My tax rate is currently 16%

Last night I dreamed that I was cutting strings off my sweater, but those strings were actually tied to a lot more (invisible things) and when they were cut, I was unburdened of all those things.  I was reminded of this dream when I read this article today in Artvoice (Buffalo’s local free newspaper), which is a very interesting discussion of class warfare.


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2 Responses to My tax rate is currently 16%

  1. Brian Dean Bollman says:

    That is a great article. Do you come from a Socialist background? Or does your interest in class warfare stem directly from your current economic circumstances? ( i.e. 16%).

  2. Ha– I come from Alabama which although a “red state” is not Socialist unfortunately. I think I’ve probably been interested in class warfare since one of my friends at my volunteer job in junior high had to stop volunteering because his family needed him to get a job and make money to help support his younger siblings. He was one of the best volunteers at the museum. But yeah, it’s a great article.

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