jump the gun. Then later she started flirting with other men and saying she is single and not seeing anyone despite the fact she said she wanted to work on our relationship. I got upset so I said I’m not ready for her to move in and I would like to work on our friendship to rebuild that trust (because she dumped me once I was afraid she would break up with me again and now she is just using me for financial security cause she saves a lot by living with me). She sounded frantic and this side I never saw in her, she says she WANTS to be with me, that she LOVES me. Said she wants to be around people that make her feel positive such as myself. I just don’t believe her because of the way she broke up with me, it was as if she didn’t care about me at all. I’m just wondering, should I believe her or will she lose interest in me again and dump me just as quickly as she is professing all these feelings for me? I am just afraid of getting hurt because I have deep feelings for her and do not want to go through the same pain again. Even if her feelings are true now, I hear Scorpio women have trust issues and I bet that was just a test to see if I still love her by having her move in and refusing her was like a failure of some sorts, no? Is there still a chance of regaining her trust after I failed this sort of test? I’m really confused. :/

  497. Sage Wings says:

    @Matt: Have you explained tto her how the wishy-washy-ness is causeing distrust and is hurtful to you? Letting her know that you’re not okay with this behavior and you aren’t interested in being treated certain ways, if you haven’t already, will help to make clear your needs in the relationship. Speaking as a scorpio women, create clear cut boundaries and expectations is a good way to start a relationship with a chick who’s a little compulsive in deeling with her feelings. Continuing to reinforce them compassionately. This is the best way to have a balanced relationship with her where both of you get what you want. Other wise she could donminate the relatinship in the way she is now for the rest of the time you two are together. It’s not that she can’t be tamed and be a wonderful companion, but it will take a little attention to clearly communicating your needs on your part and making a point to let her know how much you value your own needs as much as hers. If she’s a healthy scorpio she will respect you more for it and even be more attracted to you as a result. If that, with a alittle comassion and love doesn’t work, you may want to move on! No reason to put up with that drama.

  498. Sage Wings says:

    sorry, I didn’t spell check…obviously.

  499. Zack says:

    Scorpios are jealous i have heard , how can Scorpio jealously be lessen? May be If u are nice and faithful or if other person is nice and faithful, can the jealousy be terminated?
    Can anyone guide me how to handle a situation ….

    my one of the close friends needs my help in getting his relationship to good state, which is already in a good state..
    he is a Pisces, his wife is Scorpio, they are married and extremely smooth and happy, he is extremely faithful, loyal, loving to his wife and he can live like that for her…forever and even she is satisfied from him completely BUT the problem is … before he met this wife…. he experienced one or dual sided relation with about 30+ females. Out of these 25+ females he never had sex or such thing u know…. like getting physical stuff… But infact he had sex with one girl .. who was married already before and from different religion… and he was never never never in love with her… but it was just lust…. he had 7 times sex with that girl… it is complicated… No Kid with her… after having sex he terminated this physical contact with this person forever, he never saw her again for a long long time till now.

    His wife doesn’t know this story… and being a Pisces he beliefs that he is incomplete without telling his wife this happening long before their marriage. Keeping it secret from his wife makes him SAD…..

    My question is how to handle this situation ???
    i know him HE DID NEVER HAD SEX with 25+ he loved …rather he had sex with the one he never loved!!
    if he doesn’t tell her.. then the idea of a soul mate (wife) is not achieved … because in his belief system … if he keeps anything secret from his wife… he is cheating her… and this makes him to tell her…
    he didn’t get courage of it… because the problem is wen he tells his wife… being a Scorpio… what will be the expected level of faith of his wife towards him after he tells her?


  500. Tony says:

    Christ, Scorpio women are almost impossible to deal with! I’m a Cap guy seeing a girl for 18 months and it’s like I don’t even know her at all……yes we all like mysterious but this is beyond a joke! Sexy? Yes but couldn’t possibly keep up with my libido! Keep hearing how sexual they are…….yes it’s good but far far from satisfying me! All in all reasonably good but noooooooooo where near to being what they are made out to be

  501. Charles says:

    This is a great blog. I thought I knew a lot about scorpios but I’ve learned so much more. I’m (gently) pursuing a much younger scorpio woman. I’m a sag. I’ve done my hunting and gathering and conquring. So I don’t see myself getting bored as many of the zodiac books and sites say a sag. might. I find scorpios to be powerful and attractive. No matter how I try to avoid it, they are the ones that appear before me when I’m needing a mate.

    I grew up in a house with 3 older scorpio sisters. Fur flew all of the time. I didn’t always know about the scorpio ways. But when I looked back at the women I dated, I found many scorpios among them and realized where it went wrong. Hopefully things will be different now that I can see the good in them. All I ever saw before was the bad. Heck one scorpio girlfriend almost killed me.

    Age doesn’t seem to be a factor with scorpios as they are wise beyond their years. The last one I dated was much younger as well and I never felt I was with a younger person. It actually felt as if I were with a teacher. Being a sag. I wasn’t ashamed to learn.

  502. Charles says:

    Tony, are you sure she’s a scorpio..? :0) It’s no myth.

  503. Oscar says:

    I am engaged to a Scorpio and honestly she is too possessive, aggressive and jealous too. She dislikes seeing me with any girl, get call from any girl, or even let any girl look at me she feels uncomfortable. She loves me so much she keeps asking me what I have done to her. I know what she is really very good at and that is exactly what I keep making her understand that that I love so much about her and it’s everything about her. She has many male friends, she is very active, she gives a lot of attention to other men and she shows a lot of attention to herself too. In all these I just relax, watch her and admire then all she does is asking me to forgive her, or telling me she loves me and ends up taking me to multiple levels she can’t resist me. She kisses me, sexes me and does everything for me whiles even on the phone with other men. She loves my respect and calls me both Goodman in activity and bad man in bed! She is aware girls want me so she does not want to loose me..! Thanks to you all who just read this..!

  504. Sage Wings says:

    I’ve known capricorn men to be horn dogs…almost perverts…fun for a while, but gets boring after we do the same things day in and day out. Can we maybe do something else, like talk about life, go for a hike, cook dinner with out having to try to put your member against my a$$ everytime I bend over to check the oven. Not that it’s not hot, but it gets boring. For scorps, for play is everything in between our sexual encounters. EVERYTHING in between those encounters. If you have a zest for life in general and not just for what is inbetween the legs, she will eat it up…eat you up. the more stimilating you are out of bed the more she will tear you up in bed! beleive that!

    Zack…why tell her? It’s not necessary. If you must, then do. But why confuse things? You love her, would never cheat on her? Then that is where the truth lies and nothing else matters.

  505. I truly have to laugh at all these people from other signs who wish to mock us Scorpios. Are they so foolish to believe that we don’t completely understand the venom inside us? Yes, we’ve created it and and we can use it. This blog is as sincere and real as it gets. But then again, I know far too many others signs who can’t handle the truth (Libra, Verigo, and Taurus). And definitely don’t like the way we deliver it. We’re not babysitters of broken little souls.

    I have dated more women than most men and I can tell you for a fact.. as a Scorpio male, I prefer Scorpio women. They have the brains, the guts, and sexuality to be able to stand beside of intensity and passions such as I have. And yes I know how to seduce an Aquarius, and get her to do very naughty things….

    I have learned not at waste my breath on pointing out my observations to the women I date of others signs. They bore me too easily and stifle me with they petty talk of love, and affection like it’s a Hallmark card in Disneyland. What to attract me.. Love yourself, accomplish something and MAKE me want you. Kneeling at my feet will never garner my respect.

    We give nothing to those who we deem unworthy. If any person who reads this has been burned by a Scorpio understand.. it may not make sense, it may seem cruel to you.. but you were never meant to be for us.

    No hard feelings.. move along. We have.

  506. JB says:

    In Response To All the Jens of the World – I’m a double Scorpio. Scorpios don’t sugar-coat anything. We don’t mean to be rude but we do mean to be direct and to the point. We are women of integrity. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. I never try to do something; I do it. Scorpios will not tolerate others who are rude and disrespectful to our friends, our man, but mostly to us. Don’t ever think you can give Scorpios an ultimatum; you’ll be the one getting stung. In a Scorpio’s eyes, people like you are a luxury, not a necessity. When a Scorpio says “don’t” or “no,” then out of respect, you do just that. I will not compromise my integrity for anyone who is disloyal or disrespectful in any manner. They are simply not worthy of what I have to offer. As a Scorpio, we don’t need you trying to convince us of anything. Maybe if all the Jens of the World spent more time reading the Rules of Feminism, and less time here, I would not be writing this to you. Yes, we all have pet peeves but instead of pointing them out, Scorpios choose to ignore the Jens and their bad habits because most Jens cannot handle the truth. Jens, be very careful not to cross that disrespect line, because you have never met anyone like a Scorpio woman. So while you are sitting up there on your pedestal, maybe you should consider enrolling in junior college. Perhaps some English courses may really be useful. I find it difficult to be calculating when you can hardly spell.

    In response to the person who stated Scorpio Women date married men – We, as human beings (not just Scorpios), constantly compete with one another. That is why we (as women) owe it to each other to follow certain rules of feminism. These are the simplest of rules, but the obvious is don’t in the “land of women” ever date your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. Avoid ever looking at him as anything but her property. You will either realize the real friend who needs her girlfriends by her side, or you will foolishly wave the flag of “the bitch” in icing the cake of betrayal. There are plenty more fish in the sea. Sail to another ocean! We have to rely on our beliefs, morals and principles of life.

    We sacrifice things in an effort to shine light on the ugly situations our friends are put into. I am a firm believer in “it takes one to know one.” In addition to believing experience is knowledge, I deem karma to run its course in all situations. It will probably take time, but for all the girls who shame the female species in having a relationship with their girlfriends’ ex-beaus, you will someday suffer the sting of heartache in all of its malice just as you so quickly pricked your girlfriend with the same venom. In the end, I know nothing we do is with deliberate intent but ignorance is no excuse.

  507. Sage Wings says:

    I love Scorpios! Thank you JB & Elliot for your articulating the voice of the intense Scorpios. Btw, Elliot…hot!

  508. Snakeybabe says:

    I’m not a Scorpio.
    I’ve met many Scorpio’s in my life, who’ve varied from
    aloof to approachable and broody to personable but they’ve
    never displayed any characteristic that I can classify as
    Maybe signs of self-confidence or bravado but only if
    I’ve come across other signs that consistantly stink of
    arrogant behaviour and it baffles me why they get away
    with it while Scorpio gets painted in a bad light.

  509. I am a Scorpio and I love it. We are intense people. We abhor dishonesty. And um , I believe the weaker signs who feel threatened are the ones who are jealous of Scorpios. I mean ,trust me a Scorpio knows her worth . We understand our power. We have regenerative powers. We rise like a phoenix and soar like the eagle. The Scorpio sign is the only sign in all 12 Zodiacs with 3 animal totems : The Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix. Why on earth should we be jealous of anyone? We don’t have time for envy. Tell me which sign will love her man whether he is CEO or a Grocery Store bagger? A Scorpio . We are beyond powerful . If you dare to get closer to the heavens, then get on your knees to have a Scorpio on your team. We will go to the gods to fight for the ones we love. Attempt to hurt us, We will DESTROY you. According to Sextrology , ” When a Scorpio is attacked, she stings, PLANS her attack and STINGS again. ”

    “Scorpios are the most intense, profound, powerful characters in the zodiac. Even when they appear self-controlled and calm there is a seething intensity of emotional energy under the placid exterior”-astrologyonline

    JB & Elliot : All I have to say is Well done! To all the “Jens” In the World, this is just a taste of what a Scorpio is made of.


  510. deshana says:

    Wow! I am a Scorpio woman and this is so me! Down to the T. Unbelievable!

  511. Snakeybabe says:

    Hooray for Scorpio and Proud of IT and Deshana!
    I’ve been plagued by jealous people all my life, but
    I’m so happy that you, JB & Elliott are out there
    giving the ‘Jens of this world’ and their miserable
    minions a taste of their own poisonous medicine!

  512. tracy says:

    I have read most of the posts here and although am not convinced that ur star sign dictates ur personality i have to admit i have a lot of the traits of scorpio but i also believe ur background,upbringing etc determines some traits.I find this all very interesting.I have a lot of the negative traits of scorpio if i can word it that way but am not sure if that is more to do with my background and have to say as i have matured and looked within myself i have tried to change those traits which i dont like about myself.
    One thing i dont understand is why i see so many people here saying can u give me advise on winning a scorpio over or how do i deal with a scorpio etc.Now i do understand that certain star signs may have certain ways or certain attributes and there are certain ways in dealing with and winning certain people over but being a scorpio myself i dont feel i fit into all these categories and certainly the last thing on my mind when i meet a potential partner is what star sign he is .I couldn`t care less.I dont care if im with a Leo and everyone says is not a match.Yes he might well live up to what a Leo is supposedly like but i prefer to treat him as a person and not a star sign.I see so many people posting here that are so obviously being treated like dirt yet they still ask should i persist and is he or she worth it.Have some self respect and know when to give up regardless of what the persons star sign is or how u perceive that star sign to be.I am telling u now as a scorpio myself but more importantly as a human being that no one is worth degrading yourself for.Yes u might given time win that person over but at what cost?If u have to ask for advice on winning a certain star sign over then u are not being true to yourself.
    Let me give u an example.I mentioned earlier about Leo cos right now am involved with a Leo to some extent.I looked up Leo online which is how i came across this site and came across all kinds of things like how to seduce a Leo etc etc.And u know what i just thought what am i doing?I am me.I dont need anyone to tell me how to seduce someone or keep them cos if they cant accept me for who i am then i dont want to know.Now am not saying i wont try to change the negative things about me cos that is beneficial for me also but am damned if i will try to be something im not.
    And please for all u scorpios and other signs reading this i am not disrespecting u but merely pointing out the fact that there are some people out there that hold on to much to star signs instead of treating someone as a person first.If someone treats u like crap and u end up feeling like crap then believe me that person is crap regardless of their starsign

  513. Snakeybabe says:

    Star signs don’t dictate anyone’s personality.
    Many people share similar names but they act
    and think differently.
    Many share the same star sign but act and think
    in a multitude of different ways, but in the style
    of the starsign they’re born under.
    Astrology is approx. 4000 years of fiction designed
    to explain humanity’s mysteries, and formulated to
    explain us!
    Unfortunately generations of astrologers have
    regenerated endless literature pidgeonholing us
    according to our birthdates.
    If you repeat the same propaganda over centuries
    some will start to take it as gospel.
    No one can prove me wrong, only disagree with
    their brainwashed opinion.
    So therefore Scorpio’s are not evil and they can’t
    prove scientifically they can evolve into a Phoenix.
    Then others can’t prove that Scorpio’s are jealous

  514. Brad says:

    Great …. so I dated this Scorpio who broke things off with me. We have somewhat of a good (I say this loosely because its a bit rocky) long distance friendship. Anyway, she wanted me to come visit her perhaps to work on things between us and she planned on getting a plane ticket but never heard about it so I pressed the issue and she just ignored me then she did a 360 and got into another relationship with someone else. I was crushed. I didn’t call, nothing. It kind of leaked that I have deep feelings for her. So she called me up not too long after that and broke up with her BF. She told me she has really deep feelings for me and that we have been friends for so long, she would love to move it somewhere for us that she can’t do a long distance relationship with me. Anyway, for a time things are great especially since we talk about what went wrong in our relationship, although I think I insulted her when I told her that she gets really jealous and she needs a lot of reassurance but she said she wasn’t upset. She says I’m real, cheer em up kind of guy though because she divulged to me she can be a bad person at times and I have a way of lifting her up (I’m a psychologist by profession so I’m give a lot of unconditional positive regard). I had plans to get her a plane ticket to come visit me to see where the connection is again but she had to let me know when she could get time off work for me to get her a ticket within the next two weeks. A week later I catch her flirting with other men online asking them if they want a one night stand because she knows I can get into her facebook account. I call her and tell her how upset I am because I feel she is contracting herself, how can you have deep feelings for someone and want to hook up with other people. Her voice gets angry and she tells me I’m her closest friend and she has strong deep feelings for me but she has needs and temptations to fulfill. I told her she should respect her body though, and she gets really upset and responds, “you think I’m a slut”. Then she says she is lonely, and has no friends and this is the only way to make them and only wants maybe lunch or dinner. Then I asked her if she would please stop talking to these men because its hurtful and it would make me have more faith in rebuilding our relationship but then turns around and she tells me I’m trying to make her all to myself and she is not my girlfriend. Then I tell her all the nice things about her and how caring she has been during the times she has. She tells me to stop talking, its rather intimidating (then whispers under her breathe, seems like someone likes them more they do). Then she spouts out she doesn’t want a commitment which was a slap in my face because after when we broke up I told her I was upset because we promised each other that we would make a commitment to each other no matter what and she agreed. I even asked if she did anything sexual with these guys or her ex and yelled back “its none of your business”. Anyway, I apologized to her and told her she was right, we are not boyfriend and girlfriend. She says can I still come, and I said I will honor my promises about you coming. She gets mad and says, figure it out! And I tell her, yes of course I want you to come. The next day, she ignores me. Then after that I asked her what would be a good time to get a ticket, she says nothing. Then after that she says, I hope you understand that we are friends and if something natural happens, it happens, is this where we are at? And I said yes, thank you for your honesty, I understand I can be pushy at times, but I’ll just be patient. Then 2 days later she says not to get the ticket yet, she doesn’t know if she can get time off from work until then. The day comes, no text no call. I decided to wait for her respectfully. Then in her e-mail accounts she opened up a dating profile the next day. I next day I text her saying I really look forward to working on our friendship, I hope she can come because I believe that personal contact will give us an idea about where we stand and we can go into a positive direction. I don’t believe she is a bad person but that she needs the right person to nurture her heart and I’m up for it. Nothing. A week later, she texts me and says, I’m so so sorry for not getting in touch with you because I was so scared of what would happen like last time. And I said, I was momentarily upset but I’m fine now since you clarified, I appreciate your honestly, what’s up? Still nothing. Then I text again saying, There is no sense in feeling guilty, I appreciate when you communicate with me. She replies, okay. Then I ask, should I get this ticket for you or what? She replies, no. I blew up at her and said, really? That intrigues me. Your not even slightly curious, and anything we talked about that could be special, will just be chalked up to as “what if”? No response. I text back to apologize the next day cause I didn’t want her to feel bad about herself and at least to solve whatever problem there was, something made her change her. No text. She updates her facebook saying she is in tears and hurting. I text her saying, I hope she is feeling better and worried about her. No response. So I back off. I got drunk and posted on my wall later in the month… indirectly, that I love you (to her). Then she posts on her wall, my phone broke but I got a new phone. Then the next day, the BF she broke up with unblocked her on facebook and messaged her saying how it would be great to hang out this weekend and misses her (she told me she broke up with him because he was boring, and I found out later from his friend that she said to him that she wasn’t sexually attracted to him). She didn’t reply to his message after that and didn’t accept his friend request when she always reads mine. She knows I can read all this too.

    In any case … I don’t know what to do. Is she testing my loyalty again? Should I change my facebook status to single. Does she want me to call her? I feel stuck and not sure what to do in this situation. I don’t want to betray her by removing her off facebook either cause I do care about her and we are close friends but at the same time I don’t want to text her one more time or call her if its going to be a nuisance. I feel helpless. Any advice, please help. 🙂

  515. Amost My Scorp says:

    Dude. If someone loves you they’ll crawl over glass to get to you.

    Kill her off facebook to be sane and out of manipulation’s way.

    And if she really loves you, she has your number. Seems to me the issue really is, you subconscious know it’s 50/50 that the phone may not ring….and what’s that tell you.

  516. Agreed. And that’s the basic lesson regardless of what your sign is. You shouldn’t have to be confused or uncertain about whether someone loves you. “If someone loves you they’ll crawl over glass to get to you.” (Brad, you’re a psychologist, don’t get yourself into a codependent relationship. She doesn’t sound mature/ready for a relationship, at least not with you. Remember, you deserve to be loved too.)

  517. Snakeybabe says:

    Your Scorpio girl sounds like she has something to hide,
    and will say all sorts with scatter gun effectiveness to keep
    you off balance.
    I suspect most of her shocking claims are lies just to provoke
    a reaction from you.
    Her supposed ex-boyfriend most likely wised up to her games
    and stopped playing which planted him in the ‘boring category’.
    I’ve come across many men and women of different starsigns
    who act this way and they aren’t pleasant at all underneath their
    carefully crafted sincerity.
    I wish you the best in finding a happy solution to your dilema.

  518. Snakeybabe says:

    Definately need to buy a dictionary!

  519. Brad says:

    Awe, thank you guys so much for your support and advice. That really cheered me up! I guess I just wait and see. 🙂

  520. Hammie says:

    hmmm seem like everyone has good opinions about Scorpio woman as deep, loyal etc..but i’ve known one scorpio women is manipulative plays man like trash.Sure she has qualities like sexually powerful but i don’t think this article justified all the Scorpio women out there

  521. Nick says:

    im talkin to this scorp girl ,and i really like her,but im a virgo
    do you think that their compatible??

  522. kristine says:

    I am a scorpio woman and let me tell you we are not all beautiful,
    sexy , powerful ect……I am ugly , fat and no man ever fell head over
    heels for me. Guess all that scorpio stuff only applies to the hot ones.
    I am very insecure, depressed and only ever got used. So Jessica must be so
    lucky to be this femme fatale , ha ? What a self righteous woman. Oh and
    we can be very jealous. We just don’t dare show it. It would come out in some psycho way so we try to keep it under wraps. To all the whiny cancer men….I have had my heart broken by cancer. He just disappeared , and then 8 years later says hey lets reunite . What the hell ? Cancer men like to threaten suicide a lot, have always been done wrong by someone, but everything they say hurt them, they in turn do. Scorpio men are either great friends or they are just crazy, users, manipulators. Virgo men are selfish and boring. Aries -don’t know. Pisces , forget it ! Why are those dirtbags good for scorpios? Taurus maybe. Sag are fun , but you have to get serious sometime, and they cheat. Aquarius might as well be from another planet. Gemini is ok but you are dealing with two people in one. Anyhow, what’s the big to do about being a scorp? Some of us are just shy , plain janes. I don’t think I’ll have any man on some blog writing about how I get into every cell of their being, can’t live without me blah blah blah……..see I’m a bitter , scorpio woman.

  523. @Hammie the objective is not to “justify” Scorpio behavior.
    @Nick Scorpios and Virgos are a great match.
    @Kristine Is it lucky to be a femme fatale? I don’t know. Am I self-righteous because I have a blog and dare to write on it? Certainly not. I don’t appreciate people lacing their comments with insults against me. It’s quite rude to drop into someone’s house and start insulting them. If you have a counter-argument, as you do, that’s one thing, but the insults are unnecessary.

  524. Phenix says:

    Im a scorpio acendant scorpio i was cursed with scorpio in what makes us us trust me we sound all great but whew is it tiring to much enregy to much to direct i haft to go to the extremes i cant jsut have a little i gotta have it all large amounts of everything excersice food sex. And i happen to be dateing a scorpio woman when they say dont get invovled dont do it youll never forget . trust me its not worth emotional damage your likely to receive. Me and mine have been together for like what 2 years three and shes testing me now and if i dint love this wwoman so much id drop her and she is trying to hit my jealousy i think secretly wanting me to pass but secretly wanting me to fial lol if another scorpio cant handle my intensty im bound to wonder the earth searching.

  525. Lorraine says:

    kristine – I’m sure your beautiful just how you are. Grow some confidence and never let ANY man EVER bring you down. Your heart will heal in time. Keep your chin up darlin. Be good to yourself. Take care.

  526. Adam Sandoval says:

    Hello, i am a Pisces Man and recently made friends with a scorpio woman we haven’t meet just yet and still getting to know each other even twice ive gotten pretty deep with her and open up in way where i made her tear up for saying the right thing that made her day. this kinda person i am i can tell who has a kind heart and who’s dosen’t i can tell she has a kind heart i am also the type person once i become interstend i wanna talk constantly but haven’t yet because never did me any good in the past basicly what i am asking there might be something of real worth here in terms of finding love but i know she is very busy don’t know if i let her get hold of me some time’s or keep being 1st to start? and sould i hold back my wanting to talk because in past all it’s done for me is put me in the friend zone??

  527. A person who still loves his LADY after being betrayed says:

    I don’t believe in signs cause I visit lots of sites and talked with some astrologers but I can’t see more than 50% of their words are true in my life.I saw the most of the words they say about my sign are not true in my case but most of those are against my nature.But yes,I’ve met one old guy(87 years age) who is an astrologer and it seems to me he is the real gemini man who seems to me is a liar.He told so many lies to me and he most of the time didn’t keep his word with me which I hate much so long time then I didn’t meet him anymore and I don’t like such liar guys ! I don’t afraid to say that I’m a gemini and I love a scorpio woman.The astrology says that the gemini men are not loyal but the scorpio women are loyal.But I see in my case that I didn’t and I don’t want to be with any other else excepting HER and I always hate that thing (which is the opposite characteristics of a gemini man in words of astrology !).But my scorpio lady loves those a lot and thats why I asked HER not to flirt with other guys and just to be only with each other.But SHE didn’t listen to me and then SHE said that SHE doesn’t love me anymore ! But I still love HER and being only HER belonging for over 1 and half year without HER love.I hate to betray but SHE betrayed with me ! That was so unexpected to me that I knew the scorpio women don’t betray with love.So,now I don’t believe in astrology anymore.But I still love HER much more than my life,I want to do so until my death and my doors are always open only for HER as I don’t wanna get involved with any other else in my life cause I would never forget HER and I could never love anybody else and that would be a little peace for me before my death to see that I didn’t betray with my LOVE.Please pray for me you all…

  528. Claus says:

    I am a Aquarius male, and I am dating a Scorpio women. Are they hard to get to know. This one is cold, arrogant, selfish but I can put op whit it, reason we don,t see each other to much work is the reason. She is from Russia.

  529. kristine says:

    Jessica in no way did I mean to offend you. Maybe I just wish I lived up
    to what I perceive as all these positive attributes. I tend to dislike being
    a scorpio sometimes. Maybe I’m foolishly blaming my star sign for being
    too emotional , intense, and longing for deep experiences I don’t think I’ll
    have with another human being lol. In no way did I mean to offend you
    in your house…..just venting I guess.

  530. Jenny says:

    I am a scorp, I actually have a scorpio stellium. I was just looking up compatibility stuff between virgo and scorpio and stumbled on this blog. These comments are hilarious. Why would anyone take astrology so seriously?

  531. Chris says:

    Hey there,

    I’m a Picses male and I have a Scorpio fiancee. Hands down, best relationship I’ve ever had. But every frickin’ month there is some new drama. I don’t mind the external ones (i.e. car problems, finances, etc…). In fact, they seem to bring us closer together. We sit down, figure ou what’s needed and work as a team to solve it.

    But sometimes she makes mountains out of mole hills. For example, today, I accidently left my cellphone at my desk during lunch at work, and figured that since she had only started her shift about an hour before, I wouldn’t receive any calls from her (the only person I really want to talk to these days). Evidently, she had thought to surprise me by taking an early lunch so that we could chat. I ran back up to my office to get my phone before I went back outside to smoke, and saw that I had missed a call from her. When I called her back, she was angry with me and wanted to know where I was, with who, etc… I told her I had left my phone on my desk by accident and that I was sorry I had missed her call but I didn’t now that she was going to call and that, had I known, I would have remembered my phone. She just went silent. Then, after her very cold “I guess i’ll just let you go back to work” I get an equally cold text about how it wouldn’t have mattered if she had told me because I “forgot” my phone. GAHH!!! I didn’t do anything wrong, and now I’m getting in trouble becasue her imagination ran away with her.

    HELP!! What do I do?!

  532. Yana says:

    I am a scorpio myself. heartbroken from a pisces man. i am willing to wait for him a bit i put an X on my love life thats when three of the ex’s start coming in. how they know i just recently broke up? wow. i guess they dont. weird. i have this magnetism that i feel all guys are drawn to me. i havent noticed it before, since i was with a bf, now that i am single, there are all these guys. i have a past of one too many boyfriends that have hurt me. and every chance i have time to myself, i think upon my past. how much i despise them for doing me wrong. i’ve known that us scorpio’s hold a grudge, now i can relate to it. any possible chance i get, i will surely get them ten times for hurting me and all the other feelings i had to go through. they still have my revenge to come. just wait! picses, scorpio, virgo, leo, cancer, and gemini! THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT. there is no such thing as a loving relationship, they are all based on wordly lies. i was said to be sexy and the latter. is that all they like about me? i have feelings as well, and will get you back for hurting them. just wait. !

  533. VIRGO says:

    OK, so all you Scorpio ladies out here, I need your help. I first met this gorgeous Scorpio on a dating website and we started corresponding the first week of August. I was first amazed she would give me the time of day considering the number of letters she was getting everyday from all the wolves on the site. We started sending letters nearly everday and eventually started talking on the phone. She doesn’t currently live in my location but is moving here soon. It seemed she became intriqued and we decided to meet last weekend. I traveled to her area and we spent 2 & 1/2 days in what I thought was the most compatible situation I’ve been in. I’m a Virgo and I know the charts say the two of us are highly compatible.
    Here’s the deal: she seems like a pendulum swinging back and forth and I get these mixed signals where I don’t know if she’s in or out. It’s making me crazy…I’m ready to commit to a LTR and I can’t figure out where she’s at in the scheme of things. So what am I doing wrong? I’d like her to just put it on the line and let me know one way or the other. So what’s up?

  534. Virgo says:

    So I posted a comment and it’s not here… what’s up with that?

  535. Comments must be approved and I don’t sit at my computer all day waiting for new comments and approving them– sorry for the delay.

  536. Snakeybabe says:

    The guy who will treat you right just might knock on your door
    when you’re in the middle of planning your revenge on men.
    I understand that your totalling up the number who have dissed
    your trust, but do you feel anymore of your emotional time should
    be wasted on these people.

  537. ONEpiscesSCORP says:

    Ok!!! Listen, hear my cry. I am a 22 yr old scorp (will be 23 on the 27th) my bf is a pisces…..24yrs old.

    We’ve been together for 1yr 6months and 12 days. He moved in w/ me after 2 wks of dating. He had no job, 2 kids by 2 diff women. I’m a seperated mom of 2. He found a small job when we got together but didn’t keep it. We had financial struggles and stayed w/ my family memeber for a while. Shortly after we were blessed w/ our own house….still no steady income. That lasted 6 months then we were evicted. We’ve had our share of problems, but we’ve always seemed to have this SUPERNATURAL connection!! He seems to be sooooo in love w/ me. Bein a scorp woman, u know I was just mesmerized by him. Recently he made the choice for us to live seperately. His reason…….”I need to get my life together, I need to get a job, my OWN place, and spend time w/ my kids. Their mothers don’t like you, so they give me a hard time abt getting my sons when I’m involved w/ you.” His mother doesn’t want him w/ me either. But he continues to grace me w/ his presence. I got my own seperate apartmet…..he is ALWAYS there. 6 days out of the week. But he wanted seperation…..he acts like he still doesn’t wanna move in, but he basically LIVES @ my house! We have such a beautiful relationship….I have to say.

    Here’s the kicker. Just a few days ago…after spending 2 wks @ my place…he left for his usual day n planned on comin back that same night. While he was away I got a lil curious. Went into his email (which he has given me the pswd to…I did not hack) and saw that while we were taking a slight break (after a when r u moving in argument) one his babys moms came into town. From the looks of her email, they had some intimate moments. I would have never guessed bc for the past 2 wks he’s been w/ me. No phone. No internet. No contact w/ her at all!!! So I called him immediately and broke it off….emotionally!! Now I regret it. Bc he’s now mad at ME! He won’t talk to me, he hasn’t apologized, and I’m looking @ his email everyday, and he hasn’t even contacted the babys mom!! She’s trying to get him to talk to HER! I feel stupid bc I dnt think he wnts her, I KNOW he wants me. The last time we saw each other, he gave me a long passionate kiss and said ill see u soon enough baby. Then I broke up w/ him that night b4 he cud even come back over. I feel horrible! He’s ignoring my emails, I wrote him a long letter, asking him to come over. He didn’t come. My birthday is tomorrow. I dnt knw if he’s gonna show. I have NO IDEA what is going on in his head! He always comes back, but everytime he does this I believe he’s gone for good. Someone explain what’s going on. This is my soulmate. I don’t anyone BUT him!! How do I get him back to the way he was 3 days ago???? What should I do….or not do?? HELP!!!!!!! I’M DYING W/O MY BEST FRIEND 😦

  538. ONEpiscesSCORP says:


    I’m a 23 yr old scorp woman. Seperated mom of 2. Scorpio in every meaning of the word! In a ltr w/ a 24yr old pisces (boy) father of 2 (two diff moms)………gonna try to make it as short n sweet as possible. Lol. We became a couple 1 yr 6mnths 12 days ago. Fast paced. He moved in 2 wks after we met. Lived together for 13 months/together 24-7. All day, every day. We’ve been living ‘seperately’ for 6m now. His choice. His reason “I need to get my life together, get a job, my own place, see my kids. Their moms hate you, so in order for us to get along for the sake of my sons, we have to slow down” ….. I got my own apartment. Yet, he’s here 6 days out of the week! He’s always w/ jus like when we lived together. He has clothes here, shower gel, shower pouf, toothbrush, he’s written all over my door in bedroom. Our names, lil messages, our anniversary….jus doodles. I love it, I’m a creative scorp. Point is, he OBVIOUSLY wants to be around me. But doesn’t wanna move in. He wants to wait til he gets his own place n have me move in he says… one day after an argument abt his hesitancy to marry and move in, we end up takin a small break. Less than a week, lol. He comes back and we pick up where we left off. He stayed for 2 weeks this time. Goin to work n comin home. Lovin it!! Friday he decided to go back to his house jus to show his face so his roommates wouldn’t be mad…..n planned on comin back to continue our everlastin honeymoon. While he was gone, I went into his email. (I had the pswd, he gave it to me. I didn’t hack) I see that during our week break, one his ‘baby mommas’ came into town. Judging by her words, they had too much of a nice time. She was callin him babe, x’s and o’s. Promising pics of her ‘thickness’. She can still feel him EVERYWHERE. I would’ve never guessed, bc he’s been w/ me for the past 2 weeks. No contact w/ her. No minutes on his prepaid phone, no internet. Jus me, me, me, as usual. I went into his sent messages, he hadn’t sent her any messages, or even READ the messages she sent! But I was still pissed bc I believed wht she was referring to. As soon as I found out, he called 2 min later for me to come get him. I broke up w/ him. Didn’t even plan on doing that, it just came outta my mouth!! Now I regret it, I’m not even mad. I jus want him back home. But get this, now he’s ignoring me!! I wrote him a letter asking him to come over after work, he never showed up. He never replied to my official break up email. No apology. No explanation. NOTHING!! I go into his email, and he’s jus now sendin HER a very (empty, innocent) message “hey, what’s goin on…..” she responded as tho her feelings are hurt due to his lack of comm. He doesn’t seem to want her…..maybe be manipulating to get himself off of child support….anyways. Why is he Ignoring me though?!!? Is he mad? Scared? Ashamed? What?! He won’t talk to me. The last time I saw him, he gave me a long, beautiful kiss n told me he’d see me soon enough. I miss him soooo much!! I’m a scorp. I’m dying! I need to see him again. I jus wanna forget all of this happened. I dnt even care, how do I get him to open up? Wht do I do? Is he playin games? U think he’s done? He’s done this b4, but each time I believe its truly over. He always comes back like nothin happened. Will he come back this time? I want him now!


  539. Happy Birthday!

    First, you need to calm down.

    If your Pisces moved out so he could get to see his children once in awhile, that’s a mature decision that you should respect. He obviously still wanted to see you, but you were paranoid. You went into his stuff and violated his trust. You owe him an apology.

    Even if he was cheating on you with an ex, which you don’t know for sure, right? It may be a complicated situation. He likes you and likes to be with you, but maybe there’s unfinished business with one of his exes. These things take time and can be subtle. You probably shouldn’t be in a romantic relationship with him if he needs time to figure those things out (and if “figuring things out” means cheating on you). If you insist on being in a romantic relationship with him despite what is apparently a great big mess of exes and children, then you need to relax and not be paranoid or manipulative or do drastic things like read his email and break up with him.

    Pisces and Scorpio is a good match, but you guys have a lot of complicated things going on including that you both have children (who need to be your top priority), so try to calm down, talk things out, give each other space, and minimize the drama. It’s not good for you and it’s not good for the kids.

  540. ONEpiscesSCORP says:

    First thing, I’m not asking for advice about his decision to live seperately. I understand completely why, which is why I’m still w/ him. Showing him my undying love. I’m not here asking for moral advice either. All in all, I just want to know what to do when he does this run away thing. He gives me the silent treatment for about week…and comes back like its all good. These little bouts are wearing me out. I’m a scorpio, I need love and attention in my relationships. I only told u abt the kids and moms to give u background. I just want to know, bc I’m a relentless scorpio and a he’s an escapist pisces am I supposed to pursue him to get him to open up again? Or should I ignore him? I dnt wanna ignore him and cause more damage, or the other way around. Our kids are just fine and well taken care of.

  541. ONEpiscesSCORP says:

    Ok. Nevermind. He’s back, birthday gift n all.

  542. Mike says:

    Hi there Jessica. I have read all I can about the Scorpio woman. I myself am a Sagittarius male. From what I have read thus far, it seems like I wouldnt be the perfect match for this woman. Sadly, I cant stop thinking about her! I have already made my intentions know to this Scorpio, and so far she seems to be right there with me. I mean…we have only been out a few times, but she certainly knows Im interested, and from what I have read, for her to go out with me she has got to be interested too…right? See…I ask this question because she keeps her thoughts locked up like fort knox! We have a blast when we are together, and when we chat on the phone, we talk for at least an hour! I feel like a kid with a crush all over again! LOL! I am doing the best I can to take things slowly, and we havent done anything but kiss. But wow! What a kiss! I am totally falling for this Scorpio woman, and in my opinion, she is the most beautiful woman these eyes have ever seen!!! I just want to know how to take things slow enough to not scare this woman away, and to know that Im not crazy and that the Scorpio woman can love a Sagittarius male. Any advice will help greatly, seeing that I already took the first step in pursuing this woman, and went right to the next step of falling for her!

  543. Johnny says:

    Great article, Jessica.

    I have an interesting situation and I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible.

    First, I’m a 21-year old Pisces male and the lady I’m interested in is of course a 24-year old Scorpio female. I’ve known her for a little over 3 years now and I’ve had an interest in her since then. I must mention that her uncle dates my mother so you can probably see why I’m a bit hesitant.

    Although I don’t chat with her (Facebook, once or twice a month) or see her often (occasional family get-togethers, holidays), I feel that there is something there. Every time I do see her, she always sits next to me, always initiates the conversations before I get the chance to, always asks what’s new, if I’m dating anyone at the moment, etc. We’ve even exchanged DVDs a few times and she invited me to a ballgame once.

    Is she expressing interest or just being a good family friend? I feel that she talks to me more than the other family members at family gatherings. I guess I’m also asking if she’s off-limits since we’re pretty much family? Should I just not get involved and try moving on? Should I make a move and see where this could go and risk losing a friend?

    Ah, that’s enough questions lol. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  544. TOYIN .....GURL says:

    I am a proud sorpio woman and what makes us very magnetic is our beautiful suductive eyes ❤

  545. Malayia says:

    I am a Scorpio woman who’s exclusively dated Aries men… A sexy intense combination for sure… But – he lacks emotional maturity and he constantly contradicts himself.
    He can be extremely emotional or act like “the man”. But ooohh so sexy and I love his cplayful mannerisms. Anyone know why Aries man + Scorpio woman is such an intense relationship?
    Love to all my scorpio women.. we rock!

  546. I’m dating an Aries too and I feel like I could’ve written exactly what you wrote. Aries men are sexually passionate but mine is kind of an emotional can of worms too. I guess it’s the sex that gets us? Everything I’ve read about Aries says that they’re one of the most sexual signs in the zodiac, and I know of at least one other Aries-Scorp combo that, although unhealthy and emotionally dishonest in many ways, is based on a crackle under the sheets.

  547. AlmostmyScorp says:

    The crackle under the sheets is a definite. But in this Aries-Scorp interaction, the emotional maturity is more on the Aries side. The “emerging” maturity is Scorpside. Emerging is kind. I’m not so sure it’s a trait but rather wounding past that manipulating is a part of the mix for Scorpio sometimes. As an Aries, to the point is far more sexy along with the be hot and together. I forgot … are Scorp women looking for the sugar daddy or can an emotional seduction win the day. I try not to lead with the money thing….then you never know. But I did have one woman (capricorn) and I do believe we were falling in love, go heavy to where was my dough. I was so off-put I never told her there was 500k sitting in a cking account. Why would I? But she someone using the money chip and just came back. So she doesn’t interest me the same way, just as AMS is wondering back after a trip down money lane elsewhere. Women, are we stupid to not lead with our wallet? I need the reread on Scorp women when the hot and sexy is there, the intellectual bandwith, right on, and emotional connection spot on—-where does money fit in?

  548. From my Scorp perspective, money doesn’t matter. Most of the guys I’ve dated are poor artists or students who are passionate about their work. I did date someone who had both smarts and money, but I felt uncomfortable with how he seemed to think he could buy everything (ehem, “everything”). So I would say, if you have money keep it in your pocket (we also prefer hoarding/saving to conspicuous displays of wealth).

  549. Sage Wings says:

    scorpio’s love money. i would never pick a lover on the basis of financial success. we appreciate someone who can handel themselves with grace and respect in all accounts. if you have money, fine. but don’t try to draw our attentions to it. we prefer knowing someone is really there and really cares. we look for enduring relationships, passion, aliveness. use what you have to show us you appreaciate us. we’ll do the same for you. a mature scorpio will never leaving you guessing or wanting. you’re there for us, we’ll be there for you 100%! It may take us some time before we know that you are really there for us, but when we do, you’ll never have to guess if we love you.

  550. Lady Scorp says:

    I’m a Scorpio and I hate money.. there are more important things then piles of Dirt: Breathing, Learning, Accepting, Embracing, Being Proud of Our Cultures, Maturing.

    People are more important then money: how they feel: what they’ve experienced: And just being friends to me is a miracle because this world if FILLED with people and my friends/Family & I happened to be together at a certain time & place: and this makes me incredibly grateful & celebratory. *I’m the type that is overwhelmed with Love & Gratitude for the Check Out Lady ~ Gas Pump Guy ~ Infrastructure in my City and all that it took to get individuals where they are today.

    I feel as if Life were this most amazing gift, cause it’s Filled with Beautiful & Wonderful People that I just almost moved to tears as I am given gas, or checked out or enjoy brightly lite streets for our safety.

    On the other hand.

    I met a Scorpio Man and we are both truely stumped that we’re both Scorpio’s and we seem to be alright. *doesn’t mean I trust him completely ~ I respect his painful Honesty very much*

    But alas, I have descovered he has to FB profiles… I tried to Friend him on the other: and when we were chatting on the Other: all he said was that Women Know Everything…. I said, I couldn’t speak for all the other Women: but Yes, I know A lot.

    He is supposed to be passing through my City next weekend and I’m curious to see which side of his Scorpian nature he will dive into.

    lol ~ Finding out stuff about each other comes easy for the both of us…


  551. Sage Wings says:

    I was thinking about what I read on here last night, and I wanted to comment that scorpios are jelous. we hate to admit it becuse we are very proud and also very in love with ourselves, as we are with all things , we are hypmostized by our own beauty. We are then afraid of other knowing our weeknesses and of not being totally accepted and deeply appreciated. We will sometimes choose not to be in relationships or manipulate the relationship so we can avoid the pain of not being totally respected and appreciated. We aren’t exactly needy, but it sure can feel like it to others because we need this very deep committment, because that is the type of committment we give. We take ourselves very seriously. Yes, part of this seriousness has to do with our committment to integrity and strength, but it can become imbalanced.
    Here is something I’ve read in my astology book about us Scorps:
    “Scorpio energy, being ruled by Mars, is very suseptible to the traps and pitfalls of the ego; and when Scorpio get ego-involved, Scorp gets dangerous. When threatened, confronted, or otherwise challenged, Scorpio energy will attack in order to defend itself; and being so fundamentally in tune with the emotional realm, Scorpio energy has an uncanning instinct for finding the most painful spot and focusing its considerable force on that point (Note: my ex told m’ve done this..yuck!) Scorpio attacks when they feel threatened and they can attack out of no where because they hold on to past pains , burried deep beneath the surface. One of the most important lessons for scoprio, the signed conserned with transformation and change is, ironically, to learn how to let go. Scorpio energy must also learn how to RELAX and ENJOY LIFE (something I’ve worked really hard to learn…since I’m prone to taking myself and life far too seriously.) Often Scorp is so focused on change, transformation and the integrity of their vision, on tearing down the old to make way for the new that they don’t make a alot of time for the new to manifest.” – Understanding the Birth Chart by Kevin Burk
    We also forget to lighten up and have fun as a way of life. It’s difficult for us because then we take our eye off of this intense, beautiful picture of who we want to be and being honest and honerable…whatever the vision is, but I finally realized that all though my life was meaninful, it was heavy, often painful and relationships were difficult. With out healhty happy relaitonships, there is something that;s missing. Without play, part of my soul was missing! Not saying this is your answer…maybe just insightful. Best of luck Scorps!

  552. Lady Scorp says:

    Seems to me as if Jealousy could be synonimous with Loyalty.

    I mean, if I loved someone (&I love Deeply) wouldn’t I remind my man where the boundaries are? And if he had any where withall, wouldn’t he or I appreciate the nudge a little reminder of that sentimental spark or interest in each other.

    Jealous = Spark * Interest * Loyalty * Reminder? I just need to remember not to take it too far.

  553. Lorenzo says:

    Scorpio woman from a Taurus perspective.

    I’m a Taurus male and have been married to a scorp for 10 years now, with 2 great kids and this is what I have learnt:

    1. Don’t f**k with a scorp woman. Not in any way or form. She will chew you up and spit you out. Don’t play games with them boys,…. they will see right through it, and you will lose.

    2. The best thing to do is be honest, stand your ground, and agree to disagree. Give them the freedom to have their own thoughts. Scorps need time to think about things. They are intelligent can figure things out for themselves, but don’t expect an immediate response or change of heart from them.

    3. Scorps will take whatever you give them. Take them shopping, and they will buy the most expensive thing that they can get,… but they don’t expect you to buy it for them, and will hold no grudge if you don’t. The choice is yours.

    4. The above being said, I also find them to be super sensitive. Watch what you say. They take your words, twist them, contort them, study them and then draw conclusions. Be ready with a logical, honest and reasonable explanation if they want your comment explained. No “off the cuff” statements. Be ready to back it up, if required.

    5. The jealously thing….its very real. I love it though. It reminds me that they are passionate about their partner and their relationship, and will stop at nothing to protect it. What more can a guy want?

    6. The hardest thing for me is the communication bit. They don’t talk much. You will also never know what they really think. You will have to be prepared to pick up all the subtle clues that they leave behind and put it together for yourself. If you aren’t prepared to do this or can’t, then move on as life will become a nightmare.

    7. Scorps are hard work, but it is like everything else in life, the harder you work the better the result. Guys,… as so many other people have said …It’s the ride of your life. They are super loyal, and you will know that you are loved unconditionally. They are the best mothers and they teach the kids independence form a very early age. You will never be board as there is always something brewing with them. They will always support you in whatever you do, and do whatever is necessary to help you be successful. You have to be strong though, as they will walk all over you if you allow it. Scorps aren’t for wimpy wishy washy men. They need strong men.

    8. One of the most important things is that you MUST treat them with respect at all times. Don’t forget this. You will pay dearly if you do.

    If you happen to capture a scorp and it does not work from day one, move on. If it does…..well that’s probably the best thing that will ever happen to you, and be prepared.
    They are sexy, seductive, intelligent, cunning, playful and passionate. Try and understand them and you will experience life on a whole new level.
    You have not been loved until you have been loved by a Scorpio woman.

  554. anotherone says:

    Very amusing and somewhat accurate post. It is true that we scorpios women don’t like wimpy men. However, in my case (I’m a scorp woman), I like sensitive guys. I’m a sucker for them. Also, since I’m clingy, I like clingy men (not on psycho level of course). But yes, clingy and possessive men do make me feel loved, like they want me all for for themselves. Sadly (also logically), I haven’t met such man and I’m the type of scorps that hasn’t drawn any man to me. Maybe I’m the one with no attractive power then? LOL, didn’t make a big deal but I want to get some attention sometime (maybe just once?). nice post, love the honesty. And yes, be sincere, we hate liars, our good opinion once lost is truly lost forever.

  555. Snakeybabe says:

    @ AnotherOne
    You can easily turn your world around like an hour glass.
    The problem with alot of people is that they like to act as if they’re
    important and when they come across someone they feel is clingy
    or needy, they will play the “talk to the hand” card !
    Perhaps you should cultivate a demeanour of self-confidence and
    give the impression that you’re the one who is going places.
    You’ll be surprised how many people will suddenly want to jump
    on your band wagon.

  556. ScorpioSteph says:

    This is beautiful. Clear, comprehensive, and right on the mark–obviously written by a true Scorpio that knows themself well. It’s a tough position… especially being a female Scorpio in relationships. The wrong people can make you feel like your intense and passionate qualities are wrong, when in reality, we just knows ourselves better. This post confirms that reality and the great strengths of Scorpios. Thank you for that. 🙂

  557. Cancer says:

    The 3 hottest women i have ever known were all scorpios. A 4th, Judy was probably a scorpio too.

  558. Tess Malone says:


    You know what we need in this country – this country being the US, but upon reflection, probably all countries with standing armies, is to kick out all the military who are not Scorpios…make the only requirement for enlisting be that you’re a Scorpio and legal age.

    This would solve everything…Scorpios will never pre emptively strike, we’re totally about defense…and once crossed, then we will seek and destroy. Not just a little but full scale wipe out. There is never any “half way” with us. It is literally true – all or nothing. This applies to everything you can point to. Even when we want you. WE want ALL of you – your mind, your flesh, your strength, your whole being, or we want nothing at all.

    But armies made up entirely of Scorpios would have the collective brain power to solve every damn threat imaginable with cool strategy and diplomatic flair…and on the off chance shit went awry, they’d literally blow up the planet and we’d all die then nobody would get anything anymore…but the threats and bs going on would still be a wrap ;-p

  559. Tess Malone says:

    Re: how to know when you’ve hurt a Scorpio

    You should elaborate on this one ;-p Such as…when you slap our egos, we will bitch out loud. We’ll have a tantrum. You’ll see it, it’ll be loud, probably even obnoxious, and we will rant and rave and stomp, probably throw stuff…if it’s PMS week, it’ll get broken. You have nothing to fear when this happens. We’re just venting, we’ll get it out of our systems and return to our previously awesome selves as if nothing happened…

    If you HURT us, and the #1 hurt is betrayal, with deception coming in at #2, but it’s Cardinal if we have kids and you fuck with them AT ALL, even making a wry joke at their expense can turn us homicidal so don’t even go there…we will defend our kids to absolute bloodshed if you go there, and sadly, it won’t matter if you’re also just a kid!

    Hurt us and here’s what you see:


    Silence. We will stop talking. We will give you ONE fair warning and then we stop. We stop everything. This is calculation mode and usually you mistake our silence for withdrawal and retreat, and worse, surrender. This is your mistake. It’s pure calculation. We’re reviewing every single word, phrase, act, experience with you to root out your main fears and weaknesses…then once we’ve rooted out what you fear most, we move into the planning and plotting stage…and then you will NEVER see it coming.

    We will ambush you out of left field when you least expect it, the element of surprise and unpredictability is the ONLY thing predictable about us…and once we strike, we’re not going to settle on getting even. We’ll get even and then we’ll move straight into crucifiction. We will expose your worst fears, exploit your weaknesses, betray everything you ever confided in us, destroy you and bring you to your knees. When we’re done (as opposed to when you’ve had enough, don’t work that way), then we’ll ice over and you become non existent to us. We don’t know you, if you fell and were dying on the street we will step over you and keep walking without looking back. You no longer exist. And we do not care.

    This is because when we invest, we invest compassion, we give substance to protection and loyalty. We aren’t like most people who think we like you because you’re cute or famous or rich. When we like you, it’s because we’ve seen your soul, we know your integrity, your character, we find you worthy as humans, we have the compassion so strongly that we would jump in front of a bullet without question to save and protect you…and then you turn around and shit on that when no other person is capable of that depth of regard for you…don’t think we’ll giggle and cry. You just proved 1. you were not worthy of this regard and 2. we made an error in judgment, and we can’t have that.

    The easiest way to get rid of a Scorpio woman though is to show us how weak you are. Fall to your knees and cave, give up, be defeated without bothering to find alternative solutions…be stupidly taken advantage of, show us you have no spine and a low IQ, you won’t have to “cheat” on us to get rid of us (and be honest Scorp girls, we indulge the deviant dark side of multiple partners and orgies so cheating isn’t necessarily our deal breaker)…weakness, though, is. We’ll try one good time to help you help yourself and when we see you’re a leech, ciao baby.

    *poof* and we won’t look back.

  560. Tess Malone says:

    PS: I totally want to marry Bob.

  561. Tess Malone says:

    Okay, last one…not spamming, just getting through the comments and came to this one:

    One quick question, kissing and hugging is more important to me than sex, how do you get a scorp to just relax and not think about sex for a while and just sit, chill out, hold me and cuddle…?

    Say it with me girls…

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that’s just too scary.

  562. Tess Malone says:

    I hate to add this one, since it’s liable to bring down some wrath for spilling our secrets, and because I already have half a dozen posts pending but I gotta point this out too for the record.

    You guys who are sprung over the SW and can’t tell what’s what by her back and forth warmth/distance, let me try this explanation and you can chew on it. You are in one of two categories with a Scorp female…you are either

    1. The One* or
    2. Toy

    Now, if you are The One, the reality is you are The One “for now” and it will be “for now” no matter how convinced your SW is that there are such things as soulmates and forever love and ever afters. When you are in this category, behavior is convoluted to you but makes complete sense to us. The way to know is simple. You have no clue whether you’re The One and probably feel like a Toy.

    If, though, you are not The One, then you are without a doubt a Toy and you will know usually within the first 15 minutes of the first meeting how we see you: it’s just sex, we’re just buddies, we can make an arrangement, whatever the terms, but the terms are on the table, up front, with zero vagueries about it. We may allow room for negotiating those terms, but the terms are there and they rarely change. As long as you play by the rules we both would set up going in, the relationship itself will evolve into a beautiful and loyal gift you will never want to tamper with. We will honor it as much as you do. Or, we shake hands and say goodbye and nobody worries about “love” or all that.

    The reason those terms will always be spelled out is 100% of the time because there is absolutely, take it to the bank, without question one or more The One’s in our lives and we are not about to tie up somewhere before we’ve captured The One we’re playing chess with. With The One, we move slow, measured, calculating…there’s real strategy, we’re paying attention. We’re quiet this day and dissecting the entire scenario second by second…then we roll along and make this or that move….then we kick back and watch what they do…this is a Scorpio’s foreplay. All this vague shit is foreplay. The more you engage it, the hotter the payoff. If you catch on, catch what we’re doing, catch our little cat & mouse games and play back – as in in good nature, and not being a douchebag about it, this will ignite us to near obsessive surrender – the sort of surrender that only happens in movies and romance novels.

    The guy who figures us out and plays our game, plays back, teases, plays chess, and engages this foreplay – when that moment comes we surrender, we will both devour you and surrender to you in one rapturously HIGHLY SEXUAL move. Sex to us is passion, this is why we’re so sexually focused, that arousal rapture choiceness is the closest thing we can find to what the actual passion itself feels like and we seek it, play it, and consume it like a drug.

    If she’s set down terms in plain english or whatever language you speak, she may love you to death but you are not the right kind of guy for her and she will doubtfully ever feel more or let things progress beyond those terms. The reason is because she can size you up inside 5 minutes and know with precision clarity whether there’s a chance in hell you’ll even be remotely part of her world 24 hours later, and what kind of relationship you’ll even be capable of cultivating or handling.

    If she hasn’t set those terms down, then 1. you’re related to her and this doesn’t matter, 2. you’re The One*. We will see you before you see us, we will know by a built in radar whether it’s inevitable we hook up, what the nature of the tie will be before you even know we’re there. We are rarely surprised to learn of some guy’s interest in us, we saw it coming before we made first eye contact most times.

    So if you find yourself The One, this is the part you hang on for dear life while not clinging, while being confident and brave and challenging us while simultaneously selling your soul to us before we simply have to devour it. Sex is a requirement, it’s not up for negotiation. You will know easily when we are done with you.

    Sex ENDS forever. We go elsewhere. But you can be The One and we’re 100% conscious of it, and we will drop anyone in a flash instant to engage with you, but don’t make the mistake of thinking we will be sexually loyal while we’re dancing the dance. We are absolutely still playing with our Toys before you, after you, and with some of us, during you. The One means something far different to a Scorp than it does most females. We play the big boy game…most girls have no concept of that and only play on ground zero. They use sex as a weapon and think if they wield it over some guy’s head he’ll be so enamored he’ll submit. He humors her, then gets what he wants and goes to find some other dingbat who’s clueless.

    Then he encounters the Scorpip chick…he plays the same game and she eats his ass for lunch and hands it back to him in a McDonald’s wrapper. He’s lost…and he ends up at places like this blog begging for some insight. We are NOT like the rest of the girls you know, we’re playing a different game with different rules. Where most girls play for your wallet and marriage and some kind of idiotic and pathetic title or financial gain, or to be known as some famous person’s thing for awhile, a Scorpio is playing for something much deeper, your entire being for the count.

    The biggest secret though is this: you’re never the one who decided squat about whether to be with her or not. If you’re even inside her 3 foot sphere, rest assured it’s all because she maneuvered you there and the game began before you knew she existed…she’s not clueless, she’s not unaware of what you do, she’s not taken by surprise no matter how she might act (it is an act)…you are not calling the shots. You are either in or you’re out. She chose you and then she played the game until you caught up with the clue bus and played back.

    Okay…/end spam for now.

  563. Sage Wings says:

    ” We are NOT like the rest of the girls you know, we’re playing a different game with different rules. Where most girls play for your wallet and marriage and some kind of idiotic and pathetic title or financial gain, or to be known as some famous person’s thing for awhile, a Scorpio is playing for something much deeper, your entire being for the count. ” -Tess MAlone (last comment)
    You said it sister! I’m not as intense as most scorpios…or at least I try not to be…I like to be light hearted now and then…anyway, the above is 100% true. I was dating a guy who made the comment “It weird that you aren’t conserned with how much I make or how much money I have. Every women I know wants to know how much I make. Even random women I’ve met have asked me.” I responded “Are you happy? Can you take care of your self? Then why should I care” He said “That’s refreshing”
    It’s true. I care much more about my own bank acct. and having power over my own weath and independence. We don’t like releying on others for things like that…for anything really. 🙂
    Also, the first things I look at in a man is his character. Not is he nice and will he hold the door for me. But, how does he move through the world? How much inner strength does he have? Can he hold his own in the world? Can we be a team or do I ahve to take care of him emotionally? Some give and take emotionally is great, but we don’t want to have to carry you when we are trying to climb our own mountains. Or, at least not for long periods of time.

  564. Brad says:

    LOL! You make it sound like being the “Toy” is such a bad position to be in. I’m a Gemini who dated a Scorpio that was the epitome of everything that was the opposite to which you state about Scorpios. I couldn’t have been more compassionate, benevolent, considerate, passionate, thoughtful, and ever so attuned to her ever-evolving nuances than she ever was towards me. True, I may have not been the “One” in her eyes potentially but I played ever game back at her, if not better, always 50 steps ahead of her each and every single time she engaged in her prowess. I had to sit back and act prototypically as the “airhead” that is wrongly ascribed to Gemini people as I watched predictably as she unfolded her supposed “plan” to observe the depths to which I would go to demonstrate my undying and utter unconditional devotion to her – albeit with tact to satiate her thirst for substance. Which arguably I fine superficial. Not that I put her on some kind of pedestal (ha!) by kissing her ass, that would have never granted her respect but I carefully crafted my own plan to teach her lessons about the virtues, principles, mysteries of the meaning and cyclical patterns of life and love. The only thing she demonstrated to me was her complete disrespect, disloyalty and her blatant vanity including her lust for materialism by taking advantage of my good-hearted nature. Albeit I see her point in the sense that she grasped my weaknesses and was in a sense only trying to (perhaps unconsciously?) heal me by forcing me to utilize my skills to advance my own personal strengths. It was only through conflict was she able to see “The Light” however, which I must admit in some respects has transformed me as it yielded my inner strengths but to only to shine light on her lack of inner beauty (which is the most divine aspect of a person’s individuality). Ultimately in the end, I allowed myself for her (unbeknownst to her knowledge) to practically push me into the fire in order for me to save her life through the power of unconditional love as a form of salvation for her good because I just couldn’t stand back and see her do what she was doing by taking advantage of me and her supposed “other toys”. Granted, I do owe her as I’ve literally felt God through me as a result but at the risk of losing her and having to be the martyr sheep in this sacrifice we all call “LOVE”, I wonder, is it really worth it? In any case, it turns out that it was I who had more depth and to take that bullet for her in order to shed light on herself in order for her to face her own integrity in kick start the path and journey on self-enlightenment and evolvement on a soul level. I have healed as a result of the wisdom gained from such exploration which I can appreciate from the nature of the Scorpio but I believe overall there is too much praise and hype given to the Scorpio esteem or “title”. It doesn’t matter if you are a Taurus, Gemini, or Aries … we all have the potential to delve into the mysteries and true meaning of love in each and every one of our own unique and fullest capabilities. Not just solely the Scorpio. However, I believe the Scorpio is simply just better or more clairvoyant at seeing YOU better and getting to the heart of the matter much more quickly. But to say it is only the Scorpio that can selflessly or slavishly devote themselves so woven with another blindly is debatable. I don’t believe anyone could have loved my beloved Scorpio so intricately with such precision, unconditionally as I could. And I was just simply a “Toy” to her despite in the end she became the “Toy” in hindsight, for her own G⚭d. Thats “real” love. I don’t say this with bitter resentment though mind you, it was quite a captivating and magical experience. 🙂
    All this is from a supposed “robotic” Gemini … lol, I couldn’t have dated a more Zombie-like person. In any case, she’s keeps calling, but the lesson I learned is that you need to truly Love yourself though before you can Love another which involves that spiritual journey on … well first and foremost, respect for YOU. So none of those games for me, no offense but thats not real love. It’s just an illusion in a world in the world you would like to live and explore more meaning in. I want the World, not the Fairytale. How is that for some depth Scorpio when we want it ALL? Or is your world too hard to liberate onto another? Does it ever? Ever more.

  565. Tess Malone says:

    I never said being a toy was a bad thing.

    The point was, that for a scorp, there’s the one we want, and then there’s everybody else. With everybody else, we’ll clarify up front how much we’re offering and willing to give and what we want in return. With the one we want, we’re still playing the game so the terms are being identified and will be forthcoming.

    I think we have a long standing honor, appreciation and affection for the toys we’ve known. Without them, we’d just be waiting by a phone somewhere getting fat on bon bons. ;-p

  566. Snakeybabe says:

    Chocolate chip muffins are deadly.

  567. Brad says:

    Thanks for clarifying, I get what your trying to say. You’re right. But I mean, she wanted to get married and we were engaged as I later found out she was living a double life with another man, lol. The way I brought that out to light was pretty ingenious, haha. It was like from some kind of movie. So in my case, I feel her intentions were laid out to me from the get-go despite the games (e.g., let’s get married this month .. nvm let’s get married this month … oh I think we should get married here instead of what you think now after I initially agreed … we need to go to an outing outside the city to rekindle the intimacy and spark as many times possible so we can make the moment feel truly lasting counting down to when we say our “I do’s” … hired prostitutes to test me … cheating … blah blah. This was after she broke up with me, hooked up with someone else, then tried things with me again and I really wanted to work and it was HER idea to married because she proposed to me). LMFAO!

    lol, fat on bons bons … well don’t get me wrong even if your just that, “The Toy” I believe Scorpios have this beautiful gift to innately evoke our hidden humanistic abilities and instigate self-growth. They are healers – guide us to be stronger people in their perhaps eccentric and progressively wild ways of doing things, haha. I definitely recommend it to anyone, whether your the one who is everybody else or the “One”. I don’t know if its because I’m just a stronger person because I personally look at it in hindsight now as a positive experience but its not for the faint of heart of course. And I still hold her dearly in my heart, but it wasn’t mutual clearly. But thats okay, I’m still a strong believer of soul mates and I believe a Scorpio, when they do enter your life, whether they are the “One” or not, came there for a higher purpose to teach you a lesson and prepare you for the real thing – the next phase and step in your life. Sometimes you prepare for the worst because it remnants of the what the true thing is going to be and you need to step up in order to be ready for it. So I’ll just await for that day. 🙂
    I just don’t know what kind of person it would take to complement a Scorpio since they function that way 24/7 beneath the surface. Its a bit much. It must get exhausting, lol. Another Scorpio perhaps?

  568. Chris says:

    I’m a libra and I want a Scorpio girlfriend.

  569. hedgehog says:

    TessMalone wrote:

    Awesome. Absolutely ****ing awesome post. If you want to know how Scorps work when hurt, just read that post. I recognise myself (Scorp Asc male). My ex thinks I might hate her and won’t meet up (for this among other reasons). Hate her? No way. Angry all right, lividly angry and hurt – but anger can change and be changed, hatred is final. If I let myself hate, I would do my best to destroy her, as TessMalone describes so vividly – and do it efficiently. And end up destroying myself at the same time.

    All this is, of course, invisible. It’s happening down the bottom of the well.

  570. element_truth says:

    Hello, I have a question for the Scorpio women. I have been in love with a scorpio woman for going on 5 years now. It was instant, love at first sight, I was not a firm believer in it at the time, but when I saw her, I knew she was the one i wanted to be with for the rest of my life. I let her take the initiative. She got my number. From there on I pursued her, but kept my options open. We saw each other everyday, for four years, as we went to high school together, then summer came and we fell madly in love. However, neither of us told the other. We never went on any dates, but invited each other to parties etc. I always made sure to give her her space. I showed her how much I respected her, told her my dreams, she told me hers, it was all very romantic. 🙂 I wooed her, and so I believe she decided on me. Furthermore, she ended up wanting to marry me! But the thing is she never told me she loved me or told me she wanted to be with me in person. I had to go to far lengths, go to her house, and find out from her father. I was so happy when i heard that she wanted to marry me, cared for me alot from her dad, but this is where the problem starts…I messed up and hesitated. I was not sure if I wanted to marry her, even though i was head over heels for her ..why? BECAUSE I had to find out this way. She would NOT COMMUNICATE with me. And going into a deep relationship with someone, especially marriage, communication is a big deal, am I right? I knew she loved, and cared for me as she told me previously in a text, “I love you too” but i was not sure she was IN LOVE. I needed to hear it from her. Do you girls think that’s asking for too much for someone who you want to marry? What’s the reason for not communicating when you clearly want someone? And how long do the games last? Because I was very very patient with her for years, I always took my time, treated her tenderly, making it clear how genuine I felt for her, never dated anyone else, but she could not verbally do the same, which hurt/made me question her sincerity. And all the while we were in this big fight, she was having sex with guys, I wasn’t, she thought I was, and I didn’t get to see her for months at a time. When I made the effort and went to her house she squeezed me tight and said Ive missed you, her eyes penetrating mine, big smile on her face. But she would ignore my phone calls/text, but call me from unknown numbers, spy on my page, do sneaky stuff. However, all the while I kept contact with her, I would tell her straightforward how i felt and what I expected. I wrote poetry for her expressing my deep, genuine love for her and all that she is. Her dad told me it made her cry. But, to some degree I think I treated her badly, by not being completely there for her, not immediately committing to her when she wanted it. Now shes gone. Havent heard from her in months. Maybe dating guys. Do you think there’s still hope? Can I win her back?

  571. Tess Malone says:

    @Brad – yes, we rule ;-p And tend to be a little cocky but hey…we rule, so it evens out! ;-p As for your girl there, though, she tested you but do you really understand why you were being tested? Now, granted, all women test you, the sign is irrelevant…and not all women are emotionally/psychologically mature or even necessarily stable. More women than is comfortable are seriously unaware of their own motivations. Women of any sign are capable of self awareness.

    There just is a reality that those who are Scorps have a very specific sort of psychology that compels us toward self exploration, self examination, self dissection – we literally need to know what makes us tick, because in learning that, we develop a mind blowing ability to see in a moment what makes everyone else tick. We use it for the greater good, but then we are always aware that in discovering everything that makes you tick, we’ve inevitably discovered all your fears, weaknesses, and what can destroy you. We tend to pretend we don’t have that knowledge for your own well being…because we recognize that if that dread moment comes that you betray or belittle our loyalties you become unworthy of our considerations. That’s when things can get ugly because now we have a literally deadly arsenal customized to fit you precisely at our disposal.

    @Brad still – she led a double life – this is really more common for us than other people because we have our own agenda, play by our own rules, and do what we need to do to satisfy that agenda and don’t feel inclined to ask permission from people we’ve perceived don’t “get it” or probably wouldn’t. Or ask permission from anyone on principle ;-p Even her tests were probably genuine in seeing what you’re made of, what your agenda actually is, why you were there, why you wanted to be there, if you were showing interest for the right reasons, and maybe even whether or not you were capable of getting on the level she was used to operating on or if she’d have to “dumb down” (so to speak, don’t get cranky!) so you’d be able to relate to her. That’s not saying you’re dumb, it’s saying that the general rule is Scorps are relatively intelligent and need to be around people they can relate to, who can swim in the deeper waters and most people, as a rule, are shallow, superficial, one dimensional and focused on nonsense like American Idol and Cosmo magazine…and well, we can’t really stay there long without losing IQ points ;p

    But see? Double life…just like I told ya ;-p We don’t tend to turn to celibacy if we aren’t forced to. If there’s still fresh meat to be had, we’re far more likely to keep dining than to do without, even when we’re head over for someone and feeling them out. And then, even after we “get” them.

  572. Tess Malone says:


    Are you sure you want her back for the right reasons, or is it because you feel a need to neutralize the sense of rejection/loss? Find out before moving ahead.

    She’s clearly aware of you and how you feel. Based on what you wrote, it seems that she may care a great deal for you, love you, but she’s not willing to wait around on you. She may feel a genuine love, or her father has also misinterpreted her actual feelings and makes the romantic mistake of imposing sap. In either case, she doesn’t appear to want to be won back. She is not helpless, especially if she’s a Scorp – she’s far more probably than any other sign to know exactly what she wants and has long since been engaged in going after it.

    The best move is to communicate with her…but you see clearly that this is where your entire relationship broke down, is when it comes to simply putting cards on the table and being straight with each other.

    Sadly, there’s one of those facebook status things that is worth sharing – all relationships are worth fighting for…but not if you’re the only one fighting.

    If she’s not making a visible, conscious effort to establish anything with you that’s on the table when you’ve had a comfort zone to be able to share those things, then she’s almost certainly moved on elsewhere and while she may always be your friend and love you dearly, you’re not “it” for her and she’s not going to stick around wasting anyone’s time. She’s also doing you a tremendous favor by not tying you up in something and taking you off the market, so to speak, when she knows it’s not for the count for her.

    The game changer is that you’re both barely out of high school so the tie won’t last regardless, and it’s a given she’s far less emotionally mature than an adult would be with more experience. She could be hung up on you and pining in her own private way, but your most productive approach is to look at the situation “as is” and base your decisions on what is, not what you wish it was. What it is, is that 1. neither of you seem willing to communicate or put cards on the table, so the tie is doomed regardless over this and this alone, and what signs anyone is is irrelevant. If you can’t speak openly and comfortably about confusing things there is no reality to base anything stronger on. The tie will implode every time there’s a conflict when one or both of you clam up and run off and never deal with it…and 2. she’s not waiting around on you in any case, she’s doing her thing with other people, so this should clue you in she’s unwilling to be sexually exclusive with you whether she “waits” emotionally or not…so you have that to consider….and 3…chances are a lot higher, though you may not be able to recognize it for what it is just now, that you want her back for the wrong reasons, you want to neutralize the threat of loss or rejection or malfunction and if you succeed you think things will be peachy or should be. Only you know for sure…but you still have 1 and 2 that have signed the death warrant for this relationship and unless those change, winning anyone back is a moot point in the long term.

  573. element_truth says:

    I don’t feel the need to neutralize anything. I miss her with all my heart, I love her dearly, and have recently communicated that i want to talk/see her, but she’s out of the country and I’m waiting on a reply. I hear she may have just gotten into a relationship, which baffles me because when I asked her to be my girlfriend she did not want to, she wanted marriage, but I was not ready at the time. Now I am, I have been wanting to propose to her for months and just got the courage/financial situation up to do so, but now I don’t know what’s happening on her side. I definitely feel I can give her my all, with complete unconditional love and sincere loyalty. However, does time play a big factor on a scorpio’s feelings of love for another? I know if we see each other again, the flame will rekindle. It’s been almost a year since i’ve last spoken to her, but I still feel there’s hope. I don’t care about who she is having sex with, or dating because I know she let me know she cares and relates she wants/wanted to marry me. She waited patiently for me for 5 years and we weren’t even going out! Why would one more make a difference if it’s true love? Granted, I don’t know how she still feels now, but I want to put myself out there and propose. I want to know if she still feels the same or has moved on, proposing will show me what I need to know.

  574. element_truth says:

    Also I feel she jumped into the relationship she may be in now, don’t know for sure if she is in one yet, but i feel she’s doing it to get back at me, like sleeping with guys, her dad told me so! So, idk…how do I just completely surrender to her?

  575. element_truth says:

    Also I feel she jumped into the relationship she may be in now because she thinks I am in one, we have a mutual friend and I recently told her that I may start a relationship soon, but all the while, I dropped hints that i was still in love with scorp girl( that might have been a dumb ass thing to say, but I was hurt). Then her friend says your obviously not over her, there’s no hope, don’t tell her anything because she WONT relay it to scorp girl, saying she didnt want to be in the middle and i respect that. She then told me “oh she has a guy shes talking to(it all seemed really vengeful, like she was getting revenge for her), maybe a boyfriend i think” so I don’t know for sure if she is in something yet, but i feel she’s doing it to get back at me if she does have one… like sleeping with guys, she JUST thought i was sleeping around so she STARTED to! She mimicks behavior a lot, so i dont know if she has REALLY moved on or is pretending to.. her dad told me so! So, idk…how do I just completely surrender to her? No more fighting, or games. Just let her know I’m ready for her and am the one for her, her dedicated soul mate. 🙂

  576. Tess Malone says:

    Then put your cards on the table and accept what she says she wants to do. If she’s seeing other people to get back at you, she’s entirely too immature to be getting involved with anyone, let alone considering marriage so you’ll have that basket of craziness to deal with.

    If you can be straight with her, do it. If she won’t be straight with you – listen carefully –

    there’s your answer.

    You don’t need to know anything else. She’ll either put it on the table up front and talk to you, or she will dodge and skip it or clam up. If she does that, you should move on.

  577. element_truth says:

    Thanks for your honesty…I needed a new perspective. 🙂

  578. element_truth says:

    I have a question, would scorp girls ditch one relationship they’re in, to be in another?

  579. Tess Malone says:

    That’s not really a scorp trait as much as it’s a matter of “depends on the girl and her situation”…if she’s with someone and is aware it’s not really doing it for her, she’s as likely as any other woman to ditch that tie in favor of one that does work or works better. If she’s got a lot invested and it’d be complicated to end, and it’s otherwise not a threat to her well being, she probably isn’t likely to toss it away on a whim or move to something less.

    This is a girl trait, not a sign trait but as a rule, women are never inclined to downgrade.

  580. Caj says:

    I am a 55 years Pisces trying to win back a 50 years old Scorpio . Can I get advice here ?

  581. Tess Malone says:

    Depends on what you did that made her leave…

  582. Caj says:

    English is not my first language, i have to make an intercontinental flight in 2 days and put the longest story on paper so I will be back in a number of days.

  583. ScorpioLady says:

    Hi I’m a Scorpio and in love with Aquarius guy. When I met him I was acctracted to someone else (i’m married, his also and Aquarius lol;) but when he started talking to me and acted like he wanted a relationship I got attached and started falling for him. He realized that and told me he wanted be just friends. So I changed my story and told him I want no relationship and just FWB but he surprised me because he does not want to be my f..k buddy just friends because is never just about sex and feelings get involved. He is right but why does he care about my filings if he is not the one who has them? I am not desperate because I have other options, just I don’t want to take them because I like this guy. I dont understand, if a girl offers you to be FWB why wouldn’t you take it, even if feeleings are involved Scorpio woman are good at hiding them deep so I do not see that problem. What is it? Someone else? than why donot you tell me this? I asked him and he said he does not want to be with anyone and he does not have anybody? I do not get it? I know I am married but I am going through the divorce so that is out.I should not have told him how I feel but that does not change the fact that he does not want to spend some time with me. It is complicated I cannot explain it better I am a Scorpio so please figure it out. Another thing it is not just about sex on my part I already tested that if you know what I mean. Anyone any thoughts on that? Thank you ( sorry about spelling and grammar eng is my second lang)

  584. ScorpioLady says:

    @ element_truth Yes she would but not in the cruel way, like cheatting, and even if that would happened she would be completely honest with the guy.Either way she would end the relationship with the man first to be with another. To some people this sound like she is and evil but u have to understand Scorpio value the truth. Truth sometimes could be painful but it only hurts for the moment, a lie will hurt you forever. Scorpio women are just honest. We do not lie to people that we love. Hope that explains.

  585. Tess Malone says:

    Lady Scorps!

    I have a question…is it just me, or does this happen regularly for you as well? This has plagued me practically my entire life…with 100% of the guys I am into, and about 90% of the ones I’m not into but get on okay with otherwise. Here’s how it goes.

    There’s this guy. Joe Blow. The way it starts, I see him, he sees me, we acknowledge one another casually. He won’t do anything to initiate anything, but he will “stand over there” and just watch. I can catch him dozens of times and he’s scoping me out. I assume he’s just scoping me out and if he wanted to know me, he’d come up and say something. Never does, or at least it’s rare.

    Eventually, I chalk him up to a waste of time, even if I genuinely wanted to know him. I could go initiate it but I won’t because he’s already shown me he’s apparently not willing to approach me. I move on, play elsewhere, all’s fine.

    Months, years pass and I run into that guy again. Any of them, it happens with them all. By now, I no longer give a shit and likely don’t recall whatever it was originally that got my attention, unless he’s just hot all over. Same thing, only because I don’t much care, I’ll say hi, initiate it, and just to satisfy my curiosity why they watched me constantly but never would say anything, without fail, inevitably I get this confession.

    You’re not like any other female I’ve ever met (girl/woman I know)…you’re beautiful/pretty/sexy and I did want you, I wanted you so much it killed me, couldn’t keep my eyes off you…BUT….

    I was just intimidated by you.

    Never fails. I can appreciate the initial stuff because it’s true I’m not like other girls…and I know he couldn’t stop scoping…and I try to keep my appeal up…but I know I am not doing anything one way or another that I’d consider intimidating to anyone, male or female. Usually it’s minding my business, or working, or dancing, or hanging with people I know in casual social settings. I am mostly quiet because I’m usually paying attention to the dynamics flowing and what people are doing, but when I participate, I do it with humor, wit, even horsing around. I have no huge issue with sex and I can discuss anything sexual without giggling at it like I’m 12. I do not see anything in that in and of itself that to me qualifies as intimidating.

    I wonder many times what they see that I obviously don’t…or have I been fooled by the typical guy line excuse that comes in handy when they wanted to but couldn’t because they probably were already hooked up elsewhere…and then we run into each other, they’re freed up and want some so toss that shit out there like it matters. By then it doesn’t and they still don’t get any because I’ve blown it off ages ago.

    A line such as if they don’t get any they might die in 6 weeks – that sort of guy rap.

    Do you get that yourself? If so, and you have insight into what the hell is so intimidating about being a dork, please enlighten me!

  586. Tess Malone says:


    This guy, he broke it off completely with you? What has been his bottom line explanation? Does he still contact you or initiate anything with you?

    I can’t speak for your guys just mine so that’s why I’m hesitant to suggest it as an option, just what I’ve noticed in Aq. males I’ve deal with, to them sex is so ephemeral they like talking about it more than actually doing it, so they could probably be one of the few signs who could be celibate for 40 years and not sweat it. If they’re that way, then no FWB for them makes sense.

    Taking the zodiac out of it, there’s a couple of scenarios. Just objective, non attached possibilities, and not to presume anything about you or them…

    1. this guy fancies himself a decent, upstanding kind of person and finds sexuality something that’s attributed to morality, and perhaps he views it as degrading to you or him. I can’t explain it more than that because I personally feel that is fraudulent and he’s FOS if he says it. So it’s an option to a point – he’s still a male so it’s not a deep abiding thing.

    2. Touchy and delicate as it may be, he’s not into the sex itself with you, he likes it one way, you like it some other way, he can’t find a synch there, it doesn’t work for him, so he’s capable of removing sex from the equation entirely and if so, there’s nothing he’s going to be able to commit deeper to if he’s not hip to the sexual relationship, he’s unwilling to go for FWB, so the friendship itself remains….and that is IF he’s capable of actually being friends and it’s not lip service.

    3. He decided somewhere to pull it all back, reel it all in, to inspire you to move faster freeing up and/or showing more that he’s the one – and the only one – you want. Like some loyalty test. How long would/could/will you go before you visit someone else and he decides it’s too soon, so whatever you feel for him can’t be that solid. I’ve never known any guy to actually do this sort of thing – this is more girlspeed, and most guys won’t turn down sex if they can help it because it’s too hard for them to get otherwise.

    That’s the real issue – he’s turning down sex…and they do that when

    1. they don’t enjoy it or it’s not synching for them
    2. they’re more emotionally vested in someone else and aren’t willing to betray that
    3. they caught something and can’t admit it

  587. Tess Malone says:


    Ahh, ok, I see where you added he said he didn’t want to or have to be with anybody and he’s not into sex so all he’s offering is friends…but then he doesn’t actually bother to spend time with you.

    Right now, you’re wanting to know why, and unfortunately I can’t answer for him, I don’t know either. The bottom line though is he appears to have put this down with you beyond simple acquaintances and there isn’t anything that you can really do about that, even though that’s not what you want to hear. He left no door open, he offered no option – no real one. He doesn’t want to be with you in any deeper relationships, he doesn’t appear to want sex with you in a deeper tie or even a friendly one, and though he offered friends, he’s not actually following through on it.

    This one appears to be a done deal. Your best move would be to accept this one is a dead end and move on elsewhere. Like him, sure…but to hang in there looking for anything to develop is probably going to be a waste of your time. He’s not on that page with you now and doesn’t look like he will be anytime soon.

    I’m sorry! 😦

  588. Caj says:

    I would like to introduce myself, I am 55 and a Pisces I was born in country A (single son), educated in B and living in country C today, I am an engineer and an artist . I am divorced have 3 children and support my parents financially. Financially I would say that I am part of the middle class in my country, I am VERY LOYAL AND NEVER CHEATED on any of my LONG TIME partners.
    I met my Scorpio about 10 years ago which I am crazy about and deeply in love with, I will call her now JB . JB is 50 divorced has 3 children , 2 boys living out of her house and a 17 years old girl (Leo) which lives with her, she is an artist and has a master in art. JB has a sister living about 1000km from her and a brother living in different country faraway , she has to take care of her parents which are in their 80 . JB has her on house I don’t, but financial situation is very stressful. Here our problems started , after about 6 months since we met we decided that I will move to live in her house .I said that I will contribute an amount that JB was happy with , one day in a restaurant she started expressing worries “ what if I will not pay ?!!!” I said “please don’t worry before I even move in”, the fact was that I paid my contribution and even MORE , JB always said that I am very generous , there was never a problem with my contributions.
    This financial issue and a few others which I will mention keeps coming up again and again, regarding this issues it looks to me that we have a communication problem and cant bridge the gaps or convince ourselves that the other understands our feelings.
    We had about 3 breakdowns in our relation and this is the 4th one , usually in the past I am the one pursuing JB , she did it once.
    JB is INTELLIGENT, GORGEOUS, GOOD MOTHER, GOOD DAUGHTER and FUN, when she is GOOD she is VERY GOOD but when she is bad she forgets ALL and shreds me to very little pieces.
    In the past JB said “ I cant imagine myself living without you”,” U are my SOUL MATE “,” U are so good to me”, “ U are the best lover”.
    In January 2009 we had a long argument and JB broke the relationship (she is the one which breaks the relationship always ,I never did it). The breakdown happened again because of the unresolved issues. During the breakdown periods JB CUTS ALL COMMUNICATION ! I send emails ,text messages , phoned … NOTHING ! NO answers ! JB GOT all of them I know. After a few months I met a new girl and had a relationship, I told the girl a few times that I am not finished with JB , I repeated the fact number of times ( lets call the girl AD),to AD the fact was clear and in some stage she admitted to me that I WAS FAIR AND TOLD HER THE TRUTH. During this relation with AD I tried to break it but she initiated again , the relation had sex involved. During the relation with AD which lasted about 8 weeks months my efforts to communicate with JB carried on. JB later told me that during the period she met a guy and it was not for her, at same time she said that she didn’t stop thinking of me and shared her thoughts with a girlfriend numerous times. One day I said to myself “I cant take the situation anymore , I left work in the middle of the day with intention to find JB and confronting her. I found her , and suggested we get together again , JB agreed!! 5 min later I ended relation with AD. Lets call this place point A and come to it again at some stage.

    Lets deal now with my support to JB , JB told me that her father told her at some stage that “ she is not a University material “ !!!!!.When I met JB she had a degree in Art and sometime down the line she thought of studding for a Master, I supported ,pushed, helped did all in my ability for her to succeed, I spend hour ,days and long nights to help in putting together her Master paper, I subsidized her Art exhibition which was part of the Master. After that I pushed her to write papers which will/and were published internationally ,after that I started encouraging her to go for her PhD in Art.

    Look people it is hard, long , complicated and a 10 years relation, I landed after 10 hours of flight 12 hours ago ! but I want to share this for now! I didn’t touch any major points yet . do I want any comments ? I don’t know but it is heavy on me , so I will carry on tomorrow , and repeat and mix-up and try to make sense , in a day or to hope to finish all this long story, but u may help asking for info … AND I DON’T CLAIM THAT I AM AN ANGEL WITH NO FAULTS ,I will deal with that as well. Right now I may need some comment to encourage me writing on and on and on hoping my story will finish soon ……..

  589. Lou says:

    Hey everyone,
    I’m a 23 scorpio female and have recently split up with my gemini boyfriend. We were only together for 6 months, and he chased me for 10 prior to that. At first I really didn’t want to get involved because I had an intuitive feeling it wouldn’t work but I went for it anyway. Suddenly I found myself head over heels in love with him, only to be constantly let down by him (he’d never stick to dates and times we’d arranged to see eachother), be told he was playing mind games with me, wind me up about other women, and eventually dump me over the phone because I had a go at him for cancelling a meal we had planned to go “drinking with the guys”. But at first it was so wonderful and I was really attracted to his fun loving attitude.
    What I’m struggling with now is that it’s left a huge hole in my life, and he’s made me very paranoid. We still see eachother and, even though I know I shouldn’t give him the satisfaction, we end up sleeping together. It’s like I’m addicted to him and at the same time it hurts so much but I can’t stop thinking about him. Maybe it’s the old scorpio obsession, but it bothers me every single day and I only feel happy when I’m with him.
    He knows all this and claims he still loves me, but won’t try another go at our relationship because he says I’m too jealous and possessive, but I only got like that with him because he made an issue out of it by winding me up.
    It’s driving me crazy, I’m so angry at him and I can cope more with that. I just wish I didn’t love him or care and could come out of this with some dignity intact.
    Seriously, how on earth do I cure this? Apart from taking the vengeful, hating, spiteful route?
    I’ll never ever date another Gemini man, I’m too fixed and they’re way too thoughtless.

  590. Lou, it sounds like you’re just going to have to bite your lip and stay away from this guy. It might hurt and be maddening but try to stay away. Geminis are crazy (from the perspective of a Scorp) and he’s going to be better off with another flighty maddening Air sign.

    I dated an Aquarius once and had a similar experience, and finally I just had to shake myself and say “it’s been x long and he’s still like y and this is a waste of my time.” If it helps, set yourself a time limit for dealing with him. After that, cut him off entirely.

  591. Brad says:

    I’m a Gemini and I resent that a little bit. I don’t think we are thoughtless when I feel it would be nice if the Scorpio women were a tad less possessive and jealous. We would give you our all if you gave us a sense of freedom and peace which doesn’t help when the Scorpio gives this sense that their entire being and love stems solely from their partner. True love comes from within as well as it does from your counterpart. Twin flames are two halves, and its only whole when the is part is whole too that comes from time, getting to know yourself, and being truly happy when your honing your own alone. When you stop looking, you will find it. YOU.

  592. Caj says:

    All is so quiet ? is this place not for me ?

  593. Sorry, Brad, that may have been overly harsh. I just don’t think Air and Water signs are very compatible. You’re right that one has to be “whole” before one can be a part of a greater whole, but I don’t think that possessiveness and jealously necessarily stem from not being “whole.”

    Part of the Air sign m.o. seems to be a dedication to things larger than the couple. While Scorps are likely to devote themselves to one other person, Aquarians and Gemini are more likely to devote themselves to large projects and ideals and groups. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s what makes the world go ’round (and forward) it’s just likely to set off a Scorpio’s jealousy because we want someone who is as devoted to us as they are to everything else.

    Two of my best female friends are Geminis, and I think it works better as a friend relationship. There will be months at a time that I don’t talk to them, but I feel secure in our friendships. If that happened with a guy, I wouldn’t feel that the relationship was worth my time, because I need different things out of a relationship. I don’t think this is the same as being “not whole,” it’s just that I know that I need someone who’s going to be there for me when I need them. (Which is why I think Water-Earth is a better setup– those Earth guys are always there.)

  594. Lou says:

    Yeah I agree I do need to just bite the bullet. I’m more annoyed at myself for letting him take the piss with me. Everything seems to be on his terms.
    And I agree to an extent Brad, I don’t mean all Geminis are thoughtless, but he’s told me himself he doesn’t think. And like I said, I only became jealous and more possessive because of his actions. And I do agree that you can only be secure when you learn to love yourself but people like that just make you doubt yourself constantly and I didn’t deserve the way he treated me. He was a bloody schizo and never realised how much he affected me. But I’m still never going to date one again. Just not compatible. But then again I dated a Cancerian for 2 and a half years and that didn’t work either and theyre meant to be one of our best matches!

  595. Brad says:

    Well have you tried talking to your Gemini, letting him know rationally where your jealousy and possessiveness stems from. Have you also explored within whether these emotions that transpire as a result of what you “perceive” is a threat on his part are reasonable. From my experience, it was hard to read my Scorpio’s moods because their true problems weren’t always brought to surface even through personal attempts. I’m not sure if its a vulnerability thing but if you can express them rationally its literally stimulating and like air to us. It would make us feel more deeply connected to you and that much more likely to want to commit. Communication is key in a relationship, you shouldn’t fear communicating with your partner because conflict will scare them away. If they do, they are not in the league of your superior intelligence or callibre. To me, often Scorpios have this uncanny ability to make the other partner feel insecure because the demands they make for their partner from a Gemini’s point of view is unreasonable and thus you guys reduce yourselves to emotional blackmail or manipulation to get your way. Being a Gemini, we are flexible and can see your point of view and say we agree even though internally we might disagree. I understand that you want to feel like the only woman in his eyes just as much as you are devoted to him but what may seem “thoughtless” (from what I noticed in a Scorpio-Gemini relationship) is that we don’t think at that level that Scorpio think. What we do isn’t often as intent to harm our partners and it gets over analyzed and so when the Scorpio brings it to light, we succumb to agree to it from your perspective it can be thoughtless because we haven’t fulfilled some kind of “demand” or “reassurance” of devotion for you. I feel its a thinking that I wouldn’t go into because I guess for me love is easy-going and goes with the flow. If I’m with someone there isn’t much question to it. Any restriction of that and we become fickle or “schizo” as you described it because it forces us to doubt if you are the right partner then. It feels like a restriction of freedom or self-exploration since the Scorpio wants to “pick” deeply at the Gemini when its impossible due to our ever-evolving nature not necessarily an extension or a result of our partners pushing us to be better lovers for them. What we want most is a meeting of minds because its connected to kindred souls in our opinion. So if there is a lack of communication, on top of the jealousy, possessiveness, and when the demands aren’t fulfilled and made to make us feel insecure and are attempted by the Scorpio through emotionally manipulative ways … that is where the fickleness comes from. We run! Or become indecisive. To us we don’t feel there should be a battle of sorts between our partners, its a waste of energy and time. It’s meaningless (although I know why it must happen because there has to be a challenge of being between two people so I have lessen my idealistic notions of love in that sense but otherwise most Gemini’s believe this). What transpires is our negative side, including playing games. The solution is very simple and you won’t see our dark side unless that is secretly what you hope for. Hope that shed some light on Gemini’s for you. Honestly, lay it all out to him and tame the intensity. If you feel stifled from being who you are because you have to do that, then that Gemini isn’t for you. Find someone who appreciates your array of emotions and colorful inner nature. In general, I believe women should strive to be more self-sufficient. It’s more attractive. If its a meeting of souls your looking for, shedding of skin, enlightening yourselves … well … do that, find yourself first and know who you are instead of complaining as its a lesson for your own transcendence towards your true mate in life. If you have to question your Twin Flame, they are probably not it. A soul mate perhaps, yes, but not your Twin Flame. So have fun, enjoy yourselves, and bask in the glow of acquired wisdom in the journey for unconditional love.

    I have a question for you guys. When your with a Scorpio … when they say you will feel transformed by them, in more detail if you can elaborate, in what sense? Do you gain attributes of that of a Scorpio? Or do you discover who you are?

  596. Dusty says:

    I hate Scorpio woman!!! They are arrogant and have no feelings to show, coz they can love you now and in the same breath leave you and forget you! I really dont advise anyone to date a scorpio woman with a child. When u get attached to both and she misreads u and leave you, your heart will be in shreds and no way of fixing it. Scorpio is hearless and only cares about themselves if you see the big picture. Im sorry to put it like this, but i put it to the test. If ur a weak sighn that allows scorpoi to walk all over u then theyll really care…so Picese here is your match. For a Sag male, let it pass although she fasinates you…your gonna get hurt no matter what lie you tell yourself.

  597. Lou says:

    Sorry but can anyone spell or not talk in text talk anymore? It’s highly annoying.

  598. Snakeybabe says:

    Yes Lou !
    There are some of us left in the world,
    who can spell and not talk in text.

  599. Dusty says:

    Typical…look for the spelling and text like real computer junkies and miss the point. I speak from the heart. Is this spelling better for u…i mean you? Peace out!

  600. Tess Malone says:

    Ditto on the Scorp Gem ties.

    I’m currently married to one. Let me just say that in the last 2 years things have finally calmed down and a civil arrangement has been agreed upon and so far works…but the only reason he is not a literal Scorp’s homicide victim is he’s the father of my son. Who is 12. Suffice it to say that from gestation to 10, the only possible place safe enough for ‘baby daddy’ was in the middle of war torn Iraq…I was after blood.

    Gem’s are fine as friends…to take it deeper would surely inspire bloodlust in us ;-p

  601. D says:

    I am saggitarius. I really love a girl who is a scorpion… I am realy not kind of flirting type, how everyone thinks of us. I am quite silent and introvert… And yes I do believe in comittment. It’s non-sense that, saggis can’t be loyal… As far I remember I haev never betrayed anyone. And I seriously don’t have any enemies. But I am honest and blunt to a different degree. I still try very hard to choose to words carefully. But I am not reallly tactful with words.I guess another problem with us, what I hear others say, is that we really crave for freedom. And travelling is something that charges us up. And yes I have both mars and pluto in scorpio. So do I have a chance???
    I really think she is only mine….. But I fear that if I get really close and then due to some communication gap, something really bad happens, since scorpions never really open up themselves. I can accept that they are made that way. But they can try to sort of thier doubts through communication, or else I believe I would left shattered. Because she is truely special. I didn’t even say anything if I love her or not. Because I don’t really know what she thinks of me. Please guide me, if you have any previous experiences. Only scorpio can read scorpio. That’s why I am asking for help to you guys..

    Thanks in advance

  602. Sman says:

    @ D
    I am also a Sagittarius and I am also starting to date a Scorpio. Before anything I will like to let everyone know that I am no expert, but I learn very well from my own experiences. First, in D’s case, lets address the Sagittarius tendencies. It is true we are claimed with being the most flirtatious sign and the most cheaters of all, and in a way this is true. However, I will add, that this are the tendencies that we have. There are many factors that lead to who we are not just a birthday. For instance, with me, As soon as I give a relationship for terminated (loose interest in my partner) I will start talking to other potential partners right away. I have cheated before, but I have broken up with them or being broken up with almost immediately after, well simply because of the same reason that led me to cheat, I lost interest. I do not see me, or many Sagittarius living with an affair because we love our freedom so much that we will rather be alone than with two girls at the same time. At least that is how I am.

    Seducing the Scorpio. As the article reads, ” You do not seduce a Scorpio, she seduces you.” But, what does this mean, do I just sit around, and let her do everything, well that will send her the other way. Imagine she is, well she is a Scorpio and you are a pray. You have to move enough or seem alive enough so that the Scorpio sees you as a pray and then she will go in the hunt. Just show her interest and well, she will do the rest. In my case, I have always enjoyed making the girl do the first move. Anyone can kiss a girl on a first date, it if is going well, but, in my case, I become so irresistible that she has to kiss me, trust me, I am in no way a good looking guy. I have a beer belly and I am overweight, but I am secure on myself and on who I am. I dress up nice and with fashion and I have drive. THIS is very important. You have to show her you are a man or you will loose her, in fact you will loose any girl, and I quote from a movie where the girl tells the guy ” I need a man whose hand will not shake while taking my bra off” well I tell you, be the man who rips the bra off. So how did my date with the Scorpio go, well it went great. We had fun, we went to dinner then we changed plans and went to somewhere she was not expecting. I will caress her hand for a few seconds and the retract. I like to show affection and then back off. Think of marketing. Movie makers give you previous almost a year before the movie comes out and they only give you bits and pieces. Do the same. I did this then that, then something else later. I never got too clingy or do something for to long. Use this technique. Grab their hand on the dinner table, once she smiles, let it go, but do not grab a drink or anything as an excuse of letting her hand go, just bring the hand back closer to you and look into their eyes, smile and then take the look away. DO NOT STARE it is not the same as looking into the eyes. At the end of the night, I leaned in for a kiss but did not do it. Just sat there until she leaned in and kissed me, It may take a few seconds, I was there for almost a minute. And remember one good trick, when you are leaned in for a kiss and you want to say something nice DON’T, silence is your best friend here. When I walked her to her door, she kissed me many more times. Saturday she called me and had me met her and her friends at a local pug and Sunday we saw each other again. Now I am pulling back and letting her miss me so that she wants me again.

    Ok, I know this is long but I am trying to provide plenty of things that happened to me so others can think and see what happens to them. In the end, the blogs about Scorpio woman are somewhat right. Yes Scorpio woman will go and seek you out, in fact, my date was the one to initiate conversation after i gave her a smile. Now do not let the articles baffle you, after all, girls will always be girls and guys will always be guys. Scorpio woman will be more outgoing that other women but they still need to be seduced. In the Scorpio case, you seduce her by letting her know you want her to seduce you. Give them something to fight for and they will win your heart. In a way you are playing a game.

    If you are having difficulties reading the Scorpio woman, well, maybe you are having difficulties reading the girl you are after. Sagittarius like to talk and share their toughs, Scorpios may not like it as much, but if you give her the proper conditions, she will begin to open up. Give her time, show her you are in it for real and not just for a good laid, show her you care, but show her you are a man, a strong and confident man who knows what he wants. You do that, and things will get better.

    I hope that you, or anyone else who read this get a good insight. Again, I am not trying to sound like an expert at dating because I am not, but I am a pioneer and all I have learned has been from many experiences. I am sharing what happened to me recently. I met this beautiful Scorpio girl and we have plenty in common. What will happen next I do not know, but I got three dates with her in one weekend. Perhaps too much but we liked each-other so much from the get go that we did not see it as a problem. Last words of advice. Scorpio women will test you, well pretty much every woman will test you and see how you do. And remember the 5 steps to build a strong foundation for a relationship. (Dr John Gray “Mars and Venus on a date”)
    1. Attraction (You like each other, first few dates)
    2. Separation (After the first few dates, give each other space and time to miss each other, think if you really want to be with her/him)
    3. Exclusivity (Date only each other some call this relationship or boyfriend-girlfriend)
    4. Intimacy ( Not this is not sex, sex could have happened already or not at all. This is the time to share personal things about each other – staff that can make you cry or insights about who you are and why – This is where the ugly stuff comes out and where you have to be supportive or walk away, but if you are here chances are that you want to stay.)
    5. Commitment (Proposal, Promise or marriage as you can see, step 4 is a long one so when step 5 happens it means that you are in it)

    According to John Gray’s book, following this guide will give you a better relationship with your partner and make it stronger. Following the steps in random order may not yield the wanted results.

    To All, Thanks for reading and I hope I have helped anyone out there.


  603. ScorpioFemale says:

    Tess, I will have to agree with a lot of what you say. You questioning the “intimidation” part. Yes, my whole life many men have seemed interested with me, but no courage to approach. Some have admitted they were “intimidated.” In my opinion , if a man doesn’t have the courage to approach, regardless of rejection, than either he’s not really that interested or he’s a wimp, and I don’t want either. I have also had a couple of my best women friends now admit that when we first met they were “intimidated” by me, until they got to know me. I don’t know why or what it is that is intimidating, and they can’t explain it to me either.

    But, in defense of the scorpio’s faithfulness. I completely DISAGREE with your comments about having multiple partners. Loyalty and fidelity is one of our greatest traits. And it is true, we are loyal and faithful to the extreme. At least most of us are. We don’t share our bodies with “toys” either and certainly NOT if we are in a relationship with The One. You are right about The One in that, we pick them, and we pick them because of their soul. It is so very rare to find The One. No toy can or will replace The One for me.

  604. Sman says:

    @ ScorpioFemale

    I wonder if the intimidation had to do with the fact that you have drive and are a go-getter type of person. I have had experiences with multiple Scorpio woman and man and they all seem to be very outgoing in a way. Then again, we are try to group billions of people and give them 12 set of characteristics depending on their sign. I think that the horoscope could help figure out why we are who we are, but it goes beyond your sign. I am a Sagittarius and I have some traits that are the same as my sign and some are not.


  605. ScorpioFemale says:

    Sman- Yes, you are probably right about the go-getter type. But, what I don’t understand is why would anyone be intimidated by that? I don’t like complacency, but I guess not everyone feels the same.

    As to your question about seducing scorpio. I agree with the writer, in that scorpio has to initially choose the mate. But, once you KNOW scorpio wants you, seduce all you want. In fact, you better hurry up, else she thinks your not that into her or your a weakling, which isn’t a good thing for scorpio as we like our men to come on strong. If scorpio isn’t interested, like the writer said, it’s hopeless, nothing you can do will make her interested, she’s already seen who you are, you can’t fake it. Here’s an idea, if you don’t know if she wants you or not, just come on strong, she will be repulsed if she don’t like you and pull away. If she likes you, she’ll come back at you just as strong. You can’t turn a scorpio off with advances if they want you, anything goes.

  606. Sman says:

    @ScorpioFemale – Well, from my experiences, outgoing people are feared sometimes the same way people fear sales representatives. I wonder sometimes if our society has become so computerized that talking in person is something that is becoming feared. I don’t know it is just one of my crazy thoughts. I guess also, that women are supposed to be quiet and shy and many people get surprised and scared when they find a woman who will walk up and talk. As far as the other comments goes, I am so glad you have given that insight. As you my have read before I am dating a Scorpio woman and so far it has been great. I am usually the go and get her kind of guy, but I have been a little more reserved lately. But perhaps I need to go for the “kill” after all, I am a Sagittarius and I am the half-man-half-beast hunter of the zodiac, the archer. I guess I just have to grab an arrow of love and pierce her heart, after all, I though cupid how to use the bow lol, that was just cheesy.

    Thank you Scorpio Female, and if you have more insights please share.

  607. ScorpioFemale says:

    I would say that if she is initiating kisses with you, that is your clue. Wouldn’t you think? Not trying to be mean, but don’t believe everything you read about signs. Scorpio doesn’t want to dominate ALL the time, what fun is that? We want both. Push and pull. Just like Tess said, it’s no fun fighting if your the only one fighting. Good luck, sound like things are going great for you already!

  608. Sman says:

    @ScorpioFemale – Well I know that she likes me, I think the problem is that. I do not believe everything the signs tell me hehe, I was just rambling about it. I am showing her that I like her and well, she is still around. I usually show women I mean business from the beginning so that I do not end up in the friend-zone or to weed them out.

  609. Terry says:

    I am a Cancer man and I finally found a Scorpio woman. I`m not clingy and I am not afraid to make the first move. I ‘ve been flirting with her for months, she knows I like her. I have landed a date with her this Sunday. I want to make her my Valentine.
    Am I going too fast? I don’t think I’m the only one on her list.

  610. Tess Malone says:


    You haven’t given us anything to work with as far as her perspective. All we know is she accepted a date after a couple months of flirting.

    What’s her flirting style? If she’s sexualizing it, then the valentine business may well strike her as silly and cornball. If she’s romanticizing it, then she may be fine with it and find it adorable or whatever.

    If by you’re probably not the only one on her list means you’re pretty sure she’s seeing other people then it’s very possible that she’s not willing to be exclusively “your valentine” one way or the other. It’s equally possible she’s got her eye on you and would be more than willing to be exclusively yours for however long you can keep things pleasant and she’d disengage from the others in a heartbeat.

    We have insufficient data to answer that one.

    From usual experience, (i.e. for me personally), I have a ton of Cancers all in my life in all types of relationships and while a surface value tie is always smooth sailing and there is a fundamental understanding and acceptance of one another, there are some real areas that will cause real consequences: you’re all moody and hyper sensitive and it gets a little old after awhile. We can be as cutting and cold as you can, but we don’t run off…we confront. That’ll be the main difference, really.

    When you get upset you dart off and hide, mope, even if you talk it out, you will go pout first. We won’t. We will confront it, act, move forward – we almost always take the “Fight” option in the Fight or Flight scenario. Seeing you sulk up and slink off instead of dealing with it head on can easily, very very easily, inspire in us a perception in you of total weakness, cowardice, ineptness and if /when we see that, it’ll throw ice water on the whole relationship and bring it to its bitter end…we will NOT be with anyone we perceive as weak.

    This isn’t to say that if you’re jumped walking down the street and get your ass handed to you we will see it as weak. If you make some rational attempt to diffuse the situation or handle it, even if you lose, we’d be more apt to step in and defend you if you get whipped. It’s if you just piss yourself and cower down, do nothing to help yourself – in any situation – that does it for us.

    I know you didn’t ask how it’ll end, but the urge comes to point out that while the compatibility is off the charts and fighting will be minimal, the fundamental differences in nature will cause the most conflict: Cancers tend to shrug it off and take a woe is me perspective and Scorpios tend to calculate a seek and destroy perspective. We will grow tired of being emotionally manipulated into coming to tend to you via pouty bs and we will resent your coldness when it’s unnecessary…just as you will grow tired of our intense reactions and our ease of explosive resolution to things.

    Sex should be awesome though…so there’s that ;-p

  611. Tess Malone says:


    For the official record: weakness for us all does NOT = vulnerability.

    If you’re vulnerable, we’ll show enormous compassion.
    If you’re weak, you’ll end up piranha food.

  612. I agree with pretty much everything Tess said about the Scorp-Cancer connection but as the Hopeless Romantic variety of Scorpio I’d like it if you did something for me for Valentine’s. Hey, if she’s sexualizing it, give her something corny and over the top naughty– not underwear but maybe a sex toy. Something she can laugh off if it makes her uncomfortable. If she’s romanticizing it, go conventional– flowers. Don’t expect whatever gesture you make for Valentine’s to make her exclusive, because she’ll only make that decision when she’s ready.

    Tess: “you’re all moody and hyper sensitive and it gets a little old after awhile” – hit the nail on the head! With me and Cancers, anyway. I do love them as friends.

    Remember that sun signs are only part of the story! Get your whole chart done (and get hers if you can). I could see myself getting along very well with a Cancer if he had something spicier in his Moon or Mars.

  613. Terry says:

    Thanks so much Tess & Jessica, I know you’re right. I’m a little nervous, but not a lot.
    I`ve waited/looked long for a date like this ( w/scorpion lady). I`m sure this date has sexual overtones and I am not worried in that department. It`s that I really like this woman. I`m a little confused on what kind of strong to be. Maybe just a strong friend.
    Either way, I’m ready to get stung. Easy on the drama though. I never got along too well with any Scorpio before. I don’t want to fight or argue, ( well maybe a little) I want to love.

  614. Terry says:

    Thanks again you guys, I enjoy reading this thread. I’d love to comment and learn here. I can speak for some moon children, ha. I`m Terry and I’m off to chase Linda

  615. Good luck Terry! Follow your instincts.

  616. SMan says:


    Hope your date went well. I am actually not able to sleep at the moment for only one reason. Well, my dear Scorpio and I went out on an amazing date yesterday night, I told her plain and simple that I wanted her to be my girlfriend. When she was going to answer to my question, I said, there is no question, I am just sharing what I want. When you know what you want, share it too. We kissed and I went home. Today we met for a movie and she told me what she wanted. This is all I am going to say here, I can not sleep of how excited and happy I am. I have never had such a connection with anyone in all our levels.

    From my experiences, the best way to win a scorpio’s heart is be yourself and honest about it. Dont be affraid to look at her in the eyes and tell her you are crazy for her, but only if you really are. One thing she told me was one of the reasons she liked me is because she said and I quote ” You are a genuine guy, when I look into your eyes, I feel that I can see your thoughts and that makes me happy, specially knowing that your thoughts are as sweet as they are.” There is some deep connections going on between a sag and a scorp and well, I am looking forward to sharing some experiences here.

    Thanks to all.

  617. ScorpioFemale says:

    Be yourself, that is the best advice. Best not to try to fake, or be someone your not. You said, your confused on what kind of strong to be? “Maybe just a strong friend” Ahh…. No. Do you want to be just friends? If you want her to be your Valentine as you said, then tell her, just get straight to the point. Either verbally or physically. See Sman’s post. Please, don’t ask permission. As far as being strong. We like aggressive but not controlling men. And no your not moving too fast, you’ve been flirting for months. We can be pretty impatient.

    Don’t worry about any stinging….that only happens if you intentionally and maliciously do something to hurt us.

  618. Sman says:


    ScorpioFemale could have not said it better. Just DO IT man hehehe. Let us know how it went.

    I go by this law, when you want something get it. There are two things girls love to have stolen that is a kiss and her heart.

  619. Terry says:

    Hello, and thanks for sharing. Mercy , SMAN ,, I feel for your anxiety, but don’t get too excited to sleep becauce Scorpios have a way of deflating your bubble. They’re definately cool but their surprise isn’t always what you might expect.
    My latest experience with this one particular Scorpio woman who I adore was like that.
    A song runs through my mind right now the Beatles did, called Day Tripper. As the song goes reminds me of the woman I met. It took me sooo long to find out, well I found out. She’s a hooker. goodness mercy. And we talked and we talked. She said she could use a friend and I said I could use a date. She was great. and let me out her door. She made me smile and I went home and felt like shit or stupid for falling for her and decided to go get drunk and ended up with this cute Gemini . So I take her home and think of the Scorpio woman instead of this Twin. Now don’t get me wrong , I am very empressed with Gemini women. I just have my heart set on the Scorpion woman syndrom. I can’t find a good one. They’re all good.. They’re all bad.. I just don’t get one. Shoot . I`m so hung over today. I feel terrible about myself. Two dates this weekend and I have no Valentine come Monday. Both women asked for money.
    I’m hopeless. I couldn’t find love even if YOU gave me a kiss.
    What do you get when you cross a day tripper and a loser? Something in the way you move me.
    I didn’t see cupid this year in Reno, NV. I hope love came to your parts today.
    I’m still learning how to loose the Scorpio woman. I hope it isn’t always a mystery.

  620. Samuel says:

    Why do most Scorpio’s worry constantly about whose in control and are vexed if it is not them? Deep you say? Their arrogant behavior drips with worldly shallowness. God have mercy on any man who would marry one. You will be condemned to an unnatural Yin/Yang scenario where you are the she-ra happily or sadly belittled by the shrew.

  621. Terry says:

    There are so many positive traits of the Scorpion woman. Not only are they attractive to me, I think I may understand why their pride is misunderstood. They do irritate easy. They see and understand things so clear you may think they didn’t even consider your feelings. But she knows what she’s doing, what she wants and how she is going to get it. These resourceful people use what they have got to get it all. They have got the magic touch and they get the magic power. It does seem that their absolute power corrupts absolutely, but they are so resilient nothing keeps them down. They know what you want. They love to surrender. They can treat you right before you treat them right. Scorpio takes care a lot because they have got a lot going.

  622. Terry says:

    I just met Ms. Scorpio, She says that the animals should have their own furniture.

    I’m gonna second the motion. Mr. Crabby being the moonchild I want to be..

    I do want more love, but… Well , I probably love the animals more…

  623. Terry says:

    than she does

  624. D says:

    @All : Thanks for your help…. I now feel that, I have do is be just be me. That comes easily to me. I am not really bothered if someone says anything other than my loved ones… Everything is fair in LOVE and WAR… Hoping that whatever the conclusion may be, I am going to propose her and I will make sure that I remember her for EVER… I don’t understand Scorpios easily because I am Sagittarius and we really think differently. But being extreme opposite in astrology, we can in fact use each others abilities to go far in life… I hope the phrase “Opposite attracts” comes true in this case…

  625. Terry says:

    @D I don’t think we’ll ever quite understand those Scorpios. But you being Sagittarius and her Scorpio may have the most to learn from each other and become a very strong team. Good luck to you D.

  626. Louis says: