Helen White has organized an exciting exhibit of women’s visual poetry for Brussels/Ghent next month called infusoria. If my piece “Veil” arrives in time, it’ll be one of the pieces on display.

Unrelated but related: I’ll be reading Friday, Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. at St. Mark’s as part of a Flim Forum press reading. I’ll be reading from A Sing Economy and maybe a poem or two from “What The Fortune-Teller Said” (chapbook forthcoming from dusie/a+bend).


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7 Responses to infusoria

  1. Helen says:

    It will arrive! I’m just panicking because I can. There’s plenty of time yet.

    The Customs officials are having the time of their lives. Worlds are unfurling before them … :-/

  2. Ha– you should make a special poster for them. infusoria, 14-28 February, Customs.

  3. Mark Wallace says:

    This project looks very exciting. Does Lorraine have a piece in it? She’s so close-mouthed sometimes about her publications.

  4. No I don’t think so…

  5. Oh! But Lorraine will have a piece in this because I’m exhibiting Foursquare and her special edition will be one of the examples… Of course it would probably be nice if I sent her her copies of this too… 😉

  6. The exhibition looks awesome, and I hope that Veil makes it there on time–it’s an entirely original piece that needs to be seen more. And I’m glad that my Foursquare is going to be there, too. Yes, please, please send me my copies. I want to show it to people and brag : )

  7. Toni Prat says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have recently written a book of visual poetry entitled ‘Eloqüencies’, published by Tabelaria Edicions and with a prologue in Spanish, Catalan and English by Professor Miquel Toneu from the Vice-Chancellor’s Office at Vic University. I would like to be included on your registers as the author of this work and would also be extremely interested in receiving feedback from you. If you wish to visualise some of the poems, they are available at

    Should you be interested in setting up an exhibition, I have 62 photographs in 40×40 cm format. (There is also a video included in the blog at which can be translated into English if required).

    In addition, if you wish to feature my work in your bookstore, I will be delighted to send you as many copies as you require on a deposit basis.

    Although I am not sure whether it’s possible, I would also be delighted if you could set up a VISUAL POETRY link on your website under the domain.

    Thank you very much.


    Toni Prat

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