Domestic Violence Awareness Month

It’s October! Time to celebrate our increasing awareness of domestic violence. Sure, national politics are important, but so is living a non-violent existence in the safety of one’s own home. With the economy struggling, domestic violence is likely to rise as frustrations with one’s perceptions of masculinity (“I should be bringing home the bacon and here I am, outta work!”) get taken out on one’s wife.

And remember, domestic violence isn’t just a matter of physical brutality. Emotional abuse can be just as damaging. (Here is a great tool for quick reference.)

There was a time when you were not a slave, remember that. You walked alone, full of laughter, you bathed bare-bellied… You say there are no words to describe this time, you say it does not exist. But Remember. Make an effort to remember. Or, failing that, invent. Monique Wittig

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