Kate Pringle's Right New Biology

Kate Pringle‘s RIGHT NEW BIOLOGY (with cover art by Danielle Lawrence) is out from the never-fail Heretical Texts.  The whole set this year looks very promising.  I’ve also heard Erica Kaufman’s Censory Impulse (which we’ve had a foretaste of in chapbooks such as the one from Big Game Books) and it’s on my list of things to buy/read.

You can buy the 5-pack of this year’s Heretical Texts for $50.  Kate will tell you how here.  You probably already know that it is always best to buy directly from the publisher because then they don’t have to pay middlemen and are able to stay in business. Also, seriously, Heretical Texts publishes nicely made books with super high quality avant-garde content that will keep you on your toes.  5 books for $50 is a good deal and safe bet in this case (where with other publishers it might not be, or might be somewhat of a gamble).


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