A new home for Outside Voices

My financial situation being what it is and my host being what it is (not so great), I’ve decided to consolidate. Thus, Outside Voices press, rather than being located at outsidevoices.org, will now be located at looktouch.com/press. Thus, you can now find Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee’s The Nude Formalism at looktouch.com/press/nude.html. I am still updating some of the links/images at the new OV url.


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2 Responses to A new home for Outside Voices

  1. LOVE the new picture!
    And don’t be jealous – although Lorraine is super-smart and fun to talk to – I didn’t get to hang out with you guys in cool LA with cool art-related poetics people. That must have been so fun!

  2. Thanks 🙂

    Well, of course if you had come to the LA thing it would have been the Ultimate Fun because We All Would Have Been There.

    Glad that the SoCal thing is going ok so far– and that your house hasn’t burned down or anything (personally I’m rethinking that whole SoCal idea… earthquakes? fires? I’m ok with flash-snow.)

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