Two days of thoughts

Yesterday on the drive home I listened to Kafka’s The Castle (not a good audiobook– the recording is strange and it’s a dull book to listen to) and thought about:

Loren – Emma – Charles – Kafka – Zukofsky – Derrida – Deleuze – Creeley – Bob Grenier – “minor” – romantic love – the valentine – Niagara Falls – my personal statement (yet to be finished) – the BPO – love between poets – my students (argh) – Time – Michelle – Michalle – Lorraine – my family – gender and boredom and self-destruction and power and alienation – ADHD – Han Cheun

Today I slept really late and feel sore from the long drive and I am thinking about:

The psychic’s predictions last November – Time – Loren – Niagara Falls – Emma – Charles – my supervisor at school – grad apps – deconstruction – astrology – Gillian – Lorraine – Michelle – Ray – the strange concept (and conceptual limitations) of “soulmates” – unpacking – cleaning – to-do lists

I also thought about Kate, obviously, but I thought “I am not thinking about Kate much today, I wonder how she is.”


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9 Responses to Two days of thoughts

  1. kathryn says:

    i was getting worried there….

    kate is. sad. heart stuff.

    the castle was hard to read, too.

    i should ask yr friend Lorraine about heart opening… yes?

  2. yes. you should ask lorraine about heart-opening exercises. do you not already know lorraine? you should.

  3. Hey, what’s with the “argh” for yr “students”?

    (I’m one of ’em, or so I like to think, and don’t take kindly, usually, to being argh-ed at.)

  4. Steve, I *wish* you were one of my students. And to be fair, most of my students are awesome. And of the ones who turned in their portfolios late, so that I now have to go through a bunch of paperwork to change their final grades (and I have about 10 portfolios to grade when I thought I was done grading), really only a couple of them are rat bastards. But those guys are really jerks. You know, you think you’re somewhat immune to assholes as a teacher, because it’s not supposed to be personal– it’s just a grade, right? But it is personal, and when students say mean things it does hurt.

  5. Gillian says:

    I thought about you today, too. In the car, even.

    It seems like you shouldn’t have to change grades for students who turned in their final portfolios late, but perhaps that is a department issue, and although I thought I wanted to ask some questions about this and give you advice, I really don’t want to spoil your New Year’s with teacher talk.

    I worked on a poem in my head for a while in the car. It was nice.

  6. Wow!

    Yeah, I agree that I shouldn’t change their grades, but there seems to be some confusion over exactly when the portfolios were due, and if it didn’t involve almost half the class I wouldn’t be going to school tomorrow to collect the portfolios, grade them, and hand in grade change forms (sigh).

  7. Oh, and you won’t spoil my New Year’s with teacher talk. I’m going to handle it all tomorrow so that when L. arrives Thursday he can clear my head of such trifles. 😉

  8. Gillian says:

    If that many students are involved, then it’s probably worth the trip to pick up portfolios, and next time you’ll know to repeat the exact due date over and over and over again, ensuring only about a third of the students fail to turn them in. Irresponsible brats!

  9. Stv Ptrmir says:

    Sorry that you didn’t find The Castle more enjoyable. I wonder if you listened to the same version I listened to last summer. It could also be that The Castle is funnier to listen to in the summer when there isn’t any snow to fight through and the assistants actions and the other absurdities seem funny rather than painfully real. I don’t know. There are so many scenes in that book that just crack me up, the school teacher and K. & Frida at the school house, K. going inside the carraige and having a drink, etc., etc. I hope Louise Erdrich works out better for you. I’ve been holding off listening to The Trial because I think that might not be as good. I’m also holding off listening to Sebald’s Austerlitz for the same reason, and then over winter break, while recovering from knee surgery my wife got Marley & Me on audiobook, and I’d have to recommend that highly, and the movie, too, which we saw last weekend. Maybe I’m a sap though, as I cried during the last parts of both book & movie. Damn dogs dying are hard to get through.
    pac, lov & undrstanding (nvr giv up!)

    stv ptrmir
    no man’s land
    minnapolis, mn

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