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What’s your favorite audiobook?

Yesterday I drove from Buffalo to Birmingham, and on the way I listened to some music and then to part of Their Eyes Were Watching God before I realized that I’ve listened to that book about four times and it … Continue reading

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Protected: A Second Installment

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Immobility of Movements

A Poetry podcast by Sarah Campbell about contemporary poetry movements.  It’s not that you don’t already know the facts Sarah presents, but that the way she presents it may reveal new facets of the way poetry movements work– or don’t.

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The Weather Not The Weather

. The other thing I’m working on is Ric Royer‘s new book, The Weather Not The Weather, which will be released at a reading in its honor on Dec. 14 right here in Buffalo, NY. I can’t say that I’m … Continue reading

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Issue 2!

Ripping or riffing off the idea of Issue 1 (are the editors of Issue 1 going to sue?), Erika Staiti (not that Erika) has put together Issue 2, a log of all the blog and listserv comments that came right … Continue reading

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My tax rate is currently 16%

Last night I dreamed that I was cutting strings off my sweater, but those strings were actually tied to a lot more (invisible things) and when they were cut, I was unburdened of all those things.  I was reminded of … Continue reading

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A new home for Outside Voices

My financial situation being what it is and my host being what it is (not so great), I’ve decided to consolidate. Thus, Outside Voices press, rather than being located at, will now be located at Thus, you can … Continue reading

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. Foursquare 3.1, which is technically the June 2008 issue (like any respectable journal I am at least six months behind schedule), is an homage to Virginia Woolf’s book Mrs. Dalloway, which like James Joyce’s Ulysses (treated in 2.1) takes … Continue reading

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Redirected energies

Although my slowdown in blogging is in no way dire, I see a change in my creative energy that may make my blog posts fewer and further between. First of all, I’m currently teaching and working PT at the BPO, … Continue reading

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Protected: birthday horoscope

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Protected: 29

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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New Womb

With new poetry by me and other awesome female poets.

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Election Demographics

This morning I asked my 11 a.m. class to write a paragraph about why they were or were not voting tomorrow. My students are in the notoriously underrepresented 18-25 age bracket.

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Protected: Approaching 29

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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To be looked over, not to be overlooked

A preliminary list of female poets whose work is primarily, usually, or often visual, or who describe themselves as visual poets, or who have published one or more sustained/influential works of visual poetry even if their main body of work … Continue reading

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