Foursquare 3.2: Kundiman Edition

Foursquare 3.1 is sitting here in a pile waiting to be mailed, and while I procrastinated about going to The Dreaded Post Office (those of you who semi-bulk mail artsy things frequently know what a pain the P.O. can be), 4SQ 3.2 was born.  Jennifer Chang, a classmate from UVA who was in last year’s January Foursquare, guest edited this issue with her Kundiman hat on.  Poetry is by Kundiman Fellows Cynthia Arrieu-King, Hossannah Asuncion, Rona Luo, and Soham Patel.  Cover art is by the brilliant Katie Sehr, whose work I’ve wanted to feature for awhile.

Subscriptions available at Etsy; individual copies available at the Kundiman table at AWP.  There will be better pictures here and on the website once I dig up my digital camera (where is it?!) and one day I’ll get around to listing individual copies on Etsy.  Till then, if you haven’t renewed your subscription, you have 3.1-3.2 to look forward to if you renew at Etsy.

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