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Some new readings have been added to my reading schedule. One of them (4/20) is not a reading but a roundtable discussion of small-press publishing that’s part of this Poet-Publishers: A Contemporary Small Press Symposium.  And one of them is a ginormous reading that’s part of the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair (3/20).  And if that weren’t enough, the last (5/19) is part of the Dusie Press night at the d.a. levy lives reading series, which celebrates the small press.  There seems to be a theme here…. There are a couple of other events in the works, too.

The reading Friday at St. Mark’s with Flim Forum, to celebrate the a sing economy anthology, was rad.  It’s killer to read in that space.  At this reading, Deborah Poe (who’s co-curating Handmade/Homemade) told me about the magazine Filter.

I also attended the Belladonna* tribute to Emma Bee Bernstein and release of the Elders Series #4, which made me want to buy the whole Elders Series, especially the ones featuring Jen Scappettone/Lyn Hejinian and Tracy Grinnell/Leslie Scalapino.


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3 Responses to Updates

  1. susana says:

    hey! sorry i have yet to reply regarding coming to see you in Buffalo…i am still trying to figure out logistics…how great that you got to attend the EBB event! I would love to hear more about it!!! many readings…good!

  2. yesisaidyesiwillyes says:

    “Filter” the hand-made ‘zine-book that’s put together (literally!) by Jennifer Borges Foster of Seattle, borders on the insane (as in insanely amazing).

    Because of my deep jones for all things John Olson, I’ve a copy of both issues. Both in content (lots besides Olson) and as a book-art production, they are something else.

    P.S. Still love 4SQ!

  3. It’s ok that we haven’t scheduled something yet Susana b/c it gave me time to come up with a good idea….

    The EBB tribute was packed. Susan’s work was good and the Belladonna* series book that EBB edited was good (and pretty) (whenever SB does covers for books they’re so eye-catching)… Susan read from her section of the book almost verbatim, and it was really… good. Um. It was difficult but interesting. I was able to be “interested” because it doesn’t hurt me in the way it hurts other people.

    Loren went with me, which was good too.

    Steve, yes, geez! It looks amazing. I haven’t bought one but I told the Poetry Library to buy one so I can look at theirs. 4SQ is in the works…

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